Monday, March 10, 2008

Daniel Jacoby -- Tantrums With A Keyboard

Jacoby tips his hand. He likes to hack, attack and threaten when people find him out. And he's been caught before!!!!

His unwitting victim -- when she still thought he was a good guy -- told him one of the recovery forums was on to him. Check his response!!
Now she knows -- everything she heard was RIGHT!

To: One of Jacoby's Victims
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 07:46:40 -0700

"Thank you for your email and I was sorry to hear that you are suffering. Once again, I am very short on time and while I do want to respond to what you have written, it may be until the first of next week until I am able to do so.

"I will say in the interim that even if I forwarded you copies of the emails, etc. and connections to the individuals at the forum that have said things, clearly it would all be hearsay and able to be explained away by denying that Dan did, in fact, send them or behave in this manner. It could be argued that he was being set-up, etc., etc., I understand all that and know that things like this happen in life.

"What I don't understand is the string of women that have come forth, with generally the same accusations... the key word here being "string". I could understand one, or even two and write it off as sour grapes or, a relationship gone bad or even someone out to do harm to his reputation or even at the extreme that this was a bizarre set of coincidences, but when coupled with:
**the fact the he posed as "Carolfilms" for such a long time, going to the extremes of creating this fictitious identity (even while he was a member on the forum as Dan) leads me to believe that his character is suspect (and yes, I am absolutely positively and entirely sure that it was him; we have the software capability to check that; not to mention the fact that it was brought to our attention by several members); and

**he hacked into the administration room of the prior forum and this is why we are moved to the board we are presently. Once again, there is no doubt that he did this; we were 'sitting' in the administration room one day while he hacked in to read.

In my opinion, if he can do all these things (and the last two are not just speculation; I witnessed them both with my own eyes), then he is certainly capable of doing what these other women have accused him.

"I am sorry if this brings distress to you... I know that you are fragile from other life circumstances. However, I hope now that you can understand where I am coming from better and why I have so many questions. "I have wanted to warn you many times about the things I have seen. Being privvy to how the internet works and all the headgames that people play that is. At any rate, I will write more later and wish you a good weekend."
Saw it wanted it threw a tantrum got it!

Here's Jacoby's response when his naive victim (at the time) showed him what was said. Lies, threats, accusations -- in general, a cyberpath TANTRUM. As always -- our comments in Dark Blue:

From: "Dan"
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 19:01:15 -0400

Are you saying they posted something on the forum (some sort of 'warning" about me) just RECENTLY?

They have NO proof whatsoever. She believes whatever crap is spoon fed to her. I have NEVER hacked into that site, nor do I have the desire. If I DID have the desire, I could crush it and they would never know what or WHO hit them... but I am NOT that kind of person. (sure you are! why even SAY it if you're not??)

There is NOTHING going on there. I have seen MANY decent people on other forums post terrible things about the staff at that place. (how high school -- "everbody else says...")

Yes. I agree. The police SHOULD be involved. Once I have all of this forwarded to my attorney, they may get their wish. There are at least 2 or 3 people there who deserve some time in jail for what they have accused me of. (I am such a big threatening man... that once the police get involved they may find out I AM WHAT EVERYONE ELSE CAUGHT ME BEING -- A PREDATOR!!!)

I'm not letting this drop if they won't. Its time to take them down. Let THEM try and defend THEIR character for once in the OPEN where they will be forced to confront me. (ooooo my poor REPUTATION. With a cyberpath? It's a FALSE reputation at best)


It's too bad this moderator doesn't understand stand Online Predators and their brainwashing and mind control techniques. And BOY is he projecting. He admits and almost brags he knows how to destroy websites!!

Did anything ever happen with his threats? NO! Like gridney/Yidwithlid's Target #1 said
"if I am as bad he says I am... I should be in jail; so he'd better call the police on me now."

The police? Never showed up!!

Beckstead? similar threats! LOL

ALL pathologicals threaten like this -- its another red flag.

At least Jacoby's victims are taking time now to make sure he won't be doing this again soon.

WARNING (2009) - Jacoby has found his way BACK on to the recovery forums (such as benzobuddies, etc) using a new IP number and false identities (ex: "Nurse Tanya" and "Elwood"). Despite the forum managers saying they have banned him forever - they have not been able to stop this remorseless predator! One forum manager refuses to listen and remove his multiple identities. Beware!

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