Monday, October 22, 2007


Posting here, with permission from the victims, some of the chat transcripts one victim had with Mr. Dorsky. Please find her story and read it and you will see how hollow his chat was, how full of lies, distortions and outright come ons. Despite the victim's youth and Dorsky relatively young - I have seen NO DIFFERENCE between his talk and the way older online predators talk, groom, manipulate and LURE their victims. - Fighter
VICTIM: hey baby whats up how are you?
bdo5373689: peachy you.
VICTIM: great how was the NIN concert?
VICTIM: kick-ass i presume?
bdo5373689: yes did you read my post it on it?
VICTIM: yeah tell me more
bdo5373689: they had this huge stage with lots of lights and three huge.
VICTIM: three huge what?
bdo5373689: screens with images and of all kinds of beach and
VICTIM: wow that is awesome did they play a lot of songs from the fragile?
bdo5373689: and other stuff there was so much I can't tell you all you would have to see it to understand.
VICTIM: i see
bdo5373689: about five or six
VICTIM: well did you miss me? i was thinking about you all day today...just completely couldnt get you out of my head
bdo5373689: they played alot of old stuff too they played for a hour and a half and perfect circle played fourty five min.
bdo5373689: as allways i did miss you.
VICTIM: perfect circle is good have you seen their video? it was directed by rthe guy who did fight club.and they have a chick bassist too!
bdo5373689: I see you missed me. (notice how throughout these chats, Dorsky WAITS for her to say something then basically repeats the sentiment back. This is a seduction technique known as MIRRORING to get the Victim think you & they are "of one mind" or "on the same page." It also creates a FALSE sense of intimacy.)
bdo5373689: I say the chick bassist.
bdo5373689: but i did not see their video.
VICTIM: its basically them playing in a warehouse but the camera work is a lot like fight club. its all shaky and very dark
VICTIM: the song is called judith
bdo5373689: sounds cool
VICTIM: yeah it really is.
VICTIM: so anything else new?
bdo5373689: so what else is going on?
bdo5373689: thats it I have work tomarrow.
VICTIM: um nothing today i had to write a crappy survey ins chool..but at least i missed all morning classes
bdo5373689: I had the day off
VICTIM: lucky you
VICTIM: did you have any weird dreams about me
bdo5373689: I droped the top on my jeep and went to my friends school and helped out at the radio show being on the air and stuff.
VICTIM: oh yeah i remember reading in the club you do that sometimes
VICTIM: thats cool
bdo5373689: no did you have any of me? (He's hoping.... The dream chat stuff is another form of come on)
VICTIM: no i dream of twiggy sometimes tho
bdo5373689: I am going to a show at the campus I might be on the show as well maybe.
VICTIM: what show?
bdo5373689: tomarrow so I know I will not be online.
VICTIM: oh okay
VICTIM: im going to scan my pic tomorrow
VICTIM: so saturday when youll talk to me itll be all ready for you
bdo5373689: the Radio show That I was helping out
bdo5373689: cool
bdo5373689: cool
VICTIM: you cant wait right? (notice how he didn't say what the victim hoped he'd say so she was forced to ask.... he manipulated her)
bdo5373689: the one band tours with a porn star, that is playing tomarrow night. (Dorsky HAD to bring up the porn star thing and notice how he lets it drop...)
VICTIM: guy or girl?
bdo5373689: yes by all means
bdo5373689: girl
VICTIM: does she sing or play? what does she do
bdo5373689: they love on at the show they want me to be on when I start class there in the fall.
bdo5373689: don't know.
VICTIM: okay
VICTIM: ask me something, im running out of words
bdo5373689: sorry anouther friend IMed me.
bdo5373689: So now is there any one trying to mac you ? (Not his business, really but again, making sure she has NO OTHER CONTACTS so he's ISOLATED her and protesting that she's his when he was probably chatting up multiple girls. More manipulation)
VICTIM: no why?
bdo5373689: didn't you say there was one after you ?
VICTIM: oh i see what youre talking about
VICTIM: there was that guy online who tried to hit on me but it old him i was unavailable and then i checked out his profile and he was not my type
VICTIM: we never talked since
bdo5373689: I see ok
VICTIM: and you? i always thought chicks were all over you cuz of all that stuff you used to write in your profile
VICTIM: then you told me you were a virgin and i was really surprised
bdo5373689: really thats just my nutty self.
