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(found this piece on a longer site that 'teaches' you how to pick up women on the internet. This portion basically tells you to do Adult Chat so you get better at cybersex then move up to Phone Sex for practice! Of course, tell the INNOCENT TARGET you finally find you have "never done this before" and its them that is "making you so aroused." Yeah right... Be informed. And realize with just a few changes here, a female cyberpath could do the same to her targets too. Cyberpaths TRAIN for what they do to people online! And the anonimity they practice with trains them to think of their victims as OBJECTS. This should give some insight into the online sexual cyberpath:)
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Using Adult Chat for Training

"To understand women sexually you need to understand how women think. To understand how women think you need to interact with them. And where do you go to do that? I think a good place is the adult chat rooms. Adult Chat gives you a way to interact with women in a totally anonymous way without many of the complications of meeting in person. And - you'll find that when women are annonymous that they are a lot more open sexually than they are if you know who they are.

"Anonymous chat gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. No longer do age, weight, looks, hight, money, race, or planet of origin make a difference. You can be anyone, anything - no limits. It's a world of fantasy and you are whoever you choose to be - interacting with women being who they choose to be. You can be a space alien if you wan. In fact - space aliens are very popular with women. You would be amazed by then number of women who get hot about the idea of being gang raped by space aliens. And with space aliens - there's no limit to what kind of appendages they have or what they can do with them.
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"In adult chat rooms you can find someone and then do one on one chat. Usually the title of the room sets the mood for what you are looking for. And - you might create multiple profiles depending on what room you want to go into. This is where you can have cybersex where you and her exchange mutual sexual thoughts and masturbate.

"You may be thinking - "I'm not interested in cyber sex - I want the real thing." And - I understand that. But, cyber is something you should consider for several reasons. It may not be as good as real - but it's better than just masturbating. It also eliminates the need to be physically local allowing you to interact with women all over the world. It eliminates a lot of complications relating to being physically attracted to each other. In fact - often it is better not to exchange pictures because the imagination is often hotter than the reality of what you both look like. If it's cyber - what does it matter what the other person looks like?
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"But - the most important think you get from cyber is that you are interacting with a real woman (or a gay guy pretending to be a woman - watch out for that). And you are interacting with an uninhibited woman who is uninhibited by virtue of being anonymous. A woman will get hotter and nastier a lot faster if she knows that you will never find out who she is. This will give you a rare insight into the sexual mind of women. You will be able to interact with them on a very basic primitive sexual level and get to understand how the aroused female mind works. And this is the key to getting laid. What you learn about women in cyber often applies to the real world too. I think the knowledge and experience of cyber will make you a lot more likely to find real because the same things that get women hot online get women hot in real life. "
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Mr. Gash is going to do what they all do... use the ultimate in control & coercion - "I LOVE YOU." These words have no meaning for these guys. (Remember they say it to their girlfriends and wives, too!)

But they KNOW these words mean a lot to their victims... and use them appropriately as weapons to get what they want.

These emails from Gash to one of his victims and another IM session between Gash & a second target are, once again, great examples of the casual lies and manipulation of cyberpaths for one aim -- free sex. Like a 16 year old in the back seat of his dad's car - "I love you" gets him what he REALLY wants.

Let's see what Wikipedia has to say about LOVE BOMBING
Love bombing is the deliberate show of affection or friendship by an individual or a group of people toward another individual. Critics have asserted that this action may be motivated in part by the desire to recruit, convert or otherwise influence.

the phrase is defined to mean affection that is feigned or with an ulterior motive and that is used to reduce the subject's resistance...
Cyberpaths won't be honest and just say they want sex (or money or cybersex or fun at your expense, etc) they HAVE to toy with your emotions - which is where the trauma comes in for you. You are emotionally raped by them.

And, ultimately - when you catch them - they will say you were "in agreement" or you "knew it was a game" or you "whored yourself to them willingly" - this is just more lies to cover up their misdeeds.

Coercion and manipulation and "I love you" is not mutual acceptance - It's PREDATION.

As always, our comments are in PURPLE.

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001
From: cooljohn99@XXX.com
Subject: A romantic letter
To: one of his targets

XXXXX, from my heart to yours When I think of romantic times, I think about happenings between us ones that were or were not planned before but as it turns out time stood still and all emotions feelings came together at the sametime.

Those feelings - love, happiness, warmth, security, so involve in each other that the outside environment was only a blur, and never wanting that moment or happening to end. There are so many times like that between us but the special times describe being romantic in my mind and i will describe them to you and my feelings.

