Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm "Ruined for Life"

A Seattle, WA college student says a stalker got into her home and took nude photos of her using her computer's web camera.

It all started when the victim started talking with her alleged cyberstalker in a chat room on the internet.

She says that initial contact turned into cyberstalking.
"And it hurts to know that your privacy is taken away, especially for a young girl," she said. "To have sleepless nights and to be scared that there's a stalker out there."

The young woman told police the person hacked into her webcam which is in her bedroom. Then, he got pictures of her naked.
"And then from that I'm assuming they just saw me on webcam and they decoded it to see me while I was changing."

She says the cyberstalker sent those pictures to her boyfriend and only then did she find out she was being watched.

Fellow students are stunned.

"That's just scary that people can hack in from other computers into someone else's computer," said one woman.

Web cameras look so innocent you almost forget they're there. But with technology the way it is, and hackers the way they are, when you least expect it someone may be watching.

We've seen these cameras used as spycams before. A Bothell family suspected someone was in their house while they were away. They activated their webcam from across the country and caught a burglar in the act.

Then, there are wireless cameras designed for your own private use. But as KOMO 4 News showed you they transmit pictures for anyone to see if they have the right spying technology.

Computer safety expert Ryan O'Hagan says he's seen this invasion of privacy before. "It's like they're sitting right here."

But, simple safeguards can keep crooks out of your web cam.

"I think just basically having a firewall, anti-virus, a strong password on your machine can keep these thieves out and can keep them from getting into your computer, and watching you at home," said O'Hagan.

KOMO 4 News asked the victim in this case if she will ever use a webcam again. "Never, it has ruined me for life," she said.

She hopes by speaking out others will be protected against cyberstalkers.


Dan Jacoby used webcam shots taken of his victim, photoshopped them and set up a website (no removed) to extort her into silence as well as to give "selective" information to the FBI!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nathan E. B. Thomas, Jr. -- The Black Rider

Thomas had an unreal imagination. It's been reported to us he fancied himself as a James Bond, 'International Man of Mystery' type character. Of course, his lies about being CIA and Special Ops just supported his pulp fiction fantasy of who he really was.

We saved the best, the most hysterical and probably the sickest stuff until last. Thomas sent Victim #2 these stories of himself styled as "THE BLACK RIDER." He presented them as dramatizations of things he had really done or was doing! (As ridiculous as his claims of 'being alone in a cabin in the mountains, then climbing down and asking a farmer for fresh eggs'! The closest this man ever got to roughing it was the nearest hotel or some naive woman's home!)

Here are some of his BLACK RIDER stories; reading like a John LeCarre novel. The stuff he believes he did... in his psychopathic mind. He would also send pictures of military operations, soldiers in battle training exercises, and so on cut & pasted from online military e-zines and journals to which his victims had no access, presenting them as 'his men' or 'him' (in the latter the face was well covered or obscured).

Remember he is presenting these as fact when they are total works of fiction!

Our comments in DARK BLUE.

There was always a fire burning some where and there was always a need to have it put out. The Black Rider sat an thought about the past weekend and the thoughts of when he would have peace. There seemed to always be something going on as the normal world went about it business of the day never realizing how close they had come to not seeing their families or loved ones again. He was sure that if the normal people ever saw what he had to deal with that they would be scared and of course there would be those then that would take away the very liberties he was trying to protect, but people would be so afraid of the animals that they would give up their freedom, if it meant they were safe. Once they had given up their freedom those who were sworn to protect them over time would become their controlling captors rather than their protectors. (Nathan Thomas = controlling captor)

Last weekend was such a time. The Black Rider had been gathering information on this team of people that were in the process of bringing deadly biological agents into a northern European area. So there was all kinds of surveillance that was done to weed out these folks and it was very hard to get to them as they had a place that would require an army and even then there would be doubts of capturing all of the important people. So, as long as the items had not moved across the border the Black Rider said there was time. Everyone was telling him to strike earlier and he always fought large elements of people as he was not going to do what they wanted. The Black Rider normally picked on weekends as those people with families liked to have them and they acted like normal people. (as if he'd know what NORMAL was!) So, this was their weakest moment. The problem was how to take out the bad from their families and ensure there families were not harmed in the process? ("how can I get freebies from a woman who already has a family and get away with it?")

The Second was given the task of ensuring there were people to protect the family members and whenever possible to make sure that they would not see anything bad happen to their loved one. So, it was determined that sleeping gas would be used and all members put to sleep first. In the case where the man and woman were in a room together they would both be give the gas and the bad guy taken away while his wife slept. Children were also handled with a gas. Then there was the neighborhood as it could not know that they had ever been there. (and he will run from being caught or found out as a predator and swear he had no idea or it never happened, to those around him.)

So, it was time to move and the Black Rider had confirmation that all were in place and it was time to move. Team #2 hit first and they hit a house which was 200 Kilometers away where there was an arms dealer who had the agent in question. So, the problem was locating the agent and that meant the arms dealer had to be taken alive and questioned. (Thomas, has anyone ever taken you alive and questioned you or do you find a reason to run?)

Team #2 went in at 0100 hours and too the husband right out from under his families noses as they were all given knockout gas which caused them all to sleep and not wake up until much later. The arms dealer was then taken by car and later by helicopter to an isolated area where the information would be extracted from him in very short order as soon as he awakened. (Arms dealer? Thomas wouldn't have a clue what to do with a real arms dealer)

Team #1 had another individual who was the buyer and he had the money and the connections. He was to be captured as well and all of his accounts cleaned out. He would have no money to make the buy and the Black Rider's leaders would use this money to finance their fight against such evil. (or maybe lining his own pockets to sleep with more women around the world)

Team #3 had another action and they were to take out with extreme prejudice the biological engineer that was working for a very bad cell of terrorist. All that were in his building were considered bad and so it was a free zone and all within were hostile in nature. (Psychopaths are hostile in nature. Thomas trying to tell us something?)

The Black Rider was waiting on the information as to where the chemicals were and his job was then to make sure they were all destroyed. The information came in from Team #2 where the items were located. The Black Rider then took his three personnel and they went to the area where the biological agents were held and started to destroy the products. In doing so all three were exposed to a very toxic agent which it was discovered ate through the fabric and went on to the skin. (The only toxic agent here is Thomas)

This new wrinkle made there a change to plans an there was a bio hazard expert that was flown to the location. The Black Rider was exposed on his left hand as very small area and between his stomach and penis where a barrel was being handled an some of its content got on the Black Rider's protective clothing. (oh boy - he found a reason to use the word PENIS!)

The Bio expert was very efficient and neutralized the affects of the agent, but there would be minor irritation for months. The best was that there was no contamination possible to the local population. (ooooo he's so brave... behind a keyboard.)

