Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our First Ever Cyberpath, Serial Bigamist & Ex-Con Back At It!

Cross-Posted as a courtesy to our good friends at FightBigamy:

Former jailbird and convicted serial bigamist, alleged sociopath and Virginia state felon Charles Edward Hicks, sometimes referred to as Ed is now calling himself Charles Greene. Mr. Hicks or Greene or whoever he is now got the longest sentence ever in the state of Virginia for bigamy.

This Charles Greene also has a new email address: e111h444@yahoo.com. (probably more!) I am surprised Charles Greene can remember that one, since he is 64, but he will tell you some younger birth year. I imagine the "e" stands for Ed and the "h" for Hicks; I don't know where the ones come from but 444 could mean his birth year that he always lies about.The real year is 1944.
  • He is still telling the same lie about owning property in the Bahamas. He doesn't own squat.
  • He is back trolling the online dating sites probably using his "in love with love" line.
  • At one time he lived in the back of his van and used a kitty litter box for a bathroom. He rigged up lights and put insulation around the van for warmth.
  • His van was parked along a street in Alexandria, VA until he found a woman in North Carolina who took him in and hit her up for $500.00 a month. (prior to his arrest)
He is a piece of work, and if he gets near you RUN!

Read everything you can under "Ed Hicks News" and "Ed Hicks Missives" on Fight Bigamy to familiarize yourself with this predator.

Also See a report on Dating Psychos, search under "Hicks" and look at the one without the photograph; read the one with the photograph as well. Hicks has 2 profiles at Dating Psychos! from 2 different women)

Read another comment below from Players & Psychos.com.
Comment from another victim:
He never stops.

He's back online using the name "CHARLES GREENE" - talks about his land in the Bahamas (doesn't own jack), he's an ace sailor (not), he's retired from the gov't (he was FIRED and disgraced after being sentenced for bigamy!), people are telling 'nasty stories' about him (sure... NOT!) and he's got a new yahoo address.
Beware ladies - don't let this charmer in your door
For pictures and more information CLICK HERE

Friday, April 18, 2008

ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Net Safety & Cyberbullying

cyber bullying button

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Day One will host a workshop on April 23 to help Internet users understand how social media Web sites such as MySpace and Facebook can be abused by sexual predators and how to employ Internet safety best practices.

“MySpace is YourSpace” will be held from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Day One’s headquarters at 100 Medway Street in Providence, RI. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the workshop is free and open to the public. The program carries with it three Continuing Education Units (CEUs). There is a processing fee is $20 for those requesting CEUs.

Facebook and MySpace are immensely popular sites among adolescents and young adults. An estimated 40 million of the under-18 crowd use MySpace daily, as well as frequent chat rooms and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. But so do online predators seeking to meet unsuspecting and naïve teens [and adults] in person or lure them into online sex.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tracks thousands of cases related to Internet exploitation of children, and one in five children has received unwanted sexual advances online, according to the Department of Justice.
cyberbullying hurts

This seminar will help families understand how the social media sites work and how they can put people at risk for cyber bullying and sexual abuse.
“If a member of your household [adult or child/teen] connects to these sites, you need to know the ploys that sexual predators use to procure personal information from users,” said Peg Langhammer, executive director of Day One. “The frequency with which this happens is alarming and can be prevented with education and frank discussions with family members.”
To register for the workshop, call Sandra Malone at 401-421-4100 or smalone@dayoneri.org.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jewish Students Beware! A Cyberpath is Targetting You

A warning has been sent to Jewish communities concerning an internet predator that specifically targets religious Jewish students.
a online predator?

The predator goes by the alias of either David Newman or David Goodman will frequently use social networking sights like Facebook to contact young Jewish men and women
Claiming to be a student from NYU, he will first “friend” students and eventually coerce them into meeting with him in person. He then physically assaults his victim.

Though most of his victims thus far have been male, there is also information that he has made similar attempts on female students.
This issue has become severe enough to garner the attention of Yeshiva University Vice President Hillel Davis who, on April 10th, sent a letter to the entire student body to warn them of this predator.

