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By Billy Paterson

An internet
rat is to wed a pretty Norwegian he met on the web - despite being married to TWO other women.

Weedy bigamist Kenneth Robertson snares his victims by posting pictures of hunky male models on internet chatrooms and pretending they are him.

Wives Jean Robertson, 37, of Cumnock, Ayrshire, and Donna Dettling, 46, of Seattle, USA, believe he kept TEN women on the go at the same time while married to them.

Robertson, 39, wed childhood sweetheart Jean in Cumnock Congregational Church in 1987. They had three daughters - but after he got his first computer in the late 90s, she became suspicious about the time he spent surfing the net.
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Behind her back he seduced and then married American mum-of-four Donna and now he wants to marry Norwegian Elizabeth Kjaerland.
Jean warned : "He is going for wife No3. I have decided to go to the police and report him for bigamy. This woman Elizabeth doesn't want me to do that but why shouldn't I?"
After chatting Donna up on the net, Robertson went to Seattle and met her. They married at Thurston County Courthouse, Washington State, in September 2003.
Donna said: "I used to feel I was the most stupid person in the universe. But that title has been passed to Elizabeth. She knows he is a bigamist but still thinks he can do no wrong. I hope she will read this in the Sunday Mail and finally see sense. People ask me, 'What were you thinking, getting involved with a guy like that?' But I had just got out of a 10-year marriage. He knows your soft spots and how to manipulate you. The women he has been involved with through the internet are all mothers and that is no coincidence. He posted a picture of a hunk who turned out to be model Marcus Shenkenberg. But as soon as I heard his voice I knew it wasn't him. He has this weak, wimpy voice. You don't care what he looks like because at first he seems such a great guy."
Robertson visited Donna in Seattle in October 2002.
She said: "He told me that he was divorced and I had no reason to doubt him. We were married on September 8, 2003.I now know he is still married to Jean. After the marriage, things changed. He was mentally, verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. A detective dealing with the violence discovered that he was in the US illegally. He came over on a 90-day visa and thought, because we were married, he could stay. But the detective said that didn't matter."

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Jean's solicitor Gerry Tierney said: "I imagine bigamy is also a crime in Seattle so he may face extradition to answer to that."

At his flat in Coatbridge, Robertson refused to comment before fiance Elizabeth slammed the door.

from: b.paterson@sundaymail.co.uk

(many thanks, as ALWAYS - to ONEOFSEVEN for this great find! - Fighter)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Stanley the Scammer
Stanley Arinze started out as a regular advance fee fraudster - calling himself "Engr Stanley" with a scam letter template for the "NNPC". Today, Stanley Arinze has many aliases: "Pastor Stanley", "Pastor Thomas", "Pastor Larry" and "Justin T. Arinze".

Stanley uses these names to run two main scams: In the first, he claims to be the Pastor of the "Voice of Victory Orphanage" in Lagos. He steals money by emailing people for "donations" to "help the orphans." In the second, this silver-tongued lizard uses his ability to manipulate women into paying for "engagement rings", "bills", "plane flights", "bibles" and anything else he can dream up. He does this through dating websites and instant messaging.

Stanley tricks literally hundreds of women into believing he loves them and plans to marry them... and he refers to every woman as "My wife".

Like many successful scammers, Stanley has moved into fake check fraud. He tricks some of the women into cashing fake checks and immediately forwarding the money to other women. The second group of women receive this money into their bank accounts. They are then instructed to withdraw it and forward it to Stanley. That's how he launders the money - and ensures that the police come after the women he cheated instead of the snake who robbed them.

Women from around the world have had their hearts and bank balances broken by Stanley. He is scum for posing as a loving man of God to further his own fraudulent lifestyle.

From this great site: SCAMMERS EXPOSED

This from their home page:

"These filthy scumbags lurk in the shadows and hide their identities behind fake names and phoney IDs. They skulk around the internet like cockroaches stealing, cheating, lying and thieving. They will steal from anyone, they have no morals, they use stolen credit cards, they make false claims for asylum and benefits, they want anything they can get for free. They would rather steal from you than do a days work.

"Law enforcement cannot be bothered with them - but we can!

"Thanks to their acquaintances, victims, friends and colleagues we have managed to shine the light on some of these pariahs.

