Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 5 Technologies used to Cyberbully

Cyberbullying is a growing problem in the United States and throughout the world. The act of Cyberbullying occurs when individuals use the Internet to harass or embarrass other people.

But what are the tools of cyberbullies that allow them to hold such sway over their peers? The following is a list of five technologies currently employed by cyberbullies to intimidate other kids.
1. MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites - Currently the leading medium for cyberbullying incidents around the United States, social networking sites have become the instrument of choice for those kids and teens who look to humiliate other young people. These sites provide a means for individuals to post embarrassing photos, conduct mean-spirited online polls and other forms of cyberbullying. Another growing concern in this area is the theft of user IDs and passwords. When one individual steals another’s login information, they can go into their account and make statements in that person’s name. The results can be socially devastating to a teenager or adolescent.

2. Instant messaging - Instant messaging is a staple of major Internet companies such as AOL, Yahoo, Google (through its Gmail service) and MSN. Unfortunately, it is also used as a means of harassment. Many have adopted fake screen names and then used these account to “ping” their enemies with profanity and threats of violence.

3. Email – Email is a relatively anonymous act, especially if an individual goes by a screen name that bears no resemblance to their actual name. Email is used to send threatening letters and images, and can be the delivery device for rumors and falsehoods about an individual. Although many have moved on to social network sites as a means for their cyberbullying, email remains an “old school” way of performing this hateful act.

4. PhotoShop – Surprisingly, the world’s most popular photo editing software is also a device used in many cyberbullying cases. In most cases, one individual will take a photo of another person and alter it so that the victim appears to be in a compromising position, or doing something they should not be doing. Digital camera and camera phones in general have been a problem in Cyberbullying cases – as they give individuals the power to take hidden or unwanted photos of another person, and then spread them instantly across the Internet.

5. Blogs – Many have gone so far as to create entire blogs focusing on their rivals or enemies. These blogs invite user participation via comment posts and create a permanent entity that intimidates the individual in question. Blogs are easy to set up and can be created anonymously, which only serves to make the problem that much worse. With little accountability, the bully is free to let loose a stream of destructive and hurtful language.



Friday, August 26, 2011

Man Violates Court Order & CyberHarasses his Ex

By Andrew Neff

(Maine, U.S.A. ) A Utica, N.Y., man was sentenced to a 41-month prison term in U.S. District Court on Friday for interstate violation of a protection order issued to his ex-wife and her family.

U.S. District Judge John A. Woodcock imposed on Jason P. Fiume, 28, the sentence recommended as part of a plea agreement by Assistant U.S. Attorney James McCarthy, who emphasized an “overwhelming need to dissuade Mr. Fiume from the kind of repeated violations” of protection orders that resulted in a two-count indictment for cyberstalking and interstate violation of a protection order.

Defense and prosecution agreed to a plea deal with a recommendation of a prison term ranging between 33 months to 41.

Woodcock — while sympathetic to defense attorney Virginia Villa’s documentation of Fiume’s childhood, which included physical abuse, the absence of a father and six years in foster care — clearly was concerned about the possibility of Fiume endangering his ex-wife and three children.

Fiume’s attempts to pay child support and receive psychological therapy while incarcerated also failed to keep Woodcock from going with the higher prison term.

“A 183-day imprisonment failed to keep him from continuing to contact [her] and it’s very apparent to me watching [her] speak that she’s terrified of you,” Woodcock told a dispassionate Fiume, who showed no emotion during sentencing or when his ex-wife began shaking and sobbing while telling Woodcock how scared she was of her ex-husband. “I think it was real and she is worried you will hurt or even kill her.”

Fiume, who had served as a U.S. Marine lance corporal, assaulted his wife on Dec. 22, 2009, and was arrested and charged. He pleaded guilty and served a six-month sentence. On June 22, 2010, the sentencing judge in New York issued a protection order that he stay away from his wife and not contact her at all. The next day, Fiume’s ex-wife began receiving constant calls from him. He was arrested again July 27, 2010.

Fiume violated a protection order when he followed his then-wife from New York to her parents’ home in Kennebec County while also sending her a series of threatening text messages and social networking site comments.

Fiume acknowledged his violation while reading a personally written statement to the judge, saying he drove to Maine to leave $300 in child support and pledging to be a father and be there for his children.

“I chose to deal with [her] mental abuse and lashed out rather than walked away,” he said.

The mother of Fiume’s ex-wife then asked for permission to address Woodcock, saying Fiume had no legal rights to his children because of court action and disputing the idea that Fiume had learned his lesson.

“My concern is in cases such as this, the courts are not a good place to litigate personal conflicts,” said Villa. “When no account is taken of the defendant’s efforts at rehabilitation, I think that’s counter to encouraging such efforts because they’re not given any credence or validity.”

Before both legal parties reached a plea deal, Fiume faced a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

Woodcock imposed no fine on Fiume because he could see no obvious means for him to pay a substantial amount, but Fiume did receive an automatic $100 legally mandated fine as part of sentencing.

“I’m going to give [the maximum 41 months in the plea deal’s 33- to 41-month recommendation range] because I think you need that time to be free of each other,” Woodcock added. “I hope you realize you can live your life without her. In freeing [her], you will also free yourself.”

original article here

READERS: is it just us or are there are lot of these sorts of harassment via internet cases popping up frequently as of late?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Internet Harasser Lured into Harassing Police

by John Timmer

(CANADA) A strange case of online harassment, complete with the usual police who would do nothing, may finally be coming to a close. A Montreal citizen who went by the online handle of Dave Mabus has been targeting the atheist and skeptic communities with threats and harassment for years. But Mabus' ability to target his threat was pretty limited (he often went after scientific journalists, including me), and that proved to be his downfall. Some clever Twitter users managed to redirect his rage-filled missives, first to a journalist in his home town of Montreal, and ultimately to the Montreal police department.

The person who goes by the name of Dave Mabus has apparently been at this for a while, as noted atheist PZ Myers claims to have been getting material from him for nearly two decades. Apparently inspired by fervent beliefs in both religion and the prophecies of Nostradamus, Mabus was incensed by the mere existence of atheists and skeptics who raised questions about them, such as Richard Dawkins, James Randi, and Michael Shermer. Starting with e-mail and newsgroups, Mabus sent off angry and vulgar rants to an ever-widening circle of targets. He also moved with the times, adding additional media for his anger: Web discussion boards, various blogs he opened and, eventually, Twitter.

Whatever else this behavior said about his mental state, Mabus did demonstrate impressive patience. As soon as one e-mail service or blog host closed off an account due to complaints of harassment, another would be opened. Evidence from various IP address traces showed he often connected via public computers or open WiFi hotspots scattered around Montreal.

