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(from EOPC Archives, December 2005 - Hicks was released in October 2006. He is probably back online looking for his next target(s)! Be aware!)
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from FightBigamy:
(our comments in purple)

"This is not your typical bigamy case. It is the worse case of bigamy that will ever be heard in this courtroom", said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Derek Wagner to the Honorable S. Bernard Goodwyn of the Chesapeake Circuit Court.
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Wagner went on to say Charles Edward "Ed" Hicks' behavior was "predatory" and "not accidental". He asked the Judge Goodwyn to disregard the sentencing guidelines, which only call for probation for bigamy without prior convictions, and he asked that a two-year sentence be imposed on Hicks.

Judge Goodwyn sentenced Ed Hicks to five years in prison, but suspended four of them and that includes the time already served in Chesapeake, Virginia--not in Mecklenburg County, NC. Additionally, Hicks will serve an indeterminate amount of supervised probation upon his release with a minimum one-year under active supervision. (can we get that without any computer access???)
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Hicks has seven confirmed marriages and four overlap. Moreover, in the last five years he used the Internet to find victims via online dating sites including Match.com, YahooPersonals.com, DreamDates.com, and AdultFriendFinder.com. As Charles Hicks faced prosecution in Chesapeake, he had proposed to an eighth woman in North Carolina when the woman's sister saw Ed Hicks' face on the Dr. Phil show and called the police.

Both Julie Flint (formerly Julie Hicks) and Sandra Hicks testified at the sentencing hearing. Note, that WAVY-TV's report of "the wives said that one year may not seem like a long time, but they believe it is a harsh sentence for this type of crime," is incorrect. What was said was this: "We were pleased that Ed Hicks did not walk out of the courtroom today with time served, although we were disappointed in length the sentence, we consider this a victory because most bigamists do not spend anytime in jail and receive only probation and a nominal fine." In addition to Sandra and Julie, two of Ed Hicks' other victims he met via online dating sites attended the sentencing hearing.
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Ed Hicks showed absolutely no remorse or empathy towards either victim in his statement to the judge prior to sentencing, nor did he accept any responsibility for his actions. (Psychopath!) He tried to discredit Sandra Hicks' statement of financial loss, which is well documented by bank and credit card statements, stated that he "was the one who incurred debt", (ROFLMAO!) and Hicks added that he wanted "only mutual love and admiration" but that "people don't always make it, relationships don't always work."

(exactly how much "mutual love" did you want Ed? Isn't the only person you ever loved YOURSELF?? With numerous dating profiles you had out there?? In which you LIED and said you were DIVORCED?? and even that you HAD NO CHILDREN?? and LIVED ALONE??? when you were MARRIED and have children? and what didn't work Ed? your schemes? the fact that you juggled up to 4 women at one time? your predatory ways? your game? This predator is angry he got busted, has probably learned NOTHING from the experience and we will keep you updated as to when he gets out. Chances are this sociopath will do it again... Kudos to the the ex-wives and girlfriends who held this Cyberpath and Bigamist accountable for his willfully heinous treatment of women - Fighter)

For a video of the Proceedings and other news links - CLICK HERE

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(from EOPC's Archives, December 2005 - Hicks was release in October 2006 and is currently living in South Carolina -- possibly looking for new targets)


'Dr. Phil' Helps Find Va. Bigamy Suspect
Viewer Recognizes Man as Sister's Beau

By Tom Jackman -- Washington Post Staff Writer

Who needs "America's Most Wanted" when you've got "Dr. Phil" to help capture supposed outlaws?

The case of Charles "Ed" Hicks, the Alexandria area man who has been married seven times but divorced only five, was featured yesterday on the syndicated "Dr. Phil" television show to emphasize the danger of bigamous men. A North Carolina woman spotted Hicks during the show's airing in the Charlotte area and said, "Oh my God, he's dating my sister!"

She called her sister, and then she called police.

Hicks, 61, was indicted last week in Chesapeake, Va., on a charge of felony bigamy. A warrant was issued, but he had not been arrested. The North Carolina women notified the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County police, and officers there arrested him at his current girlfriend's apartment at 1:35 p.m., said Julia Rush, a spokeswoman for the Mecklenburg County sheriff's office.

Hicks was living in the Hybla Valley area of Fairfax with his seventh wife, Sandra Phipps Hicks, when Sandra Hicks discovered he was still married to his sixth wife, Julie Flint Hicks. Ed Hicks was arrested on a charge of bigamy in Fairfax, but that charge was dismissed when it was determined that his sixth marriage also was bigamous and therefore invalid.

Linda Hembree of Shelby, N.C., said she first called her sister to say that Ed Hicks was on television. "She didn't believe it," Hembree said. "I said, 'Well, honey, turn on 'Dr. Phil!' "

Hembree said her sister, Barbara Hembree of Charlotte, had been dating Hicks for eight months after meeting him on the Internet. It was about eight months ago that Sandra Hicks discovered Hicks's history and booted him out.

Linda Hembree said Hicks had proposed to her sister last month, but Barbara Hembree wasn't ready to get married. Barbara Hembree, 54, was too upset yesterday to discuss the situation, Linda Hembree said.

"He was the most smooth-talking man I've ever met in my life," Linda Hembree said. She said Hicks had been shipping boxes to her sister's storage space in Charlotte in recent months and last week began spending much more time in North Carolina.

2005 The Washington Post Company

ED HICKS: Whatever Way You Look At It, This Is Work!

FROM EOPC ARCHIVES, DECEMBER 2005 - shows how much WORK it is for Cyberpaths to juggle targets!
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How Does He Keep It All Straight?

Just think about it for a few minutes...some one carrying on such deception and betrayal is exhausting work; it takes a lot of effort, energy, and time to keep up this facade. Spinning elaborate yarns would cause a normal person to feel extreme guilt and remorse. A person possessing a conscience couldn't carry on a life such as this one.

Ed Hicks, how did you keep all the stories straight? From 1965 until the present, court records show there have been seven confirmed wives. Court records also show that four of Ed Hicks' marriages overlap. Additionally, from 2002 - 2004 email sent from a two different Department of Defense .MIL email accounts shows there have been at least four girlfriends in Ed Hicks' life in the past three years (*Lori*, *Lynn*, *Carol*, and Sandra), all the while he was still married to Julie Flint-Hicks and later married Sandra Phipps-Hicks. Wife #7 didn't know about #s 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6. Wife #6 didn't know about #1, 2, 3, 5, & 7. Wife #5 didn't know about #1, 2, 3, and 5. Wife #4 knew about them all...

Read the mini stories below and see which one would rank first for the "First Class Certifiable Low Life" award. Names in asterisks (* *) are pseudonyms to protect the innocent victims.

Using Your Father-in Laws Death to Cheat on Your Girlfriend with Another Girlfriend While You are Still Married To Your Wife

In 2002, Ed was still married to Julie Flint-Hicks, was dating Sandra Goldin, and had at least three other girlfriends, according to email sent from two different Department of Defense .MIL email accounts. In May 2002, Wife #6, Julie's, dear father passed away. Ed and Julie Hicks had been separated for eight months at that time after Julie found a letter on their bed pillow (no face-to-face talk mind you, but a letter; he separates from his wife with a letter). Ed told his girlfriend of one year, Sandra, that he was going to his kids' grandpa's funeral in Utah. Sandra thought that it was Wife #4's father. Sandra learned recently it was Julie's father who passed away and that Ed Hicks did not go to the funeral at all. Instead, he went to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to a bed and breakfast with his girlfriend, *Lori*. He used his wife's father death to lie to his girlfriend while he cheated on she and his wife with another girlfriend. Yes, reading this garbage will leave you with a headache and give you nausea. You are in for a bumpy ride, but keep reading.

Letting Your Girlfriend Welcome Your Children Into Her Family While You Go On a Getaway With Another Girlfriend While You Are Still Married to Your Wife

Another interesting incident occurred in September 2002. Ed, of course was and still is married to Julie Flint-Hicks. During Labor Day weekend of that year Ed told then girlfriend and later to become wife #7 Sandra that he was going to Nags Head windsurfing with a male coworker. Trusting, naive Sandra bought it and told him to have a great time. That was Labor Day weekend and Sandra' parents were coming to Washington to visit for a family get together.