Please be alert to anyone fitting this general profile and advise students, children and friends to exercise caution while using Facebook or other online communication systems.

If you have any questions contact Assistant District Attorney Mollie Friesa at 212-335-3569.


Friday, April 04, 2008


(Cyber identity theft can happen to you!! Sometimes its financial, sometimes its just for sick twisted reasons. As bizarre as it sounds - It can and does happen. Be careful who you trust!)


A renowned hedge-fund honcho hatched a heinous revenge plot against his former mistress by posing as her on the Internet - saying she wanted to be kidnapped and raped as part of a sicko sex fantasy, officials said yesterday.

Albert Hsu, 43, a wealthy, married dad of two and former Cub Scout leader, posted his fiendish ad on a hardcore, S&M Web site, Connecticut authorities said.

He allegedly included the woman's name, photo, address, license-plate number, train schedule to and from work and even the rail car she usually sits in.

"The defendant set the victim up to be abducted and raped by a complete stranger," prosecutor Ricki Goldstein said in Norwalk, Conn., Superior Court.

Hsu, who co-founded Anchor Point Capital in New York City after overseeing billions in investments for everyone from Xerox to Atlantic Philanthropies, meticulously planned the scheme down to the last detail, officials said.

Posing as his ex in the "ad," he allegedly begged anyone responding to not contact her or give her a head's-up before the attack because it "would ruin the fantasy" for her.

His motive appeared simply to be pure "hate," Goldstein said.

She said Hsu had already lined up one potential attacker and has confessed to the crime.

The investor was held in lieu of $750,000 bond after being busted Friday, but a judge jacked up the amount to $1 million at his arraignment yesterday.

The slightly built Hsu appeared extremely grim-faced and hunched over in court. He sported tailored pants, a pricey, button-down, powder-blue shirt, a gray cashmere sweater - and shackles.

His evil plan came to light after his unidentified victim alerted authorities to the terrifying posting about her on www.collarme.com Feb. 26, authorities said.
"We acted on it as quickly and as urgently as we could to protect the safety of the victim," said police Lt. David Bender of New Canaan, where Hsu lives. "We felt she was in grave danger."
Hsu was charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted sex assault, criminal impersonation and other raps, officials said.

The money man's court-appointed lawyer, Dawn Bradanini, said her client was "thoroughly embarrassed by this."

She asked for a lower bond "based on the lack of history of a serious nature."

Goldstein said Hsu had previously been charged with assaulting his wife. A bail official added that he has a history of mental problems and is on medication . He was placed on suicide watch.

News of Hsu's bizarre bust stunned his community and colleagues, who heralded him as one of the nation's leading, most quotable authorities on hedge funds.
"Albert is absolutely the last man in America you would expect to do anything wrong, let alone anything like this," one rival trader said.

"He is incredibly smart and polite, the type of guy you'd like as a partner and a neighbor."
Matt Crowe, the son of Hsu's partner at Anchor Point, declined to comment when asked if anyone at the firm had noticed a recent change in the suspect's behavior.

"We only know what we've read," he said.

Hsu, who attended the prestigious Bronx School of Science, lives with his wife - a management consultant - and young son and daughter in a ritzy home.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

MySpace Suicide - Investigation Gets Some Truth At Last

Lori Drew DID lie. Like all predators she even got help (hired attorneys in this case) to help shore up her "belief ceiling" that she's an innocent victim who did nothing wrong. Baloney. We said it before and we'll say it again...

There still needs to be justice in this case. Glad someone other than the clowns in Missouri are doing some questioning. Lori Drew is a murderer or at least guilt of manslaughter & reckless endangerment. Do all the damage control you want - you're still a predator and guilty.

Don't worry, Megan - EOPC hasn't forgotten.

Take a moment to read this great post by Little Baby Ginn over at our friends at Deathby1000Papercuts:

Prosecutors in Los Angeles questioned Lori Drew’s employee, Ashley Grills, before a Grand Jury over the Megan Meier MySpace suicide case. Grills, who was 17 when Megan Meier committed suicide in October of 2006, testified that she did not act alone in setting up a fake MySpace account used to pull a hoax on the 13-year-old Megan. Grill’s testimony could begin to peel away the fake facade of innocence maintained by Lori Drew through her attorneys.

