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From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Sent: April X, 2005
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
To: Target #1

"Drop the other email address as it is still active, but not an address for you to use as you have in the past. I think we need to start all over again with this relationship, if that is possible. (GOT TO LEARN TO LIE BETTER? OTHER WOMEN HAVE THAT OTHER EMAIL NOW? Warning: Thomas has been found on at least FIVE different online dating sites, not to mention the pen pal sites, reunion sites and could be anywhere, with anyone and have MORE WOMEN on the hook for freebies! Thomas is this month's POSTER BOY for STAYING OFF THE ONLINE DATING SITES!!!)

First I understand the pain you went through and as I told you in the beginning that it was hard and I left no illusions there. (YES YOU DID!! YOU SAID YOU WERE A WIDOWER!!) What hurts me is that it was harder for you than I thought, but at how cruel you were with your words to me, without even giving me a chance and then whether you realize it or not you endangered my life (WHY? DID YOUR WIFE FIND OUT?? ENDANGER? SPARE US ALL NATHAN!! YOU'RE DELUSIONAL) and a couple of other peoples. (WHO MIGHT THAT BE NATHAN? YOUR POOR WIFE WHO DOESN'T REALIZE SHE'S MARRIED TO A POSSIBLE PSYCHOPATH!) If I were honest with myself I would have seen this in the beginning when there was this trust issue with you concerning me. But, I thought hey she has had a bad time and it will be fine. (Oh it's HER with the trust issue? LOL!)

Then this latest thing came about and wow, I was right away cast into hell by you with your words and mot to mention real world things that you affected not knowing where your thoughts and actions would deal an almost fatal blow to people that had nothing to do with you, yet you placed their lives in danger and caused some children to almost be fatherless (O.K. Someone get this PSYCHOPATH a straightjacket!! He tells this SAME LIE to Victim #2 to make them feel bad for finding out -- He's DELUSIONAL!) All because of a non trusting heart and now I get this email which was passed to me and I said OK, I will fix this.

So, that address is no longer mine and has not been since a long time. I know you got automatic messages and in fact you were informed to not contact or write until after 15 March and I get this email which tells me what all you have been going through and that you were the last person and how other were thought more of than you. (WHAT THE H*LL DID HE SAY??? HUH? Word Salad!)

No one else got anything from me either as they all understood that I would not be available. They understood as well that when I said something there was a reason and to listen. (So many targets, so little time..... Did we mention he was dating Victim #2 at the SAME TIME. )

Without trust there is nothing. I cannot make you trust me, nor will I try to prove my innocence. (Don't bother - the truth can't be refuted!) I cannot have a woman that will not listen and take actions out of jealousy or hurt and think only of how they have been wronged and in the mean time put other people in danger.

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I will not use the cruel words that you used as the things you said cut deep and they are not forgotten. I can push them back, but they will never be forgotten. (Your LIES will never be forgotten either!) I thought we were stronger than this and it hurt me to no end when you were talking about taking your life had it not been for your godmother. This is not right and no man or woman is worth this. I am not even worth that and it is a sin to do so. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a non trusting heart does dangerous things. You tortured yourself for nothing. I loved you then as I do now, but love is not always enough and I will not have it to cause danger to others either. (spare us, please)

We can email and if you want try to build things and mend what had been broken, but it will take time and I do not know what that time will bring. We will just have to see. (OMG! You want to get her to buy MORE of your lies?)

You know not everything that I do, but your actions have caused me to spend another portion of my life in a place I do not want to be.
(audacious, isn't he? booo hoooo)

I am not bitter, I find no fault, it just happened and it is behind, and I have to move forward (and find fresh prey!) You tell me what you want and then we will discuss what to do. Right now I see that I cause you more pain than happiness and this is not good. I never meant bad by you!"
(They ALLLLLLL say "I never meant to hurt you." This is a lie straight from the Online Predator's Playbook. Cyberpaths see people as OBJECTS! They could care less!)

---- Forwarded message from GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com -----

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From: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
Sent: April X, 2005
Reply-To: GrizzlyBear90604@aol.com
To: Target #1


"Today was a last straw! My son forwarded what all you did in the IM with him. (SON? She was IMing while YOU pretended to be your son!! Why would your SON sign is as YOU? LIAR) That was uncalled for, how could you do that? I thought you understood, but clearly you do not and you have harmed more people than you know. You have no idea what all you are destroying, but I guess to you it does not matter because you think you have found something and you are convinced that you are right. So be it!