Had the public known what was going on and how close it had came to having wide spread terror the cost would have been horrific. (had the women he used known the truth he'd have been in jail by now) So the Black Rider once again thanked the cosmos for all of their good fortune. His mind went back to his love. A woman that would tell him that he did not know what stress was and that having a house full of kids was stress. There were times when he thought walk in my shoes at this time and let me know which has more stress when dealing with issues that at most hurt feelings, or dealing with issues where when you make a call it affects the lives of those around you and of those that never know that their lives rest in your hands. So he felt s smile as he thought of his gentle soul of a wife whose world was in peace and she did not see the same demons. (women don't see him for the sick pervert he is) But she held her torch of love burning for her man and this kept him going to know there was good in this world. (wonder how many women he sent this junk to? do you see the implied 'keep believing my lies' stuff here?)

There were many insects biting the members of the team as they lay in wait watching the terrorist encampment. The mission was only to verify that all within the camp were hostile. (Thomas is emotionally toxic & hostile to decent women)

No one was to be engaged and the regular military would come in an take care of the situation. The Black Rider had advised the local commander that the best way to handle these people were by surprise with the maximum of violence and the minimum exposure to the troops. The local commander did not listen and wanted to do things his way! (When you read the email Thomas sent to Victim #2 at the bottom you will see he wants everything HIS WAY!)

So the Black Rider got his personnel together and laid it all out on the line for them and that their time was on them, as this mission was over by the legal sense; however, there were troops that were going to die needlessly and he said he was going to stay and ensure that the terrorist would not get a drop on the troops while he had anything to do about it. As he knew would happen everyone of his men said they were staying as this was the kind of men he had. They were all loyal and followed him without a word and without doubt. (imbedded seduction here: means he wants all his women to be loyal and believe him without a doubt! The rest of the story helps scare them that they either might lose him or are sleeping with a man who can slit their throats and get away it.)

The sun was beating down on them and they had been in location for hours under cover of dirt laid on top of the hole in the side of the hill. One of the members had the company of a lizard and a scorpion as it got hotter they were looking for a cooler spot and his hole was selected. All personnel as set up so there was a perimeter and there were two men to a hole where they took turns sleeping and watching their sectors. The scorpion was about to find out that it had came into a hole where there was danger. The Black Rider later found out that the scorpion got close to the mouth of his one man and it was bitten, but was not killed before its barb stuck its attacker in the cheek. The lizard was allowed to live as it would take care of the other insects that were in the hole, but the scorpion was not something they wanted to deal with at that time. (scorpion? maybe a common mosquito in someone's backyard! LOL)

Moments later there was the rumble of vehicles and as everyone had communications with other team members it was relayed that there was an armed convoy coming fast upon the enemy site. The Black Rider knew if his men and him heard them, that the terrorist would as well. Sure enough they came running out armed to the teeth. They were going to head for the very hill where they knew the vehicles were going to have to come and by the way, unknown to them it was all ready figured out by the Black Rider that they would go there, so he left a surprise for them. He new that this commander was going to come over ground and as he knew the direction he would have to take, so did the terrorist and the Black Rider knew where they would go to handle a ground attack. (When Thomas gets confronted he gets on the first plane out of the country.)

So as the terrorist got to the other hill and started setting up their mortars and heavy anti tank weapons the Black Rider and his men were waiting before springing there trap. The terrorist had set up and were now waiting for the convoy to come within killing range. This never came to pass as all of a sudden their position became and inferno. The minds were set to go off electronically and they started going off with deadly accuracy as the terrorist did not know what was hitting them. They were dying left and right as they watched their ranks get blown apart and they never new where it was all coming from. There were three sniper weapons trained on their location to mop up any loose ends and there were four which left the world never knowing from where their death came from. (Death would be convenient for Thomas to say happened to him - because then he'd be free from one or two women to add more to his stable)

Then as all of this was happening the people at the terrorist stronghold came out as they thought it was their people who were causing the death of the so called infidels and to their shock it was their own people dying and death came knocking on their doorsteps as well. The Black Rider ensured that as soon as they were aware of what was going on their whole operation had to be brought to the ground. He called in to his people and they brought a unmanned piloted vehicle in with a load of killer missiles and they were guided in by laser from the Black Rider's location. The stronghold was leveled to the ground as two missiles totally destroyed the little stronghold and reduced it to a smoldering heap of rubbish. The stench of burning flesh as all ready heavy in the air. (The stench of Thomas' lies is a lot worse!)

The local commander's troops came charging in and there was nothing left for them to do, except to bury the dead. The Black Rider and his men waited on their helicopter evacuation and left the scene where there was obvious confusion as to what had just happened. Their lives had been saved and they would never know how close it was that they came to not ever seeing their loved ones again. (LOVE? This guy doesn't know what that is... the only thing he loves is himself and his genitals.)

The Black Rider came back after his men and he was sick from all of the traveling and going through time zones and different weather. (so many women, so little time!) He was suffering from a cold and a bad ear infection which had set in and it was a combination of action he had been through before, the different pressure on his ear drums, and the bad cold he was suffering. In spite of all of that he still had work to do and his men to take care of. (more emails to write, dating sites or penpal sites to patrol for fresh prey...)

His men had been called back earlier because of all of the bad things that were happening in the area where they were engaged trying to keep the outside forces at a distance while giving the local emerging government a chance to get on its own feet and govern itself the way its people wanted to be governed. He did not believe it would happen the way a lot of western countries thought because history in this area showed that there would be fighting and disputes until the end of time and a few years was not going to change something that had been going on for centuries. But all of that being said, it would not be because he did not give it his all, as he would to try and ensure that there would be a chance if it were within his power. If nothing else he was saving lives of the weak here and there and that was a good feeling. (he was devouring the weak with lies, lures, seduction and baloney to get sex, food and free housing!)

The Black Rider had been picked up in another country and placed on a military transport and was at once to work talking with his men on the ground and getting appraised of the situation and what would be required. There were many things to be considered and worried about, but some way he would pull it together. I bad news had reached him at a bad time where he had to cut short his personal life and there were many things he had planned on doing that had to either change, or be placed on hold to a later date. The Black Rider was trying to change his life and it was being made very difficult, but he was going to have things his way as he hated to fail like on the current mission he was putting together even as he flew toward the center of the world's problem, even though many did not realize fully what was happening. (Thomas' targets didn't realize what he was doing to them either.)

There were many things to be coordinated before he got there and he was not in the mood for excuses or long stories. Often, he was having to tell people to get to the point as he hated long stories as normally they turned into nothing but excuses. His men had learned his mood became dark when there were long stories and so they were always very brief and to the point. When the Black Rider started talking it was all one way communication as to what was required and by when. Anyone that stood in the way were to be put on the lne with him right away. During the flight, the black Rider was called four times to solve issues. (four women getting suspicious maybe?)

One was a local commander that did not want to give the resources that were requested and after arguing with the Black Rider, he was relieved by the Theater Commander after the Black Rider explained the situation and was placed under the control of the Black Rider as this was one of the requests of the Black Rider. (how many times can he use 'Black Rider' in a sentence? Like the 'I, Me, My' of a narcissistic type)

The Black Rider finally landed and was at once seen by the medical staff on the ground and given treatment to where he could work without having to bother about the pains of a cold for a few hours at a time. He took advantage of this and further organized for the upcoming operation. There were many things that needed to happen and there were satellites as well as agents on the ground of the enemy's camp that were providing information back to the Black Rider as he was organizing his band of warriors and making plans for a very bold raid, that would deal a very deep blow to the enemy camp held up in another country. (Woman in country #1 found out so now the Black Rider has to run to country #2 to see another victim... woman - and say he's on a mission. All the while setting up a liaison with woman #3 in yet another country!)

