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In light of people like Angela Buer, another similar prize-Cyberpath who came back on our radar in 2007 was Jeff Dunetz / Yidwithlid/ Sammy Benoit (some of his known online identities)

We re-ran his expose from 2005 in summer of 2007 and it seems Jeff Dunetz / Yidwithlid finally found out that he'd been exposed. His repeat notoriety didn't thrill him and he decided to go after us, our friends at The Exposer and just one of his victims; making the ludicrous assumption that she was all of us! Of course she was caught completely off-guard, having zero idea what was going on until after we re-ran the expose.

It never fails that the exposed cyberpath thinks EOPC is run by their victim(s). They are so hyper-focused on the truth being out there and trying to smear & suppress that their narcissistic egos only see their expose and don't even bother to notice that whole long list of predators we have in our right hand columns.

Some, like Brad Dorsky, assume we are a bunch of petulatent teens on a bash-site. Well, if that's what helps them sleep at night...

In the interest of brevity we are going to borrow from our friends at the Exposer, their last post on "Jeff Dunetz / Yidwithlid.

(posted from THE EXPOSER with permission:)
A few months ago EOPC told us one of this online predator's victims was being victimized by him (he called it "a falling out" ha ha ha) yet again and she wrote a new blog with all the information on it.  This 'telling' is a good way for victims to heal.
It was an attempt to stop the craziness & lying by Jeff Dunetz /Yidwithlid against her.

He wants her to control the internet and take down all posts about him - she tried. But he's going to continue to give her a public beat down. 
Jeff Dunetz / YidwithLid. like all of them, even says the relationship was "her fault too" - never mentioning that this victim genuinely cared for him while he lied to her & had a hidden and malicious agenda towards her. (Don't they all?)

The site also has a post which Jeff Dunetz (who calls himself "yidwithlid" or "Sammy") - put up and then erased, which whitewashes what he did (never talks about his major addiction to hookers, porn, phone sex, cybersex babes, etc -- all validated by law enforcement internet forensic sweeps) - and paints himself as a victim.

He removed that post from his blog and went right back to business as usual; stating he would 'not react anymore' and the 'subject was closed.' That post still remains HERE however. Sound familiar readers?

EOPC told us that Jeff Dunetz / YIDWITHLID has a site which is nothing less than an outright hate attack on one of his victims, full of projection and accusing her of everything he did or is doing.. Like all emotional predators/ cheaters & womanizers (narcissists & psychopaths) - he blames her for everything - even when she has clear, hard, verified evidence what she did and didn't do. After being called on his outright copyright infringment -- he took most of that site down but it still remains, rather than being deleted -- along with a libelous technorati profile - HERE.

She even reported to EOPC she begged an MSN support site in 2004, to remove her posts about Yid when that site owner told her HE WAS SURFING HER NICKNAMES AND COMING THERE TO READ WHAT SHE WROTE! (btw, the support site REFUSED to take down the posts and so did we as well as EOPC. MSN sites are now closed.)

He's mad and calling her a stalker? Because WE support his victims and refuse to pretend 'it never happened' and allow him to continue to lie about we really happened.


To Clarify: that MSN group was a VICTIMS SUPPORT GROUP - so YIDWITHLID's just admitted HE'S a stalker. He CYBER STALKED his targets and got mad that they were looking for support about what he did to them!

That MSN group? We looked -- His picture is there - BUT HIS NAME IS NOT! So unless you have even MORE victims YIDWITHLID, who might recognize you - you are angry over NOTHING!

MSN however, knows he was SURFING and stalking his victims from board to board! Monitoring their every word and emotional pain. What a GREAT GUY!

Hell to pay when you disagree with an internet predator's version of truth, right readers?
This predator also names her and blames her for everything.  Classic of a disordered personality. yidwithlid committed copyright infringment against our sites and EOPC. We have written to Blogger.com about it - so now this bully says he's making a bunch of new sites about his victim. To RETALIATE FOR THE TRUTH BEING OUT THERE

Why? Because he thinks: She is us.
EOPC told us he thinks she is them too!

He's scared of her because she's that OMNIPOTENT apparently.

This is so funny because this victim does nothing for either us or EOPC. Typical of a narcissistic predator's paranoia when their false image of being perfect & important is threatened. Which is exactly why this story is so important. It's textbook, readers.

