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OUR PREDATOR OF JULY 2006: Richard (Rick) Kudlik

Man arrested after Internet-Girlfriends out him as fake U.S. marshal

NEW YORK (AP) - To some, Richard Kudlik possessed the macho allure of a deputy U.S. marshal on a manhunt.

They say he had the badge, raid jacket, flashing lights on his Dodge pickup truck, even a gun. But the real U.S. marshals -- and a chorus of angry women -- say Kudlik was only acting.

Kudlik, 43, was arrested at his Port Jefferson, N.Y., home Wednesday after several ex-girlfriends outed him earlier this month on a Web site featuring a wanted poster. The site calls him a "lying, cheating U.S. Marshal impersonator" and reveals his true identity as a long-married maintenance man.

He pleaded not guilty to possessing a counterfeit U.S. Marshals Service badge and was released on $5,000 bail. His attorney did not return a phone call Wednesday.

Pamela Brown said she began dating Kudlik last year until she received an anonymous e-mail warning: "The man you‘re dating is not who he says he is."

She tracked down Kudlik‘s wife, who told her in a phone conversation they had been married 17 years.

Brown began networking online with other women who said they had been wronged by Kudlik, and on May 14 she launched the Web site http://www.off2hunt.com with photos of Kudlik. She estimates he used his phony persona to lure at least 10 other women into relationships in the past decade.

"I don‘t want another woman to go through what I went through," she said. "I hope this taught him a lesson and makes him get help. He‘s a sick person."

(Right on Pam!!! Pam's site used our links section left and we applaud her for outing this cyberpath! Check out her site listed in the article above.

ALSO this sort of fraud could be avoided with a NATIONAL MARRIAGE DATABASE - There is NO central database for marriage licenses in the US!! Please sign the petition!

If you want to see some of our other PREDATORS OF THE MONTH - please peruse our archives (right margin) - Fighter)



The Mattituck whistleblower who exposed a man accused of serenading and then breaking the hearts of women with a ruse that he was a U.S. marshal has a criminal history herself, records and law enforcement sources said.

Pamela Brown, 39, started a website to tell how she was conned by her experience with Rick Kudlik, arrested Tuesday by real U.S. marshals on charges of possessing counterfeit marshal gear. But she herself served 106 days in Nassau County jail in 2004 for a forgery conviction, a sentence violation and failure to pay, records show.

In late 2003, court documents show, she wrote bogus checks to herself totaling over $3,500 when she served as assistant controller for Legend Nissan in Syosset.

Two months after her April 30, 2004, release, she was re-arrested on a grand larceny charge., Information on the case outcome was not available yesterday.

That's not all.

Brown, who chided Kudlik for dishonesty, has used two aliases, jail officials said. She was convicted of forgery the first time in 1995 and received a one-year conditional discharge, and forgery and petty larceny in 1997 for writing $4,000 worth of checks to herself from her former employer, Zeppelin Electric of Holbrook. She later violated her three-year probation sentence, records show.

She also has civil court judgments against her, one stemming from an incident in which she refused to pay rent on a Selden apartment and another where she skipped medical payments to a Port Jefferson physician, records show.

But Brown‘s attorney said her past has nothing to do with her good deed: exposing an accused law enforcement impersonator.

"It seems like these people are trying to mix one thing with another and blame this woman for doing something admirable," said Michael Lamonsoff, of Manhattan. "The bigger issue is how this guy is able to walk around with fake badges for a federal agency... and all this paraphernalia in a post-9/11 world."

Lamonsoff said that Brown acknowledges her past misdeeds and is remorseful.

One former friend who contacted Newsday said that he credits Brown with turning in Kudlik, but accused her of conning him out of money.

"I commend her for reporting him for impersonating a U.S. marshal," said Vincent Lawrence of Huntington. "Well, Pam cons men out of money. She and I were friends. She told me she needed to borrow $600 to pay her rent at the end of 2004. Come August, I still didn‘t get the money from her. Finally, I took her to court. I‘m still waiting to get paid."

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