Over time, he broadened his target list to the point of carelessness. "I don't think I ever said anything that directly set him off, in that I am not part of the atheist/skeptic community, which seemed to be his main targets," science writer Maryn McKenna told Ars. "I assume I was just collateral damage for being on the same RT strings as others he was more interested in."

I had largely the same experience, as did writer Carl Zimmer, who shared an archive of some of the e-mails he's received from Mabus over the years.

Many of these were simply vulgar rants against anyone who promoted atheism or questioned Nostradamus. But there are a number that clearly imply a threat: "Kicking in the heads of atheists one at a time...," "now we are going to bury you...," "we're this far from nuking all of you...." But many of the recipients also reported obvious threats to themselves and their families. More worrying still, the Atheist Alliance International held its convention in Montreal in 2010, a move that sparked this response from Mabus, found in one of Zimmer's e-mails: "NEW GAME WITH YOU LITTLE F*CKERS - SPEAK N DIE." And then, reportedly, Mabus' real-life counterpart did show up at the meeting.

Many others have suggested Mabus' imagery grew increasingly unnerving. "Whether he would ever get violent, I don't know," Zimmer said. "But he was a disturbing figure in many people's lives."

Behind the pseudonym
Despite his frequent use of anonymous services and public access points, Mabus apparently wasn't all that careful about concealing his identity, which is how people could tell that he had had shown up to the convention. Several of the e-mails he sent included a name in the return address: Dennis Markuze. IP addresses led to Montreal, and checks of the Montreal phone directory revealed there were only a few numbers listed with that last name. With his targets getting increasingly worried about the threats they were receiving, people started filing complaints with various law enforcement agencies, including the Montreal Police.

And, as far as anyone could tell, the complaints went nowhere. The local authorities weren't interested in acting, and most of Mabus' targets didn't even live in Canada. That eventually changed, in part due to Mabus' lack of discretion when it came to choosing his targets. One of Zimmer's tweets apparently caught the attention of William Raillant-Clark, who handles press for the University of Montreal. Calling the inaction "unacceptable," Ralliant-Clark began investigating the story and placed his results on Tumblr; he also included the Montreal Police's press account on Twitter in some of the conversation.

Here's where Mabus' thoroughness backfired. Noticing the Twitter conversation between Ralliant-Clark and his former victims, he added the journalist to his target list. And, since the Montreal police's Twitter account was also mentioned, it got a copy too. Mabus actually started sending diatribes to the local police force.

At the same time, someone named Kyle VanderBeek also became a target of Mabus' attack. The organization he works for, change.org, has an online petition system. VanderBeek set one up that asked the Montreal police to end the harassment; the system sent an e-mail to the police with each signature. By this time last week, the Montreal police had launched an investigation and were asking for the e-mails to stop, while Ralliant-Clark was being interviewed on TV. Later that evening, the latest Mabus Twitter account started issuing apologies.

By Tuesday, the police announced that they had arrested a suspect in this case. The Canadian judicial system will now decide whether his frequent threats require some sort of formal intervention.

Unfortunately, it took years of abuse and threats before anything was done; in the meantime, a larger number of people have been targeted by his threats, wasted time blocking his screeds, or had their conversations disrupted by his rants. The only consolation is that the same personality trait that allowed him to be disruptive—his indifference to the targets of his harassment—finally led him to target the Montreal police.

original article here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wife Traumatised by Husband's Harassment

(U.K.) Fireman Ben Walker began a campaign of harassment against his estranged wife just hours after being convicted of violently assaulting her. The violent thug was convicted of punching, kicking, throttling and even holding a power drill to the stomach of Amanda in May. But the abuse did not stop after he was convicted of assault by beating and common assault.

Newcastle Magistrates’ Court heard the “obsessed and intimidating” former crew manager at Gateshead East Community Fire Station bombarded his wife with text messages leaving her “suicidal”.

Walker, 31, who has been living at his father’s house in Staffordshire since moving out of the High Heaton home the couple shared, pleaded guilty to harassment and said afterwards he hoped he could now “start his life again”.

Prosecutor Rebecca Gibson said Walker’s “vile campaign of harassment” against his wife who he met on the internet and married after a six-month romance, had started the same day he was convicted and quickly escalated.

The Crown requested a restraining order but the defence claimed that it wasn’t necessary because Walker accepted that the marriage was over and he was going to move away,” she said.

“But since that day he has sent her over 100 text messages.”

Magistrates heard that on May 8 Walker went to his former marital home, on Southlands, and persistently banged on the door for over half an hour. When his wife didn’t answer, he waited until she left the house and then followed her and prevented her from getting out of the car.

The court also heard a Facebook page was also set up to support Walker, with 220 members, on which many “vile and threatening comments” were posted.

Ms Gibson said Amanda was “traumatised” by what had happened and that she has gone from a “happy, highly confident individual to a physical wreck”. She said: “Her peace of mind has gone, she feels a prisoner in her own home and is scared to answer the phone or socialise with friends as she fears retaliations. She has had substantial time off work due to stress and her job is at risk.

“Her faith in men has been shattered and she can’t start relationships. It’s turned her world upside down and she can’t sleep. It is an ever present worry. She will spend the rest of her life wondering if she is at risk. She is under the long-term care of her GP and at her lowest she felt suicidal.”

When arrested Walker admitted sending texts with the aim of reconciling the relationship. Denise Jackman, defending Walker, said her client had misunderstood an instruction to send future legal letters directly to Amanda as a sign she was contemplating reconciliation.

“Walker thought it was her way of wanting to sort things out,” she said. “He accepts he texted her but nobody has seen all of these 100 texts. He knows the position he’s in.

Ms Jackman added: “He met this lady and then his life went down the pan. He accepts his marriage is at an end.”

Walker was handed a 24-month community order, with supervision, and 66 hours unpaid work. He was also slapped with a two-year restraining order with conditions not to contact Amanda Walker unless through his solicitor.

Speaking outside court after the hearing last week, Walker said he wanted to put his “disastrous” marriage behind him. He added: “I’m very sorry to be leaving the North East.”

original article here

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Online Dating Nightmare

(Eastbourne, U.K.) A widow who was looking for love on the internet has hit out at the courts after a man who conned her and broke into her home escaped jail.

Amanda Avery criticised the legal system this week after hearing that Colin Bradish – a man who she says made her life hell – was handed a 50-week suspended sentence for burglary and harassment.

Bradish, 53, of Portslade, was also made subject of a restraining order banning him from contacting Ms Avery. However, according to his 43-year-old victim, he was still signed up to a host of other dating websites – leaving other women potentially at risk of being targeted.