I am beat and I cannot put up with this. You want a sorry to stop this torture, then I am sorry. (sounds like Dan Jacoby) Sorry that I trusted in you to hold things that you have let jealousy get in the way.
(How INSINCERE!) The world is complicated, more complicated than you will ever know and I had no right to get involved with you because I should have seen it from the beginning. (You were right about that - you are MARRIED!) There were too many things that you would not understand and too many things that I could not talk about. But this is not trying to convince you that I am a good guy as you see me as bad. OK, I am bad, I am the scum of the Earth. There was never a thing to try an hurt you or lead you in any direction. So, if it will make you feel good then so be it I am all that you think I am either good or bad, now stop this! (NOTE: ALLLLL Cyberpaths when you BUST THEM tell YOU to go away - WHY? Because there's usually MORE going on, MORE targets, MORE sickness... and they are SCARED you will uncover the REST OF IT! Another GOOD REASON to EXPOSE this abuse! And wait until you find out what MORE this predator had going on!)

Sorry, that you feel you have been wronged! What you have been doing is only causing problems, but I cannot blame you for it, because it was my fault I should have seen it in the beginning. (Should have known she was smart & strong enough to FIGURE YOU OUT!) So, I am sorry for whatever pain you feel and there was never a time where hurt or bad was meant for you! But now you have made me see clearly this is over as there is no trust and even when you said it was you were not straight with me. (Thomas' is a Cyberpath-CLASSIC. He acknowledges her in ONE or TWO LINES then goes on & on & on about HIMSELF and HIS ANGER!! Remember Yidwithlid's "apology"? Narcissistic & Pathological.)

There was something in the back of my head saying that anyone who said what she had the first times meant all of it and this is proof. So, OK, you win! (Again Yidwithlid said something very similar when his Targets busted him - but ONLY to Target #1) Even though you believe that I am a liar, so be it! Lets stop the torture.
(The only torture was the lines & lies you fed HER - YOU Nathan, are the emotional TERRORIST)

There was love at one time
(you don't know what LOVE is, sir) , but the mean things that you said to me the first time crushed me (booo hooo) and this with my son was a last straw. He is a grown man, but now he thinks that I have done something wrong to a woman and who was this other person she was talking about?" (Can't even face her YOURSELF??? in INSTANT MESSENGER? Don't they all do this - the dust off either in an IM or EMAIL - like their victims are nothing Thomas is PATHETIC!)
Lying is like breathing to the psychopath. When caught in a lie and challenged, they make up new lies, and don't care if they're found out.

Often, their behavior serves to confuse and repress their victims, or to influence anyone who might listen to the psychopath's side of the story.

Manipulation is the key to their conquests, and lying is one way they achieve this.

One almost amusing example of how psychopaths lie can be exemplified by a man who's footprint was discovered at the scene of the crime. "No, that's not my foot" he said, even though everyone knew he was lying.

This is how psychopaths operate. They will deny reality until their victims have a nervous breakdown. Often, the psychopath will turn on the victim and claim that the victim suffers from "delusions" and is not mentally stable.

The psychopath is primarily distracted and impressed by his own grandiose self-representation, which often leads to him unwittingly telling people things that lead to his detection. They often forget the lies they told and tell contradicting tales, which often makes the listener wonder if either the psychopath is crazy, although in this case the psychopath isn't really crazy -- he's just forgotten what lies he's told.

The most amazing thing, however, is their selective memory. A psychopath might not remember the promises he made to you yesterday, but he will remember something from the past if it suits his purposes in some way. They often do this whenever they're confronted or caught in a lie.

Most psychopaths are very arrogant and cocky. However, when charming a potential victim, they say all the "right" things and make you believe they are kind-hearted souls; not always, but often enough. The truth is, psychopaths are not altruistic and do not really care about friendships or ties.


A preview of things to come (Nathan however, doesn't change his M.O.):
Here's a letter Thomas wrote to Victim #2 AS IF HE WAS HIS OWN CO-WORKERS.

