Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IN THE NEWS: Craigslist Rapist/ Man Shot by Online Date

Police Search For Craigslist Serial Rapist
Six Cases Possibly Linked In Maryland

Police in Maryland said they are concerned that a man who meets women on the Internet and then rapes them will strike again.

Police said the man used Craigslist personal ads to meet and sexually assault several women.

Authorities said the man has raped at least six women.

Investigators said the man meets women through the online classifieds site, sets up a meeting and then rapes them, police said.

The attacker usually wears a ski mask and is armed with a handgun, police said.

Investigators said the victims were attacked inside different buildings in Temple Hills and Suitland.

The most recent incident happened on Tuesday. Police said they were called to the 9100 block of Baltimore Avenue in College Park by a woman who said she had been sexually assaulted.

Investigators said the woman told them she met a man online and agreed to meet at an apartment in Suitland.

When the woman arrived at the apartment building, a man was waiting in the hallway, police said.

The woman said she was raped at gunpoint, and afterward the man fled, according to police.

The investigation is ongoing.

Ohio man shot by woman he met through online dating service, police say

A Mentor man is recovering from at least five bullet wounds after he was shot by a woman he met on an online dating site on Thursday night, police said.

Michael Kufrin, 19, is at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland in serious condition with bullet wounds to his arm, knee and hip.

Eastlake Police Lt. Bill Gutowski said Kufrin met Leechelle Brown, 29, of Eastlake, on an Internet chat room and was supposed to go on a date.

According to police this is what happened:

Kufrin went to Brown's Vine Street apartment about 7 p.m. Thursday and she demanded he pay her $300. She pulled out a gun, then forced him to take off his shoes and go to a local bank to withdraw the $300 from an ATM.

They returned to her apartment and another argument followed and Brown emptied her gun.

Police recovered seven shell casings.

Kufrin knocked on several neighbors doors before someone called 911 for help. He was taken to LakeWest Hospital in Willoughby and later transferred to MetroHealth.

Police have not yet determined what chat room he met her on or why she demanded the cash.

Brown is in Lake County Jail and faces a felonious assault charge as well as other charges.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Website Posts Sex, Gossip, Hate, Rumor

The Cornell University junior was in his dorm between classes when the text message came in from a friend. Check out JuicyCampus.com, it said.

The student found his name on the Web site beside a rambling, filthy passage about his sexual exploits, posted by an anonymous student on campus. The young man could only hope the commentary was so ridiculous nobody would believe it.
"I thought, `Is this going to affect my job employment? Is this going to make people on campus look at me? Are people going to talk about me behind my back?" said the student, who asked not to be identified. He also wondered about his 11-year-old sister, who is spending more time on the Internet. "What if she Googles me? What will she think about her big brother?" he said.
JuicyCampus' endless threads of anonymous innuendo have been a popular Web destination on the seven college campuses where the site launched last fall, including Duke, UCLA and Loyola Marymount. It recently expanded to 50 more, and many of the postings show they've been viewed hundreds and even thousands of times.

But JuicyCampus has proved so poisonous there are signs of a backlash.
In campus debates over Internet freedom, students normally take the side of openness and access. This time, however, student leaders, newspaper editorials and posters on the site are fighting back -- with some even asking administrators to ban JuicyCampus. It's a kind of plea to save the students, or at least their reputations, from themselves.

"It is an expression from our student body that we don't want this junk in our community," said Andy Canales, leader of the student government at Pepperdine, which recently voted 23-5 to ask for a ban.

The vote came after a long and emotional debate on the limits of free speech, and was swayed by stories from students such as Haley Frazier, a junior residential adviser. She had recently come across a teary transfer student who had been humiliated on the site barely a week after arriving on campus.

"I can't imagine the disgust she must have for Pepperdine if that's what (students) say," Frazier said.

College administrators say they are appalled by the site but have no control over it since students can see it outside the campus computer network. They say all they can do is urge students not to post items or troll for malicious gossip -- and hope that in the process they learn about how to get along.

That tactic may be having an effect.

Playground meanness on the Web
At a number of campuses where JuicyCampus was a hot topic even just a few weeks ago, students and administrators say use and complaints have tapered off sharply. That's hard to confirm; Internet tracker comScore Inc. says the site's visitor numbers are too low to be counted by its system.

But more and more postings criticize the site, with comments like, "let's not ruin each other's lives," and, "If you can't personalize any of the stuff you read or write here, imagine it happening to your sister or your best friend."

"People have gotten just extremely sick of hearing all this stuff," said Rachelle Palisoc, a freshman at Loyola Marymount in California, who joined a Facebook group called "Ban Juicycampus!!!!" that has about 850 members.

Free to use and supported by advertising, JuicyCampus is a simple conduit urging users to post gossip and promising them total anonymity. There are threads on campus hook-ups, who's popular and who's overweight.

