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(We are posting this because this 'mindset' of exploitation applies to many Cyberpaths. It often starts with online porn and escalates to cyberpathy.

Online Predators can be Sexual Predators
remember gridney / Yidwithlid? - who tried to seduce his 'friends' or their friends; turning normal women into free cyberwhores by promising them love and emotional fulfillment, in addition to buying & using high-price prostitutes on his lunch hour?

and Charles Ed Hicks - who sexually seduced women, married some, conned them all out of money a, was a serial bigamist and con man?

Or Dan Jacoby, who plays the 'hero' to women in recovery from prescription drugs - until they find him on SEX FORUMS, with multiple online partners (he smears them to each other, they are all "obsessed" or "scorned" LOL!!) he videotapes them without their knowledge - and is still FULLY MARRIED (no Divorce, ladies!!)

Nathan Thomas? With a wife on every continent for free food, lodging and sex?

These sexual predators and their sick treatment of those they prey on sexually & emotionally - just further their mindset that their targets are "objects" to be used and thrown away - and this carries into their online 'relationships' as well.

This article gives a horrifying but very REAL assessment of these men and the damage they cause.... and much of the misogyny can be extended to male Cyberpaths as well. - Fighter)

The Internet and Web, as communication tools, enable men to merge the role of predators and pimps. They extend their experiences of buying women and children by writing about it and sharing it with other predators. (see TER for one such site) Texts, images and videos that describe or show the exploitation or abuse of a woman or child can be shared online with the world.

No longer isolated, men can reach out to find a community of like-minded predators on the Internet. Through this online community, they can share their experiences and gain validation for their behavior. They can engage in amateur pimping by advising others on how and where to prey on women and children all over the world.

(Gridney/ Yidwithlid was caught on TER and looking for casual sex partners since 2000 and rating the whores he'd been with for other men! AMATEUR PIMPING! He's still trying desperately to erase it all and deny it ever happened or blame his victims for 'planting it.' And now we hear he's on Twitter - watching the feeds of abused women just looking for another 'in' with some trusting, naive woman - LOL!)
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Predators Report on Their Exploitation of Women and Children

The oldest forum on the Internet for promoting the sexual exploitation of women and children is the newsgroup alt.sex.services (renamed alt.sex.prostitution). Its "aim is to create market transparency for sex related services" (Atta and M., World Sex Guide, June 1997). Postings from this newsgroup are archived into a World Wide Web site called The World Sex Guide, which provides "comprehensive, sex-related information about every country in the world." The guide includes information and advice from men who have bought women and children on where and how to find and buy prostituted women and children in seventy countries from seven world regions (Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America). For each country, if known, the age of consent is reported. The slogan of The World Sex Guide in 1996 was "F*ckers of the world unite!" It became "Where do you want to f*ck today?" in 1997; and in 1998, took on the more pretentious title of "A research project about prostitution worldwide."[4]

The men go on to describe, often in graphic detail, their experiences of ...using women. These are not sexual fantasies as can be found in other alt.sex newsgroups (and websites) on the Internet. These are real experiences often backed up by the women or brothels themselves. (Yidwithlid - perfect example)

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In the men's writings, the women are completely objectified and evaluated on everything from skin color to presence of scars and firmness of their flesh. Women's receptiveness and compliance to men buyers is also rated. The men buying women and posting the information see and perceive the events only from their self-interested perspective.

Men who have bought women (escorts) and children in prostitution write-up their experiences for postings on the newsgroups, websites and an archive The World Sex Guide. They do not appear to have a commercial interest in the prostitution. They are writing for a peer group of men who buy women and girls in prostitution. They share their experiences and give each other advice and information on where to go to find women and girls and what they might expect in that particular city or establishment.

The graphic descriptions of men’s buying experiences are also a form of pornography on the Internet. The scope and detail of this exchange is completely unprecedented.
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Some of the men posting information on the alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup are quite straightforward about their misogyny and sadism. Some men claim to "love" prostitutes, but their words reveal their true hatred of women. The descriptions of the women are usually callous, with disregard for the women as human beings. To these men the women are literally sexual objects to be bought for a few minutes at the prices they can bargain for or listed.

(U.S. sites include: www.theeroticreview.***, www.utopiaguide.***, www.eroticy.***, www.escort-finder.***)

Predators Take Turns with One Woman
This rapid publishing electronic medium has enabled men to buy individual women. Men can go out, buy a woman, go home, and acting like amateur pimps, post the details on a newsgroup or website. In 24 hours, anyone in the world with an Internet connection can read about it and often have enough information to find the same woman.
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For example, in Nevada, USA, where prostitution is legal, a man bought a woman called "Honey." He wrote about his experience and told other men the name of the brothel where "Honey" could be found. Within a couple of weeks other men went and bought "Honey" themselves and posted their experiences to the newsgroup. Within a short period of time men were having a cyberorgy of male bonding by describing what each of them did to her. Men are keeping a special Web site for men to post their experiences of buying this one woman.[21] Additional Web pages have been created for "Monique" and "Katherine," who can be bought at legal brothels in Nevada.

To my knowledge this public documentation and exposure of buying an individual women is unknown before Internet communication. The implications for this type of exchange in a fast-publishing, easily accessible medium like the Internet are very serious for the sexual exploitation of women in the future.
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Sexual Exploitation
A practice by which a person achieves sexual gratification, financial gain or advancement through the abuse or exploitation of a person’s sexuality by abrogating that person’s human right to dignity, equality, autonomy, and physical and mental well-being; i.e. trafficking, prostitution, prostitution tourism, mail-order-bride trade, pornography, stripping, battering, incest, rape and sexual harassment. Sexual exploitation preys on women and children made vulnerable by poverty and economic development policies and practices. Sexual exploitation violates the human rights of anyone subjected to it, whether female or male, adult or child, Northern or Southern.

One who exploits conditions of inequality to buy, manipulate and/or abuse for personal sexual satisfaction those with less power, e.g. john, punter, buyer, client, customer, hobbyist, monger, trick, pedophile, rapist, sex offender, child molester, pornographer. (or CYBERPATH!)

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Sex industry
The collection of legal and illegal businesses and single and multi-party operations that profit from the sexual exploitation of women, children, and sometimes, men in trafficking, organized prostitution, and/or pornography; e.g. brothels, massage parlors, bars, strip clubs, mail-order-bride agencies, escort services, massage parlors, prostitution tour agencies, "adult entertainment," "adult" bookstores, pornographic Web sites.

(What starts as mere curiousity in porn, leads to cyberpathy, posting on dating sites "out of curiousity" and leads to a mindset of using other people for sex while throwing seductive words like "love" or "connection" at them when what they are really doing is using emotional rape to commit physical rape, sometimes fraud & bigamy - all without the other person even realizing what's been done to them - Fighter)




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Marnie - I am still proud of you!!!

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Marnie -- I am proud of you!

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Marnie --- I am proud of you!

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A local man Inamed david cecil is a prime example of how dope can used to take advantage of young women.What kind of man like to force these poor girls,even beating them,allison steed but an example.She say's david cecil of hill everhart rd.forces her to perform sexual acts or she get's beat.I witnessed cecil beat her as I am a bail agent and was checking up on him.he forces her to have anal sex on him,lol...What can be done about these grown men addicting young adults?Very interested Parent of three.SSS.