Ms Avery, of East Dean, said the punishment should have been far more severe. Speaking to the Herald about her ordeal, she said, “You rely on the justice system and I feel let down by it. It is as if he has not even been punished for what he did.”

Having wormed his way into her affections, Bradish proceeded to break in, steal a laptop and set about hacking into a host of Ms Avery’s personal accounts.

And, as well as changing her mobile phone tariff and messing with other files, Bradish signed her up for a string of other dating websites and advertised her home address.

Ms Avery was devastated but, as she explained, the internet side of things was far from the most upsetting.

“The worst thing was,” she said, “that he came into my room and took my mobile phone from next to my bed. He would have been yards from where I was sleeping. For ages I had could not sleep because of the thought and used lay awake until it became light.”

Bradish was the first person Ms Avery had met online. In fact, she had only ended up on the dating website by accident after filling in an internet personality test and being told she had to sign up to get the results.

A day later, she was contacted by Bradish and he began spinning his web of lies.

“He photoshopped his picture,” remembered Ms Avery. “He is a good deal uglier in real life.”

“You won’t believe this but he had actually asked me if my photo was a current one because he said people often used one of themselves younger. When I saw him I thought ‘you’ve aged a bit’ but looks have never been the most important thing to me. He seemed nice and could hold an intelligent conversation.”

Ms Avery, who said she always tried to see the good in people but had been left feeling ‘a bit stupid’ after falling for Bradish’s carefully concocted deceit, did not rush into meeting her online date.

The pair exchanged messages and spoke at length on the phone before she decided to take the plunge and meet up. Now, having seen her home broken into and her trust shattered, she understandably wishes she had never met him.

He was trying to control me,” She said. “He had nothing going on in his life. He had made up a fake job and all the rest of it. This was probably the only way he had of getting control.”

Although she slammed the courts for delivering such a lenient sentence, she reserved special praise for the police.

“You get idiots everywhere,” she said. “The internet is just another place for them."

original article here

Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 Internet Daters Die After Flying to Africa with Money

By Adam Boulton

Families fear victims have been poisoned by gang
'Bride' claims new husband became ill and died

Ten men who emptied their bank accounts and flew to Africa hoping to marry women they had met on the internet have died suddenly.

The victims, who did not know each other, all flew to Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, after falling in love with local women online.

Their families in Belgium later received phone calls from Cameroon in which a sobbing woman told them their relatives had died from a mysterious illness.

Belgian police suspect the men were tricked out of the money they took with them to start new lives with their 'brides' before being poisoned by fraudsters.

One of the victims was named yesterday as Mikael Pietquin, 30, from Brussels, who vanished after falling in love with a woman nicknamed the African Bomb. His father has told police his son phoned home before he disappeared to say his future bride had made him eat a 'love plant' to improve his sexual performance.

'We heard nothing more until the sobbing woman phoned us and said: "Mikael is dead",' the father said yesterday.

'The bride said my son was sick when he arrived and took an overdose of medicine from Belgium. We did not believe her.'

Another victim was reported to be a former Belgian airline pilot from Hastiere in Southern Belgium.

original article here

Friday, August 12, 2011

Spotting the Internet Liar

liar! Pictures, Images and Photos

How can you spot a liar online? Some telltale signs of online deception from Cornell professor of Communication -- Jeff Hancock.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Internet & the First Amendment

defamation Pictures, Images and Photos

By Gene Policinski

When the poetic line “Oh what a tangled web we weave …” was penned a few centuries ago, Sir Walter Scott had no idea what irony those words might have when applied to the 21st century’s world of blogs, tweets, Web sites and free expression.

Over just a few days in the last two weeks, these tangled issues were making news:

In Virginia, a woman blogged about the actions of undercover police operations, which she said fascinated her. Her last entry read, “they’re here” – typed, it was reported, just before her arrest for harassment of a police officer.

In New York, a Web site that claimed officials were considering an end to Radio City’s long-standing Christmas spectacular has been sued for defamation by Madison Square Garden; and a real estate developer sued a Web site for publishing court documents, claiming it was done to hurt his business.

In South Carolina, a man was charged with the rarely used offense of criminal libel in connection with inflammatory messages about another man on social-networking sites.

In Washington, D.C., the U.S. military announced it would review policies applying to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, with an eye toward security concerns. The Marine Corps went further, ordering a ban on use of the Marine Web network for such activity, though stopping short – for now – of regulating Marines’ private use of such networks on personal computers outside of their jobs.

What all of these news items have in common is that such speech would have had limited reach not that long ago. But the Internet provides the means and opportunity to reach well beyond friends and family, and in doing so increases the potential consequences. And what are the potential consequences for free speakers in an Internet age?

Well, there’s that Virginia prosecution related to detailing undercover police moves. In Maryland a Web-site operator is being sued under a belief that he posted an anonymous, unsupported comment claiming a public official was a sexual predator.

The Web site NaplesNews.com reports that two men in Florida face five years in state prison for what authorities considered gang-related content on their Web pages – the first prosecutions under a state law passed last year that makes it illegal to use electronic media to “promote” gangs. Both men say the law violates First Amendment rights – in this case, both speech and assembly.

These instances and a slew of disciplinary and defamation flaps in recent years involving student postings on the Web are bringing out new issues and prompting new laws that define First Amendment rights in the 21st century.

A First Amendment Center colleague often notes that “new media” have always invited new regulation. Books tested boundaries and created generations of censors. Movies and even comic books prompted what now are seen by many as excessive and even eccentric codes governing what could be shown or drawn. As a nation, we imposed a “fairness doctrine” on television, realizing only later that it was decreasing discussion on issues rather living up to its name.

The 45 words declaring the protected freedoms of the First Amendment have stood unrevised since 1791. And not that long ago, the Internet was being hailed as the greatest means of interpersonal communication that ever existed. But in little more than a decade, we’re deep into a time when casual comments suddenly have worldwide echoes, and we’re redefining what a “scrawl on the wall” really means. In the process, will we chill real dialogue that may include offensive, irritating or challenging words?

There’s no doubt that criminal actions, defamation, true threats and a host of other evils do exist in our society and must be dealt with. But the challenge ahead is also to limit the limits, not just restrain the speech.

Gene Policinski is vice president and executive director of the First Amendment Center, 555 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., 20001.
Web: http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org

Original Article Here


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Search for Suspect Who Sent Topless Pics to Woman's Office

(FLORIDA, U.S.A.) A woman who works at a Bonita Springs medical practice told Lee deputies she arrived to work Monday and found four facsimiles in the machine – of a picture she took of herself topless.