He attacks & smears even after she tried to ask everyone to stop bothering him. Unfortunately - can't control everyone now, can you?

Jeff Dunetz  has only proved he committed copyright infringement as well as speaking libel and harassing someone who, to the best of our knowledge, probably has little to no clue what is going on or has moved from the situation for her own healing.
Jeff Dunetz  asserts because he was part of the chat that he owns the copyright. He does own part of the copyright to the chat only (which are wall to wall lies &  manipulation on his part, and prove his victims had no idea what they were truly getting into) - but not our or EOPC's comments or commentary on the chats .

He can't revoke the copyright because it was published in 2005 originally by EOPC and they extended their copyright to us - and the permission of only one of the chatters or emailers is necessary - and EOPC got them from LAW ENFORCEMENT. bye bye copyright!

In fact: The Exposer did a little checking and back in March 2007, Sammy (yidwithlid's pseudonym) posted this on someone else's blog (along with some other thin-skinned sarcasm):
Posted by: Sammy Benoit | Mar 16, 2007 5:01:07
AMA copyright may be embedded into a bitmap or jpeg file with software on a Mac or PC. Also, there are several companies that can officially help copyright images so that it is documented.

If these two things are done, and a quiet agreement is made with whomever uses it, it should be pretty easy to please everyone, and misuse of it would be easy to spot and stop. Well, hopefully.@@@@@

So he does know about copyrights! Well, well, well. 

No "I'm Sorry", no attempt to speak to his victims (he's got PLENTY of lame excuses not to) - just rage - telling his victims to MOVE ON because he has [of course he has, he doesn't want to apologize for destroying someone's life - since he's perfect and everyone else is just an object]... besides he started up with this new identity like nothing happened!

Just like all cyberpaths - nasty and childish emails like these went to EOPC:

From: Yidwithlid@aol.com
To: cyberpaths@gmail.com
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 16:33:58 EDT
Subject: Re: http://stumblingtchatzkahs.blogspot.com


From: Yidwithlid@aol.com
To: exposer@37.com
Received-On: 06/26/07 5:54 PM
Subject: Re: Exposer Requests You Remove Copyrighted Content Please


From Yidwithlid@aol.com by mo-m22.mx.aol.com
for exposer@37.com
Tue, 26 Jun 2007 20:54:21 -0400 (EDT)
Yidwithlid@aol.com X-Eon-Dm: dm08
Date: 06/26/07 1:54 PM

From: Yidwithlid@aol.com
To: exposer@37.com
Received-On: 06/26/07 5:54 PM
Re: Remove Content Please


But thanks for asking

From: Yidwithlid@aol.com
To: exposer@37.com
Cc: support@blogger.com
Received-On: 06/28/07 3:47 PM

Re: http://stumblingtchatzkahs.blogspot.com

cool two emails from you today thank you so much..
If you are publishing stuff that I wrote.. then who gave you the copywite...
I didnt.

and I didnt write them say so take off all references to me and I will take down my site

By the way Are you enjoying the Nut job convention [victim's name]?

Tonight I am going to open up three new stumling tchatches sites.
These immature emails bring to mind this quote:
Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.

~ Whittaker Chambers

This cyberbully who is such an innocent victim? He should be more careful what he puts on the net. 

Jeff Dunetz's  got lots of blogs out there it seems and can't get enough of his own writing! He has accounts on aggregators, etc but the ONLY thing he ever puts out there or approves of are HIS OWN POSTS.
This one's from yidwithlid.typepad.com in past January 2007:

"January 21, 2007
New Peoples Choice Category: Most abusive of system

From two different sides of the world we wondered ....Who was crapping on our posts and yours. We had our lists of suspects but couldn't prove who was giving the bad grades ten at a time ...and how they were working sooooooo fast. Still have no clear proof. We do have some suspects . We googled the posts of one and noticed that there was one who would put up 8-9 posts one day, get them up over a hundred points take them down and repost the same articles the next day.

Then Sherlock Bagel Blogger found the a gun that was smoking even more. He put it in a much nicer way than me:

The awards known as the People's Choice awards seem to be finishing a lot quicker than most people expected.

