Sunday, January 20, 2008


Mr. Gash is going to do what they all do... use the ultimate in control & coercion - "I LOVE YOU." These words have no meaning for these guys. (Remember they say it to their girlfriends and wives, too!)

But they KNOW these words mean a lot to their victims... and use them appropriately as weapons to get what they want.

These emails from Gash to one of his victims and another IM session between Gash & a second target are, once again, great examples of the casual lies and manipulation of cyberpaths for one aim -- free sex. Like a 16 year old in the back seat of his dad's car - "I love you" gets him what he REALLY wants.

Let's see what Wikipedia has to say about LOVE BOMBING
Love bombing is the deliberate show of affection or friendship by an individual or a group of people toward another individual. Critics have asserted that this action may be motivated in part by the desire to recruit, convert or otherwise influence.

the phrase is defined to mean affection that is feigned or with an ulterior motive and that is used to reduce the subject's resistance...
Cyberpaths won't be honest and just say they want sex (or money or cybersex or fun at your expense, etc) they HAVE to toy with your emotions - which is where the trauma comes in for you. You are emotionally raped by them.

And, ultimately - when you catch them - they will say you were "in agreement" or you "knew it was a game" or you "whored yourself to them willingly" - this is just more lies to cover up their misdeeds.

Coercion and manipulation and "I love you" is not mutual acceptance - It's PREDATION.

As always, our comments are in PURPLE.

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001
From: cooljohn99@XXX.com
Subject: A romantic letter
To: one of his targets

XXXXX, from my heart to yours When I think of romantic times, I think about happenings between us ones that were or were not planned before but as it turns out time stood still and all emotions feelings came together at the sametime.

Those feelings - love, happiness, warmth, security, so involve in each other that the outside environment was only a blur, and never wanting that moment or happening to end. There are so many times like that between us but the special times describe being romantic in my mind and i will describe them to you and my feelings.

The first time we had dinner at XXXX - from talking about what we were going to wear the getting dress (how special you look with your smiles as you spray hair stuff on my hair), the taxi ride to XXXXX (the quick snuggling in the back seat), our discussion with the driver who could tell that both of us had sparkles in our eyes, the sitting in the little corner table drinking wine, then the making eyes all during dinner, the secret smiles to each other (I felt so special that we could get so lost into each other eyes), conversations that was not very important but to both of us made us feel so warm, leaving to go the couch to have dessert where we had a few kisses and block the world out , the ride back to our XXXX and the snugging that follow.

OH SUCH a Romantic Evening The little things - this is one is personal- the thinking about - and seeing you in my mind wearing the black scarf while I was in the store buying it for you I got lost in thinking about when I would see it on you - the sales person thought I was in another cloud. Many others some very short in duration you up dancing at the last musicals we went to - so romantic see you singing along. I can see you now wow.

Romantic event are all so special emotions flowing, I am not sure one can plan a romantic experience - I think they just happens between two people like having drinks in the lobby of the XXXX hotel to walking the beach. There is so much emotions between us that just touching each other fingers mine to yours can take us to a romantic state and we have no control over it - our emotions take takes control of us - and block rest of the world out -smiles John

The way I see romantic and what I think about what happens emotionally for it to be a romantic experience

Gash probably has a template of these (complete with bad English and poor spelling) But note the "mind control" and "emotional manipulation" in his words. What he says triggers his victim to FEEL things that he NEVER felt - in order to coerce her into thinking he cared!

Words like: emotions flowing, romantic, touching, no control, snuggling, another cloud, security, takes control... MANIPULATING EMOTIONS!! (sounds like Jacoby, Gridney/ YidwithLid, Beckstead, Hicks... etc!)

Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001
From: cooljohn99@XXX.com
Subject: the things i love
To: one of his targets

XXXXX, I love your smiles, your smell, your touches , your conversations, and you soft lips. You make me so peaceful. hugs and ksises john xxxx

Does your wife know you talk like this Mr. Gash?

