Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Predator Gets Busted -- AND ATTACKS!



From: d j
Reply-To: vaaspman@yahoo.com
Cc: wayneorrell@wayneorrell.com
Subject: Re: reply
Date: Sat 06/14/08 05:28 AM

Good morning.

Yes, you are stalking me. Anything I post on the Internet ends up on your website, and it is not your property. Please remove it immediately.

If you are concerned about the vulnerable public, you will accept my offer to have this matter brought to litigation. You have my name and number. Please send me your contact information so that we can get the process started. If this is not amenable to you, I suggest you stop taking the law into your own hands. I deal with 45,000 people a day online, and none of this is new to me. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Jacoby

(if its on the net - on a publicly accessible site -- its PUBLIC PROPERTY as long as you give attribution, such as "youtube.com"

For more:

Mr. Jacoby - you could avoid a lot of this by repaying the $5K you bilked out of least one of your victims by claiming poverty.

Feel free to read around this site! You're in very good company and there's some articles that would really do you a LOT of good in stopping your predatory behavior towards women in recovery.


From:: vaaspman@yahoo.com>
CC: wayneorrell@wayneorrell.com
Subject: Dan Jacoby
Sun 06/08/08 09:28 AM

Good afternoon.

Please remove any and all reference to me from your web pages. I also ask that you quit stalking me and posting everything you find about me on your site. I do not know you, and you do not know me, which makes the things you write about me extremely reckless and damaging. The police have already notified Ms. Usher to discontinue this nonsense, and before further action against both you and Ms. Usher is required I would appreciate your cooperation.

If you would rather I pursue this matter in another way, please forward me your contact information so that I may begin the process. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Dan Jacoby
Midlothian, Virginia

Material in question is available for your review at:

TO: vaaspman@yahoo.com
RE: reply

No one is stalking you. We post information on predators like yourself to protect the vulnerable public.

We received this legally verified information from EOPC - including back up from four (4) completely independent sources.

You have our contact information.

Unless you are able to show hard evidence, not just your "words", that none of this is true - our legal advisors has assured us we have no reason to remove it. The truth is not actionable under the law.


From: vaaspman@yahoo.com

Yahoo! Auto Response 06:39 AM

This account is no longer active. Please use the contact form on my main website or my telephone number to get in touch. Have a great day!

RIIIIGGGHHTTTT -- we are going to HIS website so he can track our proxy servers or call him so he can get someone's cell phone number and harrass. Nice try.

He's even taken down that Yahoo address. Wonder if he's trying to scrub some web-caches as we speak? He did forward it to his "legal team" and Clearblogs.com

Sounds a LOT like this predator (they are all so alike, huh?)

This site is perfectly legal and operating within the same parameters as our sister site http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com. We have their legally verified information and this site, like EOPC - is to protect the public from people like this.

More about Mr. FREEDOM OF SPEECH -- except about him.

BTW we also have all the hits of your friend, a manager at one of the forums where you troll for your latest victims... you know -- the one from Nebraska -- PM'ing you and emailing you every single thing EOPC has sent to the other managers on that forum. She might think she's giving you a head's up, but she's WRONG. We have NO AGENDA other than protecting other vulnerable women from you & educating the public. However, you DO have an agenda -- and we know what it is.

4/1/ 2008: BTW - Mr. IP # -- spending over 23 hours on this site isn't a great way to spend your time but, all online predators & sociopathic types spend more time on their "image" than anything else!! We've had other women come forward because of this story -- and we are getting them in touch with the appropriate authorities!

And using any verbiage, images, copies of anything from this site is a violation of our copyright and legally enforceable.

***Before you write to the owners of Clearblogs.com we suggest you read over the BLOGGERS RIGHTS at www.eff.org - The Exposer***


EOPC was waiting for the go-ahead from the fraud investigator and law enforcement before we put a real name to "D.B." but Jacoby has forced our hand. Here's our posts about him:

Dan Jacoby: March 2008 Predator of the Month!

Jacoby: Guilt-Tripping, Whining Pervert

Dan Jacoby: Tantrums With a Keyboard

More from Jacoby: the "Love Bomber"

Jacoby: Busted by His Own Ego

Jacoby: Caught, Denies Sleath Attacks

Here's our definition of a CYBERPATH!

Here's what one of the forums he was using to trawl for new victims said when we reported him:

He has been banned from our organization and there is zero chance that the ban will ever be lifted. He is outta there! Thank you very much for the information. The email exchanges really convinced us, the emails and instant
messaging exchanges shows his true colours.


I think Mr Jacoby is a little more than a love cheat or "two timer"
or "user". I can definitely see the cold predatorial game that he was playing.
It seemed that he gets his kicks out of controlling, exploiting and then
destroying these women. I think I am dealing with a sociopath and a highly
intelligent one at that! It is probably obvious already from this email that
the decision to ban him has been made. He is now a banned member. I must admit that I am in shock! He really had me/us fooled. I am now worried about the other women that he has fooled.

Just a tip, he is extremely gifted with computer skills so you should be
careful about giving out personal information to any of his victims as their
computers in theory could be compromised by Dan.
(we already know)
So - now he will probably try to come after us or hit that "report this blog" button like all the other predators do. The chances of us taking this down? ZERO.

We have made all law enforcement aware that Mr. Jacoby attempted to threaten one of his victims by going to the FBI and accusing her of stalking him -- that was AFTER he'd removed, scrubbed & changed a site where he'd posted photoshopped pictures of her in lurid poses. We know what we saw!

Did we mention if you webcam with this I-Think-I-Am-So-Slick, he takes screenshots and saves them for later use should you wish to come forward about him. He takes these screenshots without the victim's knowledge or permission too!

Mr. Jacoby should also read:


As we always say, we'd be more than willing to post any apology from a cyberpath (must including owning their behavior and coping to everything) and find them help for their pathological, exploitative behavior & sex addiction.

Complete with a photo of this (HAHAHA) "ladykiller"

OOPS - There he is

Wonder if we can get his WIFE to vote for him here?

And check out Mr. "I am So Poor I Use Drug-Recovery Forums to find Vulnerable Women, Play with their heads & ask them for MONEY" who posted this video of himself.

Just One of the Guitars on the wall behind him? Is worth $6K (u.s. funds).
(he set that video to private once we posted that URL; and now accuses The Exposer of STALKING him. How does one stalk what's on a public website? He must do a lot of ego-surfing huh?)

Isn't he just "Mr. Wonderful"? (more like the charming Mr. SOCIOPATH) Don't try to hold him accountable or he will harrass you and turn it around and call YOU the harrasser!

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OneOfSeven said...

Not only is this fool a cyberpath; he is a cyberbully. Thank you for posting about this vermin.