Grills, who attempted to take her own life after Megan ended hers, stated that while she was responsible for setting up the profile of the fake 16-year-old boy named “Josh Evans”, that Lori Drew and her daughter were also involved in the cruel online hoax.
lori drew
Lori Drew

Megan and her family lived just a few doors down from the Drews in a quiet suburb of St. Louis where the two girls were friends since elementary school. When the girls reached the 7th grade the relationship had become on-again, off-again, with Megan transitioning to a new school. Megan had asked her parents if she could open a MySpace account, after all, all the other kids were doing it too. Megan’s parents agreed but counseled their daughter to be careful, to be wary of the people she met online. Megan met a boy on MySpace who said his name was Josh Evans, he was 16 and he lived in her area.

Megan’s parents warned her to be careful but the online relationship with Josh seemed harmless and made Megan happy. Megan, like many girls her age, was insecure and unable to see her own unique qualities that made her special. After a period of about six weeks the relationship with Josh took a sharp turn with Josh telling Megan that “she was mean to her friends”.

On October 16th, Megan went to school with invitations to her upcoming 14th birthday party. She had picked out a new dress and when she returned home from school she asked her mother to log onto the computer so Megan could see if Josh had posted any new messages to her. Megan wanted to know why Josh had been “so mean” to her.

Tina logged on but had to leave to take her other daughter to an appointment. Before she left she could see that Megan was still upset, evidently Josh’s newest messages troubled Megan. Tina, in a hurry to get to the orthodontist’s appointment told Megan to sign off.

“I will Mom,” Megan told her. “Let me finish up.”

Tina called Megan when she reached the dentist’s office and asked Megan if she had signed off. “No, Mom,” Megan said, “they’re are all being so mean to me.” Again Tina told Megan to sign off. Fifteen minutes later Megan, crying, called her mother. “They are posting bulletins about me. Megan Meier is a slut. Megan Meier is a fat ass.” Tina was angry at Megan for not signing off, Megan was crying hysterically.

When Tina got home she went to the basement where the family computer was set up and found Megan still online, engaged in a cyberfight, using the kind of language which shocked Tina. “I’m so aggravated at you for doing this” she told Megan. Megan, clearly upset, ran from the computer then stopped and said to her Mother, “You’re supposed to be my Mom! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

Megan’s Dad, Ron, ran into Megan on the second floor landing of the Meier home. Ron grabbed Megan. He said that Megan told him that kids were saying “horrible stuff about her” and she didn’t understand why. “I told her it’s okay, I told her they obviously don’t know her and that it would be fine.”

Megan went into her bedroom while Ron went downstairs to the kitchen where he and Tina talked about Megan and the MySpace account while they made dinner. Twenty minutes later a feeling of dread overcame Tina,”I had this God-awful feeling and I ran up into her room and she had hung herself in the closet.

Megan was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead the next day. Ron opened up Megan’s MySpace account and saw what he thought was the final message posted by “Josh” to Megan:
“Everybody in O’Fallon knows how you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a shitty rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you.”
The day after Megan died Ron and Tina made the trip down the street to the house where Megan’s old friend lived, the daughter of Lori Drew, to tell her that Megan valued their friendship. They even returned to help celebrate the girl’s father’s 50th birthday and agreed to store a foosball table in their garage for the Drews.

Six weeks later the Meier’s lives turned upside down once again when another neighbor told them to meet her at their grief counselor’s office. The Meier’s were stunned to find out that the boy Josh Evans was never real, that he was made up, not by some internet stranger, but by the mother of Megan’s friend, Lori Drew. The same family that asked the Meiers to store their foosball table in the Meiers’ garage, the same family that the Meiers had walked down to comfort the day after Megan’s death.

