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Lies from a Bigamist (and Online Predator)

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(from EOPC, December 2005)

Bigamists are consummate liars, and my ex bigamist is no exception. Below is one of the first email notes he sent me, three days after initial contact of meeting the Internet predator on an online dating site. Keep in mind when he wrote this to me, he was definitely married to Wife #6 and she was living with him in Chesapeake, Virginia...three hours from my house in the Metro Washington, DC area. Take a word from the much wiser now...if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is false!


Ed Hicks does not have a degree from Cal Poly and never received a full scholarship anywhere!
Ed Hicks was not born in 1952; he was born in 1944!
Ed Hicks was married at least six times before he met me, not one!
Ed Hicks never owned a Porsche!
Ed Hicks never gave his ex wife a house...he never owned a house to give her!
Ed Hicks' home in Chesapeake, VA was much larger than their apartment in Marina, CA, according to Wife #6! By the way, he told me he owned his house there. No, he rented the house and still has judgments on record in Chesapeake, VA for not paying rent.

Enjoy the total mind-numbing BS below...consummate lying from Ed Hicks, A Legend in His Own Mind!
Whatcha Doin'
From: Ed Hicks
Date: April 22, 2001 - 2:30pm

Hi Sandra

Thanks for your interest in telling me about yourself. I appreciate it very much. So, you are a true Virginian. I am not sure about this state. I must say that I have relatives here and have as a kid visited here. Relatives in Emporia and Richmond and surrounding area. I am originally from New Jersey. Left there when I was 17 to embark on a college degree (with the aide of a full scholarship) at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Calif. I could have gone to school in my local area as well but decided that education was important and I needed to be far away from home to succeed. (and far away from people who KNEW me and KNEW I was full of B.S.) It worked. A lot of my friends did not finish and are still in my hometown (Burlington) doing virtually nothing. At least not living up to capabilities. (Me? I am a full blown psychopath. Go ME!)

See, I am not totally foreign to Virginia. The heat and humidity are going to kill me. In Calif. We virtually don't have a humidity problem. Warm and dry most of the year. Oh well, not there now and must make the best of it. Sounds like you can introduce me to a lot in your area. I will hold you to it on a later date.

This area is filled with history. Williamsburg, Richmond and most areas here are a Historian?s dream. I like history but unfortunately have forgotten so much of it. (Because I spend so much time making UP my own history as the person I am targetting requires me to) I wanted to teach history when I was in my teachers mode. Oh well, in another life, maybe. (How many lives is it up to now, Ed? Just in this body? 10? 12?)

Funny you like racing. You are into oval track racing like most folks here. I am a product of Calif. And was into street rods and ¼ mile tracks. Don Pordome, Big Daddy Gartlets, etc. were my idles. Great you are into cars. I am into family cars for another couple years than it is back to the more sporty models. My graduation car (as my kids fondly refer to it as) is a Porsche. I owned one until my daughter was born. Than I soon figured out that baby car seats did not fit to well in it. (And of course I abandoned all my kids as soon as it didn't fit my predatory lifestyle)

Yes, I used to rebuild engines, transmissions, etc. Loved every minute of it. Okay, we both like cars. (PUT ANOTHER MARK ON THE WALL FOR US)

Yes, my children live with me. I raised them on my own since they were both in diapers. My ex-wife developed a drug problem. If you know anything about addictions, you know what I went through trying to hold that relationship together. (of course I treated her like such crap I was part of the reason for the drug problem. OOP!!!) Well, as strong as I was I could not let her addiction affect our children. We finally split for that reason. I had no fight for the children. She even says today that I was the better parent and the kids belong with me. She and I get along very well now. The drugs and alcohol could not be overcome and eventually won out. I took the kids and left. Gave her the house and everything in it. Two suit cases with the kids clothes, that was it. Okay, enough of that for now. Will answer any questions you might have at a later date. (You ran with no thought for anyone but yourself. Are your pants on fire yet?)

I have to spend some time with the kids. My daughter just received her license today and she is very excited. I need to interact as I usually do with them in the evening. I will write again later. I still have not gotten a chance to dig out my scanner. Hopefully you will forgive me for taking so long. I still have boxes from our move that I have not opened yet. This house is smaller than the one I had in Calif. Things just don't quite fit right. You know when you purchase furniture for one house it seldom fits in another. Oh well, I still need to find a comfort zone here.

I am a Pisces. Feb 23rd, 1952. (excuse me, your Math is lacking, Ed) Just thought I would get that in since you talked about your sign.

Have I answered most of our questions? (OUR? OUR? is that one of the multiple voices in your head in that OUR? You answered nothing but what an embellisher!) I hope so. I also added some facts about my life as well. Talk about boring. If it gets to boring, let me know and I will not volunteer the STUFF. Smile.

Until we talk again. Let's see where we are and that is the next step. (Bring your checkbook & credit cards - then I will decide)

Be good.


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