"Yes! Even their friends and families have become so sickened by the lengths these scumbags will go to that they have started sending us information in the hope that they can shame these people out of their criminal activities.

"Will this work? Probably not."

(but we give you a lot of credit for putting this out there!! - Fighter)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Final Thoughts on Wanna-Be-Guru & Con Man: Steve Miller


Allegedly his real name is Steve Miller and lives in Kent UK.

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SlayerSteve777




Panagiotis Angeletakis (this ID strongly suspected to be him too
Lynella S
Inga Hicks
Janeva Hi

His "followers" could be him, too hard to say. I thought that Lynn may have been the woman he lived with but there is no proof. When talking to her she sounds like a total fruit loop, but then again there have been times when it seemed it was him talking. This makes me think that this ID could be shared.

Steve says he has a brother David Miller who lives in London and both of them create online games. Steve is the coder and David does the graphics designer. They have created a game named ROBOTOPIA on sale at http://www.gameshare.com/.

I ordered one of his games to see for myself how genuine they were because he'd talked me into helping finance and promote it but never received the game in the mail. The game is also available as a trial and full version, which I downloaded successfully after numerous hassles.

Chris Carson - who owns the site, is not trustworthy at all because he gave Steve my home address without my consent! This makes me believe that they are both linked or connected somehow. Maybe even maybe the same person.

Steve has gone on web cam with me 2 times but not given any important details out about himself. I know the game is very important to him. It is not that expensive to buy but I wondered how many others who paid and did not receive their version of that game. They claimed they had sent it to my address but it never showed up. I have been waiting since early October 2007! (massive red flag)

I wanted to see him excel with this game and he complained that his PC needed to be upgraded but had no money to do it with because he was on disability welfare. I offered to help him by giving him a sum of $445.00 in two separate payments for a new hard drive and monitor in December 2007. I paid this into his brother's PAYPAL account which they shared: davidmillion@XXXX.co.uk

His gratitude? To send abusive email accompanied by the most revolting language because I "did not give him as much as I promised" him. He claimed I had changed and treated him different somehow since I gave him the money. But later explained he was angry because I did not give him the initial sum that I had agreed upon in the first, which was $1000.00 -- because he wanted a complete new PC. (all about what THEY want... isn't it readers?)

This was a HUGE mistake on his part because this is where reality hit home finally with me. I knew he wanted more money but he knew better than to ask for it outright. I certainly was not about offer again Little does he know, had he kept his big mouth shut long enough he probably would have received it if not more.

So his timing of being a "proficient mind bender" was very revealing. I certainly was not about to give him the rest after he verbally abused me. I was also not about to be that forgiving towards him. Very scary -- he could have taken me for a lot more! (sounds like Dan Jacoby! Also has his own games site and pleaded poverty to get money from at least one of his victims)

I have since cancelled all my internet banking activities including Paypal but that was a hassle well worthwhile. (God because this guy is nothing but a predator & Con Man!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Predator Gets Busted -- AND ATTACKS!



From: d j
Reply-To: vaaspman@yahoo.com
Cc: wayneorrell@wayneorrell.com
Subject: Re: reply
Date: Sat 06/14/08 05:28 AM

Good morning.

Yes, you are stalking me. Anything I post on the Internet ends up on your website, and it is not your property. Please remove it immediately.

If you are concerned about the vulnerable public, you will accept my offer to have this matter brought to litigation. You have my name and number. Please send me your contact information so that we can get the process started. If this is not amenable to you, I suggest you stop taking the law into your own hands. I deal with 45,000 people a day online, and none of this is new to me. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Jacoby

(if its on the net - on a publicly accessible site -- its PUBLIC PROPERTY as long as you give attribution, such as "youtube.com"

For more:

Mr. Jacoby - you could avoid a lot of this by repaying the $5K you bilked out of least one of your victims by claiming poverty.

Feel free to read around this site! You're in very good company and there's some articles that would really do you a LOT of good in stopping your predatory behavior towards women in recovery.


From:: vaaspman@yahoo.com>
CC: wayneorrell@wayneorrell.com
Subject: Dan Jacoby
Sun 06/08/08 09:28 AM

Good afternoon.