Just prior, Ed had moved his two teenage children in with Sandra for her to care for, including her writing checks for their college tuition and books while Ed still worked in Norfolk. She took this opportunity to take the children to visit her parents, her son, and daughter-in-law for the holiday because she wanted to give the children a semblance of family life since Ed Hicks told her there had never been another woman in his children's lives, other than their mother, which turns out was actually Wife #4. Also Julie Flint-Hicks heard this same story too---she was the only other woman he had allowed in his children's life!

As it turned out, Ed Hicks did not go windsurfing with a male coworker, but instead took girlfriend *Lori* to Nags Head. Two months later, *Lori* got a bit wise to Ed and dumped him. Read Ed's response to *Lori*'s putting his butt to the curb below. Comments are in red. If you can guess the number of times the words "I", "my", and "me" are used in this missive you win the "I Can Find a Narcissist" award!

----- Original Message -----
From: Ed Hicks ('ce_2918@hotmail.com')
(Ed thought he better not send this x-rated one from work)
To: #############@#########.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 11:08 PM
Subject: Well, you have out done yourself .................


Just a note with some info you might be interested in. First, I knew you were out searching for another person. When you found him I was wondering when you would figure he was the one.

I still don't know what makes you tick. I stayed in spite of the facts I knew. Also quite a while ago when we talked about how bitter you were at your marriage I contacted one of your friends and they told me to be careful (Ed never contacted any of *Lori's* friends). I tucked that information away for later reference. There are things I still would like to know and why. Only you can supply those things. Oh by the way, I am not mad (Ed is never angry; see letter to Wife #7). I don't have the temperment to be that way. It sure hurts that you followed through with what you did (*Lori* got wise and put him to the curb, Ed didn't like that).

What I don't understand is how could you continue to make love to me and say you loved me and act that way as well? That part puzzles me. You were a willing participant, still taking me to places you like and seeing friends. That part had and still have me going. Oh, sure I did shed some tears over you (Ed Hicks, you've never cried over anyone but yourself). I think that is what you wanted all along. Well, you had that, now I would like to sit down with you and hear your reasons for the disception (spell check, please Ed)? I am not a violent person and I am probably more even tempered a person as you will ever meet (OH PLEASE STOP WITH THE VERBAL VOMIT, Ed Hicks...you would make a maggot barf). So, no danger there. A place of your choosing. I just want to hear the deep seated reasons. How you could act the loving part and still continue. You must be really bitter? (BTW...*Lori*'s only reply to this email was to tell Ed Hicks go right ahead with the little X-rated movie expose because she wasn't running for public office, and she never saw Ed again....Lucky *Lori*.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, I have had a video of us screwing at Nags Head (Do tell, Ed...Do Tell...Ed never refers to "the act" as making love, it is always screwing, whether that be with wives, girlfriends, whomever, but yet Ed Hicks is In Love With Love). When I thought you were going to follow through with what ultimately happened I thought I would need some way to pay you back (Ed threatens *Lori* with a non-existent video, like *Lori* cared. As she responded to Ed Hicks, "Go right ahead, I'm not running for public office.). Not much to show execpt legs and heads in the hot tub but on the bed I got full face and body shots of us screwing. No mistaken who you are. A black man mounting you (this from Mr-Color-Shouldn't-Matter.... LOL!) and the facial contours of sexual pleasure. I guess you faked that as well. It is mighty convencing (Geez, Ed, learn to spell). The more I thought about it the more I came to my senses and fought the desire to put copies in public places around Norfolk (Ed fought the desire! Here's another rolling on the floor laughing your backside off moment). When I said the camera battery was dead it was not. I left it on the chair running so you would not be concerned about it being there. There are some interesting poses we were in while having sex. Now, if I were you (Not me) I'm not that way. Even though you think you have distroyed ("distroyed", I think Ed Hicks means "destroyed") my life. Well, you have not. You know where my heart was! On you and my kids. You should know by now that I only have a few things that I consider precious to me (the only thing precious to you Ed Hicks, is yourself). Nothing else matters (except Ed Hicks).

With us, I honestly thought I could remove the bitterness you felt towards men and women (Ed, after dating or marrying you, anyone would feel bitter). At times I thought I could live with you for the rest of my life. I did and I still do love you (Remember, Ed is still married to Julie, dating Sandra, dating *Carol*, dating *Lynn* and telling them all that he loves them...AMAZING; He's In Love With Love). Unlike you, I could not fake the feelings for you. (BARF) Some things will not change for a long time. I wonder why you had to lie and say that you loved me when you really were continuing to weave a web (Oh, this one is too much. "Lie, weave a web"! This is coming from the mouth of THE MASTER). I knew about it several months before. Love makes a person think they can over-come obstackles (At least use a spell checker, Ed). Well, I was wrong. I became a source of sex and dinning (Glad you were good for something and I think you mean "dining"). Until you found someone else that could continue that effort. Again, that is okay. Not like I did know know what you were doing. I just fell for you and thought there was some reality in what you displayed to me over the time we were together. Goes to show we all can be wrong at times. Smile. (Here we go with that Smile business again.)

Well, I still would like to sit down and have you tell me what drives you. Why didn't you just say let's just fuck each other and go out? Nothing more and trust that I would have still continued. You knew that I loved you (PUKE). I would have continued and we could have saved each other a lot of misery. Well, to me the misery and you the gratification of being able to try and hurt innocent folks. I would like to hear the reason for that as well. Is it all over ### and what he did to you? You could have been honest with me (Why should *Lori* have been honest with you, Ed Hicks? You were never honest with her) and still enjoyed (If you enjoyed the sex, dinners, etc.) what ever you needed from me. I am a very logical person and would have understood (A logical person does not marry seven women and marry four of them while he is still married to some one else, Ed Hicks, get a grip...that is not LOGICAL). You used me and I guess you thought I was not smart enough to figure it out or to trace your mail traffic as well. (Lori used Ed! Now here is another laugh out loud rolling on the floor moment). Okay the cards are on the table.

Oh one more thing. Why did you involve my kids in all of this. You had a plan that could only end in disaster and you allowed my kids to become attached to you as well (Hmmmmm...Your kids were attached to their stepmother, Julie, that you booted from the house...see letter to wife #6 Julie...they were attached to girlfriends Sandra and *Carol*. How many woman have been paraded in and out of your poor children's lives, Ed Hicks, how many?). I am interested in hearing how they played into your plans. After we talked that night on the porch you made sense about bringing the kids there (Ed decided Sandra's place was better). I almost lost my thoughts and asked them if they would like that. Naturally they would have said yes. They really liked you and having them there would have been a tradgedy (spell check...PLEASE) for them. So thanks for doing this early enough so they would not have to suffer the hurt as well. (Ed Hicks, you know nothing about people suffering hurt... other than INFLICTING it)

Are you so heartless that kids don't matter (Oh please, Ed Hicks, you are a piece of work). What about your kids? They really liked me and I liked them. How do you resolve that even though they would never say anything to you. That has always been a concern of mine as I voiced to you on several occasions. Don't you care enough about yourself to think of them?

I think a dinner and drinks would put this mess to rest. We can go Dutch since now you have someone else to pick up the tab for dinners. (Ed Hicks threatens *Lori* with an expose of an x-rated home made video of the two of them, calls her heartless, bitter, and a liar, tells her she is selfish, tells her she has woven a web, tells her she has no self esteem, tells her she has hurt innocent folks, tells her she involved his children in who knows what, but yet Ed Hicks still wants to have dinner and drinks with her, but he wants to go Dutch....PRICELESS!)