The first time we had dinner at XXXX - from talking about what we were going to wear the getting dress (how special you look with your smiles as you spray hair stuff on my hair), the taxi ride to XXXXX (the quick snuggling in the back seat), our discussion with the driver who could tell that both of us had sparkles in our eyes, the sitting in the little corner table drinking wine, then the making eyes all during dinner, the secret smiles to each other (I felt so special that we could get so lost into each other eyes), conversations that was not very important but to both of us made us feel so warm, leaving to go the couch to have dessert where we had a few kisses and block the world out , the ride back to our XXXX and the snugging that follow.

OH SUCH a Romantic Evening The little things - this is one is personal- the thinking about - and seeing you in my mind wearing the black scarf while I was in the store buying it for you I got lost in thinking about when I would see it on you - the sales person thought I was in another cloud. Many others some very short in duration you up dancing at the last musicals we went to - so romantic see you singing along. I can see you now wow.

Romantic event are all so special emotions flowing, I am not sure one can plan a romantic experience - I think they just happens between two people like having drinks in the lobby of the XXXX hotel to walking the beach. There is so much emotions between us that just touching each other fingers mine to yours can take us to a romantic state and we have no control over it - our emotions take takes control of us - and block rest of the world out -smiles John

The way I see romantic and what I think about what happens emotionally for it to be a romantic experience

Gash probably has a template of these (complete with bad English and poor spelling) But note the "mind control" and "emotional manipulation" in his words. What he says triggers his victim to FEEL things that he NEVER felt - in order to coerce her into thinking he cared!

Words like: emotions flowing, romantic, touching, no control, snuggling, another cloud, security, takes control... MANIPULATING EMOTIONS!! (sounds like Jacoby, Gridney/ YidwithLid, Beckstead, Hicks... etc!)

Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001
From: cooljohn99@XXX.com
Subject: the things i love
To: one of his targets

XXXXX, I love your smiles, your smell, your touches , your conversations, and you soft lips. You make me so peaceful. hugs and ksises john xxxx

Does your wife know you talk like this Mr. Gash?

From: john john (cooljohn99@XXX.com)
Sent: 16 April 2001
To: one of his targets

of course - i want to come
i love love love you and totally want to come - smiles
i will see you in tuesday and only 9 days left to when i am in your arms.
missing you so much today - love and kisses john

DOUBLE ENTENDRE & Emotional manipulation with "EXPECTATION PLEASURE"!! A seduction technique
From: John Gash (jdgash99@XXX.com)
Sent: 15 April 2001
To: one of his targets

love you very
much and hugs and kisses

Mr. Gash -- Just making sure his predatory hooks are still in this woman

IM with a SECOND target:

wheelies03 (GASH) :i have to run back to work soon

wheelies03: but i was serious oh you having lunch wtih me when i am in Dallas middle of may

target: well then lets just see what happens here well that work for you

target: and talk some more

wheelies03 : sound good to me

target: i think that would be very nice

wheelies03: it will give me excuses to bend your ear (along with your MIND!)

target: you know many are so hard to carry on a conservation with here

wheelies03: and you can call me

wheelies03: when ever you want and we can talk

wheelies03: do you have a phone #

wheelies03: XXX XXX XXXX

wheelies03: my cell number (don't call my house PLEASE , my WIFE might answer!)

wheelies03: i go into room XXX

wheelies03: mostly

wheelies03: groups (ONLINE GROUPS where he can troll for more vulnerable, trusting women)

wheelies03: what about you

target: well i love to play solitaire

target: lol

target: and listen to my cds

wheelies03: oh and i play poker (Because I am so good at BLUFFING)

target: i go into the XXXXXXX rooms also

wheelies03: romance or groups? (Profiling her!)

target: i have never been in those!

target: no i haven't

wheelies03: i will come looking for you

wheelies03: in group XXXXX some time

wheelies03: i am so happy now (I found FRESH PREY!)

target: well that would be nice

target: so why are you so happy

wheelies03: you were not lost for ever (aka - I hate losing one when I have them ALMOST on the hook!!)

wheelies03: i am 61

target: i am XX

target: lol

wheelies03: so i cannot be your daddy (But, I can control, manipulate and use you??)

wheelies03: lol

wheelies03: now it is over 7 min and i dont want you to leave (I am not done messing with your head yet)

wheelies03: smiles

target: well lets just say till next time how is that

target: not bye

target: just till next time

wheelies03: when i will get a surprise call

wheelies03: yesssssssssss

target: :) (you poor girl, you won't be smiling long)

wheelies03: byeeeeeeeeeee

wheelies03: for nowwww

wheelies03: XXX

target: yes john

target: for now

wheelies03: you know one last thing i go off to this meeting all smilessssssss

wheelies03: gone

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Couple accused of using MySpace to seduce two underage girls into orgy


A pair of strippers were cooling off in jail Monday night after using MySpace.com to seduce two underage girls and take them to a strip club for an orgy, authorities said.