I was going to hold on to this information until the results of the People's Choice Awards' became known, but I feel that it is not being honest to not divulge what I know.

I've debated with my self, my family and friends, should I or shouldn't I?

I also don't want to be accused of 'bitter lemons'.

I wrote a letter to another blogger and in the course of the letter I presented/made a table, now that I have made the table I feel something is seriously amiss.

I wont say what it is.

I'll leave the plain facts speak for them selves.

I have a PDF of the Google cache of 17th of Jan of the Israel forum's blog_best [rankings] which is now no longer available. [I have a copy and a html back up] and I have a PDF of the 19 th Jan 2007 Israel forum's blog_best
Thats less than two days apart

What's the main difference? Well check it out you should be able to see it, it occurred over less than two days.

The person is relying on no one seeing anything or saying anything. Well I won't say anything if you don't.

Well here it is in Table form:

Rank 19th Jan Blog Name Votes tally on 17th Jan Rank on 17th Jan Votes tally 19th Jan
Date last activity
Tally count difference
Up or DownPlaces
1 The Last Best Place 5224 1 5503 18th 279 0
2 Freedom's Cost 3676 2 3734 16th 58 0
3 Yid With Lid 5916 3 6066 18th 150 0
4 Samson Blinded 2359 8 3579 18th 1220 +4
5 Daf Notes 3993 4 4199 18th 206 -1
6 Bagel Blogger 4737 5 4949 19th 212 -1
7 The Maggid of Bergenfield 1092 6 1113 16th 21 -1
8 Simply Jews 6818 7 6978 18th 160 -1
9 Baleboosteh 2367 9 2422 18th 55 0
10 JoeSettler 2253 11 2255 17th 2 +1
11 Sarah's View 4317 10 4366 18th 49 -1
12 The Way I See It 3250 12 3279 16th 29 0
13 Divrei Chaim 1385 13 1404 18th 19 0
14 Orthomom 3016 17 3102 18th 86 +3
15 Chayyei Sarah 1592 15 1592 14th 0 0
16 Ask Shifra 1600 16 1616 14th 16 0
17 The Muqata 2078 14 2140 18th 62 -3
18 Slightly Mad 1425 18 1425 14th 0 0
19 Israellycool 4319 19 4440 19th 121 0
20 Lazer Beams 2230 20 2315 18th 85 0
Here are snapshots of sections of the webpages in question:"

Well, waddya know! Seems he and this BagelBlogger are into watching who comes and goes from this 'supposedly' unbiased site and 'totally fair' blog voting.

And YID attempts to assert he has 'zero control or influence at this aggregator. ' LOL


Yid With Lid VOTES: 26910
Bagel Blogger VOTES: 13649

If you click the link to the aggregator? Yid has MORE VOTES THAN ANYONE ELSE - almost DOUBLE! And the list appears to have numerous bloggers who haven't posted in weeks. Jeff Dunetz and Bagel Blogger are CAREFUL not to make themselves #1 and #2 - there's some rigging going on - this aggregator may be a fixed race for FRIENDS or ASSOCIATES OF THESE TWO ONLY! hmmm....

Sounds like
Jeff Dunetz controls his part of the internet, don't it??

Typical of all narcissists - they make SURE they are TOPS in their little online "club." sickening and childish... but that's a narcissistic cyberpath for you!

And here's a quote we found from 8/14/07 - on Jeff Dunetz (YidwithLid's) website:
I love the web's freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. Certainly those who use the internet to harass or terrorize are abusing the freedom the internet brings.

Let us guess - if someone is exposing
Jeff Dunetz for the sexual & emotional predator, bully and liar he is - they're a terrorizer. Sure he loves the web's freedom - to prey on vulnerable women and dispose of them when they become inconvenient with no remorse!

But when HE terrorizes or harasses vulnerable women who actually CARE about him - he's a victim. Did yours do this to you, readers?

And if you want to prey on, lie to and manipulate vulnerable women and use them as sex toys to be tossed away when you're done - according to YidwithLid and all our exposed predators - That's FREEDOM!

The Exposer knows - FREEDOM isn't FREE. Nothing every really disappears on the net, no matter how much erasing you try to do. And where's your responsibility,
Jeff Dunetz and all the rest of you predators? For what you did to innocent people who had no idea you were using their naivete, compassion and vulnerability?

