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Interesting Female Cyberpath: LISSA DALY


Another Female Cyberpath

(written by Daly's target)

I first came into contact with Lissa through a fansite/messageboard. I prefer to keep this particular personality & the fansite private, I highly respect this person and prefer not to associate this psychopath to them.

In hindsight I would not have picked Lissa to be one of my friends and I highly suspect she had to create such personalities to keep a link. She was always the "know it all" bully. (sounds like a narcissist already)

After she had established herself on this board she created a woman named "Sandy". As the Sandy personality she became close to a girl I know whom I'll call Jill.

"Sandy" soon lost her (invented) fight with cancer but left behind a (also invented) daughter, "Libby," who was a lost soul after losing her mother. Libby then grew close to Jill and even said she thought her mother had found her to look after Libby after she was gone. I also became close to "Libby" through emails and chats. (LURE!)

Lissa (as Libby) used this opportunity to come between myself and Jill. As Libby she told me terrible things Jill was doing and how awful she was making her feel. Months pass, and low and behold Libby, who coincidentally had leukemia when she was 4 comes down with it again. (how convenient!!)

Libby then has to leave for England (far from both Jill and myself) to live with her uncle. Libby "dies" a few weeks later and soon after Jill and myself have no more contact - exactly as Lissa/Libby had planned.

Months pass and I get an email from "Libby's aunt," an aunt that was supposedly hated by the family. She informs me that Libby had left a large sum of money to a charity. I begin communicating with "Nikki" (the aunt). We are soon emailing twice a day, photos came often. (Nikki is also an invention of Daly's - Daly apparently has more plot lines and characters than a bad soap opera)

Photos where of the British actress Joanna Lumley (Lumley has had numerous acting roles including 'Patsy' on the hit ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - see photo above). "Nikki" after a year and half comes down lymphoma (this imaginary family of Daly's invention is a medical nightmare! LOL) but still plans a trip here in December.

The August prior to this supposed trip, Daly had "Nikki" and "Max" killed by some man who had an apparent heart attack at the wheel. (oh the drama!! Daly should have just written a book...)

These were red flags, of course but when I tried to wrap my head around it I just couldn't. Lissa Daly emailed me as "Max" -- the husband, "Joelle" -- the sister in law and "Julian" -- her gay best friend. Who can keep up with that? (a PSYCHOPATH could!!) I was sent scrapbook pages, photo albums etc. I can't even imagine the time she took away from her family. She said she has a job, she told me she "runs the place". What a joke. (Psychopaths/cyberpaths have BOUNDLESS energy for these types of games while leading seemingly normal lives on the outside.)

The final straw came after one particular chat with "Sasha" (yes another invented person) I was told that "Nikki" had come to her psychically, and told her to read this book, a story about what happens after death.

The next morning I get up for my usual chat with Lissa she says she needs a good book to read for her road trip. Lissa says "do you ever wonder what people do after they die?" This sort of thing had happened plenty of times before but for the first time I finally went into Lissa's ebay account. Now, I could kick myself for not doing it years ago. Right in front of me, in her EBay account, is a coffee mug with a photo of the woman I had known as "Nikki" (Joanna Lumley) and her co-star in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. (It's o.k. - Daly had messed with the victim's mind so much and you probably aren't the sort of person who suspects everyone of being a sociopath!)

Proof that Lissa has absolutely no heart or soul. How could she even drink coffee knowing what she had done? (please see the definition of a Cyberpath)

She must have spent thousands on Joanna Lumley items to keep her game going - DVD's, Magazines etc. (you can bet she did, and got a charge out of the game the whole time too!!)

In one of her emails she said her life was hell and now mine is as well. The truth is my hell was finally over. Daly's B.S. had grown old and I was just plain tired of her and the nonsense.

LISSA's List of Invented Identities

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Felony Charges for Fake Internet Posting & Harassment

(MISSOURI) A St. Peters mom faces felony charges for allegedly making a fake posting on Craigslist.

It will be a landmark case.

She's the first person charged with a felony under a new Missouri internet harassment law.

Forty-year-old Elizabeth Thrasher is accused of making a sexually suggestive ad in the "casual encounters" section of Craigslist to embarrass a 17-year-old girl.

The girl is the daughter of a woman who is now dating Thrasher's ex-husband.

The ad contained the 17-year-old's picture, cell phone number and place of employment. After it went online, the girl started receiving calls, texts and even pornography from men responding to the ad.

Prosecutors say this is harassment and it falls under a new law written in response to the suicide death of 13-year-old Megan Meier.

Meier received disturbing MySpace messages from an adult writing from a fake account.

In this case, Thrasher is over 21 and the victim is under 17, so it qualifies as a felony.

But Thrasher's lawyer says the charge does not fit the crime.

He says the new law is poorly written and doesn't apply in this case.

"The statute is very poorly crafted," says Thrasher's lawyer, Mike Kielty. "And the behavior in this case that's alleged to be criminal is anything but."

Prosecutors disagree.

"The fact that someone went on another website and created a fake post in someone's name, I think that's exactly what this statue was written for," says St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas.

Thrasher is due in court again at the end of the month. She posted bond so she is not in custody. Her lawyer says she plans to plead not guilty.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busted by Facebook

Facebook Pictures, Images and Photos


A mother wanted for a string of robberies was caught living it up on the French Riviera after cops traced her through her Facebook page.

Getaway driver Lizzie Tams, 37, fled the UK after being given bail.

She joined the website to keep in touch with pals and boast of her luxury life.

Cops monitored her messages, tipping off French police when she arranged to meet her teenage kids at Nice airport.

She was arrested and hauled back to Britain where she was jailed for 3½ years at Newcastle Crown Court.

Tams, formerly of Brunswick, Newcastle, spent 16 months on the run. She admitted robbery, handling stolen goods and absconding from justice.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surf Porn at Work? Get Fired.

By Howard Levitt

The Internet enables people to watch more pornography than ever before, even at work. However, despite its rising popularity, it hasn't become any more acceptable to the mainstream and is often part of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Bad taste makes the day go by faster. --Andy Warhol

When business was slow, Greg Backman, a supervisor at Maritime Paper Products, would surf sex sites on his office computer up to three hours a day. The company never complained Backman was gratifying himself instead of performing his job. Neither did any of the people he supervised. On the contrary, the company was satisfied with the job he was doing.