Husband-and-wife strip team Julio Rojas, 31, and Sophie Soto, 22, set up an elaborate online ruse to ensnare the teens - 13 or 14 years old - into their twisted lifestyle, prosecutors said.

The couple "[lured] two obviously troubled young girls to their apartment where they were plied with liquor before being used to satisfy the defendants' own illicit carnal cravings," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

The hard-bodied duo were arraigned in Queens Criminal Court Saturday on a 56-count criminal complaint including statutory rape, sexual abuse, promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

They face up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

This was Rojas' second arrest for seducing underage girls in his 104th St. Corona crash pad. He is facing charges of hosting weekly three-way orgies with a girl younger than 17 between January and April 2005, according to a criminal complaint. Rojas' lawyer had no comment.

Rojas is being held at Rikers Island in lieu of $500,000 bail, and Soto on $250,000 bail.

The sordid trysts began in November 2006, when Soto contacted one of the teens through the online site and pretended to be a sexually inexperienced teen in need of advice, authorities said.

Over the next three months, Soto and the teen - whose name and age were not released - exchanged sexually explicit online messages, phone calls and photos.

The relationship culminated in a booze-fueled sex romp in Soto's Corona apartment Jan. 20, 2007, a day after the teen decided to run away from home at Soto's encouragement, prosecutors said.

Soto directed the teen and her 13- or 14-year-old friend to the second-floor Corona apartment to take a shower, then gave them drinks and took them into her bedroom, where Rojas joined them, prosecutors said.

Later that night, the group traveled to a Manhattan strip club where Soto and another stripper led the teens in a drunken X-rated show and public orgy, as patrons were invited to participate, prosecutors said.

Soto and Rojas preyed on the teens three additional times through May 2007, the criminal complaint says.

The case came to light when the girls told their parents, prosecutors said.

Rojas - a long-haired bodybuilder whose stage name is Wild Apache, the Savage - was scheduled to perform this Saturday night at a Brooklyn strip club.

Soto, whose Web site includes a photo of her mom, blamed Rojas for her actions.

"When [police] told defendant Soto that she didn't look like she wanted to have sex with young girls, defendant Soto stated that she did it for him," the complaint says.

The couple is due back in court Jan. 28.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


MySpace Suicide Case Not Over...
RIP Megan Meier
A federal grand jury has issued a subpoena to MySpace.com in a probe stemming from the suicide of a Missouri teenager who received cruel messages on the networking site that turned out to be a hoax, a newspaper reported.

Federal prosecutors are considering charging a mother in the girl's neighborhood with defrauding MySpace by creating a false account that she, her daughter and a teenage employee used to fool 13-year-old Megan Meier into believing she was communicating with a 16-year-old boy, the Los Angeles Times said Tuesday on its Web site, citing unidentified sources.

It said its sources insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

Megan, of suburban St. Louis, hanged herself in October 2006 after receiving cruel messages from the fictional boy she had befriended online, including one saying the world would be better off without her.

The neighborhood woman, Lori Drew, has denied creating the account but acknowledged being aware of it. She also has denied sending any messages to Megan or being aware of the unkind messages.

Prosecutors in Missouri declined to charge anyone because no laws appeared to apply to the case.

A Missouri state panel formed by Gov. Matt Blunt after the suicide met for the final time Tuesday and said it would recommend making certain types of harassment a felony, such as if anyone 21 or older harasses people 17 and younger.

Several grand jury subpoenas issued last week included one to MySpace and others to witnesses, the Times reported.

Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Los Angeles, told the AP he could not comment on grand jury matters, which are secret.

Lori Drew's attorney Jim Briscoe told the AP that the Drews had not been subpoenaed, and that he did not know of anyone else who had received a subpoena. "I do not know if it's true," he said of the report.

MySpace officials had no immediate comment.

Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor and professor at Loyola University Law School, said that if the government convened a grand jury it would be trying to create a case in which MySpace would be the victim of a fraud meaning the person who perpetrated the fraud could be prosecuted.

"The whole case is curious," she said, and could raise First Amendment issues of free speech.

The Times reported that its sources said federal prosecutors in Los Angeles believe they have jurisdiction because MySpace is based in Beverly Hills.

Our thanks to Denise Marhoefer of The Defense Foundation For Children USA
for sending us this tip - Fighter





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John Gash
We are starting the year out with a classic tale of cyberpathy. John Gash chatted up women out of town & out of the country from his computer and then traveled to meet and sleep with these women.

Of course he made professions of love and so on... without telling anyone he was married or had more than one woman on his hook.

