Monday, June 23, 2008

Final Thoughts on Wanna-Be-Guru & Con Man: Steve Miller


Allegedly his real name is Steve Miller and lives in Kent UK.

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SlayerSteve777




Panagiotis Angeletakis (this ID strongly suspected to be him too
Lynella S
Inga Hicks
Janeva Hi

His "followers" could be him, too hard to say. I thought that Lynn may have been the woman he lived with but there is no proof. When talking to her she sounds like a total fruit loop, but then again there have been times when it seemed it was him talking. This makes me think that this ID could be shared.

Steve says he has a brother David Miller who lives in London and both of them create online games. Steve is the coder and David does the graphics designer. They have created a game named ROBOTOPIA on sale at http://www.gameshare.com/.

I ordered one of his games to see for myself how genuine they were because he'd talked me into helping finance and promote it but never received the game in the mail. The game is also available as a trial and full version, which I downloaded successfully after numerous hassles.

Chris Carson - who owns the site, is not trustworthy at all because he gave Steve my home address without my consent! This makes me believe that they are both linked or connected somehow. Maybe even maybe the same person.

Steve has gone on web cam with me 2 times but not given any important details out about himself. I know the game is very important to him. It is not that expensive to buy but I wondered how many others who paid and did not receive their version of that game. They claimed they had sent it to my address but it never showed up. I have been waiting since early October 2007! (massive red flag)

I wanted to see him excel with this game and he complained that his PC needed to be upgraded but had no money to do it with because he was on disability welfare. I offered to help him by giving him a sum of $445.00 in two separate payments for a new hard drive and monitor in December 2007. I paid this into his brother's PAYPAL account which they shared: davidmillion@XXXX.co.uk

His gratitude? To send abusive email accompanied by the most revolting language because I "did not give him as much as I promised" him. He claimed I had changed and treated him different somehow since I gave him the money. But later explained he was angry because I did not give him the initial sum that I had agreed upon in the first, which was $1000.00 -- because he wanted a complete new PC. (all about what THEY want... isn't it readers?)

This was a HUGE mistake on his part because this is where reality hit home finally with me. I knew he wanted more money but he knew better than to ask for it outright. I certainly was not about offer again Little does he know, had he kept his big mouth shut long enough he probably would have received it if not more.

So his timing of being a "proficient mind bender" was very revealing. I certainly was not about to give him the rest after he verbally abused me. I was also not about to be that forgiving towards him. Very scary -- he could have taken me for a lot more! (sounds like Dan Jacoby! Also has his own games site and pleaded poverty to get money from at least one of his victims)

I have since cancelled all my internet banking activities including Paypal but that was a hassle well worthwhile. (God because this guy is nothing but a predator & Con Man!)

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