The woman, whose name and other information was not released, said the photo was the same one contained on her home computer that she took after she’d lost some weight, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report. She never sent the photos to anyone, she told deputies.

She believes a man who wants to date her is responsible for hacking into her computer. She doesn’t want anything to do with the man, according to the report.

She does not know where the man lives, but told deputies where he works.

Deputies are investigating the incident as a cyber stalking complaint.

original article here

Sunday, August 07, 2011

UPDATE: Internet Terrorist: Betsy Ashby aka Guardian

Proof that Sandra Brown, MA knowingly and willingly put personal information in the hands of a known cyberstalker, harasser, defamer and character assassin. One BETSY ASHBY.

Sandra Brown, MA turned priviledged information about domestic violence victims who were being sued by a possible sociopath OVER TO THE SOCIOPATH and to known and self-declared cyberstalker, BETSY ASHBY -- no questions asked!

From: Sandra Brown
Date: Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 4:58 AM
Subject: Pending Law Suit
To: Mary McGrannahan
Forgive the delay Mary...I imagine you are shoveling snow as am I.

I am so sorry to learn of the pending lawsuit. I sent an email to Barbara yesterday that I will forward to you as well. Much of her email is also in this email to you that explains The Institute's policy in case you had questions about our approach.

Yesterday I also received a Demand Letter which I am attaching to this email.

The Institute's approach is to simply provide Public Pathology Education to organizations or projects that request it. As an educational program our policy is to remain neutral to 'who' the organization or project is that requests it, or why they want our collaboration, information, education, or advisory capacities. The personality conflicts that occur within, or on the outside of, the organizations and or projects, we remain out of to the best of our ability. (doesn't look that way Sandra - looks like you took sides without checking facts - then sicced your pitbull Betsy Ashby on those that called you out.)
I am reviewing the attorneys request and what is legally required of us and have forwarded this in the meantime to an advocate The Institute is familiar with. She is knowledgeable about this type of case and has been through what you, Mary and Melissa are going through. I am turning this over to her at this time as I am in the process of coordinating the details of my sister's memorial and preparing to leave for Florida. Her name is Betsy.
Please know that I hope for all three of you that somewhere, somehow, this is resolved.

Prayers for a peaceful resolution!

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.,
The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education


QUOTE FROM AN EOPC SUPPORTER: "this is absolutely REVOLTING that a woman who claims to support victims of psychopaths has a (probable) PSYCHOPATH as her ASSISTANT!"

Yes, and that volunteer 'assistant' or 'advocate' has access to the information of everyone Sandra's ever talked to, emailed with, etc. Ashby has even posted screen shots of Brown's COMPUTER here to shore up her case as to who is running EOPC. She is also feeding people like Gary Stone this "information" to enable and cover for her buddies - Sandra Brown, MA and Laura Knight Jadcyzk.

Read on Mr. Stone - and see what has been on the net for years about your new SOURCE - Betsy Ashby... As much as you hate us Stone, you might stop to think about the damage someone this toxic might do to your cases. Remember that disordered people frequently use absolute terms like "always" and/or "never." Just like your new buddy Betsy Ashby. We know she's probably got a "plausible explanation" for all of it, right? It was this person -- no it was this person AND this person -- no Brown told me it was ABC -- wait, Knight - Jadcyzk told me it was XYZ and I have PROOF! Maybe I , she, he, they doctored it or planted it! It's you and me against the world Gary Stone!
we hear the constant tweeking of history and wild assumption of facts, can't you?

This person below is calling out Ashby & Brown for involving themselves in her lawsuit. CLICK HERE - Good for her. Of course Ashby and Stone are now screaming this person is us as well. LOL.

Ashby is threatening to file complaints against people right and left including us. (Sounds like all the predators we've exposed!) Ashby does know the legal system because she's been mired in it so often because of her relentless behaviors.

There's this from 2003 (before EOPC came online in 2005) from a public, searchable forum:

  • $5,000 REWARD

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Beginning in 2003

    Students of Dynion Mwyn, after beginning their studies and joining the
    DM General Study Group, were subject to threats attempting to intimidate them
    nto leaving the study group, by people using what we would describe as
    terrorist methods. These people refused to disclose their true identities, and
    under this cloak of deceit; became bold enough to break the law on several
    occasions. Their status as a 'hidden identity' also gave them a confrontational and aggressive false bravado, as they believed that even if they did commit illegal acts, no one will be able to find them to prosecute them. These people joined the DM General Group using aliases, harvested e-mail addresses and then unsubscribed.
    Luckily, here in the United States we have recently-passed laws on the books to address this and other such cowardly behavior.

    Each person must decide what it true, and which path to take; we have no agenda in
    turning anyone one way or another.
    We are for the most part United States
    Citizens with the inalienable right of freedom of religion; and therefore free
    to worship as we see fit. This particular issue not only is the catalyst for the
    birth of this country, but also is the cornerstone of our Constitution. No one
    will decide what we can and cannot do, or with whom we can or cannot associate
    Criminals named below, be warned: We will continue to use our resources in this
    manner until you are convicted.

    For information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the following

    Cenedl y Cymry, aka
    Victoria Van Houden, aka celtwitch_cal
    Y_gair, aka
    Hu Gadarn - The Goat of Mendez
    Guto Rhys
    Betsy Ashby
    Michael Marra
    Stuart A'Herne
    James Cosby
    Ysgol Llangefni
    Mike Gwynn
    Idwal Jones
    Iorwerth ap Idwal
    Taliesin Yeti
    Gruff Reec
    Anthony Palazzo, aka Robin Artisson
    Keith Morgan, aka Kimberly Morgan
    Gryffudd, aka kernewekdrelyther

    and anyone else who originated or passes on the following violations:

    For violations of the United States Violence Against Women Act and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005, Section 113 including:


  • Criminal defamation;

  • Invasion of Privacy;

  • Internet Harassment ;

  • Internet "Cyber-Stalking";

  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress;

  • Ongoing Annoyance by "Alter Ego" Personas
    And for violations under Georgia State Law (Georgia Criminal Codes 51-5-1 to 51-5-5) and California State Law (California Penal Code 646.9) including, respectively:

    - Defamation With Malice
    - Felony Stalking

    Information we seek concerning the above
    individuals includes but is not limited to:

