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A review of our January 2006 Predator of the Month

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This is a review of our January 2006 POM
This guy's a great example of the most predominant, garden-variety type of cyberpath. Maybe because he's young and just getting his 'internet-predator chops.'

He's got all the sauve of a dead light bulb once you get past the initial nice guy facade. He appears to us to be probably narcissistic & psychologically sadistic. (Did we mention that at the time of his expose - he still lived with his mother?) He doesn't want money, he doesn't really want sex either. This is the type that SAYS he wants a relationship but is such a misogynist that he just throws out the ole seduction wamma-jamma, gets some nice young lady in his web of lies and toys with their mind. An emotional rapist.

Any guy who purposefully picks on the younger girls, grooms them the same way pedophiles groom their targets and then twists them like this deserves to be exposed. He sent our JERK-O-METER way up!! - Fighter

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Brad Dorksy
Age: 28
Location: Cape Cod Area, Mass., USA

(since the original posting of this story, Mr. Dorsky seems to have removed all his dating profiles as well as his MySpace profile.)

One of his victims tells her story (with comments & internal links from Fighter):
"Where do I begin? He likes to start online relationships with girls, usually younger than himself, and never turn them into anything real... instead he only brainwashes them into becoming his little disciples. (picks on the young & naive, what a coward! These guys always prey on the young and/or the wounded) He'll tell her he loves her and wants to see her soon, but it will never materialize; he will always find excuses not to see her. (RED FLAG NUMBER ONE) If she takes the initiative, he will make sure to limit the time they have to see each other by running off somewhere and then insist it was her fault. If he actually had an education, he would be a great politician or one of those TV preachers because he is charismatic and cunning, and he can charm people into listening to him and following him. (sees LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR - narcissistic type)

"Unfortunately, he has no college education, works shitty retail jobs, and lives with his mom, and he doesn't care to educate himself any further. For someone who doesn't earn a lot, he spends money like crazy- buying nice cars, going to 5 concerts a month, etc... (RED FLAG #2)

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"Here's some more fun facts about Brad. He is probably a destructive narcissist; he thinks he is a god; the world revolves around him, and those who doesn't acknowledge how talented/unconventional/rebellious/beautiful /sexy he is become nothing to him. He probably changes 5-6 musical projects a year because the other band members "just don't appreciate his amazing musical talent"! (RED FLAG #3)
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"Another of Brad's obvious points is that he is controlling and emotionally abusive. (surprise! NOT! RED FLAG #4) If his current target doesn't regurgitate his lies about how great he is back to him or disagrees with him, he'll cut her off for a few months or punish her by limiting Internet conversation time or not allowing to view his webcam, and even if there was no fight, it's always up to HIM as to how much the webcam can be on! ("J"/ gridney did this same thing!) During the relationship,he will periodically ask her if she's going out with other men and insinuate that all women are sluts. (RED FLAG #5) It will seem as if he's making an exception in this case, but guess what- he believes that in the end, every woman is still secretly a slut and deserves his contempt, or he wouldn't be asking her about other men.

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"Of course, at first, he will seem so sweet and kind and empathetic, and he will say just the right things, reaching out to his target of the moment and comforting her, but as time goes on, she will see that nothing she does will ever be good enough, and he will imply that she needs to improve herself, since only then will he feed you the line that he MAY take the chance of making the Internet relationship a real life one. No matter how much she improves herself, he will still find faults, and because of that, he will refuse to come and see her until she's done something that captures his attention. (RED FLAG #6)

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"How can I forget!... He claims he's never had sex with a girl (at 28!! with HIS ego? ...yeah right), and he will use that to manipulate and abuse her the most. (RED FLAG #7) Once he has his prey hooked, he will start telling her his fantasies and talk dirty (saying that she's his soulmate and the only woman with whom he would even think about having sex), and then, he'll say that if she wants to have sex with him, she must be his sex slave (his words, not mine) and do whatever he tells her to sexually, without questioning, because you see, he knows best what fits her personality. (He's a prize, isn't he? gag - RED FLAG #8)

"He will tell her about
controlling the way she dresses and changing her style to make it more revealing; he will constantly try to coerce and manipulate her into anal sex, because he is very upfront about loving the sense of complete control anal sex gives him and without it, this relationship just won't be as deep and fulfilling (i.e. consider it over! There's nothing wrong with anal sex in the context of a loving relationship, but there's something wrong when it's being used as a weapon of emotional & mental abuse and control!) (wait didn't he tell her he was a virgin?? LOL!!)

"And, yes, he WILL talk about having threesomes with his male friends and then say that he was "joking", yet the next day, start talking about them in very graphic detail.
(NO BOUNDARIES!! RED FLAGS #9, 10 and 11) He doesn't care if a girl hates it; if his target tries to tell him so, he'll ignore it or even suggest that she secretly wants to have a threesome because "she's the kind of girl who can't be satisfied with just one guy" or because she'll be so ecstatic after him that she won't care if another guy joins in (again, implying that she is a slut). He uses phrases like "take full control of you," "have my way with you," and "invade your ____ (insert body part)" during these conversations (he doesn't say anything about invading your mind first though!). (RED FLAGS #12 & 13. WAY TO GO BRAD!! REAL women must be beating down your door!!... probably from the inside to run away!!)
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"What's the catch? These poor girls, who don't know about each other's existence, are all listening to the same lies and trying to change themselves for him, while he is busy on the personals websites, making up ads full of different lies, to hook more new disciples. (RED FLAG #14) It doesn't matter whether he introduced himself as goth or conservative; he is EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY & VERBALLY ABUSIVE, and he will make no qualms about it- he wants to control her mind, and if she wants to turn the Internet relationship into a real-life one, he will want to control her life. (RUN FOR THE HILLS!!)

If Brad approaches you on the Internet or anywhere else, RUN! It may be hard because he's so charismatic & charming online, but he is absolutely frightening underneath, and he will only get worse as time goes on. He does not deserve your time, money, or love."
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(Brad, you get 10 NET-SICKNESS BAGS from us! We'll see more from him as this month goes on - Fighter)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am so relieved to know this guy has been exposed. I spent some time in one of his bands and actually was just googling his name to get a laugh at anything I could find on him, and this really shocked the hell out of me. Brad , your life is ruined! any time anyone types BRAD DORSKY or BRADFORD J DORSKY (search keywords to get this page more attention) of Mashpee MA they are exposed to the truth about this dirt bag. All the BS lines you are feeding these girls are about as ridiculous as the fact that you say you have been playing Bass for over 10 years. Time to moce out of the country- most employers will do a search of your name too, I'm sure the Coke Company will not be happy to know one of their drivers is a Pedophile.