I am heading to Calif. in two weeks and than (once and for all Ed Hicks, learn the difference between "than" and "then") to Aruba for some windsurfing (Ed didn't windsurf in Aruba; he ventured to California to see girlfriend *Carol* while Sandra took care of his kids. Of course he told Sandra it was a business trip to the Naval Postgraduate School). I would like to get this behind me before I leave....... Loving you is one thing but unanswered questions are another (there are quite a few people that you have left without providing any closure to whatsoever Ed Hicks, and you have the audacity to tell *Lori* there are unanswered questions).
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The 9/11 Story: Your Wife and Children are Worried Sick at Home Thinking You are Dead Inside the Pentagon, Meanwhile You Are Sitting at Your Girlfriend's House Probably Using Her Computer to Write to Another Girlfriend, *Lynn* Across the State!

The September 11, 2001 story reeks of disgust, not that all of this is not disgusting, for it truly depicts the playbook of how one person's self-centered, immoral, conscience-free existence has traumatically affected so many other trusting, caring, kind people.

On September 10, 2001, Ed Hicks left his home in Chesapeake and told wife Julie that he had to go to the Pentagon on business and he would be back the next day. Little did she know that Ed was actually visiting girlfriend Sandra who thought Ed Hicks had been divorced for years. Of course we all know what happened on that horrible day. Meanwhile, poor Julie and Ed's children were worried sick about him; Julie thought he might be dead since he told her he had to go to the Pentagon on business that day. Ed Hicks was not at the Pentagon; he was actually working on Sandra's computer probably writing to another girlfriend, *Lynn* who lived across the state. Are there no boundaries anywhere in this man's life?

Using Your Wife's Father's Dying a Horrible Cancer Death to Lie to Your Girlfriend About Not Writing As Often, While Your Poor Other Wife Doesn't Have the Resources to Locate You

In January 2004, Sandra's father lay dying of Stage IV Lung cancer. Email from Ed to *Carol* sent from a Department of Defense .MIL email account shows that Ed Hicks told *Carol* the reason he had not been writing very much lately was because a dear friend of his was dying of cancer. The dear friend was Sandra's father. Again, Ed Hicks uses "one of his" father-in-law's dying to lie to a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Julie has been forced to bankruptcy, lost her car, asks Ed's children as to his whereabouts and is informed that they are not allowed to tell her where they live, their phone number, or anything about their father. Therefore, Julie cannot find Ed to even try to get a divorce, much less get any kind of closure from the man she married in 1997.

WOW--THIS IS WORK! If only Ed Hicks had funneled his intelligence in the right way, the moral way, the ethical way, and the Judeau-Christian way, he could have received that Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly and that Master's in Business Administration from University of Washington that he likes to tell everyone he has.


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(From EOPC Archives, December 2005) ED HICKS - A CLASSIC CYBERPATH!
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Fairfax Man Wed 7 Times Faces Charge Of Bigamy
By Tom Jackman
Washington Post Staff Writer

The Fairfax County (Virginia) man who has been married seven times -- and divorced five -- was indicted in Chesapeake, Va., yesterday on a charge of felony bigamy, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Charles E. "Ed" Hicks, 61, previously was charged in Fairfax with marrying his seventh wife, Sandra Goldin Hicks of the Alexandria area, without divorcing his sixth wife, Julie Flint Hicks, with whom he lived in Chesapeake in the late 1990s.

Then things got complicated. Fairfax prosecutors realized that Hicks's web of marriages and divorces meant that the seventh marriage wasn't valid -- necessitating the dismissal of the Fairfax bigamy charge in September.

So Julie Hicks turned to Chesapeake authorities to focus on her simple quandary: When she married Ed Hicks in April 1997, he was still married to his fifth wife, Rose Marie Sewell of San Antonio, according to both women and court records. Chesapeake prosecutors agreed and obtained an indictment in Circuit Court.

"I think there's sufficient evidence to go forward with a bigamy charge," said Chesapeake Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Derek K. Wagner. He declined to be more specific.

Hicks did not return messages left at his work and on his cell phones yesterday. His attorney, Richard S. Simpson, also did not return a call.

"I'm thrilled," Julie Hicks said from Layton, Utah, where she lives. "I just hope they get him arrested."

Sandra Hicks, who unraveled her husband's adventure through 40 years and seven trips down the aisle, has become an activist against men who prey on women on the Internet and who marry repeatedly without consequence. She is still married to Hicks, pending a Jan. 4 court date to obtain either a divorce or an annulment.

"I'm elated," Sandra Hicks said, "because I don't want him to do this to someone else. For all I know, he could be married again, the way the laws are. Hopefully, justice will be served."

Sandra Hicks had first alerted Fairfax police to Ed Hicks's actions, and court records show he has married four times while still married to someone else. He has three grown children with two of his wives.

When Sandra Hicks married him in May 2003, he was -- and still is -- married to Julie Hicks. But Fairfax prosecutors reasoned that because the marriage to Julie Hicks was also allegedly bigamous, it was invalid and therefore could not be the basis for a bigamy charge involving Sandra Hicks.

(Sandra Hicks and Julie Hicks were been interviewed for an episode of the "Dr. Phil" TV show .)

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Ed Hicks: Busted and INDIGNANT!!

(from EOPC Archives, December 2005) Ed Hicks' emails and story remain one of the most classic and typical examples of Cyberpath and Online Predation EOPC has posted. We are revisiting Hicks because he's out of jail and most probably back online doing the same thing!

This was sent from Ed Hicks to confirmed wife #7, Sandra - the day she found his online ads and kicked him out of the house. The BIGAMY was yet to be found....

Like ALL Cyberpaths - Ed is indignant in proclaiming his innocence. As with the horrible letter he left wife #6, Julie - please note the:

Blame-Shifting (you MADE me do it, I was forced, I had no choice...)
Denial (wasn't me, never happened, it's all in your head...)
The Twisting of Reality
The Guilt-Tripping (its YOUR fault not mine)
The ME-ME-ME of online narcissism
Confabulation/ Word Salad (a.k.a. - WTF?!)
Portraying themselves as honorable when they are anything BUT!

-----Original Message-----
From: Hicks, Ed APD [mailto:Ed.Hicks@hqda.army.mil]
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 8:49 AM
To: "Sandra"
Subject: It is amazing - just to confirm what you have been doing. (UNCLASSIFIED)

Ed's amazed someone finally CAUGHT HIM!!)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

I am not into the insane stuff that goes on in your mind. If you think I have been searching for someone you should know I have not. (LIE) I put those ads out there just to see if you are still spying. (LIE) The type of ad I put in was not designed to disguise myself but to check to see if you are still spying. You have a problem with trying to control people. I don't have a problem like that. (LIE) You really only have the fact that I placed the ads just to see how much spying you do on me. You have what you think is total control and in reality you continue to make a mess of our life (PROJECTION). Now you think you can disparage me. It seems that is what you were looking for. I felt and thought you were looking for things to do just that. (LIE!)

Home is where the tracing is. A guy from work and I placed a couple of ads and you missed those. No way to trace it from there. I always wondered why. I was home all the time. No chance of me (nor did I ever want anything or anyone else) You were for a long time bound and determined to dig, be nasty and make life unbearable so I would leave. (SHE KICKED YOU OUT!!! YOU DIDN'T LEAVE!!) Give you great grounds to again be right and to make others believe I am something I am not. Your proof and ammunition has holes in it. (LIE) If you would have just allowed me to just love you and not want to maneuver and control me we could have avoided all of this. (Blame Shifting) It seems you are the one with the hidden agenda. Your emails and actions speak to that.

Even now I am not angry. (ROFLMAO!!) I have never treated anyone with disrespect and it is not the time to start now. (LIE) You think you have what you want. I surely would not plan to do me in with an ad in a dating service. It was a plant just like all the others. I never answered any of them or even went back to the site once the ads were placed. (LIE!!) I was not looking for anyone, just wondering why my loving wife would still be so insecure she felt like she should be tracing my every step. Especially since I am home or with you all the time. When would I have time or even want someone else.