Please remove any and all reference to me from your web pages. I also ask that you quit stalking me and posting everything you find about me on your site. I do not know you, and you do not know me, which makes the things you write about me extremely reckless and damaging. The police have already notified Ms. Usher to discontinue this nonsense, and before further action against both you and Ms. Usher is required I would appreciate your cooperation.

If you would rather I pursue this matter in another way, please forward me your contact information so that I may begin the process. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Dan Jacoby
Midlothian, Virginia

Material in question is available for your review at:

TO: vaaspman@yahoo.com
RE: reply

No one is stalking you. We post information on predators like yourself to protect the vulnerable public.

We received this legally verified information from EOPC - including back up from four (4) completely independent sources.

You have our contact information.

Unless you are able to show hard evidence, not just your "words", that none of this is true - our legal advisors has assured us we have no reason to remove it. The truth is not actionable under the law.


From: vaaspman@yahoo.com

Yahoo! Auto Response 06:39 AM

This account is no longer active. Please use the contact form on my main website or my telephone number to get in touch. Have a great day!

RIIIIGGGHHTTTT -- we are going to HIS website so he can track our proxy servers or call him so he can get someone's cell phone number and harrass. Nice try.

He's even taken down that Yahoo address. Wonder if he's trying to scrub some web-caches as we speak? He did forward it to his "legal team" and Clearblogs.com

Sounds a LOT like this predator (they are all so alike, huh?)

This site is perfectly legal and operating within the same parameters as our sister site http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com. We have their legally verified information and this site, like EOPC - is to protect the public from people like this.

More about Mr. FREEDOM OF SPEECH -- except about him.

BTW we also have all the hits of your friend, a manager at one of the forums where you troll for your latest victims... you know -- the one from Nebraska -- PM'ing you and emailing you every single thing EOPC has sent to the other managers on that forum. She might think she's giving you a head's up, but she's WRONG. We have NO AGENDA other than protecting other vulnerable women from you & educating the public. However, you DO have an agenda -- and we know what it is.

4/1/ 2008: BTW - Mr. IP # -- spending over 23 hours on this site isn't a great way to spend your time but, all online predators & sociopathic types spend more time on their "image" than anything else!! We've had other women come forward because of this story -- and we are getting them in touch with the appropriate authorities!

And using any verbiage, images, copies of anything from this site is a violation of our copyright and legally enforceable.

***Before you write to the owners of Clearblogs.com we suggest you read over the BLOGGERS RIGHTS at www.eff.org - The Exposer***


EOPC was waiting for the go-ahead from the fraud investigator and law enforcement before we put a real name to "D.B." but Jacoby has forced our hand. Here's our posts about him:

Dan Jacoby: March 2008 Predator of the Month!

Jacoby: Guilt-Tripping, Whining Pervert

Dan Jacoby: Tantrums With a Keyboard

More from Jacoby: the "Love Bomber"

Jacoby: Busted by His Own Ego

Jacoby: Caught, Denies Sleath Attacks

Here's our definition of a CYBERPATH!

Here's what one of the forums he was using to trawl for new victims said when we reported him:

He has been banned from our organization and there is zero chance that the ban will ever be lifted. He is outta there! Thank you very much for the information. The email exchanges really convinced us, the emails and instant
messaging exchanges shows his true colours.


I think Mr Jacoby is a little more than a love cheat or "two timer"
or "user". I can definitely see the cold predatorial game that he was playing.
It seemed that he gets his kicks out of controlling, exploiting and then
destroying these women. I think I am dealing with a sociopath and a highly
intelligent one at that! It is probably obvious already from this email that
the decision to ban him has been made. He is now a banned member. I must admit that I am in shock! He really had me/us fooled. I am now worried about the other women that he has fooled.

Just a tip, he is extremely gifted with computer skills so you should be
careful about giving out personal information to any of his victims as their
computers in theory could be compromised by Dan.
(we already know)
So - now he will probably try to come after us or hit that "report this blog" button like all the other predators do. The chances of us taking this down? ZERO.

We have made all law enforcement aware that Mr. Jacoby attempted to threaten one of his victims by going to the FBI and accusing her of stalking him -- that was AFTER he'd removed, scrubbed & changed a site where he'd posted photoshopped pictures of her in lurid poses. We know what we saw!

