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STEVE MILLER: Mercurial Temper & Online Charades

(again, EOPC's comments are in purple)
The period I conversed with Steve was a constant roller coaster. One of the roughest I have ever encountered. It felt eerie and hot and cold. (Exactly the same report we get from all our victims) One minute it would be full on and nice as pie and the next it would be nothing but abuse, insults or instigating ways to make me want to pick a fight with him. (Because he wanted you to end the relationship so he could play martyr and make you feel guilty for ending it - they all do this same thing) He would blame me for making him ill through my questioning him. (sound familiar, readers? Too familiar!)


He alleges his real name is Steve Miller
He alleges to live in Kent, United Kingdom

On YouTube SlayerSteve777

Email: steve2278@XXXX.com


http://redavv.powerfulintentions.com/ Panagiotis Angeletakis

(this ID here is strongly suspected to be him too)

Other possibles:
Lynella S

Inga Hicks

Janeva Hi

I had never experienced anything like this before and thought this guy was crazy. When I questioned him he would give me some of the most unbelievable far fetched stories. Stories that insulted my intelligence, to say the least. To think that he would for one minute believe that I was actually buying this nonsense from him made me often wonder about if he was bright at all. (he was bright enough to do this - and create COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - easier to manipulate & brainwash you. Sound like Beckstead, Gash, Gridney/ YidwithLid, Ed Hicks & William Michael Barber - to name just a few!) But I played along. Sometimes I played dumb so as not to arouse his suspicions, plus I was hooked in and trying to make sense of it all!

It was just a game to me at first until my mind started to play tricks on me and I knew that by there was more than meets the eye to this dangerous act. (it's called BRAINWASHING & PLAYING WITH HISTORY & GASLIGHTING) The entire time I kept wondering where it was all heading. There were no big plans been made of any kind at any stage except that he said he was to rehabilate here in my country with me. I was comfortable with that.

Looking back I wonder why I even bothered with him for I know in real life I would not even have given him a second glance. (you might have since he's a 'seducer of minds') My friends would never believe that I would be caught up in something like this; I have a questioning nature. (Exactly the sort of person narcissistic predators like!)

Due to his mentally manipulating me, I realize I became impressionable. I am not certain how or at what stage it took place. I only know I becamed 'addicted' to him thanks to his very effective brainwashing of me.

I came to know his routine down to pat. Music and YouTube video clips were his main tools. These I now realize, worked on my mind to allow him to penetrate my defenses and use me. (He was grooming you using these things) At first he sent me heavy metal. Then there was this sudden turn around and the "love" tunes came into his scene. (see NLP, MIND CONTROL & SEDUCTION).

He also had this 'distorted' way of talking seriously about life one minute and in the next he would tell me about the most gruesome and poignant events. (its called Word Salad or Schizophasia - part of the Confusion Technique & Cognitive Dissonance)

My mind seemed to be all over the place trying figure it all out. (Yes that's what they want - so even offline you are consummed with them) I had no idea what he was talking about most of the time and how he could even think of something wonderful one minute and something horrific the next. (Because he's a PATHOLOGICAL MAN and this is part of the "confusion technique") I found myself constantly analyzing the friendship (constantly occupying your thoughts just trying to figure it all out - this is CLASSIC!)

The fact that I worked in a psychiatric ward at one time duped me into thinking that I should be immune to people like this.

He used many key words that I had not taken much notice at first but I now realize played a relevant part in his scheme such as:
Law of Attraction
(probably imbedded NLP to confuse and put her in a waking trance)

Women, he said, were his "speciality." How they thought, what they wanted and how they should be treated were his supposed areas of expertise.

He cried poor
on many occasions until I felt bad for him and gave him some money to help him out. Eventually he started to lose interest in me because I had outweighed my usefulness to him. He had also found several others in the meantime to take my place. (don't they all? This is so common, readers!)

He begged me to leave him alone and not torment him anymore. (Sounds like Nathan Thomas telling his first victim not to "bother him" anymore - or Gridney/ Yidwithlid saying he needed to "start a new life" (he meant new IDENTITY... LOL) and it would take "a long time" before he was better (i.e. "Go Away, you know too much!") Miller probably knew this Target was catching on to his games.)
Most of Steve's victims were snapped up from the Secret Forum where I had already informed the owners & moderators of this predator cashing in on their deals. I desperately tried to warn the women who he has already tucked under his evil wing however his charm had hoodwinked them as it did me. (Same as all of them. They don't believe you until it happens to them. Just as any of the victims on this site!! We advise you to tell but then to expect that you will be smear and called a "scorned woman", "jealous", or "disgruntled" and so on... at least until someone else takes a fall!)

I understand that some of them would not have what it takes to expose a dirty rotten scoundrel like him for fear of repercussions. (yes most are very afraid of the smear campaign but as long as our victims are truthful, have evidence and don't like the cyberpath or any of their proxies engage them by name calling & accusations - they will be fine. STICK TO THE TRUTH!)

More on Steve Miller as this month goes on!

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