Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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Some of the "pearls" dropped into chats
with his victims
by Brad Dorsky
(our Predator of the Month)

PLEASE bear in mind that Dorsky had been working on these victims for YEARS prior. "Grooming" them and gaining their trust and ultimately their 'love.'

I will keep you for myself and make you my sex slave (May 2005).

I will change your style and put you into more revealing outfits (May 2005).

Here's 10 photos of you that I think are sexy. Out of those 10 I have 3 favorites.
If I see you in any of my 3 favorite outfits, I will give you what you want. (May 2005)

Your photos look so hot, but why aren't you dressed more revealing?

If you put photos of yourself in lingerie on your site I might show you a photo you'll really like.

I love the photos, but where is the ass shot? I need to see you from the back.

(These were said after Dorsky made a joke about having a threesome with a male friend of HIS, the victim protested "How can you talk about me having sex willingly with a guy whom I don't even know?" - because he's a misogynist & a predator)
Well, I know him very well, so that should count, right? (April 2005)
2 or no deal, but me first (December 2004)

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(Dorsky's comment to one victim on sexual positions & styles)
You just don't know what it means for you yet. It fits you as a person. You will be thanking me later on.

You will love me even more after I do this to you. I'll make sure it won't hurt you and if it begins to hurt you in any way,
I'll stop right away and never do it again. (GAG!!! I bet!!)

You are so smart and beautiful that guys must be trying to get at you all the time. Are guys asking you out?

Are you seeing anyone offline?

I need to be the first one because I know if I don't, someone else will take my place (February 2004)

Are you sitting there with your friends and making fun of everything I say? (May 2003)

I don't have to tell you anything that I feel you don't need to know..after all, we are just friends, aren't we?(July 2005)

I have a lot of girls that I talk dirty to online and we are all just friends. You are overreacting.
(July 2005)

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I don't trust you. I bet you are talking dirty to other guys online too. (July 2005) (projection and setting himself up as the 'victim' - like our other predators"J"/YidwithLid, Nathan Thomas, Beckstead)

What's with the hip-hop thing? Are you trying to say you are into black guys now because they're bigger than me? (2004)

Maybe you're lying to me about your sexual experience. I think you've done hand jobs before. (April 2005)

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I am afraid you might not be clean (i.e. not take showers or bathe frequently). I will not have sex with anyone who isn't clean. Especially oral. (October 2004)

Girls (on the Cape Cod punk/goth scene) are total sluts, they don't love me, they just want to use me for sex and throw me away, but I am not some kind of whore for them to use,
I am a very moral person. Now, you- that's different because you care about me. (April 2005) (He's MORAL????? he's a sick pervert!! Talk about PROJECTION - he's the one USING women.)

This girl is stalking me, phoning me three times a day and trying to get into my pants, but thank God, she never will. You're so different from her, you're someone I can have something serious with. I told my mom about you and she said -- You're the kind of girl I should spend my life with. (October 2004) (some girl is STALKING HIM? Oh REALLY? hmmmm.... Probably more PROJECTION)
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Most women I know have hurt me emotionally (from a personal ad from 2004-2005) (DO THEY ALL READ FROM THE BOOK OF STUPID SAYINGS??)

I want to do all the sexual things that I want to you. I want to take complete control of you and just go crazy. (December 2004)

Brad: What if I took full control of you and undressed you and tied you up... and you could be my sex slave and do whatever I want?
Victim: What do you mean???? What exactly would I have to do and why do you have to tie me up?
Brad: I don't know. I was just suggesting something, We don't need to do it. forget about it. I have to go to bed. good night sweetie and remember that you have all my love. *Sends kiss smiley face* (September 2004)
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**Dorsky Made the victims learn his measurements (yes, those measurements) by heart*** (blech!)

I love how you are staying clean (no drugs/smoking/alcohol/partying), studying hard and working and becoming such a good person. (June 2004)
(Dorsky does NOT go to college, even though he has money and a semblance of intelligence. He is incredibly lazy and arrogant, lives with his mother, works retail jobs, changes 5 bands a year and acts like he is a celebrity.....) (CAN YOU SPELL MALIGNANT N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T?)

"That's what rules are made for- to be broken".

