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ED HICKS - The noble & moral man. LOL!

(ORIGINALLY POSTED ON EOPC - December 2005. Ed Hicks was released from jail in October, 2006 after serving 1 year behind bars. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

"LAURA CAMERON" was another of Sandra Hicks' (wife #7) 'stealth identities' to nail her bigamist husband ED HICKS in the act in his online date-site trolling. Here, Ed gets supicious and "DUMPS" Laura

As the TYPICAL Cyberpath, Ed tries to make himself look noble & above suspicion. He talks about his "ex" (Sandra) in a way to make HIMSELF look like the victim - complete with outright TWISTING of the truth and LYING.

Don't Read Ed's email here on a full stomach:

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Ed Hicks wrote:

I have taken some time by myself to reflect on my life. For the most part, it has been fine. I can live with myself for most of my life's actions. I needed time to myself to reflect on some information I received Friday. (You found out you were BUSTED and being watched maybe?) I received a message from one of my Ex's relatives telling me they realize there are two sides to every story and to take care of my self. That meant the world to me. I loved those folks. They accepted me for who I was and could tell I was real in my feelings for them. God, I feel so much better. With that positive note, I know what I must do. I knew before but thinking about who I am and what others think of me has a lot of bearing and merit. Value beyond belief. (All these statements are probably a PLANT by Hicks for the benefit of whoever is reading his emails, to make himself sound like a good guy and throw suspicion off himself. This is a TYPICAL Online Predator move when they know they are being found out!)

> I must tell you that I am not ready for a relationship. I (as crazy as it sounds) still have feelings for my Ex. She has many problems as do most of us but one cannot change love over-night. I know we will never be together again due to what she has done with relatives and friends. She took the low road with the entire break up stuff. I am not about that and her relatives know that and have stated that to me. (Why did you marry her then Ed? If you aren't ready for a relationship why are you carrying on 3-4 at the same time?)

She never trusted me anyway. If only she knew, I would not and have never cheated on anyone I was in a relationship with. (LIE) That is just not, what I am about nor has it ever been. (Backwards psychopathic talk. Reverse this last sentence for the truth) I guess I aggravated the situation when I realized she was tracking my every move on our computer, telephone, etc. Followed me when I left the house. Questioned me if I was at the hardware store longer than she thought I should. I never once would entertain those kinds of thoughts about her. (of COURSE not! She was honest - you weren't) Life gets unbearable under those circumstances. I would sign up for a service like the one we met on just to drive her crazy. I would sign up and never remember or have any intention to deal with it. (LIE!!) She would see the log in and I would set her off. She should have realized I was always there with her. When would I ever have time to have a relationship? I knew she was utilizing a keystroke program so why would I ever think of exploring that avenue. I never answered any mail or intended to. (when you were locked in a room with your computer - or from your job? This is an outright lie told for his benefit because he knew he was being monitored) (Never wrote down the login or password) Just a way to let her know she should not be doing things like that. I know if you were under that kind of suspicion it would bother you as well. I never looked at another woman since we declared we would be a couple. She never could understand that a person can be faithful and love her. (Certainly not YOU, Ed)

> What she does has no reflection on what I do. (Bull! this whole email is for her benefit since you know she's on to you) Until I get past these feelings, I do not really need a love interest. I am sorry if I in any way lead you on. That was not my intent. I guess I was looking for a friend to talk to and maybe go out with later just for female companionship. So, saying that I understand if you discontinue writing to me. You have a life to live and wasting time with a person who has other dreams is not a good thing for you. I guess I am what you would call a person who has baggage. I will continue with my plans for the future since I know she has and probably always had other plans for herself. I just wish we could have talked and reasoned with each other about what life meant to us both. I am retiring in Feb and pursuing my dream of living in the Bahamas Islands. We may lose substantial $$ with some property we purchase together but there are other places to buy there. I have had it with the hustle and bustle of this area. Life has so much to offer in the island way of living life. I want to learn the lessons of the islands and ease into a better way of life. (With someone else's money, Ed? Who are you going to con in the Bahamas?)>

> You asked me where I lived. Well, I rented a room in a nice house with a private entrance and the whole nine yards. There is one feature I had not planned on: she had other reasons for renting me the space. Actually, it is more than a room; it has full appliances, separate bedroom, etc. Since I turned her down it is best that I find somewhere else to live. It could have been a great situation for me until I saved enough money to purchase a boat. Than I would live on it until time to leave. Oh well, I cannot be bought for money or sexual favors. I guess I could say I am not a prostitute for any reason. (LOL!!! How about parasite?or predator?) No sense in giving addresses at this point since we could not be a love interest. (The USPS doesn't deliver to your van, Ed) In addition, as soon as I can find another place (another target) I will not be at that address anyway. That renders this type of information null and void.
> Therefore, I will say goodbye to you. I wish you the best of luck in whatever or where ever your life takes you.
> Ed

From: Laura Cameron
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005
To: Charles Hicks
Subject: Re: The rain is holding off for now ................

Wow; double/triple wow...from a proposed trip to the Spy Museum to a dissertation on Ed's baggage. Interesting to say the very least.

From past experience when a woman begins learning of reasons not to trust the man she marries, she starts looking, as she well should, for other misrepresentations. Maybe your ex didn't like what she found, which prompted her to start investigating more. Could that be, Ed? A marriage should be based on trust and honesty or should it according to Ed's ideal relationship?

I cannot relate to being under suspicion because I've never done anything for anyone to be suspicious of. As I would have told you, had we gotten that far in a relationship, my life is an open book, I welcome a background check, and I would have asked if I could have had one done on you prior to any committed relationship. Had you told me that I could not, I would have wished you a good life with someone else immediately. I know of too many women who have been burned badly by online relationships that turn in to a supposed commitment.

I found your answers to my questions about your previous relationship(s) to be a bit disconcerting especially when you said your last ex misrepresented herself from the beginning. Your summary of her being controlling and your being the perfect laid-back man "in love with love" was not too plausible. Why did you marry this controlling counterfeit woman in the first place when you knew was a "bust" relationship from the beginning? She must have had something to offer you. (let's guess what that thing was). On the other hand, you portrayed the mother of your children in a perfect light even though she was a drug addict/alcoholic. Having to save your own children by getting away from the "Great Gal" drug addict alcoholic made little sense. It seems as if you have not only have baggage, but you also have a few overfilled trunks.

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Actually, you misrepresented yourself to me, didn't you by telling me it was over between you and your ex and now you have feelings for her. After a weekend of reflection, you came to these conclusions? And, I also see you have ads on three different sites, using the same Screen Name and/or city, and all of those ads vary in answers to specifics too, including your age, birthdate, and your marital status. Now which is it, are you 52 or 53; are you a Pisces or a Gemini? Are you divorced or are you separated?

Regardless of whether you still have feelings for your 'ex' or not or whether you ever had any feelings for her at all, it sounds like you are no angel, Ed by putting ads online while you were a married man.

Adventurer06, you should give up the online playing for a while until you get your life straightened out and concentrate on making some reforms; use your brain instead of the that "sweet spot not on the list" as you describe as your best feature on match.com. You've probably done a little more than "aggravate a situation"; it sounds more like you have inflamed, provoked, roused; baited, angered, incensed, infuriated, and outraged.

Good luck, Ed, it seems as if you might need some.


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