    1. Full Legal Names
    2. Dates of Birth and/or Other Unique Identifying Information
    3. Current Known Whereabouts; Specifically Residence Addresses
    4. Location(s) and/or Identification of Computer(s) Used To Post and Email
    5. Immediate Family Member's Names, Including Spouse, Parents, Children, Partners,
    Brothers, Sisters, and/or Any Other Close Relatives
    6. Whereabouts and Contact Information for the Above Family Members
    7. Names, Locations, and Contact Information of Friends and Associates Outside of the
    United States
    8. Names, Locations, and Contact Information of Friends and Associates Within the
    United States
    9. Affiliation Information Including University Enrollments, Current Employer(s), Main
    Place of Business, Church Memberships, Club Memberships, Other Society Memberships, Other Affiliations

    Knowing that not all information will facilitate a conviction of these individuals; the offeror of this reward reserves the right to determine the amount, if any that will be rewarded for your information. All information should be submitted via email query to determine if it qualifies for a reward. We have obtained much of the above information already, and are currently seeking verification of such, as well as new information on the above individuals. PLEASE QUERY to see if we already have your piece of information. The dollar amount of partial rewards will be determined by the offeror, and all decisions are final. Anonymous information is acceptable, and when verified and determined by the offeror to be instrumental to the arrest, prosecution and/or conviction of the above persons, will earn the same reward as information disclosed under your true legal identity.

the person who posted this information and further information can be found at this link:


Then there's this public websearchable post about a 2008 event ran by Guardian aka Betsy Ashby and what she's charging and DOING!:

Membership into the 2008 Fall Gathering of the Tribes costs:
$50.00 (without workshare $60.00) until Monday, September 1, 2008
$60.00 (without workshare $70.00) after Monday, September 1, 2008 until Monday, October 6, 2008
$75.00 (without workshare $85.00) after Monday, October 6, 2008 and AT THE GATE.
You may register at the gate between the hours of 10 am & 7 pm. ONLY Thursday, October 9, 2008 - Sunday, October 12, 2008.
Children 16 and under are admitted free. The Gathering fee includes tent camping in the primitive area. Water, sewer and electric RV hook-ups cost extra and must be reserved in advance. The Fall Gathering will open at NOON on Thursday, October 9, 2008 and close 4 p.m. Monday, October 13, 2008.


Do you enjoy watching the other women and young girls?

This Gathering will be semi-clothing optional. No exposed genitalia! Bring your fig leaves folks, there will be many children present. Women being equal to men may go topless in the event area. Unfortunately. women are required by law to cover their breasts in the public area of the campground.

Betsy Ashby and Dawn Severson with Out of the Dark, Inc. will be the only photographers allowed at the Gathering of the Tribes!!

Enjoy taking pictures of young girls much?


AND THIS FROM 6 years ago (nothings changed - as Brown's own books say pathologicals are known by their inability to change & grow):

From: "camgroup23"
Date: Sat Mar 5, 2005 11:15 pm
Subject: Just received this camgroup23
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To Rhuddlwm Group.

Subject: The Virginia Person you mentioned. Betsy Ashby.

Where to start. This person is a very sick individual. And the messages and web pages she has authored are very common to her. She may be off her meds again. She is a schizophrenic and a sociopath. She is a very sad and hateful person. She has no life.

If you look at some of her other user profiles. She stated in one that she has no family except her Significant Other, who is another sick one if it is her that writes the porn, could also be her, it's hard to tell because of all the user names their stuff falls under.
But I can tell you, she has had her share of problems with losing credit accounts, facing felony charges, restraining orders, etc. Reading that she has nothing to hide about made me fall off my chair. And she scares most of the neighbors with her crazy antics. Just let me know if there is anything else you want to know cause like I say I can go on and on.

You sound like a very kind person who has taken very personally the ill will of these people. And I hope that you will not let anything she writes affect your feelings for Lord Rhuddlwm. Because that is exactly what she is trying to do, cast a doubt, make you question your own faith. And please do not give her that power. She is very good at doing that, that is what she thrives on.
I have tried to explain what kind of person she is, but maybe I can paint a better picture. She is a very sick woman, the fact that she will create different screen names and then use them to try and validate herself shows how low she is willing to go. She is really a very sad, lonely, hate filled person.
And she creates all this false stuff about herself to make her seem like she is someone important. She has attended the one gathering in 1991 and no others. It is to easy to tell what a fraud she is when you meet her. She cannot keep friends because she does to them exactly what she is trying to do here. Be something she isn't and hurt those who are.

She tried to ruin a very good man in Pennsylvania. He is the type of man who will earn less just so he can help others, but she literally almost made him lose his land, with bogus charges. It was so bad, they made up false claims that this man had to get a restraining order and it got so bad that if she so much as opens her mouth and mention his name she will be charged with multiple felonies.

I can list person after person she has tried to hurt in one way or another. Either by her words or by her actions. She says she agree with her philosophies 100%, but she doesn't understand the meaning of do no harm. She has said many times that she is not really a Pagan.
She is a sad sight. She sits in front of her computer and makes up this world that she wants to live in, but in reality, she is just a wanna be. Her life is empty, even her friends don't want to be a part of her life.
Everyone in town refers to her as the "Kook". So all I can say is please just ignore her, let her engage someone else in her games.
Because trust me she is a very smart woman and if you give her anything to go on she will continue to haunt you. She absolutely does not understand the meaning of NO.
Sit back and watch, she will move on to the next person, or thing to attack because that is what keeps her going. And trust yourself, you know your aunt and how you feel for her and you know Lord Rhuddlwm and how you feel for him, and don't let this one sick person make you waiver in your beliefs.
I have been a direct target and it has gone on for years and trust me you don't want to be in my place. And if you want I can give you names and you can look up in the public records up here and see for yourself just a portion of what I know about this woman.
And also beware that she is very capable of the bigger problems. I am not accusing her of it, but I am saying that she is very capable of very serious things where the internet is concerned and more.
If you have any other questions feel free to write. And if you have wondered why I have not given out much info about myself it is because after the things I have been through with this woman, I am very careful about who I write to and what information I give out. Actually, you are the first person in a very long time I have even said anything to. I hope this will help you and please keep faith


Yes, Sandra - this is your "VOLUNTEER" and "ADVOCATE" and "VOLUNTEER ASSISTANT"!! This was easily available information online that you didn't even bother to look at before you handed her access to all your vulnerable client's PRIVATE information - computer - and so on.

AND THIS on the Indianz.com forum:

"Betsy is your 'significant other' aware of your flirting with young girls? ROFLMAO Dayyum you both like taking pictures of them.
Ashby, who provides security at gay rights rallies, folk music festivals, and other events where tolerance is a central theme, said she found Norse paganism 24 years ago after being raised in a strictly Christian environment that she described as overly male-dominated. "

and this from NewAgeFraud.org:

educatedindian:I've gotten some emails from people asking about Ashby's latest long long looooong series of attacks over at Indianz.