Five days passed and finally, the time that was waited for had arrived. The Black Rider was waiting on the enemy to make a move, which would place the enemy in a bad situation and give maximum advantage of surprise to the Black Rider and his men. The plan was simple, yet bold, and it called for people to cooperate and to be counted on to do their part in order for the mission to be a success. It called for a strike across the border into another country and it called for the complete destruction of the enemy base and all personnel in it. Because there could be political problems, if caught, there would be no chance of rescue and there would be denial that his country was even involved with the action. The Black Rider was not worried about the being caught portion, as it just did not seem like an option to even consider. (Psychopaths never worry about being caught but they don't like it when they are.)

During the time that his team had been deployed they had become feared and the enemy had the largest ransom in history for any one group dead or alive. They were known as the Shadows by his enemies and it was a mystique that was worked on for a reason. It came about from a TV show where this futuristic science fiction space movie depicted this force known as the shadows which would show up out of nowhere and destroy all in its path. They were feared and they were evil. The Black Rider was evil to the enemy. Whenever they had been someplace there was always a card left to with a figure coming out of the darkness and it was known as Death or the Grim Reaper. It was not a knew theme, but it had the desired affect. (The Black Rider is EVIL period. He IS the enemy, ladies.)

No one had ever known one of these things to ever be killed, or captured. There were a couple that had been spared for whatever reason, that were able to tell what they saw. There were a couple of papers that had been circulated about this force and it was one trying to explain to the enemy that these were normal beings and that they could be killed and that to-date they were just lucky. Well, after this attack that was being planned the Black Rider knew that there would be even more of a mystery behind them because he had some surprises for them to shock and awe and there would be thoughts of them as ghosts from hell coming to claim the bad and the wicked. (They will be coming for you soon enough, Mr. Thomas)

The Second came to the Black Rider and informed him that all was in order and they were ready for inspection. The Black Rider knew that there was not need to check as it would have been done as though he was there himself. This was the true test of leadership when the men acted and got things done to the same standards as though he was there right on the spot. The Black Rider went out and checked anyway as it was always a good thing to put more than one set of eyes on things when peoples' lives lay in the balance. (The only LIFE he recognizes and cares about is HIS OWN - everyone else's is there for him to play with, use, abuse, exploit and dump when he gets bored or caught.)

He went to the open quarters where the men had all of their gear laid out for inspection and it was all the same. They were trained to set up each area the same so when a leader looked at one set up all were the same and it was easier to tell when there was something missing or wrong. All items were correct and in working order. every man had packet his own parachute and his personal weapon was set out and all ammunition that would be needed for this mission was out. There was nothing but the items needed to wage war and anything else was a luxury. So there was nothing to keep them dry nor warm other than the thermo suits they would be jumping in to keep their body temps warm during the drop. This was a HALO jump would be used to airdrop at high altitude without posing a threat to the jumpers. They would jump from the aircraft and deploy their parachutes at a high altitude, 10–15 seconds later after the jump (typically at 27,000 feet or so). The jumpers will use a compass to guide themselves while gliding for 30 or more miles. The jumpers will use way points and terrain features to navigate to their desired landing zone, and along the way, they must correct their course for changes in wind speed and direction; making for a tricky navigation problem. All men would follow the Second and the Black Rider would be the last to exit the aircraft The Second being the first out the door would be in the lowest position and would set the travel course and act as a guide for his other team members. (Thomas has NEVER jumped out of a plane or helicopter.)

All men were in good spirits and the Black Rider could see the gleam in their eyes as they were all ready at the location and it was what they had been trained for. Their whole purpose in life for the next few hours or days would be to stop the enemy at all costs and to ensure that the enemy was never able to wage war from the location to which they were going ever again. There would be no pity nor quarter given. All was well in the inspection went well to include the other team members that had been taken under the operational control of the Black Rider. (CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL! Typical predator always needs to be in control!)

Next they went out to the transport that would be flying them to their destination. It was also a very flat black in color. There were no markings and it could have come from anywhere. This was a rare look by the pilots at the people they would be flying. The Black Rider noticed that they were very nervous as this was there first time meeting him; however, he knew each of them very well, as well as records could get one. He hand picked who would be flying his team and he knew that they were honored as well as scared to death as there were many stories that had been told about his men and him. He knew that they were nervous and they could not see his eyes as he had on dark shades and his Second was talking to them and every time the flight commander tried to ask the Black Rider a question, his Second would answer them. The Second gave the tour of the plane and all items required to include the weapons array that would be used by the flight crew upon the target area. (His second? What is this the Charge of the Light Brigade? LOL)

After the inspection, the Black Rider finally addressed the flight commander. He wanted to know how many combat missions had he flown of this nature and the flight commander looked at the reflective sun glasses and asked must he talk to the glasses when answering or could he look into his eyes? The Black Rider was not in the mood for a fly boy smart ass, so he walked away without answering. (same way he walks away giving no answers to his victims) He handled it this way because pilots were known to have large egos and at times their egos were bigger than they were. (Thomas' ego is humongeous obviously!) This was know of jet pilots and he used to be one until it was determined that he needed eye glasses. Jet pilots by nature had attitudes was the Black Riders thinking and that was not all bad as he and his men had attitudes as well, but only when needed. His Second asked if he wanted the flight commander changed out and the Black Rider informed him that he wanted him as he read he was the best of all and he knew on this mission he would be needed. He knew that this flight commander was a hard one to control as well and to this end, he wanted to keep the upper hand and he wanted the flight commander to always wonder about him, but never find out a thing through personal contact. The Black rider looked at his Second and said tell him, that if he is asked the same question a second time by me that his whole world will change. The Second understood as he had been with the Black Rider longer than any of them, so he knew exactly what was meant by that. The pilot screw things up and he would never fly anything, but cargo until he retired. (Thomas thinks he so powerful but he's really a nothing and a nobody by retired Army who's flying an armchair in some poor woman's house.)

The Black Rider went back to his room and he chatted with his love over the line to another world. His heart was heavy as there were things he wanted to say and could not. (like - 'I am lying. You are the 3rd or 5th woman I have to call...') His love was safe and had no idea the things he was really dealing with. He also knew that tomorrow is never promised and so time was something he looked at through different eyes. There were many things that he saw differently, but there was one thing that he knew and that was that this woman held his love and he was fighting to ensure that he was able to get back to this love of his life. (He's already with the love of his life - HIMSELF)

Now all they could do was wait until the time was right and then they would leave and he hoped that this thing would go as he had envisioned it. He had placed each man from the other team with one of his men and they were under their control until they closed back in to this current location. His men were doing a good job of watching out for them and ensuring they were prepared for when he came to inspect. (Notice, THOMAS has the final word in his stories - just like cyberpaths love to have the final word - and give no closure.)