When you talk about being used. You were not but I was. I loved you, stuck with you through all you have been through for the past couple of years. Made allowances for your actions. Did all I could for your parents through sickness and the eventual. Never complained about giving up vacation and personal time and money to spend as much time and ensure you spent the maximum amount of time in Abingdon. Worked around your parents home and did what I could for them and you. I was tired but never gave you any indication of that. All of this for you (PROJECTION, BLAME SHIFTING, REWRITING HISTORY and LYING).

I guess while I was trying to do what I could for you in any way I could you were looking at ways to discredit me. Why else would you do what you have been doing. Money seems to drive you.(PROJECTION) Well, enjoy what you get. I surely hope it satisfies since someone loving you and doing what they can for you was not enough. Unfortunately, what goes around comes around. (Ed Hicks' headstone should say that!)

I will make plans to remove my things from your house. You know as well as I do that getting one's things from a house requires more than one day. (Planning) I will let you know when I need to get in to move certain things. (still trying to call the shots, Ed?) I would never take anything of yours. Despite what you might tell your friends and relatives, you know who I am and that I would never do anything but remove my things. It would be best if you are not there when I start removing my things. I will request times to do that in advance so there won't be a chance of a nasty altercation. I will try and have everything out in a couple of weeks. That is what I will shoot for since there are still quite a few of my things remaining there.

I knew you were leading up to this when the thought of you getting a lot of money came into the picture. You changed almost instantly and have been unbelievably nasty ever since. (PROJECTION) That is why I started moving my things out of your garage. I knew you were up to no good. (BLAME SHIFTING) Waiting until you had financial security and than rid yourself of anyone who did not agree with you and what you do 100%. You gave me a prelude to this day some time ago, so not unexpected. All the time I was hoping I was wrong: I guess not. this would come up and since that was your house (Even though I treated it as OURS just as you had said for the longest time. (OURS turns out to be yours when it is convenient for you. - PROJECTION) All the work I put in there there, patio and other extensive projects. Fixing, painting, etc.) At $300 per/mo. for storage of my things which were in the garage and now adding another $300 to store the remainder of things from your house is not a bargain either. Okay, you get what you want but don't try to paint me for what I am not. Things have a habit of backfiring when people do that.

One thing, at least folks who have met me get a sense of who I am. They may not know me well but will have doubts when you tell them some of the things you think you have uncovered. If you would like to tackle that, go ahead. (THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN OF THE ABUSER - typical to throw THEIR mud at the victim!)

I need to get some clothes out of your house today so I can continue working. I have meetings and commitments all day today but will try to secure a place to stay as quickly as possible. I will let you know when I start the moving process. (Ed, you are such a responsible guy, HUH?)

Ed Hicks
Information Management Officer, Business Processes
Army Publishing Directorate

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more from Ed Hicks the soul-sucking emotional & financial vampire

(Hicks' case is an excellent read and prime example of a cyberpath. From EOPC Archives, December 2005)

More from Ed Hicks the soul-sucking emotional & financial vampire!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wife #7, Sandra's, father was dying and she was spending 8-10 hours a day with him. Ed would come from time to time too. Ed NEVER went to see his Aunt, though he certainly talked it up like he was!!

-----Original Message-----
From: "Carol"
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 4:46 PM
To: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA
Subject: How are you?

I'm not sure if you are angry with me or not? But I am praying that you are not and that you are doing fine. I'm also not sure if you are getting my emails or simply not returning a response. (TYPICAL PREDATOR..... creating "desire" by not answering emails, leaving her hanging.... Predators are either bombing your mailbox or leaving you wondering if their computer is working. MAJOR RED FLAG!) If so I can understand. Life sometimes puts us in awkward positions especially when our integrity in on the line. (Ed Hicks? Integrity? Sorry "Carol", he has no idea what that means!) However I have known you for a little while and pray that we can still be friends. What would really bother me if you would not want to be my friend.

Best Wishes
Love Always "Carol"

-----Original Message-----
From: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA [mailto:Charles.Hicks2@hqda.army.mil]
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 8:56 AM
To: "Carol"
Subject: RE: How are you?

Well, I am finally back but in the snow. It is very cold here and the roads are awful. I am headed to the Pentagon and than home. I spent Friday and Saturday in Emporia with my Aunt and cousins. (This Aunt of Ed Hicks' was used for MORE excuses - and HE NEVER WENT TO SEE HER!!!) I think this will be the last time we all spend any time together. She is not doing well and said she may as well die since Uncle Jessie is not here. It hurts me to hear that but at the same time I can relate to what she is saying. After being married to a person for 56 years it does not make for good days when you know they are gone. (Ed Hicks waxing poetic about MARRIAGE - GAG!!)

I honestly think she will just lay down one day and not wake up. That is her wish. We were trying to make sense of what she wants to do with her things. House, etc. (can Ed Hicks somehow get my hands on this stuff? or anyone's money?) These folks have a difference in thinking than I have. (Yeah, they are human - you are a psychopath) One cousin thinks I want part of what she has. No matter how much I tell them I am just there to see my aunt gets things done after she is gone. If they keep messing with me I will just walk away and let them fight over stuff. I am not about that. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, I am not angry but been traveling. The Internet mail has been on and off for the past two months so I don't always get my mail when gone. (Bulldung!)

Honey, I am very tired and should get moving or I will fall asleep. We have about 8 inches of snow and they say we will get at least that again tonight so I don't want to be on the road. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I do love and miss you. You take care of you, okay. (just like Ed Hicks takes care of ED HICKS only!!)

Ed Hicks
Information Management Officer, Business Processes
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Standards & Technology Division, APD

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From: "Carol"
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 12:06 PM
To: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA
Subject: RE: How are you?

I'm really sorry to hear about your Aunt and family members. I tell you people will be people no matter what or how hard we try and convince them that their are caring people in the world.
I'll continue to pray you and your family. When you get a chance let me know how and what the kids are doing.

I enjoy the emails about their young life's.

DC really got some snow according to the weather report, as always I'm concerned about your family safety during bad weather. So Take care and get some rest.


Much love

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From: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA [mailto:Charles.Hicks2@hqda.army.mil]
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 9:13 AM
To: "Carol"
Subject: RE: How are you?

Sweetie the kids are fine. Still going to school but not willing to put in what I think they should to get the most out of school. I guess I should be glad they are still going. :)

Yes, folks are a mess. If they only knew me they would rest easy knowing I don't want anything. When they would ask me and tell them I really don't want anything they think I am lying. Well, that is on them. I will help when the time comes or I can walk away. I have not been around most of them at all in my life and I don't need no aggravation now. (Ed Hicks certainly CAUSES ENOUGH AGGRAVATION, pain, depression and ruin!)

Hope things are going well with you. I am heading out of here now. Hopefully tomorrow will not bring more snow. If it does they will surely shut down the Federal Gov't here.

Take care. I miss you. Love. (and you and you and you oh, and YOU TOO!! - blech!)

Ed Hicks
Information Management Officer, Business Processes
Standards & Technology Division, APD

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From: "Carol"
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 12:40 PM
To: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA
Subject: RE: How are you?

Call me sometime this week. You know we both will be having a birthday soon.

The Online Personal Ads of Ed Hicks

All of these ads were posted while he was married to Sandra, Wife #7

The first ad below was posted just before Wife #7, Sandra, kicked him out of her home. Keep in mind at that time she knew nothing of him being a serial bigamist and thought he had only been married once. She was looking forward to retiring with Ed Hicks to their property in the Bahamas. Imagine her shock and hurt when she read the ad below!:


Nick: Diverscuba
Age: 53 years old, Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Man seeking Woman,

I am a US citizen who is looking for a mate to share a lovely piece of an island with. I own a lovely lot (WITH MY WIFE!) overlooking the aqua blue Caribbean on Eleuthera Island and am looking for the special someone to share my dream. (NOT) I love the ocean and warm clear waters of the Bahama Islands. Visiting exploring and living the life I have dreamed of. Want to learn to scuba dive, windsurf, kitesurf or fish virgin waters? Come with me and explore your dream and make mine come true by having you with me. I am retiring from my Federal Government position. If you assist ($$$), we can soon sail on my boat. Are you the one I am looking for? Do you love warm weather, clear warm water and breathtaking beaches? You have a chance to acquire the best tan and enjoy a live of leisure with me. Take a chance and write me. If we don't make a love connection we could become friends and that makes getting in touch with each other a win - win situation.