From: john john (cooljohn99@XXX.com)
Sent: 16 April 2001
To: one of his targets

of course - i want to come
i love love love you and totally want to come - smiles
i will see you in tuesday and only 9 days left to when i am in your arms.
missing you so much today - love and kisses john

DOUBLE ENTENDRE & Emotional manipulation with "EXPECTATION PLEASURE"!! A seduction technique
From: John Gash (jdgash99@XXX.com)
Sent: 15 April 2001
To: one of his targets

love you very
much and hugs and kisses

Mr. Gash -- Just making sure his predatory hooks are still in this woman

IM with a SECOND target:

wheelies03 (GASH) :i have to run back to work soon

wheelies03: but i was serious oh you having lunch wtih me when i am in Dallas middle of may

target: well then lets just see what happens here well that work for you

target: and talk some more

wheelies03 : sound good to me

target: i think that would be very nice

wheelies03: it will give me excuses to bend your ear (along with your MIND!)

target: you know many are so hard to carry on a conservation with here

wheelies03: and you can call me

wheelies03: when ever you want and we can talk

wheelies03: do you have a phone #

wheelies03: XXX XXX XXXX

wheelies03: my cell number (don't call my house PLEASE , my WIFE might answer!)

wheelies03: i go into room XXX

wheelies03: mostly

wheelies03: groups (ONLINE GROUPS where he can troll for more vulnerable, trusting women)

wheelies03: what about you

target: well i love to play solitaire

target: lol

target: and listen to my cds

wheelies03: oh and i play poker (Because I am so good at BLUFFING)

target: i go into the XXXXXXX rooms also

wheelies03: romance or groups? (Profiling her!)

target: i have never been in those!

target: no i haven't

wheelies03: i will come looking for you

wheelies03: in group XXXXX some time

wheelies03: i am so happy now (I found FRESH PREY!)

target: well that would be nice

target: so why are you so happy

wheelies03: you were not lost for ever (aka - I hate losing one when I have them ALMOST on the hook!!)

wheelies03: i am 61

target: i am XX

target: lol

wheelies03: so i cannot be your daddy (But, I can control, manipulate and use you??)

wheelies03: lol

wheelies03: now it is over 7 min and i dont want you to leave (I am not done messing with your head yet)

wheelies03: smiles

target: well lets just say till next time how is that

target: not bye

target: just till next time

wheelies03: when i will get a surprise call

wheelies03: yesssssssssss

target: :) (you poor girl, you won't be smiling long)

wheelies03: byeeeeeeeeeee

wheelies03: for nowwww

wheelies03: XXX

target: yes john

target: for now

wheelies03: you know one last thing i go off to this meeting all smilessssssss

wheelies03: gone

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PND said...

Ugh hand me the barf bag.

Gash is sickening. I thank God for this website. I have learned so much.

I had a recently met a salesman in a store who was doing a job for my house renovations. He obviously thought because I am a small, blonde lady with warm brown eyes he could somehow fool me.

In a conversation I said I was tired and going home to relax. he instantly said "Want a massage" and giggled as if it was somehow going to be appealing to my ego or flattering.

Some people will think this is an innocent, flirty even fun response, but it isnt!!!! it's downright inapproriate and indicates how this mans mind works. I was in the store less than 10 mins!

Even in real life these parasites are disgustingly inappropriate and on the internet they are even better at their game playing, On the net they are in the zone!

I love being single, I love my independence and that won't change anytime soon. Every guy i seem to come across flirts in the most inappropriate ways.or they stare you down with what can only be described as a "Predatory Stare" filled with lust. Pretty much like a lion before he moves in on his prey.

Hardly do women meet men who want to get to know them on any personal level, or as a friend because they are interested in them as a person.

It's usually LUST and MANIPULATION and SEDUCTION TECHNIQUES that are the front and foremost. it's on our TV, the internet, in our homes.

Some men/women not even cyberpaths, or narcissists seem to think that we enjoy flattery littered with sexual innuendo.

Im sick to death of manipulation in today's society, everyone seems to be doing it, and after a while of studying this behaviour you start to see it everywhere you go.

No wonder I live a closed off life, with very few trustworthy friends and family. All victims of cyberpaths will eventually go through a solitary period of confinement and rigourous rules for allowing people into their personal space. I know I do.

I instantly get a red flag, and alarm bells going off if someone piles on the flattery too much and now I trust the "First impressions Count " rule , if I get that gut feeling, or notice any weird or off body language, I am gone.

I am sensitive to how people act around me, so much so I unconsciously study their body language, & speech fluctuations.

I am tired of living on the edge of my seat, and being afraid. I am tired of being non trusting of others, and having to check , check and check again

However it is necessary! google that man you met on the internet, google the woman you met at the store.

I did, and found out the salesman had a previous conviction for benefit fraud and was married!

It pays to be untrusting sometimes. We live in an awful selfish society, so we have to adapt to that by taking precautions, it might take some up some of your time, but it's paramount to do so over anything else. Don't find out 6 months later that the special person you met on the internet is a con artist, sexual predator, or even a murderer.

Take action now!

Start reading this entire website like I did, start by wising up! educating yourself! it's the best thing I ever did!