It kept giving him raises and excellent reviews. Backman must have truly been talented to get his work done while surfing the Web for sex for hours a day. The company, like many employers, had an "Acceptable Use Policy" for work computers. Surfing for sex sites wasn't one of them. At the same time, it was aware of Backman's habit.

Several years earlier, he was warned to stop watching pornography at work or he would be fired but no one ever followed through on the warning. His great ratings continued. The company finally pulled the plug when a woman from the company's Manager of Information Services complained. Her job was to monitor everyone's computer use which required her to look at the images on Backman's computer, most of which were explicit images of young women engaged in sex acts. She told the company she found the images highly offensive. Maritime immediately fired Backman.

The court sided with the company. Justice McLellan of the New Brunswick Queens Bench stated, by displaying sexual images on his work computer, Backman was sexually harassing the woman in Information Services. In law, Maritime had a duty to protect her. It could not permit Backman to surf pornographic sites at work if it meant female co-workers would see it and be offended. Besides, Backman was warned and knew the risk he was running.

The company did the right thing by firing Backman because he placed the company at risk to be sued by the woman in Information Services for allowing him to sexually harass her. The lessons for employers are clear:

- Pornography in the workplace is not harmless entertainment. If an employee views pornography on a work computer, the employer may have cause for termination.

- If other employees are, in the course of their job, forced to see another employee's pornography collection, it can lead to claims of sexual harassment.

- Employers should make it clear to all employees that work computers cannot be used to view pornography or any material that might offend other employees. This protects the employer from claims it permitted sexual harassment and strengthens the employer's hand in firing employees that refuse to stop.

Howard Levitt, counsel to Lang Michener LLP, is an employment lawyer who practises in eight provinces and is author of several texts, including The Law of Dismissal for Human Resources Professionals, recently released.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pastor Arrested for Cyberstalking Former Congregant

Christian Come On

By Bob Allen

MARSHALL, Texas -- A pastor active in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has resigned from his church amid allegations that he sent inappropriate e-mails to a woman who once attended the congregation.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office in Shreveport, La., issued a press release Aug. 11 reporting that Matthew Darren Wood, 38, of Marshall, Texas, turned himself in after being issued a misdemeanor summons for cyber-stalking. He is accused of sending several anonymous e-mails of a sexual nature to a 21-year-old Shreveport woman one day this past March.

On Aug. 5 Wood resigned as pastor of Central Baptist Church in Marshall, according to church administrator David Simpson. Simpson referred other questions to law enforcement officials.

Wood, pastor at the church since 2004, said because it is a pending legal matter, he has been advised not to discuss the charge until it is disposed.

Wood is a graduate of Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary and earned a doctorate from the Graduate Theological Foundation at Notre Dame University.

He is active in Current, a young leaders' network that supports the CBF and seeks to connect younger Baptists to its work.

He also has been part of a pastor-peer group in the CBF Initiative for Excellence in Ministry, a six-year-old program funded by the Lilly Endowment.

Before coming to Marshall, Wood was pastoral resident at First Baptist Church in Athens, Texas (1997-1998); pastor of First Baptist Church in Mertens, Texas (1997-1998); and pastor of Central Baptist Church in Mineral Springs, Ark. (2000-2004).

Louisiana's cyberstalking law makes it a crime to e-mail or electronically communicate words or language that threaten, harass or make false statements about another person. If convicted, a first offense is punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 and/or up to a year in jail.

original article here

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Help Catch a Fugitive Who's on the Lam

Our very first Cyberpath - Ed Hicks - is on the run!!
Hicks, who trolls the dating sites looking for innocent & vulnerable women -- was finally caught in 2006 after being profiled on the Dr. Phil show as well as "Very Bad Men"and charged with Bigamy. He got the longest sentence for Bigamy ever handed down in Virginia. A Felony Conviction.
But Hicks made a mistake -- once released, he NEGLECTED to check in with his Parole Officer, as legally required - in July 2008.

A warrant for his arrest has been issued from the Chesapeake Circuit Court.

If you click this link and want to verify
Hicks is actually a fugitive:
1. Select "Chesapeake Circuit"
2. Select "Begin"
3. Enter: "Hicks, Charles" in the Search by Name field
4. Then Click "Search by Name" button
5. The Criminal radio button should already default:

It will be the first case that pops up and lists the 'Status' as Fugitive! The Case Number: CR05A03857-00

Hicks has yet to be found. He could be anywhere but his compulsive use of online dating sites to find new prey could help find him!
Hicks trolls ALL the dating sites (just like Barber)
Known Aliases: Charles Hicks, Ed Hicks, Charles Greene
(could be using a name we don't know at this time)

Don't allow him to prey on anymore trusting women!

Hicks has also been referred to as the "Dr. Phil Bigamist" (click here to see TV shows and a documentary about Hicks - Click on "The Man Who Married Too Much").
He sometimes uses the phrase he is "in love with love".
Additionally, he shows interests in kiteboarding, windsurfing, golf and sailing to his prey.
He usually lists his Race/ Ethnicity as 'Other'
He sometimes dyes his hair and lies about his age. He was actually born February 23, 1944.

Take a good look at all the pictures here and on Fight Bigamy of this remorseless predator who is now on the lam. These psychopathic men do not stop... he will continue destroying lives. Help stop him!

It's suspected he's somewhere in the SouthEast U.S., possibly taking advantage of the trusting heart of yet another woman he met and lured online. Possibly In: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina or Florida. Could even be in California, as he has family there.
If you have seen this man or been contacted by this man via an online dating site, you are urged to immediately contact the:
Chesapeake VA Sheriff's Department Fugitive Division
Phone: (757) 382-6159
E-Mail: fugitive@chesapeakesheriff.com

Their address:
ATTN: Fugitive Apprehension Unit
401 Albemarle Dr
Chesapeake, VA

Forward this to everyone you know -- help catch a Predator/ Fugitive!
ed hicks bigamist

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UPDATE: Doug Beckstead's Damage Control

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Let's give a review of EVERYONE'S BEST FRIEND: The (In)Famous, Great Man: Doug Beckstead

Recently Beckstead has been bragging about his time in Iraq - to brush up his image. Remember he is NOT enlisted or a fighting man... he was there as a historian... although he likes 'forgetting' to mention that fact.


