Thursday, June 26, 2008


Stanley the Scammer
Stanley Arinze started out as a regular advance fee fraudster - calling himself "Engr Stanley" with a scam letter template for the "NNPC". Today, Stanley Arinze has many aliases: "Pastor Stanley", "Pastor Thomas", "Pastor Larry" and "Justin T. Arinze".

Stanley uses these names to run two main scams: In the first, he claims to be the Pastor of the "Voice of Victory Orphanage" in Lagos. He steals money by emailing people for "donations" to "help the orphans." In the second, this silver-tongued lizard uses his ability to manipulate women into paying for "engagement rings", "bills", "plane flights", "bibles" and anything else he can dream up. He does this through dating websites and instant messaging.

Stanley tricks literally hundreds of women into believing he loves them and plans to marry them... and he refers to every woman as "My wife".

Like many successful scammers, Stanley has moved into fake check fraud. He tricks some of the women into cashing fake checks and immediately forwarding the money to other women. The second group of women receive this money into their bank accounts. They are then instructed to withdraw it and forward it to Stanley. That's how he launders the money - and ensures that the police come after the women he cheated instead of the snake who robbed them.

Women from around the world have had their hearts and bank balances broken by Stanley. He is scum for posing as a loving man of God to further his own fraudulent lifestyle.

From this great site: SCAMMERS EXPOSED

This from their home page:

"These filthy scumbags lurk in the shadows and hide their identities behind fake names and phoney IDs. They skulk around the internet like cockroaches stealing, cheating, lying and thieving. They will steal from anyone, they have no morals, they use stolen credit cards, they make false claims for asylum and benefits, they want anything they can get for free. They would rather steal from you than do a days work.

"Law enforcement cannot be bothered with them - but we can!

"Thanks to their acquaintances, victims, friends and colleagues we have managed to shine the light on some of these pariahs.

"Yes! Even their friends and families have become so sickened by the lengths these scumbags will go to that they have started sending us information in the hope that they can shame these people out of their criminal activities.

"Will this work? Probably not."

(but we give you a lot of credit for putting this out there!! - Fighter)

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