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ED HICKS: Whatever Way You Look At It, This Is Work!

FROM EOPC ARCHIVES, DECEMBER 2005 - shows how much WORK it is for Cyberpaths to juggle targets!
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How Does He Keep It All Straight?

Just think about it for a few minutes...some one carrying on such deception and betrayal is exhausting work; it takes a lot of effort, energy, and time to keep up this facade. Spinning elaborate yarns would cause a normal person to feel extreme guilt and remorse. A person possessing a conscience couldn't carry on a life such as this one.

Ed Hicks, how did you keep all the stories straight? From 1965 until the present, court records show there have been seven confirmed wives. Court records also show that four of Ed Hicks' marriages overlap. Additionally, from 2002 - 2004 email sent from a two different Department of Defense .MIL email accounts shows there have been at least four girlfriends in Ed Hicks' life in the past three years (*Lori*, *Lynn*, *Carol*, and Sandra), all the while he was still married to Julie Flint-Hicks and later married Sandra Phipps-Hicks. Wife #7 didn't know about #s 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6. Wife #6 didn't know about #1, 2, 3, 5, & 7. Wife #5 didn't know about #1, 2, 3, and 5. Wife #4 knew about them all...

Read the mini stories below and see which one would rank first for the "First Class Certifiable Low Life" award. Names in asterisks (* *) are pseudonyms to protect the innocent victims.

Using Your Father-in Laws Death to Cheat on Your Girlfriend with Another Girlfriend While You are Still Married To Your Wife

In 2002, Ed was still married to Julie Flint-Hicks, was dating Sandra Goldin, and had at least three other girlfriends, according to email sent from two different Department of Defense .MIL email accounts. In May 2002, Wife #6, Julie's, dear father passed away. Ed and Julie Hicks had been separated for eight months at that time after Julie found a letter on their bed pillow (no face-to-face talk mind you, but a letter; he separates from his wife with a letter). Ed told his girlfriend of one year, Sandra, that he was going to his kids' grandpa's funeral in Utah. Sandra thought that it was Wife #4's father. Sandra learned recently it was Julie's father who passed away and that Ed Hicks did not go to the funeral at all. Instead, he went to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to a bed and breakfast with his girlfriend, *Lori*. He used his wife's father death to lie to his girlfriend while he cheated on she and his wife with another girlfriend. Yes, reading this garbage will leave you with a headache and give you nausea. You are in for a bumpy ride, but keep reading.

Letting Your Girlfriend Welcome Your Children Into Her Family While You Go On a Getaway With Another Girlfriend While You Are Still Married to Your Wife

Another interesting incident occurred in September 2002. Ed, of course was and still is married to Julie Flint-Hicks. During Labor Day weekend of that year Ed told then girlfriend and later to become wife #7 Sandra that he was going to Nags Head windsurfing with a male coworker. Trusting, naive Sandra bought it and told him to have a great time. That was Labor Day weekend and Sandra' parents were coming to Washington to visit for a family get together.

Just prior, Ed had moved his two teenage children in with Sandra for her to care for, including her writing checks for their college tuition and books while Ed still worked in Norfolk. She took this opportunity to take the children to visit her parents, her son, and daughter-in-law for the holiday because she wanted to give the children a semblance of family life since Ed Hicks told her there had never been another woman in his children's lives, other than their mother, which turns out was actually Wife #4. Also Julie Flint-Hicks heard this same story too---she was the only other woman he had allowed in his children's life!

As it turned out, Ed Hicks did not go windsurfing with a male coworker, but instead took girlfriend *Lori* to Nags Head. Two months later, *Lori* got a bit wise to Ed and dumped him. Read Ed's response to *Lori*'s putting his butt to the curb below. Comments are in red. If you can guess the number of times the words "I", "my", and "me" are used in this missive you win the "I Can Find a Narcissist" award!

----- Original Message -----
From: Ed Hicks ('ce_2918@hotmail.com')
(Ed thought he better not send this x-rated one from work)
To: #############@#########.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 11:08 PM
Subject: Well, you have out done yourself .................


Just a note with some info you might be interested in. First, I knew you were out searching for another person. When you found him I was wondering when you would figure he was the one.

I still don't know what makes you tick. I stayed in spite of the facts I knew. Also quite a while ago when we talked about how bitter you were at your marriage I contacted one of your friends and they told me to be careful (Ed never contacted any of *Lori's* friends). I tucked that information away for later reference. There are things I still would like to know and why. Only you can supply those things. Oh by the way, I am not mad (Ed is never angry; see letter to Wife #7). I don't have the temperment to be that way. It sure hurts that you followed through with what you did (*Lori* got wise and put him to the curb, Ed didn't like that).