I haven't worried too much about Ashby's latest failed attempts to "get" me. Like always, I generally ignore it and just keep trying to do right. If someone is so dumb as to believe her, they'd probably believe in Elvis being killed by UFOs.
But to briefly sum up who Ashby is and what she's claiming, for anyone new to this:

Betsy Ashby of the self styled Pagan Resource Center of Newport News VA first came after NAFPS and after me personally because NAFPS dared to criticize her idol, Brooke Edwards AKA "Medicine Eagle", a fraud who has spent several decades posing as a Crow medicine woman. Ashby's pagan gathering also hosted a phony "Miami shaman" the Miami had never heard of. It was Ashby's bad luck that I was going to Purdue at the time, and the Miami Nation were not far from me.

Ashby's response in her letters and elsewhere was memorable for a number of things:

She claimed there had been no genocide against NDNs.
She claimed there hadn't even been that many NDNs in the Americas anyway.
She even gave a number, less than 20,000, as supposedly all the NDNs killed by Euro invaders, and claimed NDNs killed far more Europeans and Americans, based on what she pulled from an old racist book.
She also told a story where she bragged Brooke Edwards had tricked a sheriff into shooting an unarmed AIM member protesting her exploiter ceremonies.

Finally she pledged to "spend every cent she had" to shut us down" for daring to criticize exploiters like Brooke Edwards.

That started a now-ten-year-old campaign against NAFPS and myself that must've taken up hundreds of hours on her part, spreading rumors and lies one more ridiculous than the other.

Ashby even set up an supposed anti fraud site. The problem is, she attacks mostly the least harmful ones out there, people with likely distant NDN ancestry who don’t know any better. These are mostly heritage groups she’s pillorying. If she were truly sincere, she’d go after the worst abusers, Nuage frauds like her beloved imposter-for-lots-of-cash Brooke Edwards. If she were truly sincere, she’d apologize and admit her mistake in defending this fraud, and she’d apologize also for smearing the ones out to stop frauds like Edwards, namely any NDN with any sense and any human being with a conscience

The latest nonsense: Supposedly I'm a white nationalist or Nazi whose been pretending to be NDN.

That one has just about everybody at Indianz laughing or their jaws dropping in shock from something so crazy.

I'm about as dark as Adam Beach or Jimmy Smitts. My photo has been posted online enough for anyone to see.

As reluctant as I am to go into my personal life...

(we left some out for brevity but you can read it at NewAgeFraud.org - EOPC)

She's also attacked me for supposedly being Catholic, as though that were a bad thing. Someone tell the Yaqui. Tell Mexican NDNs and NDNs all over Latin America. Really, I'm as Catholic as Woody Allen is Jewish. I was sent to Catholic school, but I don't practice.

All Ashby does by that line of attack is show she's a religious bigot in addition to her racism.

And ironically, some of the good people at Indianz uncovered the fact that her friend Yngona Desmond (who was kicked out of NAFPS for being a racist) was sponsoring a fraud posing as a Sammi shaman.

She's also claiming rather bizarrely I "wanted a harem." It seems she can't decide what racist insult to settle on by using an Arab bashing stereotype like that, and against an Apache/Mexican she claims is "white nationalist."

Again, Ashby's attacks backfired, since someone at Indianz uncovered that she lives in a polygamy relationship with two other women. Her bizarre defense is that it's supposedly celibate. That's irrelevant, (not to mention strangely prudish and anti sex) and it's still a polygamy relationship.
Yes, Ashby's campaigns have been a spectacular and downright laughable failure. I'd call her another Ken Starr, but at least Starr found himself a semen stained dress for his six or seven years of effort. Ashby's been at it longer, over ten years, and if anything she's helped us grow stronger and driven people to check us out. Liking what they see, they stick around and pass along what we say to others.
In the time since Ashby first went after us, NAFPS has gone from about 200 members to close to 1000 now.

We went from a little noticed yahoo group to a resource used by Native activists, universities, museums, Nuage survivors, and yes, pagan groups aching to know the truth and fed up with racist Nuage nonsense of the type Ashby peddles.

Ashby certainly hasn’t hurt me one bit. I’ve gone from a beginner at grad school to a Fulbright Scholar with my first published book on an academic press, as well as all the many thanks I constantly get for my work at NAFPS.

Thanks, Ms. Ashby. The more you attack us, the stronger we've gotten, and the more support we've gotten.

And if anyone cares to, they can repost this or link to it. Just please repost it in its entirety.


How do we know Betsy Ashby?
A while back someone reached out to us to join a group with Laura Knight-Jadcyzk, some researchers on pathology and Sandra Brown, MA. Jadcyzk even gave us a number of articles we published right here on EOPC to validate and educate victims. We were very clear that we are a group of victims of cyberpaths and not doctors or researchers. Brown supported us many times, also sharing information. We published ads for her books, services, and so on, gratis.
Knight-Jadcyzk and her group also started a site called ENPSYCHOPEDIA.org to provide out information about pathologicals, proper definitions of terms involving pathology and so on. This group, by the way, gives no contact information. They act as a sort of 'Star Chamber' for pathology.

Nothing seemed amiss until a number of weeks ago when a new 'Fighter' noticed we had not heard from Jadcyzk in a while. We wrote to ask her why? We received no response and she has since never responded. Last week we were notified that Stone was again accusing an old member of being one of us but this time, he stated his information came directly from Sandra Brown, MA. This was confusing, so we wrote Brown - she replied she hadn't given him a thing and didn't know who Stone was. It didn't ring true with us considering her associations with us over the years.

Then we were alerted that someone named Guardian on the Cassiopaea forum (run by Knight-Jadcyzk) where we occassionally posted, had screen shots of Sandra Brown MA's computer and Laura Knight-Jadcyzk's computer with IP address and "proof" of who we were. The information was incorrect, but the screenshots being touted as truth bothered us because of our association with Brown & Knight-Jadcyzk.

was this being done to us? Because Brown and this old member had a disagreement, so Brown - in what could only be a petty move - killed 2 birds with one Stone (pun intended) by giving out her name to Betsy and probably telling her to go at it. Knight-Jadcyzk has continued to give Guardian free reign and a platform on her forums to spread her smear as well. Mary McGrannahan also, we have been told, has multiple profiles on FB and is copying Gary Stone on everything EOPC writes to her in an attempt to feed his delusions. In classic bully fashion, the attacks are against people personally - attempts to humiliate our members and somehow silence us.

