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More Seduction from the Predator of the Month

(from December, 2005 - we are re-running this story because Hicks is OUT OF JAIL and may be doing the same thing. BTW, Hicks was officially fired from his job shortly before his release)

Ed Hicks was almost married to wife #7 at this time, had already moved his kids in with wife #7, spending weekends with wife #7...playing house with soon-to-be wife #7 Sandra....
but was still married to Julie (wife #6)
...had *Lori*, *Lynn*, AND *Carol*... 3 GIRLFRIENDS HE MET ONLINE!! PLAYED 4-5 Women at the same time.

Makes you wonder how many times he'd done it before?? And to how many women we will NEVER know about!


From: *Lynn*
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2002 8:44 AM
To: ed.hicks@dau.mil
Cc: Home
Subject: RE: I have something for you........

Hi Sweetness:

I was just starting my “good morning” email to you when yours arrived----so I of course read that first!

Okay, now I am confused…..how will you retrieve mail from your old address? You know, Voodoo dolls like to know where they are going before they leave the house!! (You are gonna NEED more than a voodoo doll for this idiot)

Sounds like you have important plans for the weekend……Good Deal. Be safe and be careful. And by the way, why doesn’t Eddie just tell folks at school that he is a “freshman”…..no further explanation needed…..let them assume his age!

So. You think we have made it through the storm? That statement sounds good to me. It makes me feel like we need to have some long conversations and see what’s coming at daybreak…… (STORM? HUH? Was she asking too many questions for ole' lover boy?)

I have some interviews this morning and it sounds like you are very busy with end of year fiscal stuff……I forgot the Feds end September 30.

I will try to call you before noon. Just to hear you. If I miss you……well…..you know that I love you. (*Lynn*, get a clue - if you can't reach him there is someone else - more like MULTIPLE SOMEONE ELSES!!)

All of my love to you, *Lynn*

From: ed.hicks@dau.mil [mailto:ed.hicks@dau.mil]
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2002 8:17 AM
To: *Lynn*
Subject: RE: I have something for you........

Honey, I have not changed addresses so send it to the old one. I don't feel exactly good about getting mail in Emporia. They just leave packages on the porch - around the porch or in the yard. I was waiting to change the address to a more permanent one at some point.

What are you sending, a Vodoo Doll. Smile.

Hope you day is going well. I just arrived in the office a couple minutes ago. I will be leaving about noon. Eddie and I are going to play a round of golf this afternoon - be God willing and the creek don't rise. He has a birthday next Wed. and this is one of the requests he wanted to do. See, even the kids are feeling the affects of all the termoil.

You are very sweet to send me anything............ Hopefully one day we can look back at this and smile. We made it - That was an awful phase we went through. You know, things like that. (Ed will repeat this sentiment with Sandra, wife #7, below.... same sh*t, different toilet!)

Hey, I had better get moving on some end of Fiscal Year things that must be completed today. Actually, all but one I have had complete for several days but I am waiting until I get ready to leave today to submit. That way I won't have to deal with questions until Monday.............. I guess I have learned something in all these years with the Gov't. (WHAT A PRICELESS STATEMENT!! DID THE GOV'T TEACH YOU HOW TO LIE MORE EFFECTIVELY??)

Take care, love you.

From: *Lynn*
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 7:47 PM
To: Ed Hicks
Subject: I have something for you........

Hi Sweetness!

I have something I want to send to you......

May I have a mailing address? (See above on how he gets out of giving her his address where he lives with WIFE TO BE #7!! Like most predators he makes a non-issue out of it, a no-big-deal thing out of it)

Hope you slept well.....and awakened refreshed!

I love you. (You poor woman....)



From: Hicks, Ed
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 10:50 AM
To: 'Sandra Wife to Be #7
Subject: RE: Transferred Funds, etc.

Honey, (I am about to start a hit meter for all the times he calls a woman HONEY!) we cannot rationalize for him. He has a voice and chooses not to use it. Or better yet, he doesn't know what he wants or how to get there. He knows he doesn't want to be told what to do....... In his limited wisdom he doesn't realize that for the remainder of his life he will be told what to do and when to do it.......... When that brick falls on him let's hope he conforms.......... (hey Ed, can you take your own sage wisdom?)

Love you,


From: Hicks, Ed
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 12:52 PM
To: *Lori* another target
Subject: RE: Still busy?

Well, we are at the end of the lawn growing season but when the dirt dries some we should put the seeds down anyway. Some will come up even in winter. Need something on that patch of mud. Smile.

