Saturday, September 29, 2007

Update on Mike Campbell

We heard from no less than five (5) women who were preyed on by this man and all said there were many more. (No it wasn't the same person writing in every time as other people. we checked IPs. And no, we don't know if these women even know each other)

We did receive another letter about Campbell recently:
I am emailing about Mike Campbell. First of all I want to know why the story was removed. I understand that he went into a narcissistic rage after he was busted online and a number of people backed up the facts about him. I will say, that these women were in the right to come forward and try to get the word out. Not only were they right on in doing this, but some of them genuinely cared.

I recently talked with another friend who it so happened had been lied to by this same man in the past and contacted her. Eventually we were able to find out what actually has taken place in these last months.

Now I have been informed of the outcome and the extreme vindictive measures he has taken in order to hurt women he already victimized.

I just wanted to express my thanks to all his victims for coming forward. Keep your head up and know that there are people on your side. you're the real deal!

Thank you, anonymous, for this letter - we hope his victims see it.

All this for TELLING THE TRUTH! How MALICIOUS can Campbell be?

Mr. Campbell if you see this - get help - get long term counseling for your narcissism & sex-addiction. If you want, Sir, you can contact us yourself and we will try to find you a referral to a place near you for ongoing help.

Unfortunately, we can't control the internet and it appears that some of your other victims helped post their story on other sites.

How much should we all bet Campbell's already got a couple new victims on his string already? How many more people is he going to terrorize to protect himself?

If you have any further information regarding this matter, contact us at cyberpaths@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

There is not a law against blogging the truth.
Does he plan to take all his victims to court?

Anonymous said...

Would like more information. I saw another site he was on. Is this bbcampbell?

FIGHTER2 said...

Yes, this is from BBCampbell.

Please write the email address contained in the article and let us know what you want to know or your experience with this person - and we will put you in contact with the proper people.