Also to deflect the attention away from Sandra Brown, MA who seems to have no license to even counsel people. (having a degree and a license are two separate things) No psychotherapy license. Nothing. Anyone can call the state of North Carolina's licensing board and ask. Feel free to do so. AND FEEL FREE TO REPORT BROWN FOR MISREPRESENTATION & FRAUD.

(Ashby is now making up, changing and rewriting reasons, excuses and justification as she goes along & Stone as well as her minions at Cassiopaea are swallowing it whole - saying someone 'planted' Brown's endorsements on our site. Sure someone did - Sandra Brown, MA herself!)

fromSandra Brown sandrabrownma@yahoo.com


dateThu, Jun 10, 2010 at 11:37 PM
subjectRe: [pathocracy] Re: Personality Disorders of Dangerous Women
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hide details 6/10/10
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Fighter, would you guys be willing to drop a line to my publisher at Hunter House with this link saying that you came across the title which is obviously being used because it's like our Dangerous Man book. Even what he 'tries' to discuss is a lazy spin on the Dangerous Man book and like Anne said, w/poor definitions.

I have had my problems with my publisher so I don't want to send it to him and start a dialogue. He is much more likely to not have a dialogue with someone who is simply reporting, 'Heads up, someone is playing off of one of your titles.' Please don't mention any affiliation with me or The Institute because then he'll be contacting me and I can't stand him!! LOL~ Anyway, if you want to send it, it's kiran (at) hunterhouse (dot) com. THANKS

PS Piss me off to no end to see him trying to make a play off the book. I am headed to FL with my sister so can't deal with this now. But....ERRRR.....

Also everyone, thank you for your well wishes and kindness as I head down to see her.

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.,
The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction& Public Pathology Education

--- On Thu, 6/10/10, anart wrote:

From: anart
Subject: [pathocracy] Re: Personality Disorders of Dangerous Women
To: pathocracy@yahoogroups.com
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010, 11:28 PM

There is a LOT of muddying the waters going on in this video. Yes, we well know there are female psychopaths/sociopaths/NPD/cyberpaths.

I happen to have been involved with one. However, many of the statements this man makes could be easily blurred. He's not giving definite definitions so much as general characteristics which normal women can exhibit as well if put under stress by a pathological person.

Wounded women- wounded people - will often behave as he is describing five and half or six minutes into this. He's really not being clear about the difference between pathology and expressing emotional damage. I think it's a confusing video because he's so fast and loose with definitions.

However, with that said, a lot of what he says is true about being involved with a pathological. He just seems to throw in a lot of other issues as well, like eating disorders. All in all, it seems really muddy to me, if not dangerously vague. FIGHTER - what's your take on it?


Reply F IGHTER to pathocracy
show details 6/11/10

anart - we are just a bunch of victim/ survivors... it does seem a bit confusing and inspecific... A couple of us were just stunned and had a 'huh?' reaction

we posted it to get the PROFESSIONALS take on it... LOL


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Reply F IGHTER to pathocracy
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Sandra - we dropped him an email. No problem.

-Reply Forward

from Sandra Brown to pathocracy, EOPC
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xoxo love you guys!

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.,
The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction& Public Pathology Education


we have other emails showing Sandra's involvement with us as well as two of her glowing endorsements of us STILL ON OUR BLOG:


Investigation turned up Ashby - who was on the Cassiopaea forum reeming us for being 'anonymous.' (Though it appears she has a number of anonymous online identities from what we have read and been told.)
Just a bit more and we learned Ashby was not only Sandra Brown, MA's advocate, legal adviser & volunteer assistant. She was a long-time associate of Knight-Jadcyzk. The snake pit was complete: Ashby, Brown and Knight-Jadcyzk. We were standing in one, working with one and didn't even know it. We apologize to our members old and new for that.
Of course, Ashby starting pointing fingers, thinking she was naming names and decided to help someone SHE DECIDED we had treated unfairly: Gary Stone - by sharing all her "intelligence gathering" with Stone. Just recently she's gone after ANOTHER of our cyberpath victims now say SHE is one of us. Doesn't matter how many times we or anyone else tells her she & Laura the loon is W R O N G... they just ramp it up on innocent people. (The fact that both the people they are naming are single mothers of young children means NOTHING to them - just more reason to abuse for these hate-mongers.)
And there you have it. No wonder Brown and Knight-Jadcyzk cut us off after long associations with us. A malignant tornado named Betsy Ashby was turned loose on us by Brown and enabled by Knight-Jadcyzk.

Now we have seen the real maliciousness of cult leader Knight-Jadcyzk, who is giving a platform to Ashby's insane rants and accusations - and egging her on.
Brown, it has been discovered, has no license to counsel, never ever was a 'psychotherapist' (as she advertises herself) and is in trouble with the Attorney General of North Carolina for not filing business documents... we are not sure she even has liability insurance - which would leave her clients being "treated" by someone with no license and them no recourse.
It seems they are all afraid of what more will be found out and are trying to divert attention by attacking, ripping apart & maligning old members of ours; in a prime example of PATHOLOGICAL MOBBING BEHAVIOR!!


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UPDATE: our many many thanks to the people who have written us with words of support and especially those who have bravely come from Cassiopaea.org to validate, support and offer information. We will keep doing the right thing.


(NOTE: We have been told Mrs. Mcgranhan removed her blogs about Sandra Brown MA and Melissa Kester - probably so her years of online harassment of people would not be confirmed. Mcgranhan's writings however, have been preserved here on EOPC - CLICK HERE. And we were sent just two of her hate blogs against her husband and also another woman HERE and HERE. EOPC has heard from a handful of people who say Mcgranhan is a scam artist, drug addict and extorts money from people online. We have no proof either way, however but we have gotten some very mean-spirited and confusing emails from Mcgranhan and were forced to block her. )

Shame on you Sandra Brown MA!
EOPC and many victims from around the world used to trust and respect your words, well no more.

You advocate yourself as being part of ..."The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education" yet your recent actions in regards to these matters scream anything but.

We fully support EOPC and everything that it works so hard to achieve. The 'Fighter' Team give of their own free time to help those victims that otherwise would never be heard. They educate them to heal and stand up for their rights. It works.

If we do not stand united together to make ALL predators be held accountable for their actions, then you become nothing more than an enabler.

You Sandra Brown MA have just proven that you can not be trusted and are indeed an enabler. Confidential information entrusted to you was handed over by you, to a known predator, without consultation or consent from the person who sent it to you. Disgusting.

12:11 AM
Anonymous said...

Guardian is a bully, she intimidated and harrassed me, her actions put me in a state of shock for several weeks back in 2008. I have never been a victim of cyberbullying before it really is a frightening and horrible experience. I get the impression she does this a lot as part of her role in being a cassiopaea bull dog I'm not surprised to see her mentioned here.