Personal Info
Username: Diverscuba
Password: ******
Email address: Ed.Hicks@hqda.army.mil
Gender: Man seeking Woman
From: Governor's Harbour, Governor's Harbou...
Age: 53

Last Update: 04/15/2005
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6' 4" (193cm)
Weight: 214 pounds (97.0 kg)
Body Style: Athletic/Fit
Activity Level: Very Active
Smoking: Occasional Smoker
Drinking: Socially
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: I have no kids Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Languages I speak: English
Ethnicity: Other
Religion: Protestant
Grew up in: Monterey, CA
Education: Master's Degree Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Education Emphasis: Engineering
Politics: Unspecified
Occupation: Government/Civil Service/Public Policy
Annual Income: $50,000 - $100,000
Rate appearance: Most Important
Rate intelligence: Medium Importance
Relocate: No
Occupation Description: Analyst
Seeking: Friend, A long-term relationship, Activity Partner
Headline: Outdoors man

My personality traits: Compulsive, Earthy, Easygoing/Flexible/Open-Minded, Eccentric, Friendly/Kind, High Maintenance, Sensitive/Nurturing/Loving, Procrastinator, Romantic

My favorite activities: Intimate Conversations, Listening to/Playing Music, Traveling/Weekend Trips/Adventure Travel (you missed trolling online Ed!)

You are looking for: If you are into warm clear water, love the sun and outdoor life of sailing, learning other water sports, than you are the one. Are you looking for that illusive love of your life? (because I am NOT IT!)

My favorite cuisines: American, Barbecue, Cajun/Southern, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Mexican, Seafood, Soul Food, Spanish

My favorite music: Blues, Classic Rock n' Roll, Country, Easy Listening, Jazz, Oldies, Reggae, Soul/R&B

I like to read: Fiction, Magazines, Non-Fiction, Poetry

My idea of the perfect first date: A lady who belives she is a lady and acts like one. At the same time be pleasing to the eye, looks are very important to me; keeping fit. Spend time enjoying each other, laughing and generally having fun. Talking as if we have been friends for years. That right person will envoke those characteristics in each other. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Leisure and Physical Activities
I like going out to: Comedy Clubs, Live Theater, Sporting Events, Symphony

My favorite physical activities: Biking, Boating/Sailing/Rafting, Golf,
Hunting/Fishing, Jet/Water Skiing, Snorkeling/Scuba Diving, Surfing/Snowboarding/Skateboarding, Swimming/Diving/Water Polo

My perception of an ideal relationship: One that is calm, loving and giving, especially giving. Image hosted by Photobucket.com I am in love with love. Us having a life together but will allow each other to have a life of their own. By saying this I mean you need to have things you like to do which does not require anyone else. Have interests which you can participate in by yourself and can share with a loved one. (please read the "dump" letter he sent wife #6 about her having her own interests!)

What I've learned from my past relationships: You have to give of yourself without reserve (to ME). If you love someone and that someone loves you than you have a chance to make a life with each other. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More ads found after Wife #7 put his butt on the curb. Wall to wall Lies! Compare his answers to the Ad above! He just can't decide WHO he is! He cannot even keep his age straight. By the way, he is not 51...not 52, not 53, not 54, but 61. No wait, he's anyone YOU want him to be.

Outdoors type looking for same
Age: 54; Emporia, VA

About Me
Gender: Man seeking a Woman
Marital Status: Divorced
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6' 3"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: A little gray
Ethnicity: I'll tell you later
Sense of Humor: Friendly
Social Setting: Shy at first, but warm up quickly, Better in small groups
TV Watching: Documentaries, Channel Hopper
Smoking: Doesn't smoke
Drinking: Drinks socially
Living Situation: Alone Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Have Kids: Yes - but not at home
Want (more) kids: No
Education: Post-Graduate
Employment Status: Full-time
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering
Income: I'll tell you later
Religion: I'll tell you later
Attend Services: I'll tell you later
Political Views: I'll tell you later
Astrology: I'll tell you later
Languages: English
Interests: Dining, Family, Movies, Listening to Music, Outdoor Activities, Reading, Watching Sports, Health/Fitness

In my own words
Are you one of the few color-blind people living in this part of the country? I am. I come from an area of the country where if you like a person you date or make friends with them. If you have bigoted thoughts towards any race, let's not waste each other’s time. People are people and should be treated as such.

I am a professional engineer. I am still working but looking forward to retirement soon. Let's email each other to see if capability suits us. How are you going to know what you want or like if you don't take a chance?

Forget those wild dreams of Cary Grant or Sidney Poitier. This is real life and people are real. Are you? Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I am searching for a real woman. One that does not exaggerate or tell you the things they think you want to hear. Send pictures of themselves 20 years ago or pictures of someone else. Being honest is a real virtue. Try it, it really works. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The person I would like to meet must be alive and love the outdoors. I love the water, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing and walking on lovely local and far away beaches. If you are looking for someone who is caring, loving and in love with love than stop here; you have found him. Now, are you willing to do anything about it. I am waiting for you (PREDATOR!). You won't regret the time spent to touch base with me.............. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

About My Match
Location: Within 50 miles of Emporia, VA
Age: 48 - 70
Marital Status: Any
Body Type: Slender, Average, Athletic, Fit, A few extra pounds
Height: 3' 0" - 7' 11"
Eyes: Any
Hair: Any
Ethnicity: Any
Sense of Humor: Any
Social Setting: Any
TV Watching: Any
Personality Type: Any
Love Style: Any
Smoking: Any
Drinking: Any
Living Situation: Any

(not picky are you Ed?)

(Match & YahooPersonals have often been reported to me as having the worst track record for liars, marrieds and cyberpaths. - Fighter)

In Love With Love (GAG!! this person doesn't know what LOVE IS!)
Seeking Same

I am a: 52 yr old man (please decide how old you are Ed so we can recheck your birth certificate)
located in: Emporia, Virginia, United States
looking for: 40 to 65-year old woman
within 150 miles of Emporia, Virginia, United States
relationships: Divorced
my ethnicity: No Answer
body type: Athletic and toned
height: 6’ 3” (190.5 cms)
sense of humor: No Answer

About me and who I'd like to date:
I am an easy going guy who will allow you to be yourself. (AGAIN - READ THE 'DEAR JOHN' LETTER HE WROTE TO WIFE #6, Julie, ON THIS SITE) (I won't try to control you and I expect the same. I am myself and will hope not being phony is what you are looking for; so am I.) (you are WHO again? WHO is THAT?) I could easily be a well dressed beach bum. I long for a time when exploration of the worlds beaches will be at hand. Sharing this dream with someone else who is as caring and loving as I am would be my ultimate dream.

height: 6’ 3” (190.5 cms)
eyes: No Answer
hair: No Answer
body type: Athletic and toned
body art: Wouldn’t even think about it (a DANGER tatoo on your forehead would work)
best feature: A sweet spot not on the list (yuck!!)

for fun:
Love the oceans. Like to travel to the Bahama Islands. Scube diving, surfing, fishing. Any activity involving beaches, sand and water. When not at a beach I like to spend time at home, movies or renting DVD's (porn porn and MORE porn!) for watching at home. (you left out writing fictional ads and trolling for middle aged, lonely, trusting, honest ladies with some cash!)

favorite hot spots:
Warm weather and warm water destinations. The Bahamas is high on list since they can be reached with minimal travel. (the Internet Ed!! remember?)

favorite things:
I love spicy food. Mexican, Tai and other foods which has these characteristics.

last read:
Most of my reading these days are of vacation destinations. My real love in written form remains Science Fiction novels. (science fiction? like your life story?)