He was even STUPID enough to use Wife #1's (yes, Wife NUMBER ONE! More to come...) NAME (his first wife's name is GEORGINE) as his RETURN ADDRESS. How DUMB does he think everyone is?

From: Georgined@aol.com
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2007 11:31 AM
Subject: The Boss (Nathan's name for HIMSELF - LOL!)

Ma'am, I do not know what is going on and I am not trying to be disrespectful to my bosses wife, but whatever is happening is putting my boss through hell. (he got caught, boo hoo)

I write this as I know him and even though he does not talk about his personal life with us in a negative way we all know when things are going well and when they are not. It is not that our boss takes it out on us when things are going bad, or talks to us about the bad things. We see it in the way he acts.

We know that after his late passed, that for years he never really smiled and after he met you that he smiled and he was more human if that is the right word to say and there was life for him outside of work. (HIS LATE? He's got at least TWO VERY ALIVE wives and according to the above had another girlfriend! So come on - he smiled because he was GETTING AWAY WITH IT! What a perv!)

We all saw that as a good thing. Now we are starting to wonder because he is getting back like he was before and he is not smiling and yesterday he utterly destroyed his room. No one gets close to him and we all give him his space, but I am worried now. He is our leader and I am the second in command and I am the only one he will really let close to any doubts or inner feelings as it is with me as well. (The only thing he leads is "leading women on"!)

But you need to know that the men (what "MEN"??? The ones in his HEAD?) love him and look up to him. He has a devotion from them like I have never seen and I am jealous of it at times as I wish I had that kind of power. When things look as though it cannot be done and it is all over with, he can come in and make it right. I have seen it too many times. He has never once let us down and we know we are like his sons and we know he would give his very life for us is need be. We would do the same for him as well. (GAG)

Ma'am he does not know that I am writing this letter and I tell you he would surely have my ass for it and fire me even. For you see even more than me, he has a loyalty and we know he loves you as we have all seen it. You do not know it but you have seen us all in person, even though we have not met.

You seen some of us in France, Germany, Italy, and yes even in Nice. You have even talked to me and did not know it. (Oh so CLOAK AND DAGGER! James Bond! The Bourne Identity! Rambo! All complete fantasy B.S.!)

But that is fine as we did not want that you knew us. The boss, did not want to be in the photo when you were at that one place in Germany because there were some of us in that photo, but he has his reasons and he was on our ass later for it, even though I was not there I knew of it. When your passport was missing, we are the ones that found it for you and took care of the bad person who was going to do bad things with it. (Nathan probably took it, hid it and made up this little story just to screw with her head! Ohhhh "bad person" oooo - be afraid... Nathan will protect you! Really Mr. Thomas you are too much!)

Just to give you an idea about how we cover each other's back but more about how we cover our boss as we let no one harm him, as he is there for us, so are we there for him, even when he does not want it. So, you can share this with him and it will get me in trouble, but then it tell me the kind about who you are.

I am not asking you to keep secrets from him, but I am trying to let you know that you are hurting our boss and if you really love him you will not do things which will cause him pain. (remember Yidwithlid telling Target #2 "if you really love me you will leave me alone"? What complete HORSEPOCKY)

The little that I do know is that he was frustrated one time because he was trying to explain about money and how to actually make some as I gathered that you were not listening, or gave him negatives when he was trying to explain to him. I do not know and I am not here to point fingers, but I can tell you what I know. He has made each of us better off as he has a good mind for money and how to make it work and he has us all set for our future when we no longer work as none of us will need for a thing because we listened to him. (Back to the money thing - Victim #2 was taking care of him and he's now crying poor mouth because he knows she's LEGALLY ENTITLED to some compensation - more to come on that)

So, if the fight is over his giving you money advice, and you are not taking him up on it, then I am saying to you, you are missing an opportunity of a life time. He does not have to do what he does as he can be on Wll Street with those big guys as he is very knowledgeable on how to turn a dollar. (Yes, more CON MEN!)


