Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our First Ever Cyberpath, Serial Bigamist & Ex-Con Back At It!

Cross-Posted as a courtesy to our good friends at FightBigamy:

Former jailbird and convicted serial bigamist, alleged sociopath and Virginia state felon Charles Edward Hicks, sometimes referred to as Ed is now calling himself Charles Greene. Mr. Hicks or Greene or whoever he is now got the longest sentence ever in the state of Virginia for bigamy.

This Charles Greene also has a new email address: e111h444@yahoo.com. (probably more!) I am surprised Charles Greene can remember that one, since he is 64, but he will tell you some younger birth year. I imagine the "e" stands for Ed and the "h" for Hicks; I don't know where the ones come from but 444 could mean his birth year that he always lies about.The real year is 1944.
  • He is still telling the same lie about owning property in the Bahamas. He doesn't own squat.
  • He is back trolling the online dating sites probably using his "in love with love" line.
  • At one time he lived in the back of his van and used a kitty litter box for a bathroom. He rigged up lights and put insulation around the van for warmth.
  • His van was parked along a street in Alexandria, VA until he found a woman in North Carolina who took him in and hit her up for $500.00 a month. (prior to his arrest)
He is a piece of work, and if he gets near you RUN!

Read everything you can under "Ed Hicks News" and "Ed Hicks Missives" on Fight Bigamy to familiarize yourself with this predator.

Also See a report on Dating Psychos, search under "Hicks" and look at the one without the photograph; read the one with the photograph as well. Hicks has 2 profiles at Dating Psychos! from 2 different women)

Read another comment below from Players & Psychos.com.
Comment from another victim:
He never stops.

He's back online using the name "CHARLES GREENE" - talks about his land in the Bahamas (doesn't own jack), he's an ace sailor (not), he's retired from the gov't (he was FIRED and disgraced after being sentenced for bigamy!), people are telling 'nasty stories' about him (sure... NOT!) and he's got a new yahoo address.
Beware ladies - don't let this charmer in your door
For pictures and more information CLICK HERE

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