His victim's story:

My story started in 1999 and lasted 3 years until October 2002 at which time I had discovered his affair with a work colleague, that he is married and that he had, for the whole of our "so called" relationship been communicating with and possibly meeting, other women online.

He is STILL targetting women online. Meanwhile, 5 years later I am still picking up the pieces and coming to terms with the devastation he caused me. This man almost destroyed me and for 2 years I was simply unable to function, work or practise my career. (because of predator mind control & brainwashing. CLICK HERE and HERE for more information on that. Our victims commonly tell us they were unable to function, distracted, sleepless, couldn't focus or think straight or felt like there was a 'wet blanket' on their head)

John is a smooth operator in real life. He was Director of Programs for a well-known aircraft manufacturer for 40 years and has done very well in his career. At face value he seems to be a smart and successful businessman living in San Jose, CA. In reality he is a liar, cheat and predatory con man.


  • Jdgash99
  • cooljohn99
  • wheelies03
  • wheelies06
  • ufo_flying_the_sky
  • stanford2426.
These are all in Yahoo chats & groups

I also found a bunch of ICQ numbers for him but unfortunately have now deleted them.

He hangs in 50's/60's chat and romance rooms in Yahoo and plays bridge on Yahoo and MSN.

I have sufficient evidence here to put before any Court in the event he would want to sue and like Miss Lewinsky I even have his DNA as he left his hairbrush here so the possibility of court action really doesn't phase me at all.

When I discovered what he had done to me and challenged him he refused to talk to me or discuss it. He changed his home phone number, emailed me to say that if I ever came to California NOT to visit him or he would have me arrested!!! This from the man who for three years had been a part of my life and professed to love me. (very typical - they become ENRAGED when you catch them. )

It's time he was exposed for who he really is and what he does online.

Well SAID!

We will be posting chats Gash had with one of his victims throughout the month.

And as always, if Mr. Gash wishes to contact us for a referral to long term counseling for his predatory exploitation of innocent women and/or for his obvious sex and love addiction, he can do so at our email address at the right.

John Gash, here's your PREDATOR award:
cyberpaths seal

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Blackmail judge is 'internet predator' who seduced women online

Check out how the judge/ predator tries to SMEAR his victims!! Sound familiar?

Blackmail judge is 'internet predator' who seduced women online

The judge at the centre of a love triangle blackmail case is an 'internet predator' who seduced a divorcee on a dating site then callously dumped her, it's been claimed.

Renate Butler, 60, told how she met judge Mohammed Khan on the Udate website and the pair shared romantic dates in London and Surrey and had sex at his £500,000 North London flat.

But in July he vanished after a weekend together and never got in contact again.

Last night the sales rep from Horley, Surrey, said:
"He is a user and predator of women. Things were going well at first and I thought he was charming and a gentleman.

"But then I suddenly stopped hearing from him. I thought he was extremely ignorant to have done it the way he did it. It wasn't the way to do it, it should have been face to face.

"On the dating website he described himself as kind and caring but by the end of our relationship I found him to be anything but."
Meanwhile Judge Khan said last night that he had made a 'fundamental error of judgement' by employing Roselane Driza.

He told The Daily Telegraph:
"I deeply, deeply regret the very fundamental error of judgment that I made with Driza, believing her when she said she was legal and not realising she was such a devious woman.
"My biggest regret is that I befriended Driza. I never realised she was illegal. I kept saying 'Show me your papers'. I would like to think I am a man of conscience. I have made my share of mistakes but I do not go around being horrible to people."
It was revealed yesterday that Khan - who is facing the sack over the 'sex, lies and videotape' blackmail case - is receiving full close to £200,000 to date. The female immigration judge, who was his lover, has been on sick leave for 18 months and is also understood to have been paid as much as £180,000 during that time. She earns £117,680 a year.

The Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA), which employs them, confirmed both would continue receiving their substantial salaries during a disciplinary investigation into the embarrassing fact that they were employing an illegal immigrant as their cleaner.

MPs described the situation as "sheer hypocrisy". Judge Khan was named and shamed by an Old Bailey judge, in an unprecedented legal move, when the blackmail case ended on Wednesday.

The female judge - seen apparently snorting cocaine while romping with Judge Khan in a homemade sex video - retained her anonymity because she was the victim of blackmail.

Roselane Driza, 37, had threatened to expose the video, and another of him in bed with a mystery blonde, unless she was given £20,000.

Yesterday, after the cleaner was found guilty of blackmail, father-of-two Judge Khan's estranged wife said she knew he had been sleeping with her. Amtul Khan, a social worker who lives in Birmingham, said: "The court revelations are no surprise to me."