Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dan Jacoby: Busted by his own EGO!

...and guess how he handles it?

Right!! He attacks and smears his victims. Not an ATTEMPT at an apology. Not an OFFER to pay her back the thousands of dollars she spent thinking he's broke... but he's NOT broke.

Noooo... a few people who knew Jacoby's real character had been trying to talk to his Victim and tell her. Here's one example:
Hi Victim -- I don't know exactly what happened to you but I fear that Dan might have spun you the same line he spun many of us on the forum.

He is a serial predator who has promised to marry and move in with at least four women on the forum.

He waits till they are vulnerable or at the end of their recovery and then makes his move.

He is a lying sack of something, Don't beat yourself up too much for falling victim to a predator.

Jacoby doesn't like not getting his own way. I saw him struggle to choose between you and XXX and at the same time send XXXX messages that he would be sitting on the sand with her in Florida. i said nothing as I knew you were too far gone into him to see what he was.

Please don't be too hard on yourself, Victim. I am here if you want to talk. if you want to come down to xxxxxxx we can meet... I am only trying to save you from further grief!!

He's a monster Victim, a clever very sick monster

Best regards XXXX

Here's what Jacoby tells his latest victim (who apparently is one of many) when she confronts him with the above:
From: Dan Jacoby
To: Victim

Good Lord. No wonder you get so "down". This is absolutely criminal!

Now its marriage? This from a "woman" who pulled away from ME! Guess she's upset I didn't go running after her.

Doesn't sound TOO much like a duel effort between XXX and XXX. I couldn't be TOO clever of a "predator" if I posted about my love for you in front of any potential future "victims". Cheerful little things.

Guess that's why their lives are so full and men flock to them.
Jacoby, once caught, changed the link to the video so you had to know the log in. (he does this with a lot of the evidence against him... so he can control who sees it) CLICK HERE:


(notice how Jacoby attacks these past victims as meaningless & crazy, makes a sarcastic comment about them as women and PAINTS HIMSELF AS THE VICTIM. Sounds like Gridney/ Yidwithlid telling Target #2 (who he'd known for 5 weeks) he 'never cared about Target #1' (who he'd known for 27 years). Or John Gash swearing those women in his address book were people he'd worked with. Or Nathan Thomas -- saying anyone who blew his whistle was "just jealous" or (the comment we hear the MOST!) 'a scorned woman.' LOL!!)
Turns my stomach. No wonder I got banned from that board! xxxxxxx - Dan Jacoby
(same baloney as Charles "Ed" Hicks who tells everyone his last 2 wives 'set him up' and he's going to sue the Washington Post, the DA's office in Virginia and Dr. Phil for spreading horrible lies about him. Lies that were documented, on paper and as real as it got. Hicks is still telling women its all lies!

Cyberpaths ALL do this. ALL of them! The one thing they do NOT want? Is their targets to TALK TO EACH OTHER!)

But as research even shows, these sociopathic cyberpaths have their victims so bonded to them (through cybersex and NLP) that they refuse to listen. Then one person sent TV a video of Dan Jacoby...

...out in the sunshine... very much WITH his wife.

Oh and Mr. "I am so broke I can't buy my child a holiday present?" ... was driving a DODGE VIPER.
(sounds like Clive - who deleted and renamed or reshuffled his online droppings or Gridney/ Yidwithlid who jumped through hoops deleting his escort-reviews from filthy websites and casual sex ads. Additionally - Gridney/ Yidwithlid changed his hate site against his victim so one has to have a blogger account to comment - control, control, control) All this so they can now act like it never happened.
FROM: Dan Jacoby
TO: Friend he wants to impress

June 2007

Thanks, K**. It was rough. Thought I was gonna lose it on the way home. Felt totally disconnected the whole time, but got some sun. My buddy got a kick out of driving, and it was nice to see some folks I hadn't seen in about 4 years. I was nauseous and shaking most of the way back and I'm sure it will take a day or two to get over.

Here are a couple frame grabs from some video we shot today. I'm in the green shirt (and the dark green one's mine). I swear I'm gonna slap the next person who says "But you look great!". Sad

If you're into classic bikes (and new italian ones), I also just finished the complete design and development of my latest website. It went live yesterday and can be seen at SteelhorseClassics.com.

Blue Ridge Parkway...
But notice these egotisical vultures saw no future consequences in putting this stuff (like Jacoby's video) up in the first place?

Unreal how they think their victims won't check; or that their pleas to 'not check up on them' will be followed, or if the victims DO check -- they are "stalkers." LOL

Please remember people - if someone online tells you not to surf them or "if you check up on me it means you don't trust me"? RUN to check on them. Google and go through every single page on them. EVERY link!!

And here's the bullpocky Jacoby gave to his victim when she finally confronted him about the video. Doesn't this sound so familiar? (these cyberpaths are sooooo predictable!)

From: Dan Jacoby

you still don't get it, do you? That video is 7 years old and was posted as a joke because there's a member there who tells everyone "I bet Jacoby never owned [a Viper].

So what do you think is DB's next move, readers?

...are you laughing readers? Because we sure are!!
didn't you see me in the video? Does that person look like how I look today?"
... how would she know for sure? Jacoby picked a victim 3000 miles from him who never him in person!

The Victim's response:
I think it looks like you! Yeah. Of COURSE it's YOU!!!!

You lying scum! Each time before I write you, I pray.

Merciful Father, deliver me from evil.
Yes, that's what these people are - EVIL. They care more about their image than you and your feelings. "I Love You" is like toilet paper to them. And they will bend time & space to lure you in for them to suck dry emotionally, mentally and sometimes financially.
  • Apologies, attempts at amends, owning his behavior and treating people online like "things"?
  • or Narcissistic Rage? Attacking his victims? Damage Control?
One guess which one he did!!

You could check out Jacoby' s fancy guitar collection below -- but after he found we had the video, he accuse us & The Exposer of "stalking" him and set the video to "private."


Just one of these has been identified as being over $6K (U.S. Funds). And he duped at LEAST one of his victims out of money almost as much money by crying "poverty"!

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