sense of humor: No Answer (no no we aren't gonna go there)

sports and exercise: Cycling, Golf, Swimming, Other types of exercise, Auto racing / Motorcross (typing emails & IMs with unsuspecting targets... uh, women)

common interests: Cooking, Fishing/Hunting, Museums and art, New to the area, (NEW!! LOL!!) Travel/Sightseeing

exercise habits: Exercise (MY EGO) regularly
daily diet: Keep it healthy (porn, lies & whatever the woman I am with will pay for)
smoke: No Way
drink: Social drinker, maybe one or two
job: Political / Govt / Civil Service / Military -- I am an Analyst and work for the Fed Gov't.
income: $75,001 to $100,000
my place: Live alone (cough, choke...)
have kids: Yes, and they live away from home
how many: 2
want kids: Probably not
pets: I have: No Answer (do all my girlfriends count?)
I don't have, but like: No Answer

ethnicity: No Answer
If I start out with ethnical concerns I stand a chance of missing out on a very special person. (You might too if this is a concern of yours.) (Ed, can you please get out a straight sentence? what the heck does THIS MEAN!?)

faith: No Answer
Same concern as others noted. I don't want to start our with restrictions such as religious views. (since I have no morals, no shame and I am my god)

education: Graduate degree
My llife has been spent away from school chums. It is just as well to keep it that way. Why infuse old things with a new direction. (this one needs to be carved on his headstone someday)

languages: No Answer (is lying a language?)

politics: No Answer

About My Date
hair: Any
eyes: Any
height: 3’ 0” (91.0 cms) to 8’ 0” (244.0 cms)
body type: About average, Athletic and toned, A few extra pounds (insecure women are the best!)
languages: Any
ethnicity: Any
faith: Any
education: Any
job: Any
income: Any
smoke: Any
drink: Any
relationships: Any
have kids: Any
want kids: Don't want to have kids, Probably not
turn-ons: Skinny dipping, Flirting, Public displays of affection, Erotica (hard core porn), Candlelight (and cash cash cash)
turn-offs: No Answer (there are NONE!!)

perfect date:
Intimate Sensual stroll along the beach, the sunset reflected in our eyes as we hold hands and enjoy the tide (and he pushes you out to sea)...


About My Next Target
Location: Within 200 miles of Emporia, VA
Age: as long as she's breathing
Marital Status: Any (I have no morals it doesn't matter)
Body Type: like I said, is she breathing?
Height: See above
Eyes: As long as they don't see me for what I really am, it's fine
Hair: whatever, won't be looking at it for long
Ethnicity: whatever, like I said, they are all just .... to me
Sense of Humor: Lots, they are gonna need it when I dump them & defraud them
Social Setting: Not too many witnesses
TV Watching: No crime shows, no news and no Dr. Phil!!
Personality Type: Lonely, Middle-Aged, Depressed, Intelligent but Trusting
Love Style: Will be with any guy who says "I love you"
Smoking: when she figures me out, her head will be
Drinking: oooo a really mindless drunk who gives me her ATM card might be fun
Living Situation: Someplace I can move in and you pay all the bills

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is This Internet Cheating?

Dear Dr. Bob,

I recently found that my fiance has been writing to several other women over the internet and I found the e-mails. They are all very suggestive and sexual and he talks to them about things that he and I have shared. He cannot understand why I am upset. I told him I have given him everything one woman can give a man, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, etc....and I don't know what else to do. I told him I didn't feel I was enough, and he SWEARS over and over again that I am enough woman for him, yet he has this need to write these woman and discuss all this. They have even sent him photos of themselves and he kept them until recently, so he says. He says he doesn't feel like it is cheating at all since there is no physical contact and this is all just e-mail bull. I consider it every-bit cheating, especially when he is telling a woman what he would do to her if he was with her.....which what is worse, is that it is all the same stuff he says to me when we are together physically. What are your thoughts?

Is this Internet Cheating?

Dear Reader,

If you think it's cheating, if you come close to thinking it's cheating, IT IS CHEATING. If you have a problem with his internet escapades, it is a problem - for you, for him and the relationship. You have every right to voice your concern, so, don't hold back.

Before we look at his escapades, I want you to "get this" so it sinks deeply into every cell of your womanhood: you are not defective! There is nothing wrong with you as a sexual being! There is nothing else for you to do - for him or to him! Actually, he sounds like a real lucky guy!

Please understand, the reality of life and intimacy is that sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's not, and mostly it's between. Would you settle for 10% hot, 10% not and 80% between? That's probably pretty close, especially as relationships grow and mature.

It sounds like he is fairly immature or is grabbed by an addiction. I don't think it's an addiction, since he appears not to hide his activities. There may be seeds for an addiction, but considering your age (I'm assuming 20's or so?) I would think his fantasies (played out on the 'net) rule and/or he's fairly clueless about the next step needed to develop a more mature relationship. (If you were in your late 30's, 40's or 50's I would see it differently.)

You can't compete with fantasies or addictions. Don't try. It won't work.

He is giving you a clue about his internet activities: they are meeting a "need." What kind of need is this? Does he need excitement, to feel in control, be wanted and wanted more, feel powerful, competent, adequate or are there other personal needs driving and living in these fantasies?

Personal needs are typically powerful and our "neediness" can guide our lives until we identify them and transform them. I have a program in my coaching resources that lists over 200 personal needs and step by step shows you how to get them met in constructive ways.

The good, open communication base in your relationship will enable you to talk about your personal needs. Pick apart his fantasies. What are the personal needs that weave through them? Are there patterns? What are they? Where do they fit with your personal needs? Are they different? Are there points of similarities?

Being able to talk at this level might take some time. It might feel strange and a little weird, but go for it. I think the two of you are ready. Eventually, as you explore your personal needs and mutually commit in very practical ways to meet some of those, your relationship will move to a deeper level of intimacy and the netcapades will fade into cyberspace.


Ed Hicks Gives Classic Lines to Another Target - Heard Any of these Yourself?

(from EOPC Archives, December 2005) - A WORTHWHILE read just for the CLASSIC & TYPICAL B.S. Hicks throws around in these emails!

Ed's first arrest for bigamy (he turned himself in to his attorney) was May 26, 2005. Check the DATES on these emails.... yet he just plows right along. The arrest didn't even slow him down.

-----Original Message-----
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

>From: "Charles Hicks"
>To: "Samantha"
>Subject: Just arrived home
>Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:44:28 -0400
>Hi Sam

I have been up to my ------- in alligators this week. I did receive your note but was trying to figure out what would be a good time to meet. No, I was not avoiding you. (I was dealing with my legal troubles, other women, you know all the ED HICKS usual stuff) That would be the last thing on my mind. I was given a task at work, which has all but consumed me. I know you had company and were busy with daughter and friends and would not mind if I lost myself in my work for a couple days. It seems we can meet at 6:00pm if that would be okay with you. I know I will be spending a long day at work on Monday and would not want to be late. That would be very rude for being late for a first meeting or any meeting.
I feel as you do that we have a lot in common and I doubt if conversation would be a problem. Let me know if the time I picked is okay with you. Can I say now that I will make every effort to get there on time. As I said earlier, I have an all-consuming task, which demands ultimate attention. (DO TELL ED!!!) If you could send me your phone number where I can contact you in case things get beyond my control I would feel better.
I hope your daughter is doing better. I know how children can affect a parent. (Which is why I barely give a crap about mine) Also, I hope you talked with your Ex about your possible proposal to sell on San Maarten? Make a decision, which benefits you and what you expect out of a vacation or living location.

So, you are off again. Do you have time to include someone in your life even as a friend? Maybe I will be interesting enough to be included in that circle. (Again, classic predator move - "just a friend" ..... any time for Poor Ole' Ed Hicks?..... jerk)
You have a pleasant evening. I do miss talking with you. What happened to the telephone talk first? First you told me I was moving too fast, now the meeting. I don't have a problem with it at all, just wondering what changed your mind. (Classic again - put the target on the defensive!)
>Bye for now.
>>From: "Samantha Harris"
>>To: h4280565@hotmail.com
>>Subject: RE: Wonderful to hear your daughter is out of the hospital
>>Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 22:26:58 +0000
I haven't heard from you about our getting together on the evening of the 20th. I wrote you earlier in the week and asked you to pick a time. So I'm assuming you don't want to meet me, which is fine I suppose. I thought we had so much in common and if a romantic relationship didn't work out we could at least be friends.
>>I'll be heading to the Bethany tomorrow with my friend and plan to return late Sunday.
>>I hope you're well and I wish you the best in your search for love and your future plans.