VICTIM: oh wow hehe
VICTIM: whats your favorite song of this moment
VICTIM: i always like to ask people that because then i can sorta tell how the person is feeling
bdo5373689: I am off the wall online and off you should here me on the radio show.
VICTIM: yeah i wish
bdo5373689: the smashing pumpkins
VICTIM: cool which one?
bdo5373689: blank page (that's Brad - BLANK PAGE - like all Cyberpaths: "Anyone you want me to be"... except the real you)
bdo5373689: how about you ?
VICTIM: lets see..im feeling like a NIN song today
VICTIM: probably closer or perfect drug
bdo5373689: they don't play the perfect drug at the show I was pissed!
VICTIM: that sucks i love that song for some reason it reminds me of you
VICTIM: then again a lot of songs do thats why i obsess with them
bdo5373689: Ow your so cute I am the same way.
VICTIM: thats so cool which song reminds you of me
bdo5373689: the same one. (MIRRORING!!)
VICTIM: wow that is even cooler
VICTIM: we both think exactly the same thing
VICTIM: about each other
bdo5373689: ya he he we are mind readers.
VICTIM: lol haha
VICTIM: can you tell what im thinking right now
bdo5373689: you want me up there right now?
VICTIM: wow that was damn easy wasnt it?
bdo5373689: ya you sexy thing you.
VICTIM: hehe yeah i like you like that
VICTIM: are you still there?
bdo5373689: yes sorry
VICTIM: thats okay i meant what i said
bdo5373689: I was talking to the other person. (so many windows with so many innocent young girls talking to this predatory jerk)
VICTIM: okay
bdo5373689: really roar!
VICTIM: haha
VICTIM: yeah i do i love playing mind games with people especially guys
bdo5373689: so this is all a big joke now?
VICTIM: are you kidding again? of course not!
bdo5373689: joking
bdo5373689: yak yak
VICTIM: im just trying to flirt with you
VICTIM: in my own way
bdo5373689: like you said we think alike. (no Brad - you REALLY DO play mind games! the victim was trying to be flirtatious, you were being manipulative - BIG DIFFERENCE WITH INTENT. When someone protests that they "aren't liars, won't hurt you, are honest, etc" - RED FLAG!)
VICTIM: i guess so
bdo5373689: you sweety you .
VICTIM: thats so sweet of you
VICTIM: talk some more to me ill have to leave you in 20 min or so
VICTIM: i have a test tomorrow
bdo5373689: so what do you want to talk about?
VICTIM: hehe well..something interesting
VICTIM: you pick the topic
bdo5373689: Are you in to S&M at all? (OMG when left to pick the topic - LOOK where his mind goes! Major red flag!!)
VICTIM: no not really. are you really into that?
VICTIM: like is it the only thing you do?
bdo5373689: no no not at all I am not in to it
VICTIM: cuz handcuffs piss me off theres no way ever in my life ill let someone use handcuffs on me
VICTIM: nor will i ever use them on someone else
bdo5373689: I just wanted to see what you thought about it.
bdo5373689: hay want to have siber sex?
VICTIM: um well how do you do that exactly?
VICTIM: im intrigued but still..
bdo5373689: Its just like having sex but you type.
VICTIM: ughh do i have to type out descriptions or something cuz thats just ******
VICTIM: no offense or anything
bdo5373689: I don't know I never did this before what ever you want.
VICTIM: well ive never done that either
bdo5373689: he he he
bdo5373689: ok lets see who do you want to start first?
bdo5373689: thats if you want to? (Victim is just talking but he goes RIGHT for the sexual chat - that's the only reason he's really online talking to her .... BLECH)
VICTIM: well i dont have much time but hey what the hell
VICTIM: hold on be right back
bdo5373689: ok
VICTIM: im back
bdo5373689: so are you in or know?
VICTIM: all that will happen in the next few minutes is completely private?
bdo5373689: yes
bdo5373689: what?
VICTIM: my parents want me to stop chatting...damn
VICTIM: what about saturday? by that time i will have my pic scanned and you can look at me and imagine that im right there
bdo5373689: ok then we can start saturday
VICTIM: great well have a good night
VICTIM: how long do you think itll take?
bdo5373689: hell ya talk to you later sexy good night.