Honey, we have talked about how we both feel about being with each other. The conflicting feeling, etc. I think has been sufficiently talked about. Lets just try to put those things in practice.............. (what's up? she getting wise to you Ed??)

You are finished already. You should be here helping me. I am buried.........

Someone at the office door. I need to get out and stretch............ (Yeah right, how about more emails from fiance and other girlfriends to answer? TYPICAL ONLINE PREDATOR with their 'GTG' excuses)

Later, Ed

From: *Lori* another hapless Victim
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 12:13 PM
To: 'ed.hicks@dau.mil'
Subject: Still busy?

How are you doing today? I think I'm all caught up from not being here yesterday--and since it was that easy I should have taken another day off.

It was so good to see you again yesterday and to be able to spend some time with you. Speaking of spending time together. . .I was writing to you yesterday when you called and was trying to explain my thoughts about asking you to spend time with me. (This is going to get confusing.) I don't know if I got my piont across or if I even completed my thought in the message you received but the short-hand version goes something like this: The default is that I always want you around so I'm not going to ask you to come by unless it's something special. I also assume that you want to be with me so when you're not it's because your presence is needed elsewhere--and that's a judgment call you'll have to make. I think I'm probably beating a dead horse here but I wasn't sure I got this out yesterday. (Ed, tell her you are with one of the other girlfriends or your fiance. Come on Ed - make her just take a number!)

Well, it looked pretty nice out a few minutes ago but now it's starting to cloud over. I'm never going to get the lawn in this year. . .

Love you, *Lori*

SAME DAY -- YET ANOTHER of the THREE GIRLFRIENDS. Ed's email must have been on fire! Does he ever work??

From: Hicks, Ed
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 7:09 AM
To: *Lynn* yet another target
Subject: RE: WV Wedding

Now that is great. I was in meeting all day yesterday. We are having Inspector General meetings for the next week and also accreditation meetings for the University. What a week coming up.

I am slated to go to Huntsville and than to Rock Island, IL. for the next week. I am filling in on areas that don't have the expertise and knowledge to deal with Inspector General folks and accreditation questions and answers......... Nice to feel needed but I could have done without it.......

How are you doing? I do miss you and wish whomever was tracking our email would just give it up........ I have not heard of any since the last one. I have not used my yahoo mail and it rejects mail since the box is full...... Maybe they will give it up. I think they realize that interfering with Gov't mail puts the Feds on them. (how about telling her your fiance and other 2 girlfriends are into your email trying to figure out the red flags?)

Hope your day is going well. I am out of here tomorrow evening on my sojourn....... Want to join me ? Smile.

Love and miss you, Ed

And here he is chatting with girlfriend Number #3 - Ed, you missed your calling - should have been an AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER

From: Hicks, Ed
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 7:58 AM (note dates)
To: *Carol* (girlfriend #3)
Subject: How is your day going ?

Hello, I am getting ready to go to DC. From there I am heading to Huntsville, AL. I will be back next week probably on Wed.

You should not have a glass of wine by yourself. It conjures up memories. I know, I do the same thing at times........... At least the memories are great ! ! !

How is your day going? Hope you are doing well and NPS is not getting on your nerves.......... It will be interesting to see the changes there since I left. I know after listening to you they have made many. Well, I guess things have to change. Not all the time for the better but some are.

Honey, you take care. I am heading out of here at 11:00AM driving to DC. It is raining so the drive will be longer than normal.

Love you,

From: *Carol* being played by the Master Player
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 9:44 PM
To: Charles Edward Hicks
Subject: Hi Honey

Honey (ACK!! more HONEY!!!)
I'm sitting here thinking about you after having a glass of wine. Waiting to **** you soon.

Miss you
Love *Carol*

Ed was 'prepping' all of the girlfriends because his fiance, wife #7 to be was taking him on a cruise for HER birthday… Check out the verbal manipulation, lies, he's SOOOO busy in this email; used here to illustrate what he told other women. Predators always have a ready 'excuse' when there's more than one victim. Work, family, tired, church..... you name it.

From: Hicks, Ed
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 9:22 AM
To: *Lynn* another victim
Subject: Good Morning..............

Hi Hon
I am still here for a few minutes longer. I plan to leave here at about 10:00AM. I need to get by and see my aunt and uncle, get some other clothes and than head to DC. Time for meetings, see the kids and than the airport.

Life is supposed to slow down when you hit the age of 50. What is going on............ Smile. (Slow down? YOU Ed? LOL!!! and btw, wasn't 50 about 10 years before this for you?)

I hope your day is going well. It is still raining here which will make the driving I have to do more difficult............

You are in my heart and my thoughts. (as is every other woman I can target)

Ed Hicks

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