Did we mention cyberpaths are hypocrites? Now let's check out some of Jeff Dunetz / Gridney/ Yidwithlid's terrorizing tactics; see if they sound familiar:

Jeff Dunetz /YidWithLid has his blogs set so:
1. you HAVE to have a Blogger account to comment;

2. no anonymous comments. He "says" its for the integrity of his blogs! B.S. He wants to be able to track & block & smear anyone who calls him on his lies - just like a predator - always protecting their "image." HYPOCRITE

Yesterday I recieved a few "anonomous" postings about one of the writers who's work I have repulished on this blog. (someone whom I have only met via email after I posed one of his stories) The comments were very defamitory about this person.It is quite interesting that people who say bad things about others, like to keep their names and real emal adresses "anonomous" It tells me something about the quality of what they are saying. Anyway, those comments will continue to be deleted as I will not be a party to their acts.

Hold on! Jeff Dunetz / Gridney/ YidwithLid didn't use his real name! So that makes HIS comments anonymous. Smells like a double standard there SAMMY!

Don't make a cyberpath THINK about what they've done!! Goodness no! They are beyond reproach.
CHECK what he says to what apparently is one of his victim's friends on his hate blog:

Are you telling me that [one of my victims] posted my picture on the internet including MSN newsgroups as NYC******.[One of my victims] signed the letter to the Rabbi At aish?


And none of his targets EVER used the nickname he states on any MSN board.

Jeff Dunetz / YidwithLid has gone so far as to accuse his targets of being PREDATORS (can you say PROJECTION?) and says one purposely put him on a porn aggregator (uh... Jeff Dunetz ? Those are automatic aggregators that crawl the net for specific words... no one PUTS you on one of those! You can't even join one - the Exposer checked!) Guess ole' Yidwithlid does an awful lot of ego surfing, huh?

Jeff Dunetz / YidwithLid also says he's "MOVED ON and she should too." Right.... "moved on" is predator speak for 'shut up about the truth so I can go back to banging whores and picking up vulnerable women online.' Predators never care because they see everyone as an object.

Let's look at 
Jeff Dunetz / YidwithLid's version of "moving on" and "subject closed" - here's a message we would guess is for his victims.

"when people google your site they will find out what you have been doing for the past three years instead of raising your children"

The victimizing NEVER ENDS with Jeff Dunetz / YidwithLid, does it? He's the "gift that keeps on giving!" Great job of him "moving on" too, huh?  Is your cyberpath like this?

He also says he and his wife have "worked it out" - wouldn't you LOVE to hear the twisted bullcrap these predators tell their wives about these naive, caring, vulnerable women THEY prey on or even send to the hospital? Not the prostitutes he saw for FOUR YEARS, once a month - we mean the NORMAL ones. Like the one he knew over 25 years!

How CRUEL can one Yid be? And he, like all our predators just wants his victims to FORGET about the trauma like it never happened?

UNREAL, aren't these jerks! Which proves their pathological and uncaring nature to us over & over

Jeff Dunetz / YIDWITHLID victimizes women, uses their good nature, lies to & manipulates them and when one of them figures his game out & that he's been using & abusing her for 2 years (and sent her to the hospital more than once!!) - he:
WHAT A MALICIOUS EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL VAMPIRE!! See how ENTITLED these predators feel? They get MAD that their victims are HURT!!

Be warned ladies - is yours doing this to YOU?: As a victim -- you are 'out of your mind' looking for help and they are reading EVERY WORD YOU ARE SAYING?

And then you are a "nut job" for needing mental or emotional help after they take your heart, soul, your peace of mind and trust?

Jeff Dunetz / YIDWITHLID, like all cyberpaths - sees only what makes him look like the victim.

Just look at more of the revisionist history
Jeff Dunetz / Sammy Benoit posted in 2008 about one of his many victims:

You were an old girlfriend of YWL from an upstate NY college. You used the internet to track him down after 30 years, which wasn’t too hard because he’s a published writer.

You had cyber-sex with him and then got him to agree to meet up with you. When he did meet up with you, to his horror, he saw that his ex-girlfriend from college had ballooned into a 275 lb fat pig with poor hygiene and he didn’t want to bang you. He politely excused himself by saying he couldn’t do this to his wife.