VICTIM: bye love ya baby
VICTIM: i knew it was going to come to this but i dont care
VICTIM: one day ill do it in real life
bdo5373689: ya sounds like fun
VICTIM: hahah now im one of those internet perverts my parents keep lecturing me about (no honey, you are chatting with one)
VICTIM: well i must stop now im getting overly excited
bdo5373689: no not at all (of course - Brad doesn't think its perverted.... breaking down her defenses for more talk **see her story** later)
VICTIM: talk to ya saturday and bye sexy
VICTIM: im out
VICTIM: sweet dreams

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VICTIM: hi baby im here
bdo5373689: So what are you going to do to me lover?
VICTIM: i just want to talk to you... (notice where HE wants to go and where the VICTIM wants to go - 2 different things!!!)
VICTIM: the things you said last night were on my mind all day
bdo5373689: in what kind of way??
VICTIM: because you and i are very similar. we have the same tastes, we have the same goals and our personalities are alike
VICTIM: because i feel a connection with you that i cant even explain it's just there (you are talking to a net-mirror that's why)
bdo5373689: I see
bdo5373689: the only problem is getting there with out being noticed
VICTIM: yeah i know what you mean
bdo5373689: I mean when you think about it we are in the same boat.
VICTIM: exactly
bdo5373689: And me haveing work problems isn;t helping.
VICTIM: whats happening?
VICTIM: at work i mean
bdo5373689: I hate my job to the point that I want to quit and go somewhere else but one the other hand I want to see you and if I start a nouther job now I will not be able to see you this year. (dangling himself: carrot & stick - TYPICAL CYBERPATH MOVE. 'glimpses of what could happen' with NO REAL INTENT OF ACTING ON IT EVER!)
VICTIM: yeah i know how you feel if you REALLY want to see ill guess youll just have to hold on a little bit longer
VICTIM: i hate school sometimes too so much that i just want to quit of course i never do
bdo5373689: ya you should really finish high school that is a big milestone in your life you should not screw it up by droping out.
bdo5373689: If any thing finish school.
VICTIM: yeah i dont want to drop out im actually smart its just that the monotony of it pissess me off sometimes
bdo5373689: ya I know what you mean, by all means.
bdo5373689: So how was your day?
VICTIM: good i bought a cd today
bdo5373689: wich one?
VICTIM: the matrix soundtrack
VICTIM: its one of the few cds where i like every song on it..well almost every one
VICTIM: theres about 2 sucky songs out of 13 thats really good
bdo5373689: I heard it on the way to P-town when WENT up there with a friend.
VICTIM: cool how did you like it? it has manson on it- rock is dead is a great song
VICTIM: but then again so is every manson song.. except sweet dreams
bdo5373689: Its on the very tip of the cape thats where a the gays hang out and well you know >(
bdo5373689: ya I would have to say.
VICTIM: so how was your day? sounds not so good, am i right?
bdo5373689: So tell me what are you wareing? (wearing? o.k. again, sexual chat on his mind - this is like the net version of "what's your sign?" all so the cyberpath can fantasize)
VICTIM: pretty much the same outfit as yesterday
VICTIM: its just that im in the same mood as i was yesterday
bdo5373689: ya well I would have to say it sucked my day that is.
VICTIM: sort of excited and dont know what to expect from you
bdo5373689: I want to meet you soo bad (meet??? hahahahaha)
VICTIM: yes i know how you feel i cant stop thinking about you
bdo5373689: I hate this place it sucks with out you.
VICTIM: same here
VICTIM: hold on ill be right back
bdo5373689: I think it would be cool If we where in the same band together.
VICTIM: im back
VICTIM: yeah it would be interesting and if we had a video id make it a fight club-inspired sort of thing
bdo5373689: What some guy beating the crap out of me?
VICTIM: so id be playing my guitar and youd be playing my love interest & playing bass
VICTIM: no no no just the "love" story of fight club and the way it would be shot
VICTIM: the video i mean
bdo5373689: So would I be banging you in the video?
bdo5373689: like in the movie?
VICTIM: yes wed have to do a sex scene thing..it would be simulated of sourse but im sure wed0 make it look real
bdo5373689: so when I am banging you what will the other band members be doing?
VICTIM: well wed have like 2 storylines going on
bdo5373689: hold on one sec.
VICTIM: thered be some shots of me & the band just playing while destructions going on
VICTIM: and then thered be the whole subplot between us and theyd come together at the end
bdo5373689: so are to lead singer?