Additionally, Beckstead has been adding HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS to his ever-growing Facebook. Trying to make himself look like a good guy by adding 'friends' from his glory days. Yid with Lid does this on his Facebook & Twitter too...

These social networking friends are always the ones who are OBLIVIOUS to the fact that these guys are PREDATORS behind a keyboard!

Since we first ran this expose in Spring 2007, Beckstead has posted loads and loads and loads of links all over the web to his latest excursions (WORK assignments) . Looking for REFLECTED GLORY, even recently; in pathetic attempts to prove to his victims that their exposure of him didn't effect ole' Doug one bit! (then why all the posts and all your friends writing to websites about what a GREAT GUY Beckstead is and HOW HORRIBLE it is that anyone would expose this stellar human being? LOL)
People with this disorder appear to be charming at times, and make relationships, but to them, these are relationships in name only. They are ended whenever necessary or when it suits them, and the relationships are without depth or meaning, including marriages. They seem to have an innate ability to find the weakness in people, and are ready to use these weaknesses to their own ends through deceit, manipulation, or intimidation, and gain pleasure from doing so.

What it did suceed in doing was show that Doug, like all narcissistic predators, is trying too hard. Heck, a 'friend' of his from the Air Force Base where he works came to EOPC to put in his good word about his good-buddy, Doug. One of his old high school buddies from years & years ago swears Beckstead's a 'decent guy.' (Probably knows nothing about his online games with the minds & hearts of people who have NO CLUE he's playing any game at all!!) Of course, these people miss the point completely that the Doug they know is not the 'uninhibited Beckstead' who feels all-powerful behind a keyboard preying on vulnerable women in depression or tough situations for some mind-games and cyber slap & tickle. In short, they miss that inside the Doug they know rests a PREDATOR.











This is typical of a malignant narcissist - to hitch their stars to something or someone that makes them look good. Of course then Doug the predator can show all these links to people and say "see, I am a good guy. EOPC was wrong!!" Additionally, they post everywhere they can in hopes to 'drown out' the truth. (Cyberpath gridney/ Yidwithlid does the same. Just surf on "yidwithlid" or even "doug beckstead" to find out!)



By the way, we need to repeat: in one photo on a link, Beckstead photoshopped it to make himself LOOK THINNER!! See below and look at the lines of the suit and compare with the photo at the top of this post.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
These links appeared a few days after the funeral/memorial of the fallen airman (see links above). And EOPC believes Beckstead himself is the logical poster responsible for the mass inflitration of these links everywhere. It was not long before this memorial service that Beckstead discovered his EOPC exposure and turned the blame and projection on any victim at hand. (we know of at least 2 of his victims, and possibly 3)

Beckstead also continues to try to give sage advice online to appear concerned & 'respectable' on various military, historical, Alaska-related and other forums.

This is his and the embarrassed, determined Air force Base in Anchorage, Alaska's ways of attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Making Beckstead appear like the respectable and ethical man he is obviously NOT.

This is Beckstead's way of saving face to those who know nothing of his double life and his cruelty and disrespect towards those vulnerable women and children he preyed on online. It's their attempts at setting him up to look like a 'good man' so he can continue his online predatory antics in secret. (Clive, J/Gridney/ YidwithLid, Thomas, Dorsky... all did the same sort of 'damage control'! It's classic)

Yet another of Beckstead's predatory e-bombs to one of his targets:

On 2/5/06,Doug Beckstead dog_driver@xxx.com wrote:

I have tried to treat you with nothing but openness and honesty through everything. I have not lied about anything with you. (GAG US!! Mr. "it was all a game and she knew it!)

As for my wife not wanting sex, well, I was down there for a month over Christmas and never once had sex. It's just something I've come to expect, or not to expect for that matter. (and you are sharing MARITAL INFORMATION with a Stranger!? Gridney/ Yid with Lid did this with Target #2 and Jacoby did this with all his targets also! ZERO appropriate boundaries with a cyberpath.)

I would write more here tonight, but I tore a muscle in my forearm (right in front of my elbow) lifting weights on Thursday afternoon. I really overdid it. Typing is aggrevating it. (Besides having cybersex and answering all my other targets really did my arm in, huh?)




We know Beckstead came to EOPC and MINIMIZED his abuse and said it was all a "game" in a comment on one post about him. Also saying that his victims "knew what" they were getting into.

Don't buy this!!
For a psychopath, a romantic relationship is just another opportunity to find a trusting partner who will buy into the lies. It's primarily why a psychopath rarely stays in a relationship for the long term, and often is involved with three or four partners at once, says Willson.

To a psychopath, everything about a relationship is a game.

Other predators we profiled tried it too. Dorsky, Gridney/ Yid with Lid, Hicks, Clive and Jacoby.

(Nathan Thomas, in fact, told his victims it was THEIR FAULT for "not standing by him!" and they were "making the 'CIA' angry." LOL!
Thomas has since gone back to one wife and taken off for parts unknown with her to avoid any legal entanglements. He tells everyone "the CIA needed him" as he takes off and wives & girlfriends never see him again! ROFL!)

Please don't make us laugh Cyberpaths! This is projection, blame shifting and narcissistic abuse.

Even our first exposed predator, Charles Ed Hicks aka Charles Greene to this day, swears he is writing a book about the TRUTH! (kinda like O.J.) and he will sue all the people (police, D.A.s, private investigators, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, newspaper reporters and T.V. shows - all who did their homework!) who 'smeared his good name.' Can't smear what was never good, Hicks!

And all the posts and proclamations of being a good guy or a family man ("Gridney/ Yid with Lid" does this too on his new site including pictures of himself and his "wonderful, loving family" all the time apparently) are to make the exposure of their predatory antics seem like an anomaly - or those who report them are "just scorned, crazy women." Readers, how many times do we hear this tired song? And we know better!