Please do not worry him with things you can take care of. There are things which he does not need to know, if you can handle it. Examples are you running low on money for something and you know you can handle it, then do not even bring it up. You know you need something, then bring it up. But he is the kind of man when he sees something he wants to fix it and you cannot be thin skinned around him as he sees things with clear vision and to not listen you are heading right to where he said you would be. (GAG GAG)

Let there be no doubt in your mind that he is the kind of man that people are drawn to and they listen to him when he speaks. (He WISHES!!) He is not afraid to talk to anyone and I have seen him even when asked tell the President he was wrong as that is the kind of balls that he has. (Nathan's talked to the President? LOL! When - in his DREAMS? This guy needs a straight jacket!) I would never have done that nor would I have had the courage to do so.

He even got on the bad side of a Theater Commander for leaving us without protection and it could have ended his career, but he vowed to us that he would never ever while he had a breath in him let anything befall us, and he proves it time and again. (Remember this is NATHAN pretending to be someone else talking about NATHAN - unbelievable!)

So, whatever it is that is wrong, please fix it and make it right. We think you are good for him and we are not asking for you to kiss his ass, but to care for him in being very careful about what you are telling him as you need not worry him with things. We know you are a mother that was on your own and we know you had to struggle and we all know you had a bad time in a couple of areas. (WHAT THE ???)

We were going to help you out with a couple of them, but the Boss being who he is smelled it and stopped it and my ass was in a bind for a while after that. I have written all of this taking a chance and if I am to get in trouble because you tell the Boss, then I am going to put it all out in here so, if I am to get into trouble, then it will be because I wrote a lot and got it all out.

Not asking you to not be loyal to him, but to help us protect him and keep him safe and not have to worry about things. (please don't expose him for the lying predator he is!) He was happy the last time he was home as I guess it was the first time where he was not at the hotel and had a home to go to. (oh so he can get free food, free sex, free room & board, free laundry, free transportation -- in so many different places with so many girlfriends - and btw, WHICH HOME do you mean? LOL)

Do not get me wrong here either, he is hard to take at times, but I have learned the hard way and I hate to admit it that he is 98% of the time right on the money with how he sees things. He will make you look at things that you may have never looked at before. He has this ability and it is unnerving that he can look into a person's eyes and in seconds put a make on their character. If you ever lie to him as I have one time and I will never do it again. He waited until a year later to tell me and he almost fired me. He ripped me a new ass hole, sorry but I just cannot put it another way. (Nathan, you're talking too much - a complete giveaway that this is nothing but the ramblings of a lying LOON!)

So, I have to be honest even when I do not want to be. So, I am doing this for my Boss as I know he seen something in you, and so I have to trust that as he would not be with you otherwise. This is not to make you feel bad as he has had the opportunity to have any woman hs wants and it is something that women are drawn to in him not even knowing what walk of life he is from, and I guess whatever it is is the same thing you saw, or see in him.

I do know he is 100% totally dedicated to you and you consume his every spare moment (unless he's with other women, conning people, checking his accounts on Mate1, AdultFriendFinder, PenPalWorld, InterRacialDating, Match.com, OKCupid, True, InterRacialVillage
, YahooPersonals, PlentyofFish, IvoryandEbonyLove... etc. -- so many accounts to keep checking for fresh meat, huh? -- or surfing and posting porn) as I have seen him go without sleep, just ot be on with you for a few minutes and I know when he has not gotten an email from you or chatted as he is grumpier that a grizzly bear as is his name. (We are really getting ILL here - DELUSIONAL!)

Whatever it is please make it right and know that he loves you and splitting up is not the answer, but work with him and I am sure he will build a future for you both with love and not a care in the world will you have. The last thing is, and no one knows this and the Boss does not even know that I know, but Ma'am he is not healthy and he has a lot of internal problems. He has been told to rest but he will not. I know as our physician is concerned and has told me that our Boss told him he would have him sent to some remote location if he told anyone anything, but he has also been with my boss and he knows him. ::cough::

So he needs rest, physical as well as mental. He never lets his mind rest (because he's a manic pathological and sex addict as well) and he is doing for others before he will take time for himself and we are all concerned that he will not be with us for long. we are all quitting our current jobs to go under his compay and this is something none of us would do for anyone else, but he is our leaser and there will never be anyone else that will take his place. We are loyal to the man and I am hoping that you have the same loyalty as well.

Mr. Thomas you are so busted.


Anonymous said...