VICTIM: yeas lead singing & guitar
VICTIM: what did you mean? i didnt really get what you were saying
bdo5373689: ya when your done ****ing me manson could **** my ****. he he he he (perverted - guess what the only thing Mr. Dorsky thinks about is?)
VICTIM: interesting
VICTIM: have you read manson's autobiography?
bdo5373689: no you?
VICTIM: ive read parts of it
VICTIM: some are quite sick a lot of details of his and his band's fetishes and all that
bdo5373689: really
bdo5373689: sounds neat (neat? UGH!!!)
VICTIM: hehe yeah you will probably like it
bdo5373689: I should pick it up
VICTIM: yeah its called "the long hard road out of hell"
bdo5373689: well we have two things in common
bdo5373689: me and manson that is
VICTIM: and they are...
bdo5373689: long hair and big d***s no lie
bdo5373689: its all truth (geez Brad - is everything about what's happening in your pants? Wait - YES IT IS!)
VICTIM: long hair? really? how long?
VICTIM: and also do you have a goatee? just wondering?
bdo5373689: well his is a little longer then mine
bdo5373689: I am going to cut it thow
VICTIM: oh okay
VICTIM: i like spiked hair
VICTIM: on guys i mean
VICTIM: and how do you know what manson looks like naked? (she picked up the subtle red flag here but Dorsky uses her youth to diffuse the concern)
bdo5373689: I would look like shit with spiked hair
VICTIM: oh well whatever you like
bdo5373689: I have seen video I him naked
VICTIM: what video?
bdo5373689: His second one he put out there are three of them.
VICTIM: is that dead to the world? or god is in the tv?
bdo5373689: hold on one sec.
bdo5373689: dead to the world
VICTIM: ok what did he do naked?
bdo5373689: a seen by the pool as he was pissing in it.
VICTIM: ahh okay
VICTIM: ive seen some nude pics of twiggy
bdo5373689: really?? do you have them on hand ?? (nude pics!! like a shark to blood!! UGH)
VICTIM: no but i can find the site address
VICTIM: if you want it
bdo5373689: Manson did some for playgril (HOW do you know this, Brad??)
bdo5373689: sorry play girl
VICTIM: i think i know which ones you mean
VICTIM: i was actually kinda disappointed by the twiggy ones
bdo5373689: ya thats it I have a gay friend with the pics on his computer but he did not e-mail them to me yet (I bet you have the Brad. I bet you are looking at them during this conversation!)
VICTIM: i can give you the sites that have them
bdo5373689: the basterd
bdo5373689: ok
VICTIM: why do you want to see them tho?
bdo5373689: just because
VICTIM: hehe
bdo5373689: no reason really
bdo5373689: chicks only get me off not dudes (sounds like anything perverted, even a tiny bit sexual, i.e. - talking about body parts, S&M or your you-know-what and manipulating unsuspecting girls gets you off, Brad)
VICTIM: well anyway the page that has them is XXX
VICTIM: scroll way down to where it says XXX magazine
VICTIM: thats nice to know about
bdo5373689: could you make it in to a hyper link for me
VICTIM: how can I do that
bdo5373689: you did it once before
bdo5373689: with you site that is
VICTIM: oh you mean do the pink fight club-ish font?
VICTIM: oh wait no you mean something else
bdo5373689: don't worry
VICTIM: i dont know how to do that that just happened by accident that one time
bdo5373689: I will right it down
VICTIM: yeah just copy the address then paste it into "location" and go there
bdo5373689: ok hold on
VICTIM: i will
bdo5373689: ok nothing is going on
VICTIM: what do you mean
bdo5373689: I did what you said
bdo5373689: and nothing no site of any kind.
VICTIM: then just type the address into "location" and press enter
VICTIM: its working just fine
bdo5373689: ok its working
VICTIM: well did you see them?
VICTIM: what did you think?
bdo5373689: I say bits only I will book markit
VICTIM: talk to me some more..not about manson just about us or whatever
bdo5373689: So do you know that person at all?
VICTIM: what person
bdo5373689: In the pics
VICTIM: the chick? no idea. before rose mcgowan manson had a lot of girlfriends
bdo5373689: do you know who runs the site
VICTIM: a lot of porn people
VICTIM: no i just have it bookmarked because it has a lot of good pics
bdo5373689: there are nude pics on the site? ('PLEASE let there be more nude pics' right Brad? PLEASE let this chick unknowingly give me some fresh porn to look at!!!! ick...)