So, the Black Rider was sitting down and writing in his journal to his love that she would know what was going on. He had his fears and those were, what if he were never able to see her in this world again and how sad she would be. To make sure that his last words were kind and not hurtful, that she would not have regrets. Then he would think, maybe he should make her mad at him and even get her to hate him and then if there were something to happen she would not be as sad. But a lass he dropped these thoughts because it would be worse for her to think bad as he wanted there to be laughter in her heart when she thought of their lives together which had burned hot and bright for the time they had shared. She was his love and was as gentle as he was mean at times. The Black Rider wrote a little more an then he would send off what he had written, so far and then get some sleep, but then thought no, he would finish the journal when he returned and complete the action for this time period. (He has so many ludicrous and insane fantasies about himself running around in his head!)

It was just before 2200 hours and it was nice and dark and all men were well rested and ready for the task ahead. There would be about a two hour flight by the route they had to take and then they would jump in the darkness. The temp would be very cold and the Black Rider had to ensure that everyone was alert to the possibilities that were at hand during this mission. All men were well versed on their actions and the times and the rally points and all check points along the way as well. To prepare the personnel's night vision even before they got on the aircraft they were kept in a room with only red-lights on. in this room were last minute checks, as doing High Altitude High Opening jumps were nothing to play with and so all had to be checked to ensure that they had not broken the rules. The Black Rider wasnt worried about the men he had trained, but the jury was still out on the other members which were under his control now. There was an obvious difference in experience and the Black Rider's men had been out on more mission than any other unit since 1999. (IN HIS HEAD! And he's picked up more women in the last 8 years, since he got the internet!)

So, it was time for the safety measures and points to be covered: and finally the signal came to move out to the aircraft. On the inside of the aircraft there was also nothing but red lighting as well. The flight commander had ensured that everything was operationally ready on his aircraft and he was ready to do his part. The Black Rider asked him if he was clear on the pick-up point and if he had rocket assist to help on a short take off and he was given the affirmative. The Black Rider stood by as his men loaded up and was given the thumbs up by his Second that all was ready. The Black Rider then got on the aircraft and the doors and the ramp closed. (Taking guesses, readers, on how many women got these stories?)

An email from Thomas to Victim #2 to "prop up" his claims of being a CIA OPERATIVE.

OK Cutie, (he called Victim #1 Cutie also - these guys love pet names in case they forget the real ones!)

I found an office and it will be fine. I now have people to place the items that I will be needing. Then after today I should be operational. So there has been a lot of hustle and everyone is amazed at how quickly things got done. I am not though as I know that these folks we call upon to move things are efficient and as long as they know what you want they will make it happen. So I was very proud of how after receiving a call at how quickly and efficiently they went about getting things together and delivered, plus set up. (probably means he got a new laptop and was able to get all the spyware he planted on all the women he was playing operational.)

My team member here is busy limping around and his eyes are glowing as he feels useful again and knows he will be helping the team in its day to day operation. I guess my eyes are glowing too, but I have no one to tell me that they are. (team member is probably a wife or girlfriend. LOL)

So, I am or will be operational today. I have arranged times with my man and we will do this in between our physical rehab times. (physical rehab? How about a diet?)

How has your day been going? Have you had a hard or easy day? How are the kids doing now? So, tell me Cutie. One child will be out of school this year. You said they will be moving with us more than likely. (DARN!) What will be their role? What will they be doing? How do you see it working with them? I mean they will not be in school as I hear it and they will be taking a break. (means: "do you expect me to help pay for this break? I have other women with children to deal with!) The same with the other child? (in a big hurry to get rid of the kids. Too many eyes & brains might see through his lies and bust him! In fact, one of Victim #2s children did discover that Thomas was already listed on this site as a predator and had been for a couple years!)

There are a couple ideas that I have and you tell me what you think. Car: there will be one car which they all have to share and to maintain. So when someone needs to be picked up or taken somewhere that is their job to look out for. (Because he's too lazy to do it) When it needs to be maintained or gas it is they who will get together and arrange for these things to be taken care of. Now having said this I know you say that they will not agree to work on things and that they will never agree to share. (he's dictating family policy to someone he apparently married BIGAMOUSLY. Where was his responsibilities to his first wife and children?)

Here are my answers and reasoning to this and please your comments as if you have another way then I am open:

1. Need to be more responsible for themselves when needing a ride and I want you and me to have our peace and when we give rides it will be for those not of driving age. (He wants her all to himself. Abusers do this to their victims - its called ISOLATION OF PERCEPTION)

2. There are no arguments with us about our car and no, even if it is in the drive and they will only be gone for a second, it is not for their use, they will have a car and they need to call each other for help when this no longer works for them then it is time to buy their own vehicle. (He wants to be able to act tyrannically towards children that aren't his.)

3. Teaches the kids to work things out and to be more responsible. Takes the burden off of us and places it back on them. (Heaven forbid anyone burden the Black Rider!)

4. There are too many kids that will not respect their parent's car and there is a tendency to wreck or otherwise misuse the cars. Note: the car and I will say that our main car (the one you and I drive) will not be shared even in things they may call as an emergency and we have to be hard. They have a car and they need to coordinate its use. IF not then I am hard and not bend unless we have a life threatening situation. We will have done our part by providing them with a car. Any car after that time will require them either buying their own or buying out the others for its use. (He wants use of the car whenever HE wants. Fast getaway. And he has NO intention of making any room for the needs of someone's children. Only HIS needs.)

Now I know you are saying wow this is not good, but when do you start preparing the kids to be on their own? The safety net of home will be gone one day and so they need to be able to get out there. (And be GONE so I can really mess with your mind!)

Next living at home:

1. What rules will there be? I have my thoughts, but I would like to hear them from you. (so he can criticize and tear you down)

2. What about cleaning? (because he isn't going to do it)

3. Helping with chores? (again, he isn't going to do it. He should be waited on, hand and foot.)

4. What is eaten/ Cooking/ friends coming over and eating and going through refrigerator. (because he wants food for HIMSELF and doesn't want to spend a dime to feed children)

5. Washing and ironing clothing? (He needs room service - free)

6. What about the rules of the house and what you say? (or what he says THROUGH her?)

7. At what age do you think they should have a place of their own? (when can he kick them out and not pay for them?)

8. Friends and visiting hours/ sleep overs? (again, a friend of one of the children might get suspicious of him and say something)

9. Telephone usage and giving out the number (because he probably has a trace on that too)

I am sure there are things that I may not have thought about and you have. And like I said this is all open to discussion. I know there are things that I take a more hard line to. Here I have done one thing that I did not do for my kids as I did not buy them a car at all, they had to save up and get their own and in the meantime it was if I did by chance take them and it was going to be late they had to show me that they had a way home, otherwise it would cost them for me to come get them and I normally had them doing things around the house to assist their mother. (Because he was spending his money on HIMSELF, his trips around the world on his Military discount, his internet access, access to dating sites and porn sites fees - why should he spend dime one on anyone but NATHAN? Thomas liked to appear wealthy to lure in women but he's really a cheap, selfish predator.)

