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Mothership? Come pick up Ed Hicks PLEASE!

(from EOPC archives, December 2005)

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LAURA CAMERON is another "stealth" identity invented by Wife #7 Sandra to find out exactly what he was up to online after she booted him out of their home. She found out.....

Charles Hicks wrote:

Good Morning Laura

I have been married twice myself. (TWICE? Seven confirmed..... who knows how many used & bilked) The last was a complete bust from the first month after marriage. The misrepresentation became vividly apparent rather quickly. She was controlling and I am not. (He's talking ABOUT SANDRA HERE. Controlling? Yeah, you are IMing women and putting online ads out there FROM YOUR MARITAL HOME!!) My kids when they were growing up were the only people I controlled and as time went on I released that control. (How about the son you beat so badly he didn't go to school for a couple weeks? and then you abandoned him?) We all are adults and should have minds of their own. Aside from trying to combine lives into a cohesive unit we should not think of
controlling anyone. (Translation: Wife #7 found out I was a predator, and that made Ed Hicks angry.... booooo hooooo) Well, that did not happen and so I had to end it.

My first was a great gal. We were a product of drugs. Started out with the prescription variety and than escalated to any kind of drug. (That's GREAT?) Heavy drinking was thrown in. My kids were in diapers when I decided to save the kids and myself by leaving her. (Ed Hicks abused her so badly she developed a drug habit and he threatened and ultimately abandoned her) I helped as much as I could financially for treatment centers, visitations, etc. She went down the path to bottom. She is finally doing better and is now clean as far as I know. She and I get along well now. The kids are grown and they maintain contact with her, which is how I managed the situation from the beginning. Kids need to know who their parents are. They know that drinking and drugs were the cause but I never talked to them about the extent or what transpired as a result other than I raised them by myself. I never wanted them taking sides. (You involved & threatened your kids into keeping YOUR LIFE OF LIES!!)

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Eleuthera is one of the Eastern most islands in the Bahamas Island chain. Secluded and close to Third World in development when compared to Nassau or some of the more popular Islands. I love that about it. The people are real and would do anything for anyone. (And that makes them easy pickins' and a great place for Ed to HIDE) They live very simple lives adhering to the basic needs of life. Sure there are business opportunities for some but for most if they remain on the island they will live and die as their ancestors did. Poor by our standards but rich in culture and the knowledge they are good people. Crime is almost non-existent. I love that especially after living in this area.

My kids and I came to this area from Monterey, CA. Small area with very little crime. As far as I can remember there was probably a murder every five years as an average. I am a small town person. (GAG!) I grew up in a small town in NJ. Left there and went to college in CA. and remained on the Western part of the US ever since. I spent 6 years in Washington State where my kids were born. I moved back to CA. when I left. The rain was very depressing even though we tried to make the best of it.A clear beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest would wipe out a month of bad
rainy days.

Yes, you are among the few I have met who were born in the DC area. You sound as though this is the only area for you. There are some people who love the city environment and some of us do not. (We can talk about this area at a later time)

I don't have any pictures in digital form to send you. I am usually the one taking the pictures and so I don't have any portrait type photos to send. I will send you a representation of what I look like. I just signed up for this service and failed to realize I would need a picture I could post or one I could send upon request. I apologize for that.

I have written a book and not realized it. I will close for now. I hope your day is going well. (Ed Hicks lies so much he could go on & on)

Oh, I am a Program Analyst and work for the Fed Gov't. Location, Alexandria.

Take care, Ed
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From: Laura Cameron
>To: Charles Hicks
>Subject: Re: One beach locer to another
>Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 19:02:40 -0700 (PDT)
>I would like to get a little bit of the let's find out about me/let's find out about you stuff out of the way first.
>I am divorced, married twice before. The first time I was married for ten years, the second time three. I assume you are divorced. Am I correct in my assumption? I hope so. They're so many predators out there now that a woman cannot be too careful. (LOL good one "Laura")

Your ad says you have children but they are not at home. I like children, but I am not interested in the kids' thing any more. I hope that doesn't offend you because I have outgrown the Mom routine! I retired from teaching in a NOVA public school district last year and am now teaching history at a local community college part time. I enjoy the part time teaching and have two classes for the summer semester. I grew up in the DC area. I know that is hard to believe because it seems as if no one was really born here. But I am living proof. I enjoy the area and all the culture and history it has to offer.
>I've never heard of Eleuthera. Tell me about it. I would also enjoy seeing a picture of Ed.
>I will have to go to the Spy Museum soon. Is it a free museum and where is it located downtown? I'm not sure where it is and will put it on my to do list for the coming weekend.
>Thank you for writing back so quickly.
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Charles "Ed" Hicks wrote:
>Hi Laura

>It is rare to correspond with someone interested in the same things I am. You seem to have spent more time at local museums than I have but I look forward to the possibilities.
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>The Spy Museum was so intriguing. Looking at and reading of the time and money expended on clever ways to extract information. The USSR and the US were totally committed to finding any information they could which would provide inside information about each other. Human intelligence in the form of spies, sums of money exchanging hands on both sides. My explanations will never do the exhibits justice. One will have to go and see them personally. That's an idea! !! (Ed Hicks probably gets great ideas for more online trolling and lying from the museum)>

>I will send you a picture of me walking on a beach in Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. Now, these are beaches. (Probably taken BY WIFE #7!!)
>Write when you can. I want to know about you as well.

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