Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nathan E.B. Thomas, Jr. - Some Lures of this Predator of the Month

Please note the infantile and very FAKE email we and one of Thomas' victims received this morning "warning us." (HINT: It's from Thomas) As always, our comments are in dark blue.

From: legalEagleServic@aol.com
To: cyberpaths@gmail.com
Cc: Victim #2
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 9:15 AM


This email is so that there are no secrets as to what is going on and also to straighten out a couple of legal issues.*

1. The person you are getting your information from is not being 100% straight forward with you. I hope that you advised her that what you write is based partly upon her information and that during legal proceedings she will be held liable for all false information? (Apparently, sir - you can't read our legal disclaimers - clearly posted at the right)

2. Your client has been informed three times that she is not to be writing emails to the address you see below and that once informed and she continues this is called stalking and she can be charged with it as well. (she isn't our CLIENT - she's a member of our support group. You need to write law enforcement where she lives and turn yourself in, because she's THEIR client. And--
Information gathering is not stalking. I am sure the Constable in charge of her case will make that clear to you. You simply have a problem with reality and the truth, sir.)

3. To use the word extort is rather strong and has to be proven, but I think we have enough evidence in hand now to prove this. Did your victim inform you of how much money she received over the course of two years and how much she reported? Here are some examples:
a. There are bank statements which will show she was receiving large sums of money through Paypal. This ws based on the fact that according to her, her x-husband was not pay child support and she owed back taxes on child support she has received before. She was not able to pay her rent, buy groceries, or pay for her [child]'s hockey. (so she was vulnerable, predators like vulnerable women)

b. She had a car before that was so bad until it was draining her and all repairs were taken care of. Then she was bought a new car. Her credit was so bad until $5000 had to be put down in order to lease a car. Her insurance was paid in full for two years in a row.

c. There were ATM withdrawals in her town which were used to buy groceries and other items as requested by your client.

4. The above are just starters. There is email traffic which will also prove that she is not the victim, but was always receiving money because of her situation. She was on various dating sites with her photo and it seems as though she was selective in who she chose and it was always men with money. (So you prey on women via dating sites? Thanks for letting us know - though we figured that out. We are aware of everything you said above and if you are seeking to cast aspersions on your SECOND victim as some money grubbing floozy - guess what. It didn't work. Considering what you did and took from her - no compensation would be enough.)

5. This Paula person and her are now working together. Emails can be manipulated and this Paula person has an agenda as well and it is assumed this is a fictitious name being used. (we have known Paula for years. she is a good and trusted member who has helped out EOPC on many occasions. Readers - notice how they ALWAYS try to smear the character of the GOOD PEOPLE they prey on?)

6. I believe that you will find there have been no attacks made in print or any other way against your client. The reason was there is her youngest [child] who loves her mother and there was nothing negative put out in order not to hurt her. However, now it seems that this has to take second seat as your client has hurt others and it is time that this stops. (like who? you? by telling the truth about your lies, predation and using women for your own sick fun? What about your WIFE, sir?)

7. Once there was no more money to be shelled out, then she started her attacks and we think it was in the hopes of getting her victim to shell out money to her to keep her quiet.

Were there some mistakes made by her victim? Yes there were, and he will face those, but he is not this monster that has been painted. There are a long list of people who have been attacked verbally by your client on the phone as well as via emails. (You are no one's victim, sir - you are a PREDATOR, an apparently delusional liar from what we've read and... probably a psychopath)

There will be no follow on emails to this one and this is the first and last contact. Please inform your client that it is in her best interest to hold what she has and bring it out in whatever legal proceedings that are to follow. (good. again, read the disclaimers on the right.)

* The above email is not to be seen as a legal position, or as a legal representation of any specific person. This email is not to harass, nor be sent in order to harass, but is for informational use to bring some issues to light. (or twist reality and try to scare us. LOL. Busted!)

How do we know it's fake?
1. wording - very unprofessional, especially the caveat at the bottom - and no type of 'proof of service attachment.'
2. NO legal service would send something like this without a return snail mail (even a P.O. Box) and their listed phone number
3. this "legal service" failed to list their license number and what state or territory they are licensed in so we could check.
4. no "legal service" would send something out without a real person's name attached. Even if it's just the office manager - in case someone needed to speak to them.

Thomas is probably very upset we are re-running this and he knows his second Victim's story is coming. Perhaps he has others on the hook and this is damaging his "rap" of being CIA and a 'very important man.' LOL.

Mr. Thomas - you & all our exposed cyberpaths try the most ludicrous and infantile scare tactics on us. It never works. What you should do is turn yourself in to the local DA because you know what's coming - as we do with your story... and you know YOU are in legal trouble in many ways.

And thanks for leaving your traceable IP behind:
We also took note you surfed onto this link which we have posted at the right. Are you trying to compose a better bogus letter to "scare us" now that we told you what's wrong with the first one? Please stop before you look more foolish. It's been tried before, many many times.

BTW - your fake email isn't harassment... it's a threat. And a joke.

Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 00:25:14 EDT
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: Re: What a chat we had!!
To: Nathan's Target #1

##, I hope to be on around 15:30 your time, but I do not know for how long. I am just getting up and I do not know what the day holds. I hope to have enough time that I can send you more photos, but if I do not have the time, I know that I will be getting them to you. This time I have been keeping track so that I know what you have.

##, I do not want you placing to much on the time when I am supposed to come in case something goes wrong and I cannot come. It is a date we plan for, but this time we need to make sure we are not sad if it does not happen and look for the positive side. I think you will be off for that month or for two weeks or something like that.
(So many targets... uh, women -- so little time huh, Nathan?) If that week does not happen then I will work it for one of the other days that you are on leave. I am saying all of this as there are just too many things that can happen between now and then. Three months ahead of time can have me almost anywhere, but my planning will be to come there. I can say safely that if nothing has changed two weeks before our date that we will be OK. Let's see what happens. (Wow!! Nathan has mastered the WORD SALAD!! Can he please speak PLAIN ENGLISH?? Well considering that poorly written B.S. you tried to send us - the syntax is exactly the same. Again, sir - you're BUSTED)

I also had a wonderful time chatting with you. we covered a lot of areas and I think I learned a lot more about you. Maybe you learned a little more about me, I do not know.
(Gee he hopes NOT!!!) Anyway I have to run, so I will be seeing you Cutie! (so many women to remember anyone's name, huh? Ed Hicks did this too.)
Hugs and a nice wet kiss.

Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 16:31:57 EDT
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: OK That's All for Now
To: Nathan's Target #1

Hey Cutie,
That is all that I am going to send you for now just in case you get other mail and I do not want to lock up your system.
(or mine, he has SOOOOO many women to write he forgot to use your name. Maybe he sent this SAME message to all the women on his email list!) If you come in and check this on the weekend well I want to wish you a nice weekend. Hey be sweet and I am giving you soft kisses on your forehead and a gentle hug to let you know I am with you. (and you... and you.... and you.... and his wife, maybe)


Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 18:02:10 EDT
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: Re: Hi T
To: Nathan's Target #1

Hey lady! It is too late with the chocolate thing. I ate a lot of chocolate, but not the candy. I had ice cream with chocolate and almonds. It was good. I did not make it to Switzerland, but I was up in the mountains in Germany and Austria wandering around. Nature is so wonderful. She is beautiful, but at the same time you have to give her respect for she can turn very ugly if you take her for granted.
(Nathan, so can women you play & use!! and you deserve it too!) The weather was very cool high up but in the shade.

Me and the guys
(what guys? the voices in your head? the military and CIA know nothing about you other than you're retired) walked up to a point where there was a little restaurant and ate and it was about 21:30 when we headed back down. Just walked through the door and checked the mail and saw that you were on and sent me mail. That was a nice surprise. I am now getting ready to take a shower and then in the morning I am going to work for a couple of hours. after which I am going to go mountain biking. I have to lose a couple of more pounds before it is winter again :)

Take care and I hope you have a nice peaceful weekend. I did not remember you saying that you were going to work today, or should I say yesterday while it is after midnight here now.

maybe I will dream about you tonight :)
(or any of the many many women I am toying with)

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:32:19 EDT
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: I will not Be On for Long
To: Nathan's Target #1

###, it is 17:34 your time and I do not know if I will be able to be on when you come to the Internet. I am going to have to go to the airport and pick up a couple of my people that will be coming in earlier than first expected.
(girlfriends? wives?)

This is another reason why I do not like to sat that I will be on at a certain time especially if I know you make a special trip just for me.
(because if I get surprised by one of my targets I want to still be able to lie to you!!) I hope that I get to catch yo online before I have to sign off, but in case I am not here, then you know I had to leave.

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 03:20:23 EDT
From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Subject: Re: When will you come bacK?
To: Nathan's Target #1

###, I am on for a couple of minutes to write you this email. When you called me, I was just getting ready to get on the helicopter
(HELICOPTER? or is there a propeller on your head?) , so I could not talk, I am sure you should have heard the motors winding up. I will be gone for a few days, but I should be able to contact you during the week next week if not this Sunday. I cannot say for sure but I will send you emails in any event. (if my wife/ girlfriend of the moment lets me use the computer)

Be sweet!


This gets better - we will continue posting so come and read daily. MORE to come!


EOPC TEAM said...

(EDITED TO PROTECT ONE OF THOMAS' VICTIMS - please be more careful in the future)

Like you have EVER been on a helicopter in your life you fat retired predator!! I was married to you while you were dating one woman, AND married to another,[you say] I stole money from you???? You were my husband?? and WE were sharing expenses?? Like husbands and wives do???

I was [ ] feeding you like a KING every time you came to visit [ ]UGGHHHH. And I paid for all of the food you filled your face with!!!

A woman generally does NOT marry unless she is in love with someone and he has made her believe that he is in love with her for life as well.



Anonymous said...

Beggars belief, Nathan!!

Treat your sould man!!!