Don't ever forget that these cyberpaths told people they'd NEVER met, only knew online, that they profiled and LIED to - that they "loved" them!! Loved people they never met in person, barely knew and had chatted with (mostly cybersex) for 3 - 8 weeks tops before their proclamations of love came out? Now some try to say they "have changed," they are "good guys" and they "love their wife/ partners. " Of course, no real signs of change and their admant refusal to apologize, allocute or give closure to their victims. And, of course, they're acting MORALLY SUPERIOR to the victims they hurt, traumatized, used, abused and now smear.
In romantic relationships, a psychopath may be charming and affectionate just long enough to establish intimacy with a partner, and then suddenly become abusive, unfaithful, and manipulative. The bewildered partner might turn to friends and family with their story, only to be met with disbelief—how could the warm, outgoing individual everyone has come to know possibly be guilty of these acts? All too often, the abused partner blames the situation on themselves, and comes out of the relationship emotionally destroyed.


Beckstead even had the National Parks Service shilling for him: CLICK HERE But in these emails below you can see what a truly mean-spirited, coniving, hollow man Beckstead really is.

From: dog_driver@XXXX.com
To: XX@XXX.net

Subject: Good Evenin'
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:32:08 -0800

I just got home. I needed a little "unwind" time so I stopped down at the Midnite Mine for a couple of drinks -- and spent some of the time texting XXX and XXXX. Friday evenings are usually a lot of fun because the "regulars" are down there after work. Have you ever seen the tv show "CHEERS"? The Mine is a lot like the Fairbanks version of the bar in the show. The regulars are just that, regulars. And everybody eventually gets to know everybodies names and you never know when someone else is going to be buying a drink for you -- but it is expected that you will return the favor, if not that evening then on another. It's a real friendly bar. And the owner, treats our dart team really well too so I like to patronize his place.

Now, to get to your questions ... as for my comment about ("You know when you said "you don't know what is going to happen", what did you mean by that exactly? Do you still hope that we will meet, and get to do everything we have spoken of? Do you still hold that true?") What I meant by that is that I don't have a crystal ball that holds all the answers for me. I cannot predict what may happen next month let alone next year or five years down the road. However, that does not mean that I want, or expect, anything to change between you and I. I value our relationship very, very much. It was hard not getting messages from you over the last week and I was really happy to get the ones that explained what was happening. I hope more than anything that some day we will eventually be able to meet, in person. Beyond that, I don't know what will happen. So, we just have to keep the good thoughts going. I have not been trying to "pull back" or anything like that. That's why I made the comment about staying in the background. I would much rather be out "front and center" but if things happen, just remember, I'll always be back there and will respond to your questions, e-mails, etc.
(GAG US WITH YOUR B.S. Beckstead! And you have the nerve to say it was all a GAME and your victims KNEW WHAT THEY WERE WAS GETTING INTO?? Two of them told us NO they had NO IDEA!)

As for the questions about "where does my new job leave us," well, as far as I'm concerned we're still going to be able to e-mail, talk on occasion, and send packages back and forth. If I find out that something was sent and wasn't received, then there will be hell to pay for it, especially if it doesn't show up within a reasonable length of time. We'll be able to talk from time to time as well, just like we do now. (When Beckstead needs a narcissistic fix or to get his jollies by abusing you & twisting your mind)

I don't expect anything to change. But, be prepared that when I get deployed there may be long periods of time when you won't hear from me. I don't know what the e-mail situation will be from wherever I could end up. I think I explained to you that I could go to Baghdad or Afghanistan for as long as four months every two years. It's all part of my job. But, I will let you know about anything that comes up well in advance. I think they've got a rotation schedule so I'll know well in advance when I'm going and to where. It will be just like when I go out to the Yukon now and can't plug my computer into a spruce tree to send e-mails. (At Beckstead's weight we sincerely doubt he'd be "deployed" anywhere but Weight Watchers!! What is it with pseudo-military? Thomas, Haberman, Cafasso & Barber were all fake or pseudo-military! Beckstead was SENT to Iraq to write about it - not DEPLOYED; despite the military's terms for it - Iraq was not looking for Beckstead to come save the day!)

The three trips I mentioned that I have coming up over the next two months before I head south are next week (beginning tomorrow morning) to Anchorage. I'll be checking my e-mail from there. Then the week after, I'll leave on Friday to fly out to Eagle, take a boat down the Yukon on Saturday to Coal Creek for a "dedication" on Sunday, back to Eagle on Monday via boat, and then spend Tuesday in Eagle doing research (actually I plan on relaxing and enjoying some time on the river -- very little work related) and fly back to Fairbanks on Wednesday. (Aren't you the popular busy bee? and wonderful human being? NOT!!)

Then, the last trip will begin on August 29th (or sooner if they finish the first half of their mission first) I will be going out to the B-24 with the team from JPAC to recover the remains of the pilot. I got word today that I will be accompanying the team for the mission. I'm really psyched about that. The mission plans are to be onsite for two weeks (until September 12th). I think we'll find what we're looking for a lot sooner and might be out earlier than planned, but who knows what may happen. So, that will be the end of my "bush time" with the NPS.

I also found out today that (1) the operations manager in Eagle is still really against the project for God knows what reasons, something about "wilderness" bullshit or something; and (2) our superintendent has already made his mind up that the project is going to happen and the NPS will be supporting it. I'm thinking that when I'm out in Eagle I just may put the ops manager on the spot and pointedly ask her why she's so against the mission. And when I do it, I may just be wired too (wearing a concealed recording device). I'd really like to see her squirm for a while. When I leave the NPS and move over to the Air Force I am already planning on submitting a request, under what we call the "Freedom of Information Act," for all the documentation and communication between our office in Fairbanks and the office in Eagle, including e-mails, phone logs, notes, etc. that relate to this project. The Freedom of Information Act is something that our government passed quite a while ago (30 or 40 years ago) that allows citizens to request government documents relating to specific issues of concern. As long as they don't fall under some very strict areas that they can be deemed "classified" (ongoing law enforcement actions, containing person information, or relating to national security) they agency is required by law to release the documents to the requesting individual. And, even if they do contain sensitive information, there are still ways that they must be released with names, etc. being blacked out. On one hand I'm going to do it just to piss the NPS off, but I'm also going to do it because I intend to discuss the lack of support on the part of the NPS for the mission in my book. (Do they know this? And since when is Beckstead - James Bond? Cyberpath Bullies and their empty, idle, vague "threats"!)