Did we mention if you webcam with this I-Think-I-Am-So-Slick, he takes screenshots and saves them for later use should you wish to come forward about him. He takes these screenshots without the victim's knowledge or permission too!

Mr. Jacoby should also read:


As we always say, we'd be more than willing to post any apology from a cyberpath (must including owning their behavior and coping to everything) and find them help for their pathological, exploitative behavior & sex addiction.

Complete with a photo of this (HAHAHA) "ladykiller"

OOPS - There he is

Wonder if we can get his WIFE to vote for him here?

And check out Mr. "I am So Poor I Use Drug-Recovery Forums to find Vulnerable Women, Play with their heads & ask them for MONEY" who posted this video of himself.

Just One of the Guitars on the wall behind him? Is worth $6K (u.s. funds).
(he set that video to private once we posted that URL; and now accuses The Exposer of STALKING him. How does one stalk what's on a public website? He must do a lot of ego-surfing huh?)

Isn't he just "Mr. Wonderful"? (more like the charming Mr. SOCIOPATH) Don't try to hold him accountable or he will harrass you and turn it around and call YOU the harrasser!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This wonderful post is from a friend of this site, the owner of FightBigamy. We have highlighted some things about why people like us start these sort of sites and why we are driven to stop the abuse we see. - Fighter

After becoming involved with a bigamist, I decided to develop a blog to help fight bigamy. I met my counterpart in the UK, Julia Johns, and became familiar with her website, Stop Bigamy-UK. I realized that the United States needed a similar site. I began researching bigamy and found little information. I researched state statutes and thought there needed to be one place for people to go to read each state's law regarding bigamy without the cumbersome task of going to each individual state's Code of Statutes.

Throughout my heart-wrenching journey that began on April 13, 2005, I've met so many victims. Kind, trusting men and women, who not only have been victims of bigamists, but also victims of con artists, psychopaths, narcissists, and Internet predators. The emotional abuse that these creatures hand out affects their victims forever. It is my goal to make people more aware of what bigamy is, its implications, current bigamists in the news, and each state's law regarding bigamy. (same as our goal at EOPC. To educate people to avoid the abuse, heartbreak and emotional rape Online Predators cause)

To me, bigamy is the ultimate deception, a betrayal and a fraud so mammoth that few can understand, usually only those that have been its victim. Bigamy is a serious social and criminal problem that is overlooked, laughed at, and enabled by the way in which applications for marriage licenses are haphazardly given to applicants, especially in the United States.

For example, if you apply for a marriage license, no background checking is done, and you are "at your word" to provide honest answers on the marriage application. A man or woman who is already married, could easily go tomorrow and get married and no checking would be performed. Furthermore, there is no centralized database for jurisdictions to check to see whether or not a person is being truthful on their application. The sentences and fines for bigamy are deplorable.

Bigamy is classified as a felony in most states, yet rarely do bigamists ever spend one night in jail and many get off with fines less than what most of us get for speeding tickets. It is cheaper to be a bigamist than get a divorce. What is wrong with this picture? Not only do bigamists dish out emotional abuse to their targets (victims), but they ruin them financially as well. Marriage is a legal contract, and bigamy is fraud. It is a felony in all but thirteen states.

In my case, a little quirk in the law has put my bigamy complaint against Charles Edward "Ed" Hicks in the hands of a civil judge who will decide whether or not I am legally married to this bigamist. Since he had not obtained a divorce from Wife #5 when he married Wife #6, that makes Wife #6's marriage null and void in Virginia. Therefore she has the bigamous marriage, and I probably do not. Wife #6, Julie Flint-Hicks filed a complaint in Chesapeake, Virginia. A grand jury there handed up an indictment for the class four felony charge of bigamy against Charles E. "Ed" Hicks on December 6, 2005.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and a woman from North Carolina was watching Julie Flint-Hicks and I on Dr. Phil on December 12, 2005. She recognized Ed Hicks as the man who had recently proposed to her sister, and she contacted police. Within three hours, Ed Hicks was arrested by the Mecklenburg County North Carolina police.