What I don't understand is how could you continue to make love to me and say you loved me and act that way as well? That part puzzles me. You were a willing participant, still taking me to places you like and seeing friends. That part had and still have me going. Oh, sure I did shed some tears over you (Ed Hicks, you've never cried over anyone but yourself). I think that is what you wanted all along. Well, you had that, now I would like to sit down with you and hear your reasons for the disception (spell check, please Ed)? I am not a violent person and I am probably more even tempered a person as you will ever meet (OH PLEASE STOP WITH THE VERBAL VOMIT, Ed Hicks...you would make a maggot barf). So, no danger there. A place of your choosing. I just want to hear the deep seated reasons. How you could act the loving part and still continue. You must be really bitter? (BTW...*Lori*'s only reply to this email was to tell Ed Hicks go right ahead with the little X-rated movie expose because she wasn't running for public office, and she never saw Ed again....Lucky *Lori*.)

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Also, I have had a video of us screwing at Nags Head (Do tell, Ed...Do Tell...Ed never refers to "the act" as making love, it is always screwing, whether that be with wives, girlfriends, whomever, but yet Ed Hicks is In Love With Love). When I thought you were going to follow through with what ultimately happened I thought I would need some way to pay you back (Ed threatens *Lori* with a non-existent video, like *Lori* cared. As she responded to Ed Hicks, "Go right ahead, I'm not running for public office.). Not much to show execpt legs and heads in the hot tub but on the bed I got full face and body shots of us screwing. No mistaken who you are. A black man mounting you (this from Mr-Color-Shouldn't-Matter.... LOL!) and the facial contours of sexual pleasure. I guess you faked that as well. It is mighty convencing (Geez, Ed, learn to spell). The more I thought about it the more I came to my senses and fought the desire to put copies in public places around Norfolk (Ed fought the desire! Here's another rolling on the floor laughing your backside off moment). When I said the camera battery was dead it was not. I left it on the chair running so you would not be concerned about it being there. There are some interesting poses we were in while having sex. Now, if I were you (Not me) I'm not that way. Even though you think you have distroyed ("distroyed", I think Ed Hicks means "destroyed") my life. Well, you have not. You know where my heart was! On you and my kids. You should know by now that I only have a few things that I consider precious to me (the only thing precious to you Ed Hicks, is yourself). Nothing else matters (except Ed Hicks).

With us, I honestly thought I could remove the bitterness you felt towards men and women (Ed, after dating or marrying you, anyone would feel bitter). At times I thought I could live with you for the rest of my life. I did and I still do love you (Remember, Ed is still married to Julie, dating Sandra, dating *Carol*, dating *Lynn* and telling them all that he loves them...AMAZING; He's In Love With Love). Unlike you, I could not fake the feelings for you. (BARF) Some things will not change for a long time. I wonder why you had to lie and say that you loved me when you really were continuing to weave a web (Oh, this one is too much. "Lie, weave a web"! This is coming from the mouth of THE MASTER). I knew about it several months before. Love makes a person think they can over-come obstackles (At least use a spell checker, Ed). Well, I was wrong. I became a source of sex and dinning (Glad you were good for something and I think you mean "dining"). Until you found someone else that could continue that effort. Again, that is okay. Not like I did know know what you were doing. I just fell for you and thought there was some reality in what you displayed to me over the time we were together. Goes to show we all can be wrong at times. Smile. (Here we go with that Smile business again.)

Well, I still would like to sit down and have you tell me what drives you. Why didn't you just say let's just fuck each other and go out? Nothing more and trust that I would have still continued. You knew that I loved you (PUKE). I would have continued and we could have saved each other a lot of misery. Well, to me the misery and you the gratification of being able to try and hurt innocent folks. I would like to hear the reason for that as well. Is it all over ### and what he did to you? You could have been honest with me (Why should *Lori* have been honest with you, Ed Hicks? You were never honest with her) and still enjoyed (If you enjoyed the sex, dinners, etc.) what ever you needed from me. I am a very logical person and would have understood (A logical person does not marry seven women and marry four of them while he is still married to some one else, Ed Hicks, get a grip...that is not LOGICAL). You used me and I guess you thought I was not smart enough to figure it out or to trace your mail traffic as well. (Lori used Ed! Now here is another laugh out loud rolling on the floor moment). Okay the cards are on the table.

