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(From December 2005 - this has to be one of the most HORRIFYING "goodbye" letters from a predator we've ever seen. And in light of what was found out about this animal - its even more horrifying and idiotic.)

A goodbye from Ed Hicks to 2 of his many Targets!! Worthy of a Writer's Guild Award. The DRAMA!

Notice how, like most predators, Ed casts himself in a noble and understanding light. Making the goodbye the "fault" of the target and not anything HE really wanted! This is typical of their false chivalry.

-----Original Message-----
He was married to wife #7 (Sandra) for FOUR MONTHS already when he wrote this. (our comments in DARK BLUE)

From: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA Ed.Hicks@hqda.army.mil
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2003 2:34 PM
To: *Carol*
Subject: How is your day going?

Hi Honey (Stop with the HONEY already! Does this guy remember any of these women's names?)

I have been procrastinating about writing you a letter of this nature. I have been on the phone with the insurance company requesting a determination of my case. They are stalling and that makes me angry. I called an attorney and chatted about it and basically he said to give them 30 days to respond than file a law suite; pay for the trip out there to see the Dr. and sue them for the costs associated with it. Like he said, sometimes that is the only thing they understand. I sent them a registered letter with contents as he stated. My Dr. in Sunnyvale said he would not press for payment so I won’t have to pay the thousands the tests, exams, etc. will cost until the insurance co. paid up.

Still with that in mind it does not relieve me of my obligation to you and what I envisioned for us in the future. (WHAT might that be Ed?) Those words you wrote have been on my mind before reading them in your email to me. The fact that you were there alone has always bothered me. Yes, selfishness and love kept me from doing what I knew I should have done some time ago. That is to give you your freedom from further obligation to me. (Get lost!) Have you free to explore whatever options you deem necessary for you to feel all the things I cannot supply via long distance. Even with travel more frequently it still would not give you what you needed as a woman or a person. God knows I wish things were different; I wish I was still in the position I was in there in at Schnoover. They were some of the best days of my life. Being with you daily, evenings and nights was what I revolved around. People used to ask me why I always had a smile on my face. We know why. You were the reason. (A nice, trusting target!) Now I have to do what I should have done when I left. I am giving you your freedom. You are such a sweet person, the kind like I have never know in my past or will ever meet in my future. We often wonder what life has in store for us in this life, you were always in those plans now I must make the ultimate sacrifice because I do love you so much. (WHAT!? You never honored your obligations to ANYONE Ed!! Even your creditors are still chasing you! What TRIPE!!)

I am not sure what my reaction will be once I finish this note. My heart is very heavy right now. I am losing the very best thing that has happened to me. Calling It quits is necessary for both our survival. I want you to have a full life. I pray for peace and joy in your life because you deserve the very best life has to offer.

I love you *Carol* XXX. No matter where your life leads you a part of me will be there. Move on to what makes you whole. (Cause it ain't gonna be me, baby)

I am not sure what kind of contact we will have in the future. Just know that I will always love you.

Good bye my love, (Ed, your village is missing its idiot)


Charles (Ed) Hicks
Army Electronic Library Branch
Standards and Technology Division
U.S. Army Publishing Directorate
Phone: 703-428-0565 [DSN: 221-0565]


From: *Lynn*
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 12:30 PM
To: Hicks, Charles E Mr USAPA Ed.Hicks@hqda.army.mil
Cc: Ed
Subject: I guess this is good-bye, then.....

I suppose I should assume that our contacts from here on out are prohibited. That really is too bad. The conversations and laughter were always wonderful. And comfortable. And undeniably quenching to both of us. And irreplaceable.

I protected you as best I could. (You knew there was at least one other woman and LIED for him? Did you KNOW he had 4 women going at once??)

I also suppose that you will again disappear despite your promise to the contrary--the only thing you ever promised (that and whale watching). That too is unfortunate. I know that we could be lifelong friends. There is just that kind of connection. I guess our relationship has been re-defined one too many times and you just aren't up for the task yet another time. (Re-defined? Ed Hicks has redefined himself every time he meets a new target! New name, new story, new b.s.)

So the sun has been taken back by a jealous sky. I wish you great happiness. I will hold you, my friend, in my heart always. And as always, be sure to take care of yourself and stay safe. I will miss you. (Poor *Lynn* - she calls Ed the Sun and his wife du jour the Jealous Sky... she should only know how many women he had going!)


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