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Ed Hicks: Busted and INDIGNANT!!

(from EOPC Archives, December 2005) Ed Hicks' emails and story remain one of the most classic and typical examples of Cyberpath and Online Predation EOPC has posted. We are revisiting Hicks because he's out of jail and most probably back online doing the same thing!

This was sent from Ed Hicks to confirmed wife #7, Sandra - the day she found his online ads and kicked him out of the house. The BIGAMY was yet to be found....

Like ALL Cyberpaths - Ed is indignant in proclaiming his innocence. As with the horrible letter he left wife #6, Julie - please note the:

Blame-Shifting (you MADE me do it, I was forced, I had no choice...)
Denial (wasn't me, never happened, it's all in your head...)
The Twisting of Reality
The Guilt-Tripping (its YOUR fault not mine)
The ME-ME-ME of online narcissism
Confabulation/ Word Salad (a.k.a. - WTF?!)
Portraying themselves as honorable when they are anything BUT!

-----Original Message-----
From: Hicks, Ed APD [mailto:Ed.Hicks@hqda.army.mil]
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 8:49 AM
To: "Sandra"
Subject: It is amazing - just to confirm what you have been doing. (UNCLASSIFIED)

Ed's amazed someone finally CAUGHT HIM!!)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

I am not into the insane stuff that goes on in your mind. If you think I have been searching for someone you should know I have not. (LIE) I put those ads out there just to see if you are still spying. (LIE) The type of ad I put in was not designed to disguise myself but to check to see if you are still spying. You have a problem with trying to control people. I don't have a problem like that. (LIE) You really only have the fact that I placed the ads just to see how much spying you do on me. You have what you think is total control and in reality you continue to make a mess of our life (PROJECTION). Now you think you can disparage me. It seems that is what you were looking for. I felt and thought you were looking for things to do just that. (LIE!)

Home is where the tracing is. A guy from work and I placed a couple of ads and you missed those. No way to trace it from there. I always wondered why. I was home all the time. No chance of me (nor did I ever want anything or anyone else) You were for a long time bound and determined to dig, be nasty and make life unbearable so I would leave. (SHE KICKED YOU OUT!!! YOU DIDN'T LEAVE!!) Give you great grounds to again be right and to make others believe I am something I am not. Your proof and ammunition has holes in it. (LIE) If you would have just allowed me to just love you and not want to maneuver and control me we could have avoided all of this. (Blame Shifting) It seems you are the one with the hidden agenda. Your emails and actions speak to that.

Even now I am not angry. (ROFLMAO!!) I have never treated anyone with disrespect and it is not the time to start now. (LIE) You think you have what you want. I surely would not plan to do me in with an ad in a dating service. It was a plant just like all the others. I never answered any of them or even went back to the site once the ads were placed. (LIE!!) I was not looking for anyone, just wondering why my loving wife would still be so insecure she felt like she should be tracing my every step. Especially since I am home or with you all the time. When would I have time or even want someone else.

When you talk about being used. You were not but I was. I loved you, stuck with you through all you have been through for the past couple of years. Made allowances for your actions. Did all I could for your parents through sickness and the eventual. Never complained about giving up vacation and personal time and money to spend as much time and ensure you spent the maximum amount of time in Abingdon. Worked around your parents home and did what I could for them and you. I was tired but never gave you any indication of that. All of this for you (PROJECTION, BLAME SHIFTING, REWRITING HISTORY and LYING).

I guess while I was trying to do what I could for you in any way I could you were looking at ways to discredit me. Why else would you do what you have been doing. Money seems to drive you.(PROJECTION) Well, enjoy what you get. I surely hope it satisfies since someone loving you and doing what they can for you was not enough. Unfortunately, what goes around comes around. (Ed Hicks' headstone should say that!)

I will make plans to remove my things from your house. You know as well as I do that getting one's things from a house requires more than one day. (Planning) I will let you know when I need to get in to move certain things. (still trying to call the shots, Ed?) I would never take anything of yours. Despite what you might tell your friends and relatives, you know who I am and that I would never do anything but remove my things. It would be best if you are not there when I start removing my things. I will request times to do that in advance so there won't be a chance of a nasty altercation. I will try and have everything out in a couple of weeks. That is what I will shoot for since there are still quite a few of my things remaining there.

I knew you were leading up to this when the thought of you getting a lot of money came into the picture. You changed almost instantly and have been unbelievably nasty ever since. (PROJECTION) That is why I started moving my things out of your garage. I knew you were up to no good. (BLAME SHIFTING) Waiting until you had financial security and than rid yourself of anyone who did not agree with you and what you do 100%. You gave me a prelude to this day some time ago, so not unexpected. All the time I was hoping I was wrong: I guess not. this would come up and since that was your house (Even though I treated it as OURS just as you had said for the longest time. (OURS turns out to be yours when it is convenient for you. - PROJECTION) All the work I put in there there, patio and other extensive projects. Fixing, painting, etc.) At $300 per/mo. for storage of my things which were in the garage and now adding another $300 to store the remainder of things from your house is not a bargain either. Okay, you get what you want but don't try to paint me for what I am not. Things have a habit of backfiring when people do that.

One thing, at least folks who have met me get a sense of who I am. They may not know me well but will have doubts when you tell them some of the things you think you have uncovered. If you would like to tackle that, go ahead. (THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN OF THE ABUSER - typical to throw THEIR mud at the victim!)

I need to get some clothes out of your house today so I can continue working. I have meetings and commitments all day today but will try to secure a place to stay as quickly as possible. I will let you know when I start the moving process. (Ed, you are such a responsible guy, HUH?)

Ed Hicks
Information Management Officer, Business Processes
Army Publishing Directorate

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