Friday, February 16, 2007

OOPS!!! ED!!! Your veneer is starting to CRACK

To: *Carol*
From: Hicks, Charles E Mr
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 11:43 AM
Subject: I have sent mail to you several times

I have sent mail to you. I called an left a message on your work phone. (Not sure when that was. It was during Xmas and we corresponded since than. I am not sure what is happening with mail. Twice I got out of office replies and can understand that. Other times I have just not gotten a response. (typical predator lies - btw, how can call your girlfriend from your MARITAL HOME?)

This email you sent to me had no way of replying. Not sure what that is or about that is why I am using a new message. (PROJECTION!)

Sorry to hear about your sister. No cancer is a good thing though. How is she doing in general with the medical things going on? Tumors can be awful even when found in time. I am glad nothing more has come of it than what she is presently experiencing. I know that is bad enough. Hopefully she can fully recover from the surgery and her hearing comes back to normal. Darn, we are getting to the age when all kinds of things happen both mental and physically.

One of the notes I sent to you was about a friend of mine from my home town who died. (NOTE: NO FRIEND OF ED'S DIED!! His wife #7, Sandra's, FATHER was dying of cancer at the time!!) He and I are the same age. While there I as told of many friends who have died of many different diseases. Cancer and heart trouble being among the tops. I don't fear death and really am still in pretty good shape physically. I often wonder about the things we have no idea they are going on inside us. Cancer has no mercy on anyone. We can be a picture of health on the outside and have things that can kill us in short periods of time. No of us want to leave this earth. I especially don't want to leave until at least my kids are out and doing okay. At least that would give me some sort of peace of mind in knowing they will be okay.

Yes, our situation stresses me out as well. (BUSTED ED?) I am not sure what the answers are. What happens to me is of very little concern. (Don't make us all laugh) What happens to you and how you feel is what bothers me. I told you once before to take care of yourself. Loving someone is wanting the best for them. I want the best for you and this situation seems to be doing the opposite for you. I won't tell you what to do but will stand by any decision you make in regards to us. (OMG Ed, this is beyond TWISTED! You make us SICK!)

Tell your sister I said hello and to get well soon. (Ain't he just Mr. Sensitive?)

Honey, you do what you have to. (Because I sure as heck do whatever I feel like with whoever I feel like whenever I feel like.) Love you always.

Ed Hicks
Information Management Officer, Business Processes
Standards & Technology Division, APD

ED HICKS was married 8 MONTHS already to wife #7, Sandra! Hicks had already written a sappy 'goodbye' letter to *Carol* as well (already posted on this site)

From: *Carol*
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 4:09 PM
To: Ed.Hicks@hqda.army.mil
Subject: RE: I have sent mail to you several times


Is it true that you are married? I think if I hear this from you I can move on. It sounds like that's what you want me to do anyway.

There are two things that bother me.

(1) Why haven't you send my daughter something back from the ticket she purchase for the Hawaii for us. (you will never see DIME ONE from Mr. Hicks!)

(2) Why am I hearing that you are married. I would not be upset if you are. I want you to be happy. From the sound of it you would want me to happy as well if I were married.

I think we both know that something's aren't meant to me.

We need to get real with each other. I would never hurt you Ed.

I Love you too much.

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