As for my book, I'm actually into writing it now. I started one of the latter chapters the other day. I'm writing about my trip to the site in 2004. I will likely include the information about going back to the site in 2005 with XXX (the nephew of the crew chief) and XXXX and XXXX (the survivor ). But, I'm also thinking about giving the trip with the XXXX's its own chapter. We'll see how it goes. Overall, my research on the B-24 and my forthcoming book, will all be going with me. I have come way too far to abandon it and I know that no one else would be able to put the same feeling into it down the road. And, I feel that I owe it to the crew and their families to finish it.

I know that XXX is getting excited about things with the baby. I think he's also getting nervous about the job and going back down to Idaho. I'm sure things will work out, but I too would like to have some answers finalized so things go smoothly. Unfortunately, right now, the longer it takes, the more an airline ticket is going to cost to get him down there. I know he's been saving up his money from his job so he's got the money, but I'd still like to be able to see him save some of it. In the long run, I really want to have them come back up to Anchorage. I think everything will be a lot better for everyone concerned if they do. We'll see how things play out.

XXX is doing fine down in Ketchikan. She's had a girlfriend from high school visiting her for the last week and a half. She brought her little boy down with her and the three of them have had a blast. Monica and Kasen went home today so XXX is on her own again. Justin still has six or seven weeks to go on his base confinement so it's going to be lonely, but she's going to do fine. We've even toyed with the idea of her coming up to Anchorage for a visit for a while. We'll see what happens. Actually, I'm really looking forward to meeting XX, their pup. From everything that XXX says about her, she sounds like a really cool dog. And almost too smart for her own good! She's been a little jealous about having XXXX around the house, but they soon warmed up to each other. XXX found it was a lot of fun to take his crackers and mash them on the hardwood floor. Sadie would come running over and "bark-uum" them up for him. I'm sure that XXX is going to miss him as much as XXX is going to miss having XXX around for the company.
(again, Beckstead was accused of some problems with the alleged 'hassling' of children. Never convicted but where there's smoke... Of course ole' Dougie-Do-Good threatened to sue the parents of these poor girls for even SUGGESTING he did something untoward... now how many of our exposed Cyberpaths have threatened to sue their victims? Almost all!)

I'm sure that while XXXX is alone right now she'll be e-mailing xxxxxx more. Tonight she said that she really had fun with the past few that they've exchanged. I guess they're finding more and more in common now.

Well, my back is really sore tonight. (ME ME ME ME ME!!)

I think I should close this epistle and go stretch out on the couch for a while. I'm hoping to get up really early tomorrow and heading south. XXX wants to go see the third X-Men movie. It's playing at a theater in Anchorage where you can actually get food and drinks to take into the theater. Not like the usual movie going munchies of popcorn and candy, but things like homemade pizzas, nachos, big pictures of soda, and my favorite, beer! It's a late show tomorrow night so it could be a lot of fun. There is also a big gun show going on in Anchorage this weekend that I would like to go see. It's where a lot of people are selling guns, parts of guns, accessories for guns, and other outdoor related things. I'll bet xxxxx would have a blast at it! There is one up here in Fairbanks twice a year, but for the most part, there isn't much to it and everyone has things overpriced by at least 50%. I like to go to pick up an occasional accessory (ammo boxes, etc) but I rarely buy anything. I've seen a couple of guns that I would have liked to have picked up (bought) but didn't have the money at the time. Mostly I go to look to see if something strikes my fancy. (HIS fancy? Like women online to mess with their minds & hearts? does THAT strike your fancy too, Beckstead? make you feel like the wonderful man you're NOT?)

I'm sure glad that you're feeling better. Now if everyone can just get back on their feet! (wow!! He ACTUALLY acknowledged his target! for a second... LOL)

I love you, hugs! ("i love you"?? How many people do you say that too, Beckstead? Gag - remember it's 'ALL A GAME' .... RIGHT!?!?!?)

Dolor temporarius.
Gloria aeterna.
Cicatrices virginibus placent.


Anyone care to count the number of times Beckstead used the words "I" -- "me" -- "my" in the above?
Beckstead whale

Recently Beckstead's done all he can to make PERSONAL capital out of his time in Iraq writing for the Air Force:


Beckstead makes a couple of whopping comments in there that need specific attention, e.g. : ""When I was called and offered this (position at Elmendorf Air Force Base) job, they asked 'You do know this job is deployable?'" Mr. Beckstead said. "Personally I was excited about it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to come to a place like this (sure he was "excited about it, more time to play games and con others into more personal gain for himself) and write the history of what's going and what we're doing, literally as it's going on."

Also: "The deployment process for the two historians was the same process active-duty Airmen go through and included multiple immunizations, weapons training and combat skills training, they said. .... (Ahh the other guy I can believe that may be true but Beckstead at his current weight and with his many self-reported health conditions???).

Callous, deceitful, reckless, guiltless . . . The psychopath understands the wishes and concerns of others; he simply does not care . . . The psychopath believes that rules and morals are for other, weaker people who obey because they fear punishment . . . No matter how bright, and a psychopath is often very bright, he rarely maintains a regular job . . . he may have an ingratiating manner and superficial charm, be persuasive, poised . . . Lying, evasiveness, feigned forgetfulness, vague and inconsistent answers about his past . . . Dr. David B. Adams

"I was the oldest member in my class in combat-skills training, but I didn't finish last in anything." Mr. Beckstead said with a chuckle. "At one point I realized I was old enough for everyone in the class to be my kid.".... (Who would want to be your kid?) and (What is it that they say about he who laughs last? ...dream on Beckstead)

And the best line of all ........

"Really there's no difference (between military and civilians here). We're eating together, working together and living together. We're all in it together," Mr. Beckstead said. "I really try to break down that barrier of 'I'm a civilian and you're enlisted.' I like the fact we're wearing the same uniform. I just try to blend in as much as I can. ...(Righhhhhhht you just keep on kidding yourself there Dougie-do-good, the great pretender - as if he would actually go FIGHT with these brave men) We're all in the same fight together and we all have the same goal."