You then began stalking him and his family, driving by his house, sending letters to his wife, his parents, his in-laws, his rabbi, the police, anyone with whom you thought you could slander his good name. His poor wife was left with no choice but to report you to the police after you threatened to harm her children.

Sound familiar porkchop?

Law Enforcement sent EOPC a lot of information in late 2004 on Yid, after his Target #1 RELEASED it to us:
  • this victim he speaks of in the quote above? Was NEVER his girlfriend... never went on a date with him... was just friends. In fact, in college Yid treated her horribly after he 'got what he wanted' from her, including an abortion.
  • It has been forensically verified that Jeff Dunetz used CLASSMATES.com to track down this victim and possibly others. (Total opposite of his assertion)
  • This victim was manipulated & lied to by him and had to do DE-PROGRAMMING from what he COERCED her into and still has serious, medically verifiable PTSD. (Did we mention a number of medical people have all the Forensically Verified info. on Jeff Dunetz also?)
  • Jeff Dunetz saw prostitutes, advertised for sex partners , used his credit card on phone & webcam porn sites from 2000-2004 (possibly back to 1999( on a regular basis so he had no problem whatsoever "DOING THIS TO HIS WIFE" with anyone he could coerce or pay for. His assertions it was all 'planted' cannot be verified with internet archives or law enforcement.
  • This victim has never stalked, harassed, driven by his home, etc. (BTW - Law enforcement alerted us that his wife has a number of companies registered at their HOME address due to her job and their address and phone is regularly posted on construction projects in the Tri-State area as CONTACT numbers. A little websurfing would turn up anything any wacko needed to know), nor did she have anyone "do it for her"
  • Yid gave his spouse 'selective information' so she would use her contacts at their police precinct to have a Detective friend call and needlessly hassle this victim (imply she would be arrested, etc), not once but four times -- just after she came out of the hospital for trauma symptoms the first time - in an attempt to silence her. (NOTE: Jeff Dunetz didn't silence anyone because his favorite brothel was busted in a very public trial and allegedly he was ID'd by a couple of the 'employees' there after Jeff Dunetz's attacks on his victims forced them to go to police in fear. Good going, Yid!)

Predators love to believe their mere words create reality. But now we know what Jeff Dunetz is telling people "really" happened.... LOL

Jeff Dunetz / YIDWITHLID (or any of our cyberpaths) - Tell us - what were your victims supposed to do? LIE & COVER MORE FOR YOU? AFTER YOU DESTROYED THEM?

These predators continue to amaze & astonish at their audacity.
Jeff Dunetz / Yidwithlid could care less he caused divorces, severe trauma and put one of his victims in the hospital! He just continues on with his baseless accusations & being indignant. (sound familiar readers?)


Why should the truth slow any of them down?

By the way, on Yid's blog he says to email him your email address so he, himself can add it to his mailing list. There are automatic sites that can do this for you (example: Feedblitz) so why are we suspicious that Jeff Dunetz  is collecting emails for fresh prey? Women who might like one of his articles and be somewhere his job sends him on business? Does his wife know this?

These Cyberpaths never stop.

How's that for sick?
The Cyberpath is the angry one who wants their victims to JUST FORGET IT so they can lie, never apologize, smear them and continue duping their family & friends? Yes.

And this story, readers is a perfect example.


Don't forget Cyberpaths! If you really want help or want to write an open apology to your victim(s) just mail us here at EOPC and we will be happy to help you make amends ! Send your apology to: Cyberpaths@gmail.com. If it's genuine - we'll be happy to post it!


Anonymous said...

How is this guy not in jail?

Anonymous said...


what a tragedy girl. Felt very bad.How can these things happen.

Archana Shekar
www.8falcons.com -keeping children safe online and offline

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to Mr: Domain Name optonline.net ? (Network)
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post some truth, maybe will we approve it next time. Even the police know what you tried to post is a contrived lie. It has been forwarded to law enforcement since the Target you speak of has a restraining order on Mr. Yid with Lid

Guary Nicholson said...

So you know I want to thank EOPC for their support and understanding of my situation.

No one forged my signature. I don't think EOPC is crazy or bad. And this is Guary Nicholson.

Keep up your good work.