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June 2008 Predator of the Month: STEVE MILLER

Cyberpaths come from all walks of life. Seemingly the most inocuous and upstanding persons have secret lives where they feel powerful & invincible behind a keyboard and a screen name. A place where they brainwash, manipulate, emotionally rape and mentally pillage their targets. And walk away after having their "fun" or playing the "hurt party" when a target figures them out.

This month's Predator is a guru-wanna be, a con man and a brainwashing manipulator who hides behind THE SECRET (links at bottom). The Secret is a well-known book that preaches your intentions create your future (aka - "the power of positive thinking").

EOPC's opinion is that its a complete scam. Things like this, including some New Age movements - may be quite valid; but in the hands of certain people are perfect hunting grounds for predators. The victim barely knows what hit them when they get the inkling something's wrong. Partly because everyone's 'reading the same book.' - Fighter

steve miller
One of Miller's targets tells their story (as always our comments are in purple):
In late July or early August 2007 I visited youtube and posted some comments on a video about “The Secret” a well known made video clip on information how to make manifest anything one desires in life from the book by Rhonda Byrne. I had received the DVD in the mail and wanted to follow it up further after watching it several times. I received a response to my comments on YouTube. That was when I first met Steve.

Click here for Steve's You Tube Profile

Steve was keen to know more about what I knew concerning The Secret and that he needed my honest opinion, more than the actual DVD had to offer, and it all started from there. (a typical 'set-up')
Fairly soon after we moved to MSN Messenger for further discussions on the subject. He said he had "manifested me" -- which was strange because I had no notion of looking for anyone other than someone to share & discuss knowledge with. (sounds sickly familiar to the "this was fate" or "I was meant to find you online" crap all Cyberpaths give out) I was seeking further information on "The Law of Attraction." I already had my own theories on it but I wanted to see what the experts had to say.

Steve seemed rather reserved, well spoken, courteous and did not seem put himself up on a pedestral. Sharing knowledge with him was amazing. H expressed himself well, he allowed me to talk without interrupting, he answered me & listened to me and laughed with me. His expressions, intelligence and charisma were instantly firmly planted in my mind. (sounds like how it always starts with all predators)

He did not present himself as being wise or infallible, if anything he painted very grim pictures of his surroundings, his upbringing and how he was made to live in an attic. How his mother tried to poison him by giving him food that he was allergic to and how his father constantly physically and verbally abused him. (here we go readers. This seem familiar? "the sympathy pitch" - the "abused child" ploy) I admired his courage & intelligence but there were periods when he seemed to sound very childlike or in totally incoherent. This puzzled me.

It was Steve's seemingly astounding knowledge and understanding of life itself that was quite impressive for a 29 year old. This had me in awe of him & how he seemed to 'read my mind' his fluency. This was the deciding factor that won me over to stay in conversation with him. (It's called NLP - neurolinguistic programming - its how all Cyberpaths lure, seduce, keep and manipulate their targets. Either by learning it or intuitively - these predators spin a web of "this is most amazing person I have met" or "wow! he really KNOWS me and KNOWS my thoughts" - it's all a put on.)

I remember questioning as to why he wasn't in a relationship? And why was he always on the Internet wanting to speak to me? An old woman at that for heavens sake! Surely I thought, he must have had something on his mind. Sometimes I thought he became a little anxious when I could not be online. (abuser possessiveness) Then to eliminate that insecurity from him (he wasn't insecure - he was manipulating you) I made it a point to be there for him as much as I could.

I was in the middle of school at the time and this relationship resulted in my not concluding the course; after paying $500.00 for it! (classic - many of our victims report losing friends, losing jobs, losing relationships, losing class time - because of their going out of their way to meet the NEEDS of the Cyberpath). Crazy as it seemed, I felt at the time that Steve was more important than some stupid boring subject. I see now how I wasted way too much time on HIS crap instead of focusing on my own!

The first thing that threw me about him was the fact that he claimed he liked older women. Around 40. When I told him I was much older than that he did not seem to be worried about it or shy away from me. (of course not, he figured he had one on his hook. Women around 35-55 are the perfect targets for many of these Cyberpaths. They are usually at a crossroads in their lives. Vulnerable - intellectually and/or emotionally. And perfect prey.) I thought he did not want to hurt my feelings or that he was being kind by not giving me the brush right away. I kept waiting for him to disappear but it never happened.
He continued to 'seem' to be very keen to talk to me. (He probably had to be online most of the day to keep an eye on ALL HIS TARGETS, including her) In turn that made me feel bad because I had all these "doubts" about him and shad tarted to not really want to have anything to do with him. To me, it seemed peculiar for a young man to be interested in chatting with a much older woman. When I questioned him about it he stated that he could not be with a younger woman because they wanted babies and because of his genetic disease and defects it was not possible for him to have children. (oh boy - more "sympathy & pity party" stuff. Another Martyr Man. Like Beckstead, always sick - needy - etc.)

The first thing that entered my mind was that women 40-plus would have accumulated some savings by then and maybe divorced and at a vulnerable age according to statistics; as opposed to younger women hunting for an eligible young man. (you got that right on!) I thought that he was up to something suspicious with a motive or hidden agenda, but still I could not put my finger on it.

He had got so deep in my head in a very short space of time that I could not get out (each and every one of our victims has reported THIS SAME EXACT THING!) Despite knowing that he was up to no good.

It used to infuriate him when I doubted him (RED FLAG - its does for ALL OF THEM. Once you question them about reality - they either get very angry, change the subject, stop talking to you for a period of time, claim you HURT them or give you a completely fabricated & obtuse response) I thought, why would he be so concerned about what I thought of him?

I realized the whole thing did not add up from the start. The contradictions started to be much more apparent and gave me all the more reasons for doubting him. However there was nothing substantial or said to prove anything at that point in time; other than my gut feelings.
(more on Steve Miller as this month progresses)








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