Here's Nathan Thomas Jr., pretending to be one of his "men", talking about the "Boss" (forgetting he is using one of his wive's email address). A technique he uses a lot, making me wondering if Nathan doesn't also suffer from any schizophrenic disorder…

Anyway, one of the things Nathan tends to forget, is that this world of ours is very globalized and nowadays things happen at the speed of a simple "click". Back to 2005, before I had an official confirmation Nathan Thomas was actually married to Georgine, I found out a webpage belonging to a journalist who has worked with 6th ASG, in Germany. In that webpage, there was an article from that journalist, entitled “Sttugart housing to get facelift” published in a newspaper called “The Citizen”, in July 2000 (?).

That article had a very short interview with Nathan Thomas, because by the time, he was the Housing Director (far from being the “hero” of that fantasy world he’s created). I’ve contacted that journalist in order to get some more information about this man, attaching his photo. She didn’t recognize him because the interview with him was via the phone, but, she was kind enough to provide me the contact from someone in Sttugart, in the heart of 6th ASG.

So, I’ve sent his photo to that person in Sttugart, and in less than an hour, I got an answer back saying that man was married with grandsons. The wife’s name wasn’t told, though.

While I was still trying to get an “official confirmation” about his marital status, I’ve found out there was a Spouses Club in the 6th ASG. I’ve contacted its President. I thought that contacting a woman would be a good thing because she would listen and understand. Well, I was very worng!I wrote her that Nathan’s wife needed support, because her husband was dating someone else, pretending to be a widower. [Far from me knowing by the time he was having a second (at least) affair with someone he had the audacity of getting married to, in September 2005, while still being very married to Georgine (at least to my knowledge)].

I never had an answer back from that woman. She didn’t care though she probably knew Thomas. If he was the Housing Director, he should be known by almost everyone. At least, that’s what my intelligence tells me…

There were further contacts to the 6th ASG, to no avail. Lots of people could have avoided this situation. He could have been stopped from commiting bigamy but nobody cared. It’s from my personal conviction that it was this great feeling of “impunity or punishment”, associated to his personality disorders, that has allowed Nathan Thomas to develop this way of life.
To how many women he’s married at the same time, is still a mystery to me. I have this feeling inside me, maybe there’s more… And I wish his relatives, instead of covering up for him, could show him how wrong and bad he is, as a person. If for nothing else, at least for Georgine, who, in spite of everything, has the right to be respected by his (and hers) own relatives.

Anonymous said...

So many of our predators act like 10 year olds and "play pretend" - here's some information on PSYCHOPATHY v. SCHIZOPHRENIA:

Dr. Robert Hare once submitted a paper to a scientific journal. The paper included EEGs of several groups of adult men performing a language task. The editor of the journal returned the paper saying "Those EEG's couldn't have come from real people."

But they did. They were the EEG's of psychopaths.

Some people have compared psychopathy to schizophrenia. However, there is a crucial distinction as we will see:

Schizophrenia and psychopathy are both characterized by impulsive, poorly planned behavior. This behavior may originate from a weak or poorly coordinated response inhibition system. We tested the hypothesis that schizophrenia and psychopathy are associated with abnormal neural processing during the suppression of inappropriate responses.

The participants were schizophrenic patients, nonpsychotic psychopaths, and nonpsychotic, nonpsychopathic control subjects (defined by the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised), all incarcerated in a maximum security psychiatric facility. We recorded behavioral responses and event-related potentials (ERPs) during a Go/No Go task.

Results: Schizophrenic patients made more errors of commission than did the nonpsychopathic offenders. As expected, the nonpsychopathic nonpsychotic participants showed greater frontal ERP negativity (N275) to the No Go stimuli than to the Go stimuli. This effect was small in the schizophrenic patients and absent in the psychopaths. For the nonpsychopaths, the P375 ERP component was larger on Go than on No Go trials, a difference that was absent in schizophrenic patients and in the opposite direction in psychopaths.

Conclusions: These findings support the hypothesis that the neural processes involved in response inhibition are abnormal in both schizophrenia and psychopathy; however, the nature of these processes appears to be different in the two disorders.

"More and more data are leading to the conclusion that psychopathy has a biological basis, and has many features of a disease," says Sabine Herpertz, a psychiatrist at the RWTH-Aachen University in Germany.


Anonymous said...

Look at the eyes in both photos....they tell it all---psychopath!