Lori Drew denies she was involved in the MySpace hoax. Drew has hidden behind her attorneys and claims she is innocent even though the computer used to send the fake MySpace messages was located in the Drew home. That other witnesses claim Lori Drew asked Ashley Grill to set up the fake Josh Evans so that Lori could spy on Megan and see what Megan had posted about Lori Drew’s daughter on MySpace.

Lori Drew has, through her attorneys, denied all involvement in the fake MySpace hoax and yet when she called the cops on November 25, 2006, to complain about the Meiers not giving her a chance to tell her “side” of the story she filed a police report where she admitted that she, along with Ashley Grills had set up the fake MySpace account.
Lori Drew's apology

from Police Report dated November 25, 2006

“Drew explained she wanted to “just tell them” what she did to contribute to the Meier’s daughters suicide. Drew stated in the months leading up Meier’s daughter’s suicide, she instigated and monitored a “my space” account which was created for the sole purpose of communicating with Meier’s daughter.

Drew said she, with the help of temporary employee named “Ashley,” constructed a profile of “good looking” male on “my space” in order to “find out what Megan (Meier’s daughter) was saying on on-line about her daughter. Drew explained the communication between the fake male profile and Megan was aimed at gaining Megan’s confidence and finding out what Megan felt about her daughter and other people. Drew stated that she, her daughter and Ashley all typed, read and monitored the communication between the fake male profile and Megan.

Drew went on to say, the communication became “sexual for a thirteen year old.” Drew stated she continued with the fake male profile despite the development.” Source - Smoking Gun
Drew now claims that the police report was in error and yet she herself called the cops and filed the report. The St. Charles District Attorney declined to press any charges against Drew but now prosecutors in Los Angeles are going after Drew, trying to claim her actions in creating the fake MySpace account constituted fraud perpetrated against MySpace.

Grills should be commended for coming forward and admitting her part in the whole sordid affair which ended in a young girl hanging herself in her bedroom closet.

One of the supreme ironies was that Drew and Grill posted messages that Megan was a “fat ass” and yet the photo of Grill shows an obese 19-year-old girl while photos of Lori Drew show a frumpy overweight middle-aged woman.
Meier - Grills
Megan (left)/ Grills (right)

We find it hard to believe that Grill would have set up the MySpace account to go after Megan on her own, she was merely an employee of Drew’s. It was Drew whose daughter had a off-again, on-again friendship with Megan, it was Drew’s house where the fake Josh Evan’s MySpace account originated from, it was Drew’s husband who told everyone to “get rid” of the MySpace account after Megan died. Hopefully Lori Drew will be next to have to testify before the Los Angeles Grand Jury.

In the meantime, the trees are beginning to bud and new grass has sprouted in the quiet neighborhood in suburban St. Louis that the Meiers and Drews still call home. Several communities have enacted cyberbully laws in the aftermath of Megan’s death. Megan was buried in the new dress she had picked out for her 14th birthday party while Lori Drew has become a pariah of her own making.


A few more thoughts from ABC News:
When the Meiers eventually went public with their story, a firestorm erupted in the community and across the country, with Grills and the Drews right in the middle.

Grills said she began getting online messages and threats. "They would tell me to kill myself and save everybody the trouble."

The last year and a half have been difficult, Grills said. She was hospitalized after she attemped to commit suicide, and she says she hardly ever leaves her house.

ABC News contacted lawyers for Lori Drew who said they stand by their original statement: "Lori Drew did not create or direct anyone to create the Josh Evans MySpace account. Although she was aware of the account, Lori Drew never sent any messages to Megan or to anyone else using this MySpace account."

Grills said she is angry at Drew, who she once viewed as a mother figure, for making her the scapegoat.

"I have a lot of anger towards her for making me feel like crap," she said. "She had -- basically she was trying to make me feel like it was my fault and make me deal with everything."

Grills said she is speaking out now in order to get the real story out to the public.

The message she wants to get across, she said, is "that I'm not heartless. I do know what I did and I take responsibility for it every day."


Any of this blaming, guilt-shifting, projecting, nasty comments, no boundaries, pathological behavior sound familiar to you readers? It sure does to us!