Cassiopaea is as bad as Scientology. They bully, intimidate and character assassinate anyone who gets in their way. Guardian is one of the worst of this goon squad. She feeds on humiliating people.

6:23 AM
Anonymous said...

I know Betsy Ashby (guardian)as I am also a member of cassiopaea, this case has really woken a few of us up to her and cassiopaea's pathology and cyber bullying. I hadn't noticed it before but I'm really shocked by what she is saying on the forum, and how low she is prepared to sink, she has no integrity at all.

They say they are against this sort of thing but now I'm beginning to think they are one of the worst cyber bullies on the web.

4:55 PM
Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with narcissism and psychopathology quickly recognized Guardian's inner landscape on the cassiopaea.org forum.

Unfortunately Laura Knight-Jadczyk's criteria for her followers are not psychologically healthy individuals that exhibit a conscience.

Laura's criteria is loyal sycophants, feeding her own delusions of grandeur. Since she has been in self-preservation mode for almost a decade now, fearing exposure, the more ruthless and cunning her defenders and attack dogs are, the better. Not unlike Nancy Lieder and the people she surrounded herself with.

I guess it's a matter of "birds of a feather, flock together".

Laura's doomsday cult is a textbook case of a doomsday cult:

• The guru is always right
• You are always wrong
• No exit
• No graduates
• Cult-speak
• Group-think
• Suppression of dissent
• Enforced conformity in thinking
• Irrationality
• Suspension of disbelief
• Denigration of competing sects, cults, religions
• Personal attacks on critics
• Insistence that the cult is THE ONLY WAY
• The cult and its members are special
• Induction of guilt, and the use of guilt to manipulate cult members
• Unquestionable dogma, sacred science and infallible ideology.
• Indoctrination of members
• Appeals to "holy" or "wise" authorities
• Instant community.
• Instant intimacy.
• Surrender to the cult.
• Giggly wonderfulness and starry-eyed faith
• Personal testimonies of earlier converts
• The cult is self-absorbed
• Dual purposes, hidden agendas and ulterior motives
• Aggressive recruiting.
• Deceptive recruiting.
• No humor
• You can't tell the truth
• Cloning: You become a clone of the cult leader or other elder cult members
• You must change your beliefs to conform to the group's beliefs
• The end justifies the means
• Dishonesty, deceit, denial, falsification and rewriting history
• Different levels of truth
• Newcomers can't think right
• The cult implants phobias
• The cult is money-grabbing
• Confession Sessions
• A system of punishments and rewards
• An impossible superhuman model of perfection
• Mentoring
• Intrusiveness
• Disturbed guru, mentally ill leader
• Disturbed members, mentally ill followers.
• Create a sense of powerlessness, covert fear, guilt and dependency
• Dispensed existence
• Ideology over experience, observation and logic
• Keep them unaware that there is an agenda to change them
• Thought-stopping language
• Thought-terminating clichés and slogans
• Mystical manipulation
• The guru or the group demands ultra-loyalty and total commitment
• Demands for total faith and total trust

Laura has been exposed online so often by cult survivors and people she and her cult have malligned, that she decided to put a website up about how "harmless" her cult is, in order to recruit new members and keep the income flowing.


A lot of these testimonials were written by her acolytes and insiders. Some were written by unfortunate people not realising they're in a destructive cult yet.

Guardian has met her match with Laura. Prepare for the battle of the psychopaths sooner or later.

Laura recently started her own brand of Scientology: Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind.

An old website by a cult survivor:


8:44 AM
Anonymous said...

I have been a victim of guardian aka Betsy Ashby I will quite happily come forward and make a statement against her and cassiopaea. All the evidence is there on the cassiopaean forum. They threatened me with further exposure to stop me going to the police. But I'm not scared anymore as so many people are coming forward now.

Cassiopaea tells its members they are saving the world - and it behaves like this - god help us

12:18 AM
Anonymous said...

I am in a difficult position, My name has been leaked all over the damn web by Sandra Brown and Betsy Ashby -- and Laura Knight Jadcyzk is advocating this childish, narcissistic behaviour and enabling both women to stalk and harass.

I now have the choice of either outing them via my blog and making things worse for myself, or taking a stand despite that and show that they cannot back me into a corner nor can they use EOPC as their reason for attacking me.

I will continue to support EOPC whatever they say or do.

The fact I have children is putting me off exposing them on my blog so I am taking the time to decide what to do, in the end, I will most likely fight back as I don't like being bullied and exposed as something I am not.

This is why I am speaking out and not hiding away. As for Sandra Brown MA, she is a very very clever business woman who likely spun and hid most of her lies and actions in order to make money off of victims. I will be reporting her to the authorities also.

Keep up the good work EOPC! - everytime I go to your blog and read up, all I see is logic & Fairness, whereas on the Cassiopia forums all I witness is childish, pathetic behaviour , it's like watching a bunch of school girls gossiping.

I think if we all stick together, we can and will expose these heartless clowns for who they are.

Anonymous said...
I have waited YEARS to see Guardian AKA Betsy Ashby exposed for who she really is. This woman has tried to ruin my family and my business with her trash and still has websites up that are hurting people who don't have the money to fight back. I don't know that she will ever be shut down for good but I am SO GLAD she is finally getting a taste of her own medicine.
Anonymous said...
People are finally getting what they need to put this woman in her place...Hopefully behind bars or better yet under the jail.

Anonymous said...
This woman is very harmful, its good to see someone holding her to account for her actions

Anonymous said...
The Cassiopaea is a cult, and cult leaders often are the main providers of mental disorders, for themselves and to their followers.
Besides, these people deranged and paranoid, feeling like a humanity apart, tend to cluster.
Anonymous said...
Betsy Ashby is a joke. She threatens but never follows through. She is ALWAYS wrong in her assumptions. She attacks innocent people. She's nasty, racist, vicious and gets her kicks out of trying to hurt people. She's sick, deeply sick.

Anonymous said...
I have seldom witnessed such foul mouthed behavior as that which Betsy Ashby is capable of, and the persistence with which she goes after her victims. It’s full blown narcissism at best, psychopathology at worst. The consistency with which she keeps it up is also astonishing.
Every time an online community kicks her out, she takes her pathology to the next community and repeats the same pattern. It’s interesting that she was attracted to the work of Sandra Brown, although not really, classic case of identification, same identification Laura Kinight-Jadczyk has with the topic of psychopathology…

Reminds me of that Colorado chap who was one of the most vocal voices against cults, and eventually turned into one of the most damaging cult leaders himself. The irony…