Oh one more thing. Why did you involve my kids in all of this. You had a plan that could only end in disaster and you allowed my kids to become attached to you as well (Hmmmmm...Your kids were attached to their stepmother, Julie, that you booted from the house...see letter to wife #6 Julie...they were attached to girlfriends Sandra and *Carol*. How many woman have been paraded in and out of your poor children's lives, Ed Hicks, how many?). I am interested in hearing how they played into your plans. After we talked that night on the porch you made sense about bringing the kids there (Ed decided Sandra's place was better). I almost lost my thoughts and asked them if they would like that. Naturally they would have said yes. They really liked you and having them there would have been a tradgedy (spell check...PLEASE) for them. So thanks for doing this early enough so they would not have to suffer the hurt as well. (Ed Hicks, you know nothing about people suffering hurt... other than INFLICTING it)

Are you so heartless that kids don't matter (Oh please, Ed Hicks, you are a piece of work). What about your kids? They really liked me and I liked them. How do you resolve that even though they would never say anything to you. That has always been a concern of mine as I voiced to you on several occasions. Don't you care enough about yourself to think of them?

I think a dinner and drinks would put this mess to rest. We can go Dutch since now you have someone else to pick up the tab for dinners. (Ed Hicks threatens *Lori* with an expose of an x-rated home made video of the two of them, calls her heartless, bitter, and a liar, tells her she is selfish, tells her she has woven a web, tells her she has no self esteem, tells her she has hurt innocent folks, tells her she involved his children in who knows what, but yet Ed Hicks still wants to have dinner and drinks with her, but he wants to go Dutch....PRICELESS!)

I am heading to Calif. in two weeks and than (once and for all Ed Hicks, learn the difference between "than" and "then") to Aruba for some windsurfing (Ed didn't windsurf in Aruba; he ventured to California to see girlfriend *Carol* while Sandra took care of his kids. Of course he told Sandra it was a business trip to the Naval Postgraduate School). I would like to get this behind me before I leave....... Loving you is one thing but unanswered questions are another (there are quite a few people that you have left without providing any closure to whatsoever Ed Hicks, and you have the audacity to tell *Lori* there are unanswered questions).
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The 9/11 Story: Your Wife and Children are Worried Sick at Home Thinking You are Dead Inside the Pentagon, Meanwhile You Are Sitting at Your Girlfriend's House Probably Using Her Computer to Write to Another Girlfriend, *Lynn* Across the State!

The September 11, 2001 story reeks of disgust, not that all of this is not disgusting, for it truly depicts the playbook of how one person's self-centered, immoral, conscience-free existence has traumatically affected so many other trusting, caring, kind people.

On September 10, 2001, Ed Hicks left his home in Chesapeake and told wife Julie that he had to go to the Pentagon on business and he would be back the next day. Little did she know that Ed was actually visiting girlfriend Sandra who thought Ed Hicks had been divorced for years. Of course we all know what happened on that horrible day. Meanwhile, poor Julie and Ed's children were worried sick about him; Julie thought he might be dead since he told her he had to go to the Pentagon on business that day. Ed Hicks was not at the Pentagon; he was actually working on Sandra's computer probably writing to another girlfriend, *Lynn* who lived across the state. Are there no boundaries anywhere in this man's life?

Using Your Wife's Father's Dying a Horrible Cancer Death to Lie to Your Girlfriend About Not Writing As Often, While Your Poor Other Wife Doesn't Have the Resources to Locate You

In January 2004, Sandra's father lay dying of Stage IV Lung cancer. Email from Ed to *Carol* sent from a Department of Defense .MIL email account shows that Ed Hicks told *Carol* the reason he had not been writing very much lately was because a dear friend of his was dying of cancer. The dear friend was Sandra's father. Again, Ed Hicks uses "one of his" father-in-law's dying to lie to a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Julie has been forced to bankruptcy, lost her car, asks Ed's children as to his whereabouts and is informed that they are not allowed to tell her where they live, their phone number, or anything about their father. Therefore, Julie cannot find Ed to even try to get a divorce, much less get any kind of closure from the man she married in 1997.

WOW--THIS IS WORK! If only Ed Hicks had funneled his intelligence in the right way, the moral way, the ethical way, and the Judeau-Christian way, he could have received that Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly and that Master's in Business Administration from University of Washington that he likes to tell everyone he has.


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