Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Jacby's very very similar to many of our other cyberpaths. Follows the same lines and preys on wounded persons. He's a flaming narcissist and feels all powerful behind a keyboard. He scams those he preys on out of goods, costing them thousands of dollars. He is truly after only a couple things: FREE CYBERSEX and FUN & MIND-GAMES.

- Does he tell any of his victims he's playing? NO!
- Do his victims know his true intentions? NO!

And he likes to threaten and intimidate them when they find out who & what he truly is.

He bores easily and will move on to new prey either after or have a few on the go simultaneously.

He will even lie to law enforcement to get his VICTIMS charged with harrassment or defamation. But those lies don't hold water - and eventually he is show as the "boy who cried wolf."

He's nothing special, he's a soul-sucking liar, a keyboard jockey who's never gone past the high school game of telling a woman he doesn't even know he LOVES her - and then uses her for his sexual gratification. His M.O. is as common as grass. So enjoy this month's adventures with "DB." His victim gives an overview:
Jacoby hangs around support forums looking for vulnerable women coming off prescription drugs.

He scans blogs looking for an "in" then pounces with his "look how cool but 'sensitive' I am" routine and proceeds to suck trusting women into his filthy pit of lies and deceit. He lives with his wife, