Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dumped by Ed Hicks - Horrifying MUST READ!!


Here is the letter Ed Hicks left on the pillow for wife #6 - Julie - to find when he just up & left. No face to face. No paid bills. And NO DIVORCE! And by the way? He was already romancing wife to be #7 - Sandra. Told all these women he'd only been married once & divorced back in the 1980s.

What is notable & horrifying about this letter is how TYPICAL of PSYCHOPATHIC BEHAVIOR IT IS!! Note the:

The Twisting of Reality
The Guilt-Tripping
The ME-ME-ME stuff
Confabulation/ Word Salad
Seeming Honorable when He was Anything BUT!

Read on and please get your air sickness bag, a bumpy ride is ahead:


This is a very distressful day for me. I have been considering this for months. I don’t know what else to do. I am at wits end with no way out. I have tried to be patient and not be critical and all that stuff. It is not working and I am very depressed and have been for months.

Honey, we are not getting to where we need or should be in this relationship. (she run out of money, Ed?) I need evidently more than you are willing or know how to give. I don’t want a slave as you so amply put if some time ago. I need a woman that puts me first in her life. (While I treat her like #2) To view this home as just that and take care of it. Yes, you are so much better than you were when we first met. You have changed a lot, as have the kids and me as well. I thought somewhere you would recognize the need for you to be more active in what goes on here. It has gotten worse instead of better. You have dropped out here and seem to be very happy spending most of the time in the room reading or doing crossword puzzles. Well, we all need more. It is hard for me to believe this makes you happy. You will not talk to me about things that concern you so I have not a clue. I am not a mind reader and have reached my end with trying to get you to understand that married people talk about almost everything. You are very closed mouthed about what goes on here. (CLOSED MOUTHED? Why ED!!! This is Projection at its Pinnacle!!) When we first got together I told you that talking is the key to making a marriage successful or not. Well, we are not there. You seem to like being in your own world and coming out when you want to and that is not to often. (so did you Ed according to all the other wives and numerous girlfriends!)

I have been paying bills that are months behind. If we had a problem how come you did not come and tell me. We could have set up something to take care of it. Instead I find out when I open all the bills. (The bills YOU INCURRED Ed? While this poor woman was trying to keep her head above water?) Things like this require serious conversation between two people. We have no communications at all about anything. I have to even ask you how your folks are doing. Things are not good and they are not going to get better unless we take some serious action. (what action? - you just WALKED OUT and She couldn't find you until you bellied up on wife #7) You are seriously overweight and are continuing to put more on. That cannot make you happy; I know I am not. I cannot sit here and watch you kill yourself. (just say it Ed - You watch so much porn that chicks with a little meat on them turn you off because you objectify women) You are headed in the same direction as your Mother. I don’t mean that in a bad way but in a way that I have voiced in the past about health concerns.

You are off work more than any person I know for various reasons. You never feel good; there is always something wrong with you. I am not saying those illnesses are not real. I know they must be. What I am saying is that you are causing most of it yourself. Being as overweight as you are cannot be helping matters any. (Guilt tripping!! Probably depression from being married to a psychopath who will NEVER be happy, who is romancing other women behind her back, going through her money and looks at all women like they are a blow up doll with a pulse & checkbook)

Something is really happening to you and that too goes without conversation. I am not sure where this non-verbal practice comes from but I cannot take it any more. (What happened to her is YOU!!! How DARE you Blame-Shift!! What's up Ed? The computer girls getting more interesting to you?)

First let me tell you that I love you so much and it hurts terribly to be in this position. I have to take drastic measures in an effort to try and save our marriage. It won’t be easy and I have given this months of thought and can see no other way to proceed with trying to salvage love and the possibility of getting us put on the right track and back together in the future for a life long existence together. I do want that but not under present circumstances.

There are also issues with the kids. We went through you hollowing/ cursing and getting extremely mad at them for things that kids normally do. We have been and still are in a phase where you tell them you don’t care what I say you will do what you want. (Did you get this out of book Ed? Maybe she should ask the son you BEAT & ABANDONED about your parenting?) Or, telling them that you don’t care what I say they must do what you say. You seem to take many opportunities to put real pressure on them with comments that go against what I have taught in this house. There should have never been anything like that come out of your mouth. Even if you thought it, saying things like that in front of and to them has done nothing but strain their relationship with you. Do you forget that I raised them and when you came to us I was the only authority they had ever had. (NOT!) Why were they such good kids? I think I can take credit for that. Even their Mother does not or to my knowledge has never said things like that to them. She has always supported me even at times when she did not necessarily agree with me. She even says now that there were times when she thought I was wrong in my approach to raising children but now she sees what I was trying to impart to them. Even now she will call me and ask for advice in how to deal with them or what I would do in a particular situation. (she calls asking you for money or child support you owe her I bet) You never once came to me in that manner. I wish you had, it would have made things a lot better here. By the time you and I talked it was you being angry because I did not see your point of view. That is not to say you were wrong but that was not the right approach for these kids.

When we moved here I left the house to you. Look at it; we still don’t have curtains at the kid’s windows. The living room carpet was filthy until I got some carpet shampoo and cleaned it myself. (well it takes 2 Ed!) No, this is not asking you to be a slave but a wife and a mother. I should not have to travel most of the week and come home to wash clothes; clean floors worry about bills that aren’t being paid. It is too much for me to take. I have a course to study for that as I told you would take an enormous amount of time to get through. (besides the online predator needs time to keep up his girlfriends & online ads) That was not something I wanted but what was dumped on me. Still I see no change in action from you. All these things are fine if you want to deal with them and it only affected you, but all of this affects the kids and me. They are learning what not to do or how to act when they get married. ### is willing to do more for me than you are. She knows that with what I have taught her about life, marriage, duties and partnerships that this is not what it should be. That you should be doing more for me. As she said, they can take care of themselves but it would be nice to know that you were taking care of me better. My weekends are spent washing, ironing, yard work, gardening, and anything other than what I should be doing. (should or want to be doing? screwing with the bodies & heads of other women) This house was supposed to be yours and you have done nothing with it. You said when we were in Monterey that you felt the house was not yours. Well, that was true since you moved in with us and we had almost everything required. Since we have been here, what is the reason for not feeling like the house is yours. You opted out and so things stand still unless I do something. Not a way a partnership should be. (partnership? nah Dictatorship!)

Let me preface the remarks about washing, housework, etc. You know that I do this continually anyway. So I don’t ever want you thinking that slave thing again. That train of thought is totally missing the point. I know you will do that so let’s not go there. I have always done chores inside the house. (you are really obsessed with that slave thing Ed; did she hit a nerve there? because that's what you wanted right?)

I could go on and I am quite sure you have issues with me. Well, that is a given. I am different and I know that. The one thing that you can take from this is that the kids and I love you very much but we need a break (besides I have another patsy on the hook) and a change in you. If you get angry as you usually do and dig in your heels, we stand no chance.

My solution to the problem is this. (here we go!)

1. Give your job here two weeks notice and tell them that you are going back to Utah to assist with your parents. They know the situation there. If they ask how long, just tell them it could be several months. Also, it gives you time to ensure you have some money when you get there.

2. Go to Utah and help your sisters with your folks. See what it is like to give of yourself 100% to something you want. (not something you would know anything about, Ed) Also, they could use a break. They are handling both your parents in times that would be trying for anyone. While in Utah, search your heart for answers to some of the questions I have asked and that you know are inside you. Make some decisions on how you act or react to situations. You and I can talk long distance and try to work this out or if you like we cannot have any contact at all. You are the one that has to figure out what you want in life and what you are willing to give to get it.

3. Drive your car back there so you have your own transportation. I will drive back there with you if you like. I don’t want to worry about how you are doing out on the road alone. I can fly back. (he'll be LONG GONE by the time you get back!)

I love you Julie and this is not a way to get rid of you but the only way I know to try and salvage our relationship and the love we have left. I do love you so much and it hurts to see us like this. I would give the world to have you see my point of view or to have us agree on a compromise that is right for this family but to date it has not happened. You have ideas and thoughts that do not fit into what I have built this house on. (lies, deception, predatory behaviors and the gospel according to Ed) You know I would never tell or do anything to hurt you. (WTF!!! WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS NOTE?) I have more experience with life than you and I have been where you are now. I thought I could help you with things in your life but you don’t want help. I can understand that.

Julie, I do want you back but with a different frame of mind. I know you love me but it seems you love yourself and your way more. There is a conflict there. (yes and it has be all about ME ME ME ME!!)

I don’t know where I am going or what I will do this evening. (LOL!! That's funny Ed always has someone to pick up his check or bang him!) I just want to ride or go or do something that takes my mind off this situation. No, I am not out drinking. Please don’t get the kids in the middle of this. Don’t slam doors or act anything but like an adult. (puke puke puke)

THE KIDS DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS AND IF WE DO IT I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING TO UTAH TO HELP WITH THEIR GRANDPARENTS. (oh god don't let MY kids know I am bottom feeding scum who just ripped off one of their step-mothers!!.... AGAIN)

That is all I want them to know. So if you go OFF over this note you are going to get them all upset. I have had enough of that. Don’t get mad and leave in a huff as well. If you don’t want to wait or you have other ideas, please wait until they are sleep and I am home to act. PLEASE THINK OF SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES YOUSELF THIS TIME. (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!)
PLEASE. (please please please.... it starts with P just like PSYCHOPATH!!)

I love you Julie Hicks and I do want us to work this out if that is what you want to do. (just like I loved those before during after and .....oh well you know.... I am just one man!)

Love Always, You husband (now let's open a can of whoop ass on him!)



BYDAND said...

The details about Ed Hicks are very similar to the stories used by Dennis McIndless of Tillsonburg, Ontario. Do they` belong to an Association or Club that supplies the scripts for them.

I tried notifying the RCMP, Microsoft Messenger & Hotmail about McIndless but they didn't want to know.

Pedophiles are a danger to the children. BUT these predators are a danger to the sick, breaved, lonely vulnerable people that end up having their lives destroyed.

Fighter said...

Please see the EXPOSE THEM links on the right.

The police don't consider these guys a high priority but we do. TELL TELL TELL!!! Post him on every website you can before he harms someone else.

Read LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR for their "handbook" (on this site)

Anonymous said...

I just found out about Dennis McIndless.. Hes My UNCLE!!!! (Dads Brother)

Very disturbing.