Hicks was then brought back to Virginia where he was released on a surety bond on January 7, 2006; he was not to leave the Commonwealth of Virginia. Hicks immediately fled to North Carolina that day, and he was arrested again on January 8; he was returned to Virginia courtesy of the Chesapeake Virginia Sheriff's Department on January 18. Ed Hicks was placed in the Chesapeake Jail for the second time in less than one month. On March 2, Hicks plead guilty to felony bigamy and on May 8, 2006 he will be sentenced. On May 10, I will either be granted a divorce or an annulment from this bigamist, depending on the ruling of the judge.

Ed Hicks has been married at least seven times and four of those marriages overlap, meaning he would marry the next one before the previous one divorced him. This has been a pattern of life for him for forty years. How many more lives have to be affected by Ed Hicks? How many more hearts broken? How many more finances ruined? How many more lives shattered? For more, read the rest of my story. Bigamists wreak havoc on the lives they touch, not only emotionally but also financially.

And, in my opinion many bigamists are psychopaths (sociopath) con men who prey on trusting, kind women and men. And it is my belief that the Internet has given these emotional vampires a whole new supply.
Online dating sites allow these predators to be anyone they want to be and they present themselves as charming and charismatic, but they are MASTER manipulators that exhibit psychopathic and narcisstic traits. Unless people who use these dating sites start doing full background checks on the people they meet there and start a relationship with, they may find themselves in a situation similar to mine....or worse.
I met Ed Hicks on an online dating site. I was not too smart because I did not do a background check; however, since I knew he was a Federal Government employee with a Department of Defense Secret security clearance, I thought that signaled verifiable integrity. I was wrong.

Hopefully, this will help you understand bigamy a bit more, understand bigamy is a felony in all but thirteen states; moreover, understand bigamy is an overlooked crime and is rarely punished. You can research the bigamy laws in each state, learn about other resources available to help victims of bigamy and victims of emotional abuse in general, and above all understand that most bigamists throw people away like we would a used candy wrapper without remorse, without conscience, and without guilt.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

STEVE MILLER: Mercurial Temper & Online Charades

(again, EOPC's comments are in purple)
The period I conversed with Steve was a constant roller coaster. One of the roughest I have ever encountered. It felt eerie and hot and cold. (Exactly the same report we get from all our victims) One minute it would be full on and nice as pie and the next it would be nothing but abuse, insults or instigating ways to make me want to pick a fight with him. (Because he wanted you to end the relationship so he could play martyr and make you feel guilty for ending it - they all do this same thing) He would blame me for making him ill through my questioning him. (sound familiar, readers? Too familiar!)


He alleges his real name is Steve Miller
He alleges to live in Kent, United Kingdom

On YouTube SlayerSteve777

Email: steve2278@XXXX.com


http://redavv.powerfulintentions.com/ Panagiotis Angeletakis

(this ID here is strongly suspected to be him too)

Other possibles:
Lynella S

Inga Hicks

Janeva Hi

I had never experienced anything like this before and thought this guy was crazy. When I questioned him he would give me some of the most unbelievable far fetched stories. Stories that insulted my intelligence, to say the least. To think that he would for one minute believe that I was actually buying this nonsense from him made me often wonder about if he was bright at all. (he was bright enough to do this - and create COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - easier to manipulate & brainwash you. Sound like Beckstead, Gash, Gridney/ YidwithLid, Ed Hicks & William Michael Barber - to name just a few!) But I played along. Sometimes I played dumb so as not to arouse his suspicions, plus I was hooked in and trying to make sense of it all!

It was just a game to me at first until my mind started to play tricks on me and I knew that by there was more than meets the eye to this dangerous act. (it's called BRAINWASHING & PLAYING WITH HISTORY & GASLIGHTING) The entire time I kept wondering where it was all heading. There were no big plans been made of any kind at any stage except that he said he was to rehabilate here in my country with me. I was comfortable with that.

Looking back I wonder why I even bothered with him for I know in real life I would not even have given him a second glance. (you might have since he's a 'seducer of minds') My friends would never believe that I would be caught up in something like this; I have a questioning nature. (Exactly the sort of person narcissistic predators like!)

Due to his mentally manipulating me, I realize I became impressionable. I am not certain how or at what stage it took place. I only know I becamed 'addicted' to him thanks to his very effective brainwashing of me.