Now, you know I am not short on words and I talk, so it may have come across hard, but I am here to listen as well Cutie because you have been raising the children and you are allowing me into their lives as well as yours. (funny - it looked like you were being dictatorial and now you are saying its because you care. That is classic abuser-speak.)

So, these are issues that are normally hard for families when there is one parent coming
into an all ready organized family unit. (You're not a parent. You're a predator)

Love, (gag)

NOTE: It is suspected Nathan Thomas has another wife / girlfriend in Switzerland and possibly one in Prague. He has been visiting both of these areas regularly for a few years now.

Anyone with information should write to us and we will pass the information along to law enforcement.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nathan E.B. Thomas, Jr. : Emails/ Love Bombs from a Cyberpath

Some email examples from Thomas to Victim #2. Full of double-speak, the verbal run around, love-bombing and more naseauting talk.

Remember: EOPC considers Cyberpathy an expression of Narcissism and/or Psychopathy

Readers, did your cyberpath send you similar stuff?

Our comments in Dark Blue.


From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
To: Victim #2
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 12:16 PM
Subject: What All I Feel

Hey Babes,

I have been sitting here thinking about you and us! It is frightening the love that I feel for you and it worries me to lose you as well. (afraid she's going to figure you out!) It is funny that I do not think about myself, but worry about you. I know you have taken care of yourself all of these years and you have made your way.

I am not one to take away the credit and give it where it is due as it takes a determined person to have done what you have done to date. (real meaning: She's vulnerable & I hope she stays that way!) I do not know how much time we will have in this world together, but whatever time it is, I know that there will be a life time of living packed into this time in space. It will be filled with happiness and we will have so many precious moments and it will carry us through all things. (wtf is he TALKING about? notice how twisted the verbiage is... like his brain... convoluted!)

I do not know what is planned in our lives as far as us together. I know that it is not normal that two pass at the same time, but people that are so in love as we are do not live long after their mate passes. (Darn right it's not normal - you are an already married predator with other women scattered all over the globe!)

I know you do not like to hear such talk as we will have long lives and they will be full, but one day and it will come where one of us will cross over before the other. (or unless Nathan does a disappearing act for another woman and then you get a "mysterious" email telling you he's "dead." We have seen cyberpaths pull that B.S. before, too)

I have been thinking and if then I would want it to be you before me as I know I would be shortly behind you. I would not want you to suffer as if you love me as much as I think you do, then you will feel so alone and be so hurt and haunted by my empty space. I think you would be so sad and this I could not take. (Because he thinks he's such a great guy - NOT!)

I know if I were left behind that I would be sad, but like a good soldier I would wait my time to join you. (and find many other women online to fill in that time, as he already has!)

I love you and it is not that I love you any less, but that I would rather it be me that suffers the loneliness and not you! Life does not always give us what we want. But, I had to say this as it was on my mind as I was thinking about you and me. (These guys have no clue what LOVE is - they just know it's a word that gets them what they want)

What do I see when I think of you? I see a woman that loves me for who I am inside and out and there is no doubt in my mind about her love for me. (You see someone who is buying the facade so far - but she had no idea at the time who you REALLY WERE!)

I see a woman that when I think about her she makes my soul sore and my spirit rise. (and fills me with glee because I am getting away with it! again)

I see a woman whose eyes light up when she sees me and I can tell her love through her looks and her touch. By the little things she does and says. I see a woman whose skin gets goose bumps when I touch her and when we make love I can feel the passion rise from her and I can tell that she is giving to me all of her body, mind, and soul, because it is there in her eyes, her touch, it can be felt even in the air. To hear you laugh is like music to me ears and to hear you talk soothes my very soul. (and all I really want out of women is free sex and for them to take care of me so I can have free vacations, variety and lots of sex!)

You are to me the complete woman. Each time we make love I do so with the knowledge that you are doing so out of love and that it is with the knowledge that each time could leave you pregnant with our child. (thank GOODNESS he didn't get her pregnant! And again - these guys don't make love - they masturbate using your body)
The narcissist very early on claims soul-mate-ship, ultimate love. Everything seems incredible and unbelievable - a dream come true. Free people might show each other affection but generally feel comfortable with themselves. They might enjoy the company of someone but will stay focused on their own interests. The victim is needy due to some abuse. The narcissist is not needy in terms of affection but admiration within the group where the narcissist keeps his or her spider-web. However, the narcissist gives this affection in order to draw the victim into this spider web. This is a difficult time for the narcissist because the narcissist cannot be intimate. Hence, intimacy is replaced by sex.

Dr. Ludger Hofmann-Engl

So the greatest honor any woman can give to a man is when she knows and wants to give her man a child. It does not have to happen, but just the knowledge that you would want to is honor enough. (and you should talk to his first wife Marion, about how he "takes care" of the children he gave her. Because he DOESN'T.)

With you I am complete and there is no other calling on life other than to be the best husband that any woman could ever ask for. That each day you are overwhelmed by the love you are receiving from me both mentally and physically. (spare us, Thomas. How many women did you send crap this to?)


Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 23:22:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: Re: To My Love
To: Victim #2

It means:
My dear of wife, I love you and I want to be with you forever! (what??)

Love, T

These characters are often described as "a tower of strength" by those who do not have to live with them. They make this observation when they see their apparent calmness and composure in family crisis.

The truth is, they are calm and composed, because even as the event and the tragedy unfold, there is no empathy or shouldering of the stress and the pain. They are not at all bothered by the suffering of those near. They feel nothing because again, they are never going to empathise/internalise.

In this calm unaffected condition, they remain aware of other issues that the caring family members have long since dropped sight of because of the crisis. They focus on these things vigorously because it takes them away from their own heart and the hearts of the family around them. They are able to attend to things mundane and to maintain a routine. They talk to doctors in an informed language. They put on a show for the nurses and visitors. It all looks caring and so well composed.

All the while the injured or seriously ill family member feels no emotional or spiritual support what so ever. Then when there is no one looking, the Narcissist will disappear or fall off their game, perhaps do something extremely dangerous and careless. In the quiet moment when there is a need to touch a heart and tower of Strength but there is no audience, things get weird. The admiring public never see this side.


Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 09:59:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: 9/27/2004 4:19:10 PM

Thank you so much for the photos. You have a very nice family.

Wen I saw your
family photo at first glance you cannot tell where the mother is, one really has to look. Now, I know you say here we go he has started talking crap, but I mean it, I had to look a second time and then I saw the mature adult face there. (oh puhleeeze!)

Everyone is cute, but I can see where they got it from. There is something
about your look as though I have known it for years. But anyway, I hope that we are able to keep in touch with one another. (same line he gives EVERY OTHER WOMAN!)

Me, I was working this weekend and then I had off and went into the mountains. I must admit that I did not do any training and was rather lazy, but the air was so good. I stayed in a cabin for one night where I had a real lazy time of it. No, I was not roughing it as there was a working toilet and a gas stove to heat water and cook on. Nice fire place. So I took a book with me and a days worth of food and went there and shut out all humanity. (where were you REALLY? Another woman? With the lastest best-selling spy novel to get some more ideas for your fake personna?)