VICTIM: except these 2 no
bdo5373689: ok
VICTIM: i was kinda disappointed by the twiggy ones
bdo5373689: but why twiggy when you could have me? (oh spare us all!)
bdo5373689: he he
VICTIM: exactly!
VICTIM: twiggy has nothing on you
bdo5373689: plus I am buffer then he is. (you are huh?)
VICTIM: plus you dont do drugs every day
bdo5373689: ya
VICTIM: and look wasted
bdo5373689: ya
bdo5373689: right again
bdo5373689: well sun shin I have to go to bed (I have to block you, watch some porn or talk to some other girl)
VICTIM: aww ok
VICTIM: i can talk to you tomorrow but not tuesday night i have to study for a test
bdo5373689: ok so i will see you wensday then?
VICTIM: yeah but you can talk to me tomorrow night too
VICTIM: unless youre busy or something
bdo5373689: no
VICTIM: ok well talk to ya tomorrow night then
bdo5373689: I will wait for you
VICTIM: thanx
bdo5373689: ok nit nit sexy
VICTIM: good night love ya baby
bdo5373689: bye love ya your b*tch Brad
VICTIM: talk to ya tomorrow

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VICTIM: hello how are you..my keyboard ****ed up but its fine now
bdo5373689: ok whats new?
bdo5373689: I missed you .
VICTIM: not much..at least i dont have a lot of homework this weekend..yeah
VICTIM: so did I
VICTIM: how was the retirement party?
bdo5373689: great everything went wonderful.
VICTIM: thats good
bdo5373689: I got a new CD today.
VICTIM: what cd?
bdo5373689: did you ever here of the band slipknot?
VICTIM: yes..i saw their video about half an hour ago
VICTIM: muchmusic has a 1 hour metal/indsutrial show called loud and I just watched that
VICTIM: so how is it?
bdo5373689: I think they will be around for along time.
bdo5373689: Its great very happy
VICTIM: cool. ive only heard 1 song by them (wait and bleed)..didnt really like it but hopefully they have other better songs.
bdo5373689: I think there other stuff is better then wait and bleed personaly
bdo5373689: sorry two LL's
VICTIM: cool...ever seen them live? my friend saw them live but i didnt..im still mad at myself for not going w/her, that show had slipknot, dope and coal chamber and my friend actually met Coal sliChamber!!
VICTIM: ignore the "sli" in front of chamber
bdo5373689: no I never say they live. & ok
bdo5373689: So when are you out for the summer?
VICTIM: end of june
bdo5373689: don't you have family in Massachusetts?
bdo5373689: or around?
VICTIM: i have distant relatives in XXXX and XXXX
VICTIM: they dont know me at all tho
VICTIM: and i dont know them
bdo5373689: that sucks.
VICTIM: lol yeah
bdo5373689: so thats how you get your ha ha's
VICTIM: so whats your other favorite music besides slipknot & manson?
bdo5373689: you
VICTIM: yeah, i have a few song titles made up and i even have lyrics for one song
bdo5373689: now that band rocks me all night long!
VICTIM: oh yeah
bdo5373689: nice
bdo5373689: So do you have a band together yet?
VICTIM: no..itll be a long time before i will
VICTIM: sux, doesnt it?
bdo5373689: ya but I am in the same boat.
VICTIM: i know what you feel
VICTIM: what would you call your band if you had one?
bdo5373689: don't know maybe soap sunday ?
VICTIM: wow thats a cool name i like it
VICTIM: is it related to fight club in any way?
bdo5373689: don't just poped in my head
VICTIM: that is a cool name
bdo5373689: yaaaaaaaaaa its all right for a spare of the moment sort of thing.
VICTIM: i guess
bdo5373689: I could see the stage.
VICTIM: huh?
bdo5373689: A huge bath tub with a woman in sudds every where. (of course Brad would remember THAT!)
VICTIM: okay, i get what youre saying
VICTIM: what happens next?
bdo5373689: but of corse they would have to where pastys.
bdo5373689: and a thong
bdo5373689: they couldn't be nude. (detailed aren't we Mr. Dorsky??)
VICTIM: okay
bdo5373689: And there would be this huge stair way
bdo5373689: and you would be the queen actress
VICTIM: woohoo
bdo5373689: and you would come down the stairs and
VICTIM: and what?