I came to know his routine down to pat. Music and YouTube video clips were his main tools. These I now realize, worked on my mind to allow him to penetrate my defenses and use me. (He was grooming you using these things) At first he sent me heavy metal. Then there was this sudden turn around and the "love" tunes came into his scene. (see NLP, MIND CONTROL & SEDUCTION).

He also had this 'distorted' way of talking seriously about life one minute and in the next he would tell me about the most gruesome and poignant events. (its called Word Salad or Schizophasia - part of the Confusion Technique & Cognitive Dissonance)

My mind seemed to be all over the place trying figure it all out. (Yes that's what they want - so even offline you are consummed with them) I had no idea what he was talking about most of the time and how he could even think of something wonderful one minute and something horrific the next. (Because he's a PATHOLOGICAL MAN and this is part of the "confusion technique") I found myself constantly analyzing the friendship (constantly occupying your thoughts just trying to figure it all out - this is CLASSIC!)

The fact that I worked in a psychiatric ward at one time duped me into thinking that I should be immune to people like this.

He used many key words that I had not taken much notice at first but I now realize played a relevant part in his scheme such as:
Law of Attraction
(probably imbedded NLP to confuse and put her in a waking trance)

Women, he said, were his "speciality." How they thought, what they wanted and how they should be treated were his supposed areas of expertise.

He cried poor
on many occasions until I felt bad for him and gave him some money to help him out. Eventually he started to lose interest in me because I had outweighed my usefulness to him. He had also found several others in the meantime to take my place. (don't they all? This is so common, readers!)

He begged me to leave him alone and not torment him anymore. (Sounds like Nathan Thomas telling his first victim not to "bother him" anymore - or Gridney/ Yidwithlid saying he needed to "start a new life" (he meant new IDENTITY... LOL) and it would take "a long time" before he was better (i.e. "Go Away, you know too much!") Miller probably knew this Target was catching on to his games.)
Most of Steve's victims were snapped up from the Secret Forum where I had already informed the owners & moderators of this predator cashing in on their deals. I desperately tried to warn the women who he has already tucked under his evil wing however his charm had hoodwinked them as it did me. (Same as all of them. They don't believe you until it happens to them. Just as any of the victims on this site!! We advise you to tell but then to expect that you will be smear and called a "scorned woman", "jealous", or "disgruntled" and so on... at least until someone else takes a fall!)

I understand that some of them would not have what it takes to expose a dirty rotten scoundrel like him for fear of repercussions. (yes most are very afraid of the smear campaign but as long as our victims are truthful, have evidence and don't like the cyberpath or any of their proxies engage them by name calling & accusations - they will be fine. STICK TO THE TRUTH!)

More on Steve Miller as this month goes on!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 2008 Predator of the Month: STEVE MILLER

Cyberpaths come from all walks of life. Seemingly the most inocuous and upstanding persons have secret lives where they feel powerful & invincible behind a keyboard and a screen name. A place where they brainwash, manipulate, emotionally rape and mentally pillage their targets. And walk away after having their "fun" or playing the "hurt party" when a target figures them out.

This month's Predator is a guru-wanna be, a con man and a brainwashing manipulator who hides behind THE SECRET (links at bottom). The Secret is a well-known book that preaches your intentions create your future (aka - "the power of positive thinking").

EOPC's opinion is that its a complete scam. Things like this, including some New Age movements - may be quite valid; but in the hands of certain people are perfect hunting grounds for predators. The victim barely knows what hit them when they get the inkling something's wrong. Partly because everyone's 'reading the same book.' - Fighter

steve miller
One of Miller's targets tells their story (as always our comments are in purple):
In late July or early August 2007 I visited youtube and posted some comments on a video about “The Secret” a well known made video clip on information how to make manifest anything one desires in life from the book by Rhonda Byrne. I had received the DVD in the mail and wanted to follow it up further after watching it several times. I received a response to my comments on YouTube. That was when I first met Steve.

Click here for Steve's You Tube Profile

Steve was keen to know more about what I knew concerning The Secret and that he needed my honest opinion, more than the actual DVD had to offer, and it all started from there. (a typical 'set-up')
Fairly soon after we moved to MSN Messenger for further discussions on the subject. He said he had "manifested me" -- which was strange because I had no notion of looking for anyone other than someone to share & discuss knowledge with. (sounds sickly familiar to the "this was fate" or "I was meant to find you online" crap all Cyberpaths give out) I was seeking further information on "The Law of Attraction." I already had my own theories on it but I wanted to see what the experts had to say.