From www.electricsoulband.com (one of his lame projects' website) after Electric Soul fell apart:
As of Sunday 10-23-05 I Brad Dorsky has left Electric Soul to pursue another project that you will find out more about in the future through this web page. Since I'm the webmaster for the page I can do whatever I please.

More to come, so please stay tuned!
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(Way to attract potential fans...i.e. "I can do whatever I want with this page, and you should shut up and bow down to my greatness!")

Don't mean to be sexist but I think I'm too hot/sexy/smart for most women to handle me. I mean I look hotter than they do. (2002)

That really turns me off. You should want it because of me. (2003)

(watch DORSKY ask all the questions and then MIRROR the victim to create that FALSE SENSE OF INTIMACY)
bdo5373689: so tell me what do you find charming in a man?
bdo5373689: Don't worry I ask every female this. (of course, so you can become IT and manipulate & torture them)
victim: .looks nice, non-sexist, understanding, honest, someone who cares about
what you have to say. someone who is totally real..i know it sounds really dumb but that's the best way to put it
bdo5373689: no not at all
victim: what about you? what do you appreciate in women?
bdo5373689: Someone that cares about what I have to say, someone that loves me both for what I am and what I am not, someone that will take the time and listen to me
victim: cool..i guess we want the same things
bdo5373689: yes i think we do (no, he wants a victim to torture. the victim wanted a GENUINE FRIEND. And since he MIRRORED her - of COURSE they want the SAME THINGS!)

So tell me, honey/sweetie/baby/sexy/foxy lady/sunshine/cutie etc etc etc, what do you feel about......" (see LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR on this site)

I want to try sexual branding because it's so much fun!
(3 conversations- August 2003/April 2004/May 2005) (How would he KNOW its fun???)

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I MIGHT come see you really soon... (various chats after 2003)

Dorsky's Not Terribly Original Excuses not to see victims:
"I am busy"
"I am working long hours"
"I have some family stuff to attend to in another state"
"I have a musical project underway and I can't leave"
"I just want to look at your pictures for now"
"My job won't give me any vacation time this year"
"I won't come unless I am sure you can spend the day/night with me"
"I have to be sure that you will wear the outfit I tell you to wear when we meet"
"I will not come unless I'm sure you will do whatever I tell you to sexually"
"I don't have the money for a trip right now"
"I need to make sure my car is in good condition before I can drive that long"
"It's a really long drive- like 14 hours"
"I don't have a passport and I need to get one because of the new border security rules"

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You don't really love me.
You don't know who I am.
You will NEVER understand me.

You don't appreciate me.
You don't listen to me enough.
You don't care about my feelings.

You are the only girl that seems to understand me.
I wish we could take over the world together.
I love you and miss you so much.
I've been thinking about you all day.
I want to be with you right now.
You have the sweetest voice and I want to hear you sing.

I like to play games and fuck with people's minds and shock them on purpose just to see if they truly understand who I am. (FINALLY the TRUTH!! - LOL)
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Some of his wonderful (NOT) treatment of the victims:
taking photos of his face with the webcam once for me as a favor , but never after that, even though I asked many times and he knew how badly I wanted to see him.

staying on Away for 2 hours and making me wait until 11 PM, on purpose, then talking to me for 5 minutes before needing to go to bed because he has to "work early"(He was chatting up someone else and torturing you at the same time - a double cyberpath header!! And some of the above is so laden with 'embedded' commands meant to mentally control & confuse this victim - remember he'd been working on her since she was 15 so now she was in HIS reality. What a nice guy! NOT!!!!!!!!! - Fighter)

1 comment:

Solitaire said...

Again exactly like Beckstead and the rest on here, all so typical of one another.

Reading the excuses made me feel sick.

It seems that they all have the same pattern when it comes to luring you in. They like your innocence, the fact that you appear so naive to their true intentions. They feed off of it like a true parasite.

They chase their targets, seeking their attention and once they have it and know their victim is hooked, then the games commence and they will carry on denying all.

There will never be any answers from these guys. Just more lies and in the end once you have outed them, busted them with all the evidence. They WILL and DO use it against you to hook in their next target with the same lines.

Hopefully those readers that think they know these predators so well and believe in their innocence, will also see the pattern. View these stories, read the victims experience and learn from their trauma.

If you are in a current relationship with one of these predators, take heed as you will soon be here telling your side of the story.