VICTIM: what would you be doing?
bdo5373689: don't know I'm still thinking (thinking you're a sex addict or of more ways to torture this poor girl who hasn't even met you yet?)
bdo5373689: playing my bass why what you want me to do?
VICTIM: just wondering what you would be doing
VICTIM: cant i talk to you or something?
bdo5373689: what? ya you can talk to me. (sorry so many windows and porn and other girls to pay attention to just the VICTIM!)
VICTIM: awesome
bdo5373689: why whats up?
VICTIM: nothing
bdo5373689: but what where you talking about by saying ( can't I talk to you or something)?
bdo5373689: come on spit it out!
VICTIM: i asked you what you'd be doing and you said playing your bass and i said cant i talk to you while youre playing or after a song or something?
bdo5373689: Oh ya of corse (busted Brad.... weren't ya?)
VICTIM: thats what i meant..sorry if you misunderstood
bdo5373689: I just was not sure what you where talking about at first.
bdo5373689: ok]
bdo5373689: So where do you think you will be going to college?
VICTIM: not sure yet
VICTIM: depends on marks & like that
bdo5373689: you should come here we need hot sexy woman down these parts like boston and the cape.
bdo5373689: And friendly as well
VICTIM: i will just for you
VICTIM: maybe even before i finish high school..like next summer
bdo5373689: ya
bdo5373689: do you have any beaches or lakes?
bdo5373689: do you like that kind of thing?
VICTIM: not much
bdo5373689: same here
VICTIM: cool
bdo5373689: I don
bdo5373689: sorry
bdo5373689: I don't mind pools but I hate swiming in the ocean
VICTIM: i can barely swim so why bother trying
bdo5373689: I hate salt water and jelly fish
VICTIM: eww jelly fish ;-(
bdo5373689: swiming is easy once you get the hang of it
VICTIM: i guess so
bdo5373689: If we ever meet I will teach ya
VICTIM: okay
VICTIM: ill do anything for you..haha (oh no she said the magic words)
bdo5373689: is you site up to date?
bdo5373689: really???!!!??? (oh great.... now he's gonna use her even worse)
VICTIM: yes, i updated it a few days ago..no pics tho, just general info
bdo5373689: anything!
VICTIM: well...just about anything
bdo5373689: no pic ? A hot lady like you why? (I need stuff to fantasize to!!! for free!!)
VICTIM: cant find good pics to scan..i really hope to scan one next week
bdo5373689: do you have any others on hand?
VICTIM: just older ones from last year..theres one of me in seattle where you can see kurt cobains house in the background
bdo5373689: there is no such thing as a bad pic in your case, there all very very hot!
VICTIM: thank you
VICTIM: i appreciate that
bdo5373689: can I see? if not I understand.
VICTIM: can you see what?
bdo5373689: don't you say you had other pics from last year?
VICTIM: theyre not scanned tho
bdo5373689: OH ok
VICTIM: i will scan them next week hopefully if my scanner doesnt mess up on me like it did last week
bdo5373689: are you in to any sports?
VICTIM: not at all..and you?
bdo5373689: only football and once in a while I will wich some hockey or baseball for the hell of it if nouthing else is on.
bdo5373689: So tell me.
bdo5373689: whats your biggest dreams of all time?
VICTIM: lets see...i want to have a career in music..my family thinks im crazy but they dont know how serious i am
VICTIM: i want to influence the world in some way
bdo5373689: now I have one question am i in this huge dream in any way shape of form? And what way would that be?
VICTIM: by music i mean a band and getting a record deal
VICTIM: and if we ever meet, you're definitely in this whole cream as my friend..and maybe even more
VICTIM: sorry..i meant dream
bdo5373689: nice
VICTIM: and what about you
bdo5373689: I want to be a rock star to put it in a nut shell I see it the same way you look at life only.
bdo5373689: I think I will not live the life of a rock star I would be more low cover so to speak. (oh spare us AGAIN!!)
VICTIM: cool
VICTIM: well, unfortunatly i must go now
bdo5373689: Ok good night love ya you foxy lady you.
VICTIM: bye sexy
VICTIM: haha
VICTIM: love ya..talk to ya tomorrow
bdo5373689: ok nite sexy
VICTIM: im out

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Anonymous said...

what a pervert...