OK, not quite as my
laptop is a wireless and so I can communicate over my cell phone as well. (because he wasn't in a cabin. Probably at some other woman's house catching up on all his online dating profiles)

much for shutting out humanity you say? Well, I have to be reached in case there is something that I have to react to. (REACT to? WOW! Talk about a Freudian slip here!)

So, I took a nice walk and was caught in the rain. I got back to the cabin and first started a fire in the fireplace and then I stripped out of the wet clothing and curled up in a blanket next to the fire and watch it dance around the logs. After a bit I got up and cooked me some eggs fresh from the farmer, real smoked ham, bread and some real preserves made by the same farmer. Some good strong coffee and I was good. (fresh eggs from a farmer? What is this? 1937? ROFL!! This is really an outrageous lie!)

When I woke up, yeah terrible I fell asleep by the fire because I read maybe two pages it was dark out and the fire was out. So I lit the lamps and cooked again and opened a nice bottle of Italian red wine. I had spaghetti with smoked ham cut up on it, cheese, and garlic, with some garlic bread. (O.K. Too many WWII movies that weekend, huh? Was John Wayne or Audie Murphy in any of them?)

So, for one day nothing but being lazy and then early Monday morning back down the mountains to work. Yeah boring but I like boring sometimes. The only item missing was maybe a nice person to have a stimulating chat with about anything or just be crazy and giggle about silly stuff. (this man wouldn't know what roughing it is! He's far too lazy.)

It was nice coming on and seeing an email from you and even better that you sent some photos. (he got to fantasize to new photos!! woo-hoo!!)

By the way it looks as though all had a good time and that is

Thinking of you! (and everyone else I might send this same, slightly edited for each woman - email to)


Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 10:26:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: To My Sweet Darling Love, My Passionate Wife, My Everything!
To: Victim #2

Morning Babes! (for goodness sake, don't these guys ever use their victim's NAMES? or is it that hard keeping track?)

I do not know what time you will get up, but I imagine not until one of your kids wakes you up. I want you to know that I so enjoyed chatting with you and even though I am sorry for keeping you up, there is a selfish side of me that is not because my soul needed it. It is who we are as we feed each other's souls and our spirits are as one when we are together and also when we are apart, but the difference is when we are apart our spirits know that it is the physical of each other that is needed to satisfy our physical beings.

There are no others
that can do what we are too each other and it would be a crime to even attempt to do such a thing and bring dishonor on the other, even if the other were not to know we would know ourselves.
(word salad!)

They say sometimes the good things in life do
not come easy. I would say that might be true as we have been missing each other for most of our lives. (but boy have I kept busy with her and her and her and her and her...)

Also, it has bothered me as there was something that you said this evening and then you broke off and maybe you were having second thoughts about it. (uh oh - did she get some inkling something's WRONG with you, Thomas?)

Babes you can
talk to me. (because I need to keep profiling my victims so the more I know the better I can keep you roped in) Moments where you may not have been proud of yourself, or whatever, you can talk to me as I have told you so many times Rule #1 Never doubt my love for you! (because once you do, you will see I am a complete fraud)

You are my love and you have to not only know it, but feel it
Babes! Hold not back your heart from me and what is on your mind. I need to know that you feel well to come to me and talk. Opinions and what happens are different things as anything that has happened to you in your past is what happened and to know these things also brings me closer to you Babes. (he needs to know what b.s. to keep telling you)

So, please do not
hold back because you fear anything from my side. Trust that I will feel with you and love you! Trust in me that much Babes! (he needs more information!)

Yes, I know you trust me because if you did not you would not ever get in the car with me. I know you trust me as you have given your heart to me and you have shared many things with me. I know you trust me because you gave your body and soul to me and that means that I have to take care of this trust and to honor it. (but send me naked pics so I can post them on all the porn sites I visit!)

There is another form of sexual abuse. In fact, so I believe, it is the most common one, and hence it took me so long to get it. This form of abuse comes in four stages:

  • Dr. Ludger Hofmann-Engl

There was nothing that can affect me that to know you are not happy
or feel well. I mean, not to be dragging up old things, but the one time when we were really in a difference of opinion and I was upset, but never to the point where I do not want you and you thought that I was not wanting to be around you, and that was not so, I was not wanting you to feel the bad vibes of my being upset. (again... can this guy write a STRAIGHT SENTENCE. He's giving us a headache!)

Please do not get me wrong as I respected your opinion, but then
when you came in and I seen you were hurt, that bothered me to no end and I always told you never did I want us to go to sleep upset with one another or to leave the house upset as well. We know not what life brings us when we are apart physically or in sleep, so that if we were never to see each other again, that the last things we remember is that we let the other know our love. (GAG!)

May God have mercy on my soul and allow me to love you as a man loves his wife. That we will have a long, happy, healthy, fruitful life together. For truly I have done some bad things in my life, that scare me sometimes on His allowing my happiness with you. (and he's going to do even worse, believe us)

No matter what
though, that you never know sadness from me or because of me as I love you so much. (no, just lies, trauma, emotional rape, fraud, probably bigamy...)

I have to pull things together and it is a shame that money drives so much, but I do not want that we are needy of anything or anyone. I want that the days of our lives have a little comfort, but that we are happy! So, I have looked at making changes, and none that you have asked for as it is all on my own. I so love you and there are minutes, hours, days, and months that I count where we are not together physically that I say oh, what wasted time, but then I say this pain is good because there is someone to love and I know one day it will be for good and ever more! (where's the aspirin? and the sickness bag... these predators all sound the same. When you really look at these sentences they are simply erotic imbedded come ons that truly make no sense)


From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
To: Victim #2
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:03 AM
Subject: Looking Like a Civilian

Hey Babes!

Here is a photo from today! As you can see I was braving it that I would not get wet. This was just before I got wet this morning. There was a vehicle that was coming through and it was on this route. Traveling from Austria into Germany. So, do I look like a tourist? Well, all thought I was a tourist, so that is good!
(Because you ARE a civilian. You are retired Army - traveling around to get laid and put your feet up on the beds of other women you lure in with all that sweet email blah blah blah! )

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nathan E.B. Thomas, Jr. - Busted & Getting Out of "Dodge"

On the honeymoon - I saw papers with the name "Georgine Thomas" on them at the TimeShare in Mexico. but he told the desk person to "take that name off" and explained it all away. (He probably denied doing that when he went back with Georgine and had her put back on!)
While the psychopath is charming and makes friends easily, those who come to rely upon him soon painfully find out that he has no sense of responsibility. Continually promises are made and broken without regard for the gravity of the consequences, for which the psychopath will then deny responsibility. He can solemnly lie while looking the victim in the eye, showing no anxiety whatever.



He was at my home for the month of July in 2006, when my oldest child called me in the morning asking me to come over immediately. I know that she was always unsure of Nathan, and she sounded quite panicked. I went over while Nathan was in the garden watering the lawn, and all 6 of my children were there. They were clearly upset, and my oldest child told me that they all loved me and were here for me, before showing me a site showing Nathan Thomas to be a predator. (That site was EOPC)

I at first did not believe it. After reading all of it, there are no words to describe what I felt . But in my heart I knew it, after reading Victim #1's information and seeing his emails, I knew that was his syntax & verbiage.