Steve seemed rather reserved, well spoken, courteous and did not seem put himself up on a pedestral. Sharing knowledge with him was amazing. H expressed himself well, he allowed me to talk without interrupting, he answered me & listened to me and laughed with me. His expressions, intelligence and charisma were instantly firmly planted in my mind. (sounds like how it always starts with all predators)

He did not present himself as being wise or infallible, if anything he painted very grim pictures of his surroundings, his upbringing and how he was made to live in an attic. How his mother tried to poison him by giving him food that he was allergic to and how his father constantly physically and verbally abused him. (here we go readers. This seem familiar? "the sympathy pitch" - the "abused child" ploy) I admired his courage & intelligence but there were periods when he seemed to sound very childlike or in totally incoherent. This puzzled me.

It was Steve's seemingly astounding knowledge and understanding of life itself that was quite impressive for a 29 year old. This had me in awe of him & how he seemed to 'read my mind' his fluency. This was the deciding factor that won me over to stay in conversation with him. (It's called NLP - neurolinguistic programming - its how all Cyberpaths lure, seduce, keep and manipulate their targets. Either by learning it or intuitively - these predators spin a web of "this is most amazing person I have met" or "wow! he really KNOWS me and KNOWS my thoughts" - it's all a put on.)

I remember questioning as to why he wasn't in a relationship? And why was he always on the Internet wanting to speak to me? An old woman at that for heavens sake! Surely I thought, he must have had something on his mind. Sometimes I thought he became a little anxious when I could not be online. (abuser possessiveness) Then to eliminate that insecurity from him (he wasn't insecure - he was manipulating you) I made it a point to be there for him as much as I could.

I was in the middle of school at the time and this relationship resulted in my not concluding the course; after paying $500.00 for it! (classic - many of our victims report losing friends, losing jobs, losing relationships, losing class time - because of their going out of their way to meet the NEEDS of the Cyberpath). Crazy as it seemed, I felt at the time that Steve was more important than some stupid boring subject. I see now how I wasted way too much time on HIS crap instead of focusing on my own!

The first thing that threw me about him was the fact that he claimed he liked older women. Around 40. When I told him I was much older than that he did not seem to be worried about it or shy away from me. (of course not, he figured he had one on his hook. Women around 35-55 are the perfect targets for many of these Cyberpaths. They are usually at a crossroads in their lives. Vulnerable - intellectually and/or emotionally. And perfect prey.) I thought he did not want to hurt my feelings or that he was being kind by not giving me the brush right away. I kept waiting for him to disappear but it never happened.
He continued to 'seem' to be very keen to talk to me. (He probably had to be online most of the day to keep an eye on ALL HIS TARGETS, including her) In turn that made me feel bad because I had all these "doubts" about him and shad tarted to not really want to have anything to do with him. To me, it seemed peculiar for a young man to be interested in chatting with a much older woman. When I questioned him about it he stated that he could not be with a younger woman because they wanted babies and because of his genetic disease and defects it was not possible for him to have children. (oh boy - more "sympathy & pity party" stuff. Another Martyr Man. Like Beckstead, always sick - needy - etc.)

The first thing that entered my mind was that women 40-plus would have accumulated some savings by then and maybe divorced and at a vulnerable age according to statistics; as opposed to younger women hunting for an eligible young man. (you got that right on!) I thought that he was up to something suspicious with a motive or hidden agenda, but still I could not put my finger on it.

He had got so deep in my head in a very short space of time that I could not get out (each and every one of our victims has reported THIS SAME EXACT THING!) Despite knowing that he was up to no good.

It used to infuriate him when I doubted him (RED FLAG - its does for ALL OF THEM. Once you question them about reality - they either get very angry, change the subject, stop talking to you for a period of time, claim you HURT them or give you a completely fabricated & obtuse response) I thought, why would he be so concerned about what I thought of him?

I realized the whole thing did not add up from the start. The contradictions started to be much more apparent and gave me all the more reasons for doubting him. However there was nothing substantial or said to prove anything at that point in time; other than my gut feelings.
(more on Steve Miller as this month progresses)