>>>From: "Charles Hicks"
>>>To: "Samantha"
>>>Subject: Wonderful to hear your daughter is out of the hospital
>>>Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:44:39 -0400
Sam, I was not angry at the line of questions. I was just wondering if we were to begin trying to be friends we should not act like we are lovers. If that happens it will be fine but if it doesn't we should be able to move on as friends. I do understand what you are saying about your past relationship. I know what hurt is but can we insulate ourselves from all possible hurt. Hurt that may or may not come to us in the future. I don't think so. There are no guarantees of finding anyone in this life. I am a man in love with the idea of loving someone and being loved in return. (PUKE PUKE PUKE) I know it is a large chore and I may never find it but it does not stop me from looking. (looking all the time, marrying & still looking, 4-5 women at a time and STILL LOOKING)
I hope you can now get some rest. I know this entire ordeal has been very stressful on you. (False compassion... Ed Hicks should write a book on Online Predation) Now with all the help your family is receiving from other family members, etc. you should be able to get back to work which would occupy your mind for a while. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It is very hot today. I look forward to fall and summer is not fully here yet. The high humidity adds to the misery of a day like today. I long for the island on a day like today. (sure, no more legal troubles!!)
I will close. I think I am being affected by the heat more than I thought. I cannot seem to formulate thoughts. We have had a lot going on at work today which adds stress to the day. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Have a great day. Get some rest and try to relax. Chat with you soon.

From: "Samantha Harris"
To: h4280565@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Hopefully a restful evening for you
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 01:25:50 +0000


I'm sorry if I upset you. As I told you before, since that horrible previous relationship that began online, I question. (Good for you "Samantha" - putting the defensive ball back in HIS court) I don't mean to box you in at all and insinuate anything. I'm very sorry. >>>>

Have you been shopping around for any sailboats? Do you plan on buying a new or previously owned one? New ones are so expensive and you'd probably be much better off buying a gently used one.

My daughter arrived home this evening from the hospital and her mother-in-law is helping out. My daughter is very sore because she had to have the large incision. The doctor was not able to do the small one that they're doing with so many of the patients today. I'm glad this ordeal is coming to a close and things will get back to normal soon. My daughter can't drive for six weeks though but fortunately her mother in law will be with her the entire time so I can continue to work.
I accomplished some work today and tomorrow I should be able to get back into my regular work-at-home routine.
I'll take your advice and ask my husband what he thinks about selling the condo in St. Maarten. He left last night on his way back to northern Virginia but he and his wife are having dinner with me Thursday night in Alexandria so I'll inquire then. (Ed Hicks was probably figuring out how much money he could suck from her with her selling her "condo.")
How was your work day? I'm exhausted from baby sitting for so many days in a row. I'm getting too old for this. Have you heard anything from your daughter?
Have a good night Ed.

From: "Charles Hicks"
To: "Samantha"
Subject: RE: Hopefully a restful evening for you
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 20:48:27 -0400
Sam, I think we are looking at the same ad or profile. At age 52 depending on when ones birth date is there can be less than 3 years. If I spend my true time until age 55 it would be 2.5 years. Are the dates that important? Does 6-mos make a difference? If we are just going out for coffee and we share common interests, would it make a difference even if I were 70 years old? (again, TYPICAL PREDATOR - justifying his lying to HIMSELF in that comment!) What I was saying is that if I get fed up I will just leave and retire early. I have a house to build and nothing is dependent on me remaining with the Fed's for the 2.5 years. (Ed Hicks, like all of them - tries to put the TARGET on the defensive while at the same time NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION. NO STRAIGHT ANSWER! Predators then hope you will think twice about direct questions in the future)Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I understand what you are saying about living in the Caribbean on a crowded island with tourist running all over the place. It would be like me living in Nassau. I would never consider that or other islands with cruise ships coming in and a bunch of tourist. Where Eleu is I can be at almost any island within a matter of a few hours. There is the Fast Ferry and also flights daily to almost anywhere one might want to go. I still have plans for a sailboat, which would put the icing on my
retirement cake. Than moving around the Caribbean would be a matter of packing up and sailing away. (Just like all of Ed Hicks' life - pack up and "sail" away - no closure, no reason, no divorce - just leave the people in ruin and run!)
As far as me advising you of what you should do about changing locations. I cannot do that. It would be best for you to consult with your Ex or someone familiar with the other islands in the Bahamas or other Caribbean locations. I still don't know how the tax or other monetary implications of living in a Dutch province are as compared to what they are in the Bahamas. The only advice I would give you is to research both and make as informed decision as you can. Visit several times to ensure you are making a decision you can live with.
I am flexible until I get a call from California. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Have a pleasant evening.

From: "Samantha Harris"
To: h4280565@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Hopefully a restful evening for you
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 23:36:29 +0000
Thank you for your response and answers to my questions. If you have not become a grandfather yet, would you like to meet next Monday evening? My friend has two cars and I can borrow one to drive to meet you.
I understand what you mean by wanting to keep yourself "liquid".That's a good business approach if you're planning to retire in a year or so as you say. I am still baffled, Ed, because your post on match.com says you are 52. But you say in the e-mail note you sent to me this evening that you can't retire from the Federal Government until you are fifty-five. That means you would have to work another three years even with the reducation in your federal employee retirement benefits but you say you'll only work another year? Did you make a typo on your ad? (Again, take note - "Samantha" just throws it right back at him. Good!)
I believe we could be friends especially since we both love the water and all it has to offer. Your island plans arouse a sense of delight and inner peace in me that's been lacking for such a long time. St. Maarten is very different from what you describe on Eleuthera. I've been considering selling the condo there and finding a quieter place myself. St. Maarten is very small, extremely expensive and becoming too overcrowded. I could sell the condo there and with the equity, I could buy two places elsewhere. What do you think and what would you advise Ed? (Get Ed to help you spend your money - on him)
I know you're elated about the birth of your first grandchild. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with all of you. Keep in touch about the "grand" event.
Have a good evening.