"Top ten freshman sluts" reads one typical thread, and "The Jews ruin this school" another. Homophobia is common. Many postings combine the cruelty of a middle school playground, the tight social dynamics of a college campus and the alarming global reach of the Internet.

JuicyCampus pledges that it blocks its discussion boards from being indexed by search sites like Google, and that appears to be true.

"College students are clever and fun-loving, and we wanted to create a place where they could share their stories," said Matt Ivester, the site's founder, who agreed to answer questions by e-mail.

"Like anything that is even remotely controversial, there are always people who demand censorship," he said in response to calls he has rejected -- including one from his alma mater, Duke -- for him to shut down the site. "However, we believe that JuicyCampus can have a really positive impact on college campuses, as a place for both entertainment and free expression. Frankly, we're surprised that any college administration would be against the free exchange of ideas."

Duke's vice president for student affairs, Larry Moneta, said the school asked Ivester to consider "moderating the venom or at least moderating the opportunity for venom." However, "my sense is that's not that person's interest," Moneta said.

Slut's okay, shooting's not
Under U.S. law, sites like JuicyCampus generally bear no responsibility for what their users post, said George Washington University law professor Daniel Solove, author of the recent book "The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet."

But Solove believes Congress and the courts have gone overboard protecting such sites. It's one thing to protect the owner of a Web site when someone posts a defamatory message unbeknownst to the operator. But Solove says sites like JuicyCampus exist solely to propagate gossip and should be held to a different standard.
In fact, JuicyCampus seems designed to shield its users from the threat of libel claims. The site's privacy page notes that it logs the numeric Internet protocol addresses of its users, but does not associate those addresses with specific posts. That is unlike mainstream social networking sites, which do maintain such detailed logs.

JuicyCampus also goes further by directing posters to free online services that cloak IP addresses. "Just do a quick search on Google and find one you like," JuicyCampus advises.

The site's companion blog reminds users that "our terms and conditions require users to agree not to post anything that is defamatory, libelous, etc." But a few paragraphs later, the blog implies that it will rebuff anything short of a public safety query: "If your school calls upset about some girl being called a slut, we're not handing over access to our server data. If the LAPD calls telling us there is a shooting threat, you better believe we're gonna help them ..."

Fraternity and sorority leaders and student governments are mainly urging students to sap the site of advertisers by turning a blind eye.

"If we don't get on there it will die," said C.J. Slicklen, student government president at Cornell, where students vented at a meeting last week.

The concerns extend beyond hurt feelings. At Loyola Marymount, a now-former student was arrested after allegedly posting a threat of a campus shooting spree on JuicyCampus. And the dangers of social network bullying were highlighted by the recent death of a 13-year-old suburban St. Louis girl who committed suicide after receiving cruel messages on her MySpace page -- messages that turned out to be a hoax.

Pepperdine spokesman Jerry Derloshon said the school applauds the student government's reaction, though Pepperdine has not banned the site.

"In the end," he said, "the site's shock value will diminish and it will be revealed for what it is: empty."

Saturday, February 09, 2008


From one of Gash's victims: Here is a brief summary of what happened at the end of this relationship (EOPC's comments in purple):

For several months I had noticed a change in his behavior. He was swinging between being utterly charming to downright mean. (the REAL him) He was saying and doing things that eroded my self esteem and confidence which cut through the heart of who I am as a person. He became unreliable about making our regular meetings online and although I would often see him online on my messenger he wouldn't answer my IM's. When challenged he would say it wasn't him but Yahoo. It just happened too often.

(Typical. Dorsky, Gridney/ Yidwithlid, Thomas, Clive, Jacoby - all did/ do the same thing. For Narcissists this is called the "DEGRADE & DISCARD" phase when they get bored with you, blame you, project all the bad onto you and leave - making you feel like crap in the process. This is who they really are. They were just using you for sex & an ego boost. To them people are just OBJECTS which is why the internet is such a fertile HUNTING GROUND for them!)

We had arranged a holiday in Spain to visit some friends of mine. He left his beaten up old address book on the bedside table, I had bought him a new one the previous Christmas and was curious as to why he wasn't using it. I opened it up, took a look and found names, phone numbers and internet id's of ladies. I wrote a couple of the phone numbers down and then challenged him but he denied everything saying these were women he had called before he met me. I had also given him a cellphone to use in Europe and I noticed he was getting lots of voicemails... he always left the room to listen to them which was a big red flag. (Nathan Thomas did this too. A HUGE red flag.)

