Monday, August 31, 2009

Interesting Female Cyberpath: LISSA DALY


Another Female Cyberpath

(written by Daly's target)

I first came into contact with Lissa through a fansite/messageboard. I prefer to keep this particular personality & the fansite private, I highly respect this person and prefer not to associate this psychopath to them.

In hindsight I would not have picked Lissa to be one of my friends and I highly suspect she had to create such personalities to keep a link. She was always the "know it all" bully. (sounds like a narcissist already)

After she had established herself on this board she created a woman named "Sandy". As the Sandy personality she became close to a girl I know whom I'll call Jill.

"Sandy" soon lost her (invented) fight with cancer but left behind a (also invented) daughter, "Libby," who was a lost soul after losing her mother. Libby then grew close to Jill and even said she thought her mother had found her to look after Libby after she was gone. I also became close to "Libby" through emails and chats. (LURE!)

Lissa (as Libby) used this opportunity to come between myself and Jill. As Libby she told me terrible things Jill was doing and how awful she was making her feel. Months pass, and low and behold Libby, who coincidentally had leukemia when she was 4 comes down with it again. (how convenient!!)

Libby then has to leave for England (far from both Jill and myself) to live with her uncle. Libby "dies" a few weeks later and soon after Jill and myself have no more contact - exactly as Lissa/Libby had planned.

Months pass and I get an email from "Libby's aunt," an aunt that was supposedly hated by the family. She informs me that Libby had left a large sum of money to a charity. I begin communicating with "Nikki" (the aunt). We are soon emailing twice a day, photos came often. (Nikki is also an invention of Daly's - Daly apparently has more plot lines and characters than a bad soap opera)

Photos where of the British actress Joanna Lumley (Lumley has had numerous acting roles including 'Patsy' on the hit ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - see photo above). "Nikki" after a year and half comes down lymphoma (this imaginary family of Daly's invention is a medical nightmare! LOL) but still plans a trip here in December.

The August prior to this supposed trip, Daly had "Nikki" and "Max" killed by some man who had an apparent heart attack at the wheel. (oh the drama!! Daly should have just written a book...)

These were red flags, of course but when I tried to wrap my head around it I just couldn't. Lissa Daly emailed me as "Max" -- the husband, "Joelle" -- the sister in law and "Julian" -- her gay best friend. Who can keep up with that? (a PSYCHOPATH could!!) I was sent scrapbook pages, photo albums etc. I can't even imagine the time she took away from her family. She said she has a job, she told me she "runs the place". What a joke. (Psychopaths/cyberpaths have BOUNDLESS energy for these types of games while leading seemingly normal lives on the outside.)

The final straw came after one particular chat with "Sasha" (yes another invented person) I was told that "Nikki" had come to her psychically, and told her to read this book, a story about what happens after death.

The next morning I get up for my usual chat with Lissa she says she needs a good book to read for her road trip. Lissa says "do you ever wonder what people do after they die?" This sort of thing had happened plenty of times before but for the first time I finally went into Lissa's ebay account. Now, I could kick myself for not doing it years ago. Right in front of me, in her EBay account, is a coffee mug with a photo of the woman I had known as "Nikki" (Joanna Lumley) and her co-star in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. (It's o.k. - Daly had messed with the victim's mind so much and you probably aren't the sort of person who suspects everyone of being a sociopath!)

Proof that Lissa has absolutely no heart or soul. How could she even drink coffee knowing what she had done? (please see the definition of a Cyberpath)

She must have spent thousands on Joanna Lumley items to keep her game going - DVD's, Magazines etc. (you can bet she did, and got a charge out of the game the whole time too!!)

In one of her emails she said her life was hell and now mine is as well. The truth is my hell was finally over. Daly's B.S. had grown old and I was just plain tired of her and the nonsense.

LISSA's List of Invented Identities


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am Jill writing in response to this, one of the most sickening aspects of all of this and yes I know that there are a lot is the fact that this 'thing' sent me photos of babies and toddlers and I mean ACTUAL photos prentending that they were of Libby, she is SICK. She has two children of her own who I feel very, very sorry for. Poor kids. The money that she had spent on us should have been spent on her own children but then again you are dealing with one mad viper.

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the most deplorable people I have ever read about.

How in the world can someone, a mother, and a wife do this to people over the internet!?

This woman is sickening, her actions are sickening.

I have lost children at birth and to see this woman PRETENDING that she/fake person lost a child is disgusting!!!!!!

Even to the point of MAKING PICTURES!

How on earth can this person call herself human.