From: "Charles Hicks"
To: "Samantha"
Subject: RE: Hopefully a restful evening for you
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 17:42:44 -0400
Sam, I am glad you have such family support. It is wonderful to have them around when things are tough. It is also great that your Ex has come to help as well. You have a structure, which permits such helpful actions. (Unlike me - no structure and I could care less about being "helpful")
You asked quite a few questions which I thought we would have gotten to by now. I understand your concern since your last relationship went bad on you. I felt as though I was paying the price for someone else's actions. I backed off since it seemed you were guarding against to close a contact. I was not happy about it but I did understand. (Oh, isn't he CHIVALROUS.... they ALL do this.... GAG!) I felt you would be worth getting to know even if we just turned out to be friends. I don't have a problem with just being friends at this point. I just would not enjoy being scrutinized to the point of being bad until I or someone else proves I am not. More like being guilty until proven innocent. (Freudian Slip??) Okay, I am past that stage and am willing to move on if the effort on both our parts are genuine.
When I first told you I was not living alone you were confused about that. Let me address that issue so we can either move past it or let it hold us back. I am planning to retire sometime within the next year or so. I have a house to build on the island and paying premium dollar for a house or condo in Alexandria or any surrounding community would not be in my best interest. I have seen housing markets come to a screeching halt in the past. House sales slump to lows, which would keep me here and not allow me to sell and move on in my life. I cannot or will not allow my hopes & dreams to be smothered by market sales of homes. Remaining liquid is the way to control my own destiny. I don't know what to tell you other than that is my decision and it is best for me. My children are grown and are not in the equation now. (The only one in Ed Hicks' equation is ED HICKS) I don't' have to provide a home and stability as I had for over 20 years. My thoughts are now to do what I can to ensure a retirement which will allow me to travel and do what I makes sense to me and give me what I have worked for all my life (which is what exactly, Ed? freeloading off, ruining and bilking women?). I hope you understand and not put me into a box, which is associated with everyone else.
Your life with your Ex ended in an equitable sharing of assets and things you both accumulated together. I was married twice. My first, she and I are great friends. Things happened which had no bearing on love or caring. I raised two children from diapers to adulthood. She knows my character and who I am. Just as your Ex feels comfortable with you after a divorce. My second wife is Satan herself. I did not see this but have paid the price but at least have successfully removed the problem from my life (NOT!!! you evaded justice until now Ed!). Am I cautious, yes? Am I wrapped up in what went wrong and what a mistake I made in judgment, no (because Ed Hicks is a psychopath with no conscience). I am looking for a friend and if she turns out to be more than it should be a mutual arrangement. I don't want anything from anyone I just would like someone to spend time with and maybe share a life long dream of living in the islands. Being able to pursue the water sports I love and enjoy. This may not answer any of your questions but it might let you know I am not carrying baggage, which would prohibit love, friendship with another person. There is no one perfect for any one person. Without flexibility and a willingness to trust it is fruitless to search for someone to hopefully include in your life. Maybe it is too early for you. I don't know, but again I am willing to see if we can be friends.
Now for some other issues you are concerned about. I work for the Army. I have worked for DoD and the Navy during my Fed career. I have twenty-seven years with the Gov't and probably won't remain for 30 years. I can leave when I am fifty-five and that is what I plan to do. Trying to compute and live with a 2% reduction in retirement benefit will not be a deterrent for me leaving. Life is short. Most persons our age are leaving the work place because they understand that fact and realize that when you don't feel good about what you do it is time to move on. (I have reached burnout) Adding stress by remaining will take years off my life. (Ed Hicks already deducted about EIGHT YEARS from his REAL AGE) I am a very healthy individual at this stage of my life and I would like to enjoy what ever is remaining. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I live about two miles from Old Town off Route One. So I am close to where you would be staying. It would not matter to me if I lived as far away as Richmond, it would not be a problem getting there to have coffee with you. Face to face puts some things into perspective and allows each to view and chat a little with a person. This is innocent and without commitment. I would not be honest if I told you I expected more: I don't. I understand visual acceptance is part of any friendship or relationship. Let's continue with your schedule and see if we can obtain a level worthy of us being just friends. No expectations, just talk. When it is over you can retire to a neutral arena and assess whether you and I can be friends. I will do the same. If that first step turns out to be negative we just thank each other for their time and move on with our lives. I would always wish you the best and know you will find the right person for you. I know I will as well. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My weekend was uneventful but enjoyable. I like down time every so often to reflect on life, direction and remaining within myself. They are huge points, which drive us to our goals. I worked a little more on my purposed contribution to the island I plan to live the reminder of my life on. As you might know, most islands in the Bahamas are close to third world. Meaning there is high unemployment, facilities are in most local areas are substandard, etc. My plan is to make the islanders aware of their responsibility to the island they live on and love. (Ed Hicks making OTHER PEOPLE aware of RESPONSIBILITY? LOL!!) Clean beaches. Going to remote locations and actually cleaning them up and making all visitors aware it is their responsibility to pack out what they pack in. Not the case at this present time. I have developed a monthly plan, which is in conjunction with the many churches on the island to clean a beach a month. Have islanders take responsibility for informing those who enjoy the beach to help clean it. I have enlisted landowners; heavy equipment companies who will act as land fill maintenance or caretakers for covering the trash and refuge we collect as a result of our beach cleaning efforts. If I affect a few it will be doing something very near and dear to my heart. (You HAVE, Ed? Predators always try to paint themselves as altruists) Okay, now you have some idea of who and what I plan to do and close to a time frame of when.
I am not a churchgoer and have not been for a very long time. I believe but have not found the right place to practice a religion I can believe in. This is a long story and should be taken as a single issue. (The Almighty Church Of Ed Hicks hasn't been invented yet)
I am heading to California at some point within the next three weeks. It could be tomorrow or the complete term doctors have estimated for the time and date of birth. I will let you know if any of this effort changes plans we have made.
Take care,

From: "Samantha Harris"
To: h4280565@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Hopefully a restful evening for you
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 10:57:37 +0000
I will be making my weekly work trip to Washington this coming Thursday and will be staying for a few days with my friend in Alexandria. I was wondering if we could meet for coffee on Sunday evening or the next day on Monday. My friend and I are going to go out of town on Friday for a restful weekend and will return to Alexandria on Sunday after lunch.
You never told me exactly where you live while you are in Washington. You only said you share living quarters with a friend who travels extensively, at least 80% of the time, which was why you never got a place of your own. Where do you live? (ED HICKS, at this time, was LIVING IN HIS VAN!! and using a Kitty Litter box for a bathroom) My friend lives in Old Town but I don't know if that would be convenient for you even though you did tell me you were living in some part of Alexandria with your friend, but you never specified which part of Alexandria. Understand these are very important queries for me based on my previous relationship. You told me you were a federal employee but you never told me the specific agency or anything about it other than you were an analyst.
Tell me about your weekend. You know what mine has been like but of course I would not have had it any other way.
Also thank you very much for your sweet note you wrote very early Saturday morning. I see you are a late person. Are you an early riser too?
Have a nice Sunday Ed. Will you be attending church services too? (Yeah the First Church of Online Trolling for Innocent Victims at the nearest cybercafe)
What a guy...he said a prayer........note what he says about them going to visit their Mom and then wanting to go home.....MONSTER.

From: "Charles Hicks"
To: "Samantha"
Subject: Hopefully a restful evening for you
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 00:00:59 -0400
Hello Sam
I can just imagine how stressful all this is for all of you. I am not the praying kind but did say a prayer that your daughter would be okay. God probably listened to that prayer since it was from a strange voice. (See, even GOD listens to Ed Hicks!) I hope the infection clears so your daughter can go home. Most people who are hospitalized would get well sooner and feel better in familiar surroundings. don't know first hand what you are experiencing with your grandson wanting his parents. It does not seem that long ago when my kids were his age they would go visit their mother and after about an hour or so would want to go home. Hang in their grandma; things will get better as the days go on.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Are you doing okay? We often forget that loved ones need consideration in cases like this as well. Parents go through things harder than their children do when things seem out of hand. (Not like Ed would know) You make sure you take care of yourself as much as possible with all that is going on. I wish we were further along in our relationship I would make sure you had a chance to clear your mind, if only for a little while. I agree with you about moving to another plateau in our quest for friendship. I know I want it. We matched up so well when we first met. Those things are still there and should be improved upon. If we analyze things too much we sometimes miss what we were searching for. I don't think that is the case for us at this point as long as neither of us pull back and go into stall mode.
I had other work done on my van (your HOME?), which went okay. The hitch was the wrong one so they had to order another. Well, there goes another trip. That is okay since I am down here quite often anyway. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You are so sweet in your compliments. I will defer some of them to you. You are going through the wringer I wish you well. I look forward to us meeting if only for a cup of coffee. (So he can start to put you through the Ed Hicks Wringer. Predators love women who have been through tough times so they can swoop in and seem like answered prayers - at first!)
You take care of yourself. Write when you can.
>>From: "Samantha Harris"
>>To: h4280565@hotmail.com
>>Subject: RE: Just touching base to how things were going
>>Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 01:54:56 +0000
>>You're so sweet and so thoughtful. It's comforting at the end of a very trying and tiring day to know there's someone thinking of me. Thanks for being there, Ed. I'm keeping my grandson because my son-in-law stays at the hospital with my daughter. I love the little guy but you know how little ones can be especially when they miss their mommy and daddy.
You are so kind and considerate to your relatives, Ed. As I said once before you are a rare find. ("Samantha", you are so BAD!! We hear you laughing!!)
Did you get the hitch installed that you told me about yesterday?
You have a peaceful evening Ed and dream sweet dreams. I'm thinking of you and I think I really might like to meet you soon. What do you think about that? (sounds thrilling!)