I packed my bags, told him our relationship was over and left to return home. On arrival back in the UK I contacted a man I knew in the USA and he called the numbers listed in the address book pretending to be a friend of John Gash. The first call was to **** ***** an engineer who worked in the same company. She told him that they (Gash & she) "hooked up" as often as possible. This woman had been a bone of contention with me for some time as she was always leaving him messages when he was with me in the UK and I had seen emails from her. When questioned he told me she called to tell him about contracts they had won. It was strange to me that they always won these contracts when he was overseas with me, so the fact that she admitted they hooked up pretty much confirmed everything I believed.
I left John a voicemail telling him to come to Yahoo messenger as I needed to talk to him. I then confronted him with what I knew. He denied and denied until I told him I would let his child know what type of man their Father was. At that point his cover was about to be blown so he tried to buy my silence by telling me he loved me; that he didn't want this to end; that it had been my decision to end it, not his and he couldn't bear not talking to me again. (Gridney/ Yidwithlid did the same telling his victims he "couldn't lose them out of" his "life." Now 4 years later, this same person attacks his victims and threatens them.

Nathan Thomas told one of his wives that it was "all her fault" because she didn't believe him & stand by him... when he'd BLATANTLY LIED to her. Can't these predators think of anything better? Like the TRUTH?)

I told him he had earned nothing from me and I would not promise him anything. He then admitted sleeping with AT LEAST three women simultaneously. When I told him it was still my intention to still notify his family he became angry, aggressive and ugly. I told him I would need to take an HIV test and advised him to do the same and that, if it was found to be positive I would sue the pants off him. He told me he would take an HIV test for HIS protection only. (Of course ALL about him)

One week later he emailed to say his HIV test was negative which was total BS as two tests are required with a time frame between them even then he was blatantly lying. (Yes, HIV tests require a lot of time. Campbell tried to do this to his victim, too) I am an R.N. and yet he was still trying to B.S. me!

I still have the whole of this conversation printed out and in safekeeping so, should he wish to challenge this expose or threaten a lawsuit he will need to first find the safe deposit box its kept in as it can be used in evidence.

Two years later I went into a Yahoo chatroom and noticed the id Wheelies03 talking in the room. I just knew it was him even though it wasn't an id I knew or had heard before. I got a friendgf to IM him and and he gave her his name and cellphone number. She emailed me the conversation and I sent it right back to him. Immediately the id Wheelies03 was deleted. (BUSTED!) I am certain he is still out there as this has become addictive behavior.

(These guys never change!
"Pathology Is The Inability To:
  • change and sustain a change
  • grow to any emotional depth and
  • develop meaningful insight about one's own behavior and how it effects others."
Let's take a look at some of our past predators:
  • Ed Hicks is still trolling as Charles Hicks or someone else.
  • William Barber was rearrested for leaving the state of his probation with false ID on him... on his way to do the same thing over!
  • "Gridney" changed his nick to Yidwithlid, deleted all his posting about his romps with hookers; though they remain on archival searches, and he has a new political blog under that name as well as being on instant messengers under Yidwithlid 24/7 - despite saying he & his wife "worked it out," and saying he had deleted all his IM programs. ha!
  • Beckstead and his proxies are still checking sites like this one and Beckstead tried to reel in his victim this past Christmas while probably working over other victims at the same time.
  • Jacoby is now trying to paint his victim as a "whore" and a "crazy woman" (heard that before haven't we, reader?) and is attacking her after using her and taking her time, money and love; for standing up for herself. And he's most probably online now with at least 1 or 2 new targets!
These guys may try to delete things from the net or even wipe their hard drives but nothing ever really changes and they NEVER change their M.O.s This is why exposure is so vital:
  1. to keep others from falling for their traps and
  2. on the outside chance it will be a wake up call for them to get help!
While this rarely happens we can only hope these cyberpaths get help before they hurt more people and themselves & their families. Exposure, not 'get over it' or 'move on' is the first step in reclaiming yourself and healing. These predators need to be held accountable!)
I have had no contact with him since and acknowledge that this man has been doing this for years and getting away with it. I was just one of his many victims.

He once told me several times about a fellow employee at his job who attempted to bring a sexual harrassment case at work and he was required to make a deposition. The employee had to leave her job and was moved from California to another state by the company. I now recognise that the harrassment suit was probably against him and telling me about it was almost like bragging that he had won again.
With this expose I have done all I can to forewarn other women and shown him that he cannot treat me in the way he did and expect me not to stand up for myself. I have exposed him on behalf of all his previous victims and the lady who lost her job. I am much, much stronger than he will ever know.
Thank you Fighter for this website and for allowing us a voice to tell our stories.

Incidentally when I met John Gash for the first time in reality I met him sight unseen, not even a photo. My first reaction on seeing him was "There is noooooooo way anything is going to happen here." I am still to this day wondering how it did. I should have listened to my intuition. (Brainwashing. That's how. Subtle, covert NLP manipulation & brainwashing.)

Today I looked up the word GASH in the dictionary... the definition was:

gash (gsh)
tr.v. gashed, gash·ing, gash·es
To make a long deep cut in; slash deeply.

That about sums it up!

You're welcome! And KUDOS to you for exposing him and showing others the type of patterns and tricks that these predators use on vulnerable, trusting and good people online.