"I couldn't imagine being deployed anywhere else. Yes, there's a danger level, but you're in the middle of everything (here). I'm not an outside observer, I'm inside and it's a whole different thing when you can write history as you live history," Mr. Beckstead said. ........ (Really, and were you an "outside observer" whilst you played with others heads??)

EOPC continues to follow up with each & every predator. Until they come totally clean, admit what they have done and work to make amends, its not over. Victims move forward but without justice. And a cyberpath will rage, do damage control, call the victims "scorned, hell-hath-no-fury" and stalkers" - just to get back to their sneaky ways and the next victim. We want to try to see there are NO MORE victims.

The psychopath does not merely repress feelings of anxiety and guilt or fail to experience them appropriately; instead, he or she lacks a fundamental understanding of what these things are. When asked a question such as “What does remorse feel like?” for instance, the typical psychopath will become irritated, deflect the question, or attempt to change the subject.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Legal Perils of Social Networking

By Erika Morphy

There's something about the Web that makes some people just want to let it all out, compelling them to type things they'd hesitate to speak out loud. However, words on the Web can sometimes have real impact in the office -- and in the courtroom.

Web or no Web, talking trash about your employer can get you fired, libeling others can get you sued, and some lies are far from harmless.

Every blogger should know the story of Heather B. Armstrong, nee Hamilton. In February 2002 she was fired from her job for blogging about her job. Blogs were relatively new at that time, and they were on few employers' radars. Hamilton, though, crossed an invisible line -- one not explicitly defined by her employer -- and paid for it. She coined the term "dooce" as a label for anyone fired for blogging. Five years later, most people online know the drill: Don't blog about work, unless your employer approves. If you do, hide all identifying details that could lead back to you.

However, even following these basic guidelines, people can still get into trouble online, especially as social networks are now moving into the workspace. Indeed, even the social networks themselves may find themselves culpable for certain illegal acts, Jordan Hudgens, CEO of VidShadow, told the E-Commerce Times.
"Social media companies are always going to have to be careful about the conversations that go on their networks," he said. "Slander, illegal acts and copyright issues [are all potential risks] since user- generated content is by nature unpredictable."
Social networks do their best to protect themselves legally, he said, and they will have to continue to do so even more as the Web gets more and more interactive.

The social networks, of course, have their own legal resources to guide them -- or help them chart -- what is new territory. The law also provides businesses with some guidance about how to protect themselves against what is being said about them on these networks.

Nancy Bertrando, chair of the employment group for Greenberg Glusker, told the E-Commerce Times...[ ] of one client whose former employee was posting videos of himself talking about work on YouTube. He was bound by a confidentially agreement, however, and they were able to stop him from continuing.

Stretching Intent
Users of these sites, though, are basically on their own.

Another familiar story is that of Lori Drew, a woman charged with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by using a false identity on a social networking site to bully a teenage girl who'd recently had a falling out with Drew's daughter. The girl later killed herself.

One argument made in support of Drew is that this law's intent is being stretched to prosecute her. Federal authorities obtained an indictment against her using the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because Drew supposedly provided false information to MySpace Latest News about MySpace as she set up the account with which she bullied the girl.

Friend of the court briefs filed on behalf of Drew point out that under that interpretation, the law could be used against anyone who lies on a social networking site.

This situation is perhaps the worst-case example of the dark side of social networking It also happens to be a perfect illustration of the vague legal lines that exist in cyberspace.

"There are a number of laws out there that can be potentially violated on a social networking site," Andrew Serwin, partner and chair of the Privacy, Security & Information Management Practice at law firm Foley & Lardner, told the E-Commerce Times. These range from cyber stalking laws to the CAN-Spam Act to even HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in certain circumstances.

Job Related
However, the greatest legal risk people run by using social networks is still work-related, even six years after Armstrong was fired.
"People have gotten nailed and lost their jobs when it has been discovered what they said on online industry forums," Ethan Horwitz, a partner with King and Spalding, told the E-Commerce Times.
"... [ ]One can always explicitly say they are not representing their employer, of course. The problem is, few people do. "With electronic communications, people tend to be sloppy," Horwitz observed. "They write things online that they would never put on real paper."
So, besides exposing oneself to a potential libel or slander suit, a reckless commenter could also pave the way for a slander or libel suit against his or her company, he concluded.
There are also risks unrelated to work as well, he added, although "Lori Drew is definitely an exception. However, it is conceivable, if someone posts derogatory pictures or writes something that could, for example, keep someone from getting a job or getting into college, that they could be brought to court."
Cyber Espionage a Growing Risk
Another factor to consider is that these sites are potential gold mines for competitors, Tracy L. Coenen, a fraud investigator with Sequence Forensic Accounting, told the E-Commerce Times.

...Connecting [ ] becomes much easier when people link to their friends for all the world to see.

Twitter especially can be valuable in this way, she continued. "People aren't using nearly as much discretion as they should -- they will mention a project they are working on on Twitter. If a competitor is watching, it could pick up valuable nuggets of information."


Saturday, August 08, 2009

"..It Was Easy to Con Women"

Maybe the thought of all the Valentine's Day shopping he had to do pushed him over the edge. Or maybe the 19th wife was one too many.

Whatever it was, Oliver John Killeen turned himself in to Toronto police last week, confessing to bigamy.

The 71-year-old told police he has 19 wives. Police say the man has multiple spouses in Canada, England and Ireland, and has never obtained a legal divorce for any of his marriages.

"And that's what we know of. We might still find more," he said. It seems Killeen's a bit of a celebrity across the pond. He was the star of the British documentary "The Conman with 14 Wives." That was five wives ago, by the way.
The psychopath and the stage of his luring are as shallow and phoney as the cut out.

With a complete straight face, he can say one thing and do another, do something and say the opposite, or say and do the opposite of what he did last week. These dichotomies produce serious distress in the women because of the chronic instability in the relationship. As they try to align themselves with his belief system, it shifts. As they try to align with his behaviors or promises, these shift. This constant shifting and moving keeps women off-balance and continuously striving to stabilize the relationship.


Killeen spent three years in a British jail for bigamy in 2004 and was then deported to Canada.