I went home to confront him, and I so wanted to get an explanation, but no such luck. (There is never any closure or explanation with a pathological. Ever.) Then I knew for sure he was complete fraud!

He put his head in his hands and it was exactly what Victim #1 had said about him & behavior when confronted. He called Victim #1 a "scorned woman." Then I got nothing but "word salad". All he kept saying was "Oh, no, baby, you are my wife" and "Now I have to go to D.C. and clear myself. You remember I said there was a bounty on me and my men?" This he would say regarding his (madeup) team of men that worked under him (btw - he had names for all of them... all in his little mind) (What a full load of B.S. - and of course Victim #2 NEVER SAW HIM after she found all this out!)

Nathan continued "They are out to get me, I need to clear my name, I have to fly out to DC!" I told him to pick up the phone and said "CLEAR YOUSELF NOW!!" But of course he couldn't do it. (BUSTED! any real CIA operative could have fixed it with one or 2 phone calls - but not a pathological liar and predator)

He made a quick exit out of Canada and I have not seen him since. (not a surprise!) I had to move from the home we were living in as I could not afford it on my own and within 10 days, get a second job. Once I did this, I then collapsed. My children watched while their mother fall apart, especially my youngest one. However it affected all of them. (Believe us, he could care less... he is pathological and incapable of caring. He just knew he had to get away from you as fast as possible and start up with someone else.)

Although he deliberately cheats others and is quite conscious of his lies, he appears unable to distinguish adequately between his own pseudo-intentions, pseudo-remorse, pseudo-love, and the genuine responses of a normal person.

His monumental lack of insight indicates how little he appreciates the nature of his disorder.

When others fail to accept immediately his "word of honor as a gentleman," his amazement, I believe, is often genuine. The term genuine is used here not to qualify the psychopath's intentions but to qualify his amazement. His subjective experience is so bleached of deep emotion that he is invincibly ignorant of what life means to others.

His awareness of hypocrisy's opposite is so insubstantially theoretical that it becomes questionable if what we chiefly mean by hypocrisy should be attributed to him.

Having no major values himself, can he be said to realize adequately the nature and quality of the outrages his conduct inflicts upon others?



Just before he left my home, my two oldest showed up and began screaming at him "How could you do this to my mom, and our family!!" I had never seen him cower before this time. He always acted like he towered over everyone else, until this time when my two beautiful children did this. I saw a whole other side to this cowardly, selfish sick psychopath. (He was ready to hi-tail out of there!)

He has fooled so so so many people, with the way he speaks quietly and thought out... Probably because he has to think about what he is going to say so he doesn't contradict all of his lies! (Ed Hicks had online "folders" for all his women so he wouldn't forget who he told what to.) Well , he cowered and covered his head like a lost little boy. (doesn't sound like a CIA agent, does it? Too much reality for a predator.)

I have not seen him since July 2006, and completed trauma counseling since then. I still do not know fully the complete damage he has caused in my body & spirit, and see my doctor regularly.

While he fooled me and my family and friends for almost 3 years, he has lied to Georgine and her sons for over 14 years, and these people are seriously messed up now because of it. Nathan took a photo of my son, who was brutually attacked while Nathan was away (probably with another woman) and hospitalized. Nathan refused to come back and help the family saying he was "on a mission." Now I know that it was the SAME MONTH he and Georgine regularly go to that same TimeShare in Mexico where he took me for our 'honeymoon.' To top it off, Nathan told people that it was HIS biological son and that "they" had tried to kill one of his sons to "get at him!" Wonder how many naive women he told this complete lie to? (Nathan takes photos of the children of some of his women, claims them as his and tells girlfriends & wives that these children were killed and "taken from him" by "THEM" because he's CIA & Special Ops. LOL!)

steal penis

Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.

You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.

In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered.

How will you live your life?

What will you do with your huge and secret advantage, and with the corresponding handicap of other people (conscience)?


I know that his stepson got Georgine away from Nathan once I got in touch with him. But, I know that his mother went back to Nathan and live in San Antonio, Texas. (As long as she stays around him she will remain under his "SPELL")

This man has no feelings for any human beings other than himself. There is so much more I could say about him. Mannerisms, the way he grooms himself, he speaks three other languages and is pretty fluent in a couple other languages, all which makes him look very worldly.

All it really does is increase his predatory hunting grounds.

We are going to publish some of Thomas' "love" emails and stories for the rest of this expose. Come back and read them for real insight into a twisted mind!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nathan E.B. Thomas Jr's Victim #2 Tells Her Story!

Now let's continue on with Thomas' Victim #2 - his REAL story gets more horrifying in its exploitation and more 'textbook' cyberpath as it goes on. Our comments & opinions are in Dark Blue. There are links embedded in this story as all our posts - so run your cursor over them for further explanations of terms:

I met Nathan E.B. Thomas. Jr. on Interracial Matcher website in August 2004. (uh-oh ONLINE DATING! Here we go again!) He sent me a short polite email saying that it was my eyes that got him. (note he said the SAME thing with Victim #1)

Everything depends on the target of your seduction. Study your prey thoroughly, and choose only those who will prove susceptible to your charms. The right victims are those for whom you can fill a void, who see in you something exotic. They are often isolated or at least somewhat unhappy (perhaps because of recent adverse circumstances), or can easily be made so-for the completely contented person is almost impossible to seduce.

I went away with my children on a holiday the following weekend, and when I returned he had sent me another email asking how the holiday was. Then I received a photo of him. A very straight forward photo of himself standing beside his BMW, and he also sent a poem along with his email.

He told me that his "beloved wife Felicia had died of cancer about 8 years ago". (again the same lies he told Victim #1).
To further win trust, exchange honesty for virtue: establish your "sincerity" by confessing ... -it doesn't have to be real. Sincerity is more important than goodness. Play the victim, then transform your target's sympathy into love.

He sent many many more emails from then on, and included poems that he wrote (probably same poems he sent to all his other victims), as well as songs in almost every other email (exactly the same M.O. as Victim #1).
The trick to making them listen is to say what they want to hear, to fill their ears with whatever is pleasant to them. This is the essence of seductive language. Inflame people's emotions with loaded phrases, flatter them, comfort their insecurities, envelop them in fantasies, sweet words, and promises, and not only will they listen to you, they will lose their will to resist you. Keep your language vague, letting them read into it what they want. Use writing to stir up fantasies and to create an idealized portrait of yourself.

When I asked him what he did for a living, he said that he "caught bad guys". He led me to believe that he was a police officer of some sort, but , after we had met in person, he told me in a rental vehicle, which was always a big black or white Lincoln SUV (he said these rental cars were the only safe place to talk to me about his 'secret job') that he worked with for CIA, with Special Services. (lie! so many Cyberpaths tell women this we have lost count - so has the CIA. Thomas gets all his fantasies from the spy movies he watches and takes notes from, apparently obsessively)
[military]... careers attract men who enjoy power. Furthermore, psychopaths often claim to have done a lot of things in the military that they never did (and some weren’t even in the military). Many psychopaths like to claim they were a mercenary in a war, a political hostage, Navy Seal, or CIA operatives—often none of which is true. Interestingly, what they claim to have done always portrays them in a position of authority or hero-like.


He would never tell me about how he spent the money or where he had been. He led me to believe he had been with the CIA or other highly secretive government operations.


He said that after his "wife, Felicia" died that he took on this job after retiring from the military as a sargeant major with the US Air Force. (he was Chief of Housing of the 6th ASG in Germany - NOT a combat officer!)

He told me that he also paid for his mother's condominium and that he had six siblings (portraying himself as wealthy - no wonder he's so 'touchy' about money now and trying to present Victim #2 as 'greedy' LOL! Because being wealthy was part of his self-made fantasy world).

He sent many poems, emails many times every day, said that he "cared for his mother", etc etc. He made me believe I had found an exceptional man who made me willing to open my heart again.

The entire time he knew everything about me, and profiled, groomed and lured me like he did all the other vulnerable all the women he hurt. He had no concern for how vulnerable I and my children may have been -- or anyone else. Looking back, it all make sense now - there were times I would cry over certain things and he would show no emotion whatsoever. (because he's probably a PSYCHOPATH!)
The purpose of the luring stage is to hook her. The purpose of the honeymoon stage is to hoodwink her. In the psychopath’s arsenal to achieve this hooking and hoodwinking, is any person, place, thing, word, or behavior that will sell her on his illusion. While she is reeling in flattery, swimming in oxytocin, and snuggling up to his stories of their future lives together…the psychopath is solidifying his internal imprint in her by his use of trance and capitalizing on her suggestibility. -


He first visited my family and I in November 2004, and then returned to spend Christmas 2004 with us, taking me away for a few days to Whistler Mountain in Canada. He paid for Christmas gifts for my children, the hotel and everything else, totally sweeping me off of my feet.
Tension and disharmony must be instilled in your targets' minds. Stir within them feelings of discontent, an unhappiness with their circumstances and with themselves: their life lacks adventure...


He made a point of sitting down with my 16 year old son and asking his permission to date me and promised to "never hurt me". (LOL! He was seeing Victim #1 at the same time and it is believed at LEAST one other woman! And this is not including his wife, Georgine - who was sitting in Texas probably waiting for him to come home from his 'latest secret mission'.)
Never appear discouraged by people's resistance, or complaints. Instead, meet the challenge by doing something extreme or chivalrous.

He came back again in February 2005 on Valentines Day, and showered me and my children with gifts. By March 2005 he paid for me to come to Germany, which I was very nervous about flying and leaving my children. However by this time he had my heart, so I went. (love bombing)
The isolation may also be physical: you take them away from their normal milieu, friends, family, home. Give them the sense of being marginalized, in limbo-they are leaving one world behind and entering another. Once isolated like this, they have no outside support, and in their confusion they are easily lead astray. Lure the seduced into your lair, where nothing is familiar.

From then on it was him coming to see me in Canada every other month for two to three week. Then in July 2005 I flew to Germany and we spent 3 weeks driving from Germany through Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Paris, and then going on to the French Riviera. How could anyone who did this be married to someone else? (because he's a con man and had his first wife conned that he was away on 'secret missions.') I would have never guessed. (Exactly what he hoped. And he'd emotionally overwhelmed her so she never googled him or ran a background check. Another thing that the predators on all the online dating sites hope or ask you not to do. ALWAYS, ALWAYS CHECK THEM OUT - ESPECIALLY IF THEY SEEM TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!)
Familiarity and overexposure will cause this reaction. Remain elusive, then, so that when you are away, they will yearn to see you again, and will only associate you with pleasant thoughts. Occupy their minds by alternating an exciting presence with a cool distance, exuberant moments followed by calculated absences. Associate yourself with poetic images and objects, so that when they think of you, they begin to see you through an idealized halo. The more you figure in their minds, the more they will envelop you in seductive fantasies. Feed these fantasies by subtle inconsistencies and changes in your behavior.

He told me that his base was in Germany, and so that is where we would meet when he flew me somewhere to visit when he could not come here. He never stayed at my home, but always a hotel when he came to see me, as he said it was out of respect for my children. (trying to paint himself as ethical & moral - before he moved in for the kill - like they all do. Also gave him a chance to be alone and call or email his wife, all his other victims saying he was on a "secret mission" in Canada for the CIA. LOL!)
"Since psychopaths are chameleons, they pretend to be whatever their women are. They probably mimicked the women’s own moral principles.

By the end of the relationship, she was likely to have become mortified at his immoral behavior and how it took her down a negative path she never intended on."


Little did I know that his wife since 1995, Georgine, and her two sons (Nathan's step-children) Rickey -- 28 , and David -- 25 lived in Germany, and that he was nothing more than a retired, old, fat man who lied everytime he opened his mouth.

In September of 2005, he came to Canada and told me that the CIA would not let him leave, and that if we were married, they would be more acceptable to having him leave. He wanted to get married in a few days while he was here. It seemed a little rushed (they all RUSH you - with good reason - THEY HAVE AN AGENDA) But by this time he had me believing everything he told me. (BTW - Thomas married Georgine while he was STILL MARRIED to a woman named MARION who lives in Germany and who he has 2 children with. There was a divorce after the fact from Marion however -- the marriage to Georgine is also still BIGAMOUS!)
To keep women from being able to think things through and to respond to red flags, the psychopath induces fast paced relationships, whirlwinds of dating intensity, and uses emotional suffocation techniques. Most women found themselves unable to slow down the race to the altar, to their beds, or into their homes. Since psychopaths are extraverts, they are likely to be persistent (if not forceful) in their pursuit of women.
“He really pursued me... The courtship was very short. Whirlwind trips, gifts and early on started calling me pet names as if we had been together forever. He... called me constantly, texted me, ...sent flowers to home and work, constant emails.”

While this may seem just “dream-like” to her, it’s pure manipulation and planning on his part. Couple his plan to fast-forward the relationship with his poor impulse control and you have a relationship rushing ahead at the speed of light.

Many women realized in retrospect that there was a “reason” the relationship was on the fast-track. The psychopath had a “need” to be filled whether that was needing a place to live, a business partner, or a sex partner - there was an agenda as to why the pacing of the relationship was so fast.

Some psychopaths even hid the motivation behind their fast paced relationship for other reasons...

Even her red flags often were not enough to put the brakes on the forceful momentum the psychopath had going.


After all, when he wasnt with me at my home, we were talking every morning afternoon and evening via internet. (you and numerous other women)

In retrospect when he "said" he was in the United States, it was in emails. And he "said" he was" going to Iraq to work with Special Services." (Probably the same baloney he told his wife when he was off seeing you or other women. He went to see Victim #1 during this time too. See her story earlier in the month.)

After getting married, we went to Mexico for our honeymoon for 9 days. I know now he spent this time at the time share condominium that he and his first wife Georgine owned! (what a sick man!)