Killeen spoke about his multiple relationships in an interview with an Irish newspaper in 2006.
"I gave women what they wanted. If they were foolish enough to marry me within a few weeks of meeting me that was up to them. They should have asked more questions," Killeen said.

"Conning women is easy. I studied psychology and behaviour patterns. I presented myself as a dashing, suave sort of guy and women fell for it."

'I have a strong personality and an air of total respectability. And, of course, I'm a good lover - that's the sealing factor.'

In that interview Killeen described how he began a "collection of wives" to help care for his family. His second wife only stayed with him for 10 days, so he quickly remarried without waiting for a divorce.

"Getting divorced is costly and time-consuming, so I decided not to bother," he said. Yeah. Who has the time, eh?

Mr. Killeen also gained infamy in Ireland for posing as a celebrity psychologist, using fake degrees to set himself up as Dr. Oliver J. Killeen, PhD. He ran that scam for a while until he was called to testify in court and the prosecutor unravelled his web of lies.

His ability to reinvent himself had proven irresistable to women, he said.

Killian had eight kids from his first marriage in the 70's and another child from another wife.

Some of the wives (those he can remember)

  • Agnes Clooney, Accountant
  • Barbara Daniels, Divorcee
  • Teresa Steele, died 1999 from alcoholism
  • Joyce Smith, Bank Clerk
  • Gail Tuff, Divocee, hanged herself
  • Susan Robertson, School Vice-Pricipal, conned for £100,000
  • Ann Griffin
  • Kathleen Chambers, Widow
  • Margaret Curtin, conned out of £80,000

It seemed too good to be true, and so of course it was. Marriott first signed up with CatholicSingles.com last March 18, determined to make a change in her life, dubious that it could be done online, but willing at least to try.

Killeen responded to her profile on March 19. He called himself Oliver John.

On March 22, he wrote: "Precious Darling Allie, you awakened my soul, you have aroused the mind and body of this old paddy ... dearest Allie until our souls kissed I now know I was in a drifting wasteland ... you have brought the blue into the sky, the song into the birds and the colour of the world has taken on a much more radiant glow."

Their relationship hit a bump a mere two days later. Marriott had received calls on her private line at home from someone in Canada offering her a credit card – if she could provide them with some information. She refused.

Marriott suspected Killeen might have been involved because he had her private number and the caller had addressed her using her nickname, which she never uses for business, but had used with Killeen. She confronted him. He denied any involvement and soon had her begging for forgiveness.

"He puts you on the defensive and you find yourself apologizing," says Marriott.

He wormed his way into her heart by exploiting her weaknesses. After two brief, failed marriages and 25 years of caring for a succession of foster children, including AIDS babies, Marriott was ready for a change in her life, and told Killeen so.

"With me, his play was that ... it's time for somebody to care for you. That had real appeal."

Knowing that Marriott is a big band fanatic, Killeen told her that he was a balladeer who sang with big bands on cruises and in Ireland. He quoted Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare, and Yeats, one of her favourite poets, and introduced her to the writings of C.S. Lewis and philosopher Kahlil Gibran. Just before Christmas, days before his marriage to Lascuola, he asked Marriott to send him some of her lingerie, which she did.

If Marriott liked something, he liked it too, or he knew someone who did. He had a daughter, for example, who liked crafts as much as Marriott does. Yet another operated a medical transcription service similar to Marriott's, he said.

He brought Marriott into his life by asking her to remind him of his doctor's appointments. He discussed his family at length.

"You really felt as though you were an integral part of his daily life," said Marriott.

He was Irish, he was Catholic, he was widowed, he had eight kids. It was the perfect picture as far as Marriott was concerned.

"I gotta say that I fed right into it," Marriott says. "I'm coming to a crossroads in my life, after 25 years of complete dedication to children with a variety of illnesses and needs, I'm looking to reinvent myself. I think I was so excited about the fact that my life might make a change."

There were dark notes. Often he was so sexually explicit it made Marriott uncomfortable, but she says he charmed her into allowing it, and even convinced her to reciprocate, something that embarrasses her today.

When he seemed to vanish in January, Marriott, concerned, began calling around in Canada. Someone told her to Google his name. She was horrified at what she found.

"I felt like my whole entire future was blown to bits, even though I knew realistically and had discussed with friends along the way that in my heart I knew this was probably a fantasy to keep me warm at night but would never materialize. It still blew me out of the water and now, after the fact, it's anticlimactic but I feel once again incomplete and alone."

The sad part, she says, is that now other men seem boring and old in comparison.

"That's his secret, I guess."

Trance produces perceptual biases. That means if the psychopath is telling her wonderful things and she is euphoric with him, she tends to associate wonderful and euphoric things with the memory of him… even after he’s turned into a monster.

While in trance, a woman tends to “cement” what she felt or learned in that state. That’s why it’s so difficult for women to believe he’s a liar, swindler, or cheater because she learned all the wonderful things about him in trance states that have been “cemented” in her memory. If you ask her which sense of him feels “stronger” inside: the memory of herself intensely bonded to him or his cheating, she will say, “the memory of the bonding.”

Even beyond the “cementing” of the sense of him in her memory is another problem with state dependent learning. What is learned in one state (euphoria, happiness, intense sexuality and bonding) may have little influence on the behavior exhibited in a different state. When the woman catches him stealing her life’s savings, the fact of his stealing has little influence on the state dependent learning of him as her lover, the one she bonded with, the one who brings her to euphoria.

State dependent learning also influences motivation and performance. When we wonder why it’s difficult for women to leave psychopaths, the difficulty is connected at least in part, to how trance has affected her state dependent learning of motivation to leave and her actual performance of leaving. This isn’t what she chooses to feel, this is the nature of state dependent learning that often happens in trance states.

A recurring theme in the women’s recovery is related to state dependent learning. Women get stuck because it’s easier to remember the good memories than the bad. The bad memories become distant or murky and when she thinks about him in general, up pops the good stuff and it becomes hard for her to remember why she’s disbelieving him or wanting to leave him.




Killeen is scheduled to appear in court March 24 to answer to the charge of bigamy.

So ladies, if you or anyone you know is married to Oliver John Killian you are asked to contact Toronto police at 416-808-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477.


Thanks to ONE OF SEVEN for this find!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"He Put Nude Photos of Me on MySpace!"

By Diana Hefley

(U.S.A.)An Eastern Washington man accused of firing off nearly 100 harassing text messages to a Stanwood teen and posting naked pictures of the girl on MySpace is now charged with a felony.

Prosecutors charged the Selah man, 18, earlier this week with cyberstalking after a 15-year-old girl complained that the man sent her threatening text messages after she broke off their long-distance relationship.

Police also learned that the man created a MySpace page and posted nude photographs of the girl on the site. The girl had sent the photographs to him from her cell phone — a practice referred to as “sexting.”

“There is no such thing as privacy over the airwaves or Internet. If you send it, you lose all control over what someone does with it later,” said Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Mark Roe, who leads the special assault unit.

Photographs a person sends to a current love interest can easily be distributed to someone else, he said.

Prosecutors have seen an increase in people using text messages to harass victims, including sending sexually explicit images.

State legislators five years ago enacted a law against cyberstalking to address harassment, intimidation and public embarrassment using electronic devices, such as e-mail and cell phones. Lawmakers were moved to action after learning of a Seattle woman whose ex-boyfriend relentlessly sent e-mails loaded with lies about her to her friends and co-workers.

Federal anti-cyberstalking laws were enacted in 2006.

Arlington police began investigating the Selah man in March. The teen told investigators the man was someone she was friends with in grade-school and they began communicating on MySpace. A few months later the girl told the man she didn’t want to be his girlfriend because he lived too far away.

The man began barraging the girl with threatening text messages. court papers said. He threatened to hunt the girl down and told her he had dreams of killing her.

He sent about 90 text messages over five days, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Laura Twitchell wrote. Police later viewed the MySpace page he created that featured nude photos of the girl.

The man allegedly told investigators he sent the girl naked pictures of himself. He also told police he had naked pictures of at least three other minors on his computer, Twitchell wrote.

He also told investigators he sent text messages to scare the girl, court papers said.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Murder Suspect Cyberstalks Family

By Anthony Cormier

Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr. is charged in the Escambia County slayings. His daughter, ex-wife and former in-laws live in Sarasota.

Once or twice a year, Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr. would call the Herkel residence in Sarasota and demand to see his daughter.

Usually, Rebecca Herkel would try to placate her former son-in-law, who is now a suspect in the killing of a Pensacola couple last week, explaining that he lost his parental rights and needed to go through the legal system if he wanted visits with the girl.

But in April, Gonzalez took a new route: MySpace, and with it a new level of intensity that eventually amounted to cyberstalking.

Months before he was charged in the murderous home invasion near Pensacola that has shocked the nation -- a crime that led to the slaying of a couple that raised numerous foster children -- Gonzalez started a Web page devoted to the Herkels, who live in northern Sarasota and run Bill's Mobile Home Repair.

Gonzalez used MySpace, the social networking site, to make wild claims about the Herkels, post intimate photographs of the family and write fabricated claims from local public figures that suggested he had a right, and their support, to be in his daughter's life.

Authorities arrested Gonzalez, 35, on Sunday in connection with the slayings of Byrd and Melanie Billings in rural Northwest Florida, who were known for giving generously to schools and adopting children with special needs.

Seven people have been charged in all. Authorities say the group meticulously planned the break-in, wore ninja-style clothing and shot the couple during what appeared to be a robbery.

The murders left the Herkels shaken, wondering whether Gonzalez -- a karate instructor who raised his own family of six boys in Gulf Breeze -- was stalking them through MySpace and whether his violent online outbursts could have led to something worse.
"I don't think I'm qualified to get into his psyche," said Rebecca Herkel, whose daughter married Gonzalez eight years ago and was divorced two years later. "But I know that he is a truly diabolical man, an evil man."

Photos and fabricated testimonials were posted on his MySpace page, appearing to come from Sarasotans such as former Mayor Lou Ann Palmer, and business people including real estate broker Charles Knowles and banker Veronica Brady.

Gonzalez married Katie Herkel while she was away at college in Pensacola, but it was a rocky marriage that ended in 2002, according to court records. Herkel's mother says Gonzalez was supposed to have supervised visits with their daughter, Bella, but he failed to pay child support and did not take required parenting classes.

After his ex-wife won sole custody and moved back to Sarasota, Gonzalez would call the Herkels every few months and lash out at his former in-laws.

But the calls stopped recently, and it appeared that Gonzalez had turned to MySpace to gather information on the family and seek others to take up his custody battle. On the site, he posted the Herkels' home phone number. He wrote about his ex-wife's sister, posting her name, her work phone number and an e-mail address of a supervisor.

About his daughter, Gonzalez claimed: "She was taken from me, against my will several years ago, and I miss her very much. I have made many numerous attempts to be a part of my daughter's life, but they have kept her from me.... for NO GOOD REASON!!!"

Rebecca Herkel says the family called local law enforcement officials but were told that nothing could be done. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office says that it has no record of meeting with the Herkels about Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez was also making up messages from local business leaders and politicians. He apparently copied their photographs from Web sites and claimed they were his online "friends."

One of his targets was Palmer, the former mayor. Gonzalez fabricated a message from Palmer saying that she would e-mail a lawyer's name and phone number for help. "Please feel free to call my private line once you have spoken with him to let me know how things are looking," the message claimed.

Palmer, reached Tuesday, said her relatives were shocked and scared that her photograph had appeared on the MySpace page. "I don't even use MySpace," she said.

In the last few weeks, the messages took on a more ominous tone.


July 6: "We are getting closer."

July 9: "Making a move for humanity."

Then, on Thursday, several men were captured on a home surveillance system breaking into the Billingses' home, according to authorities.

Officials in Escambia County claim it was a well-planned attack, that two teams entered the front and rear of the home and silently killed the couple. One of the other suspects is Gonzalez's father, Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Sr., who drove the getaway van, authorities said.

"When I saw the newscast last night, I just knew that he was the mastermind," Rebecca Herkel said. "I said, 'Oh, it's him. He is diabolical enough to do that.'"

Herkel said she has not been contacted by law enforcement in relation to the Pensacola killings, and said she has no reason to believe there is any connection between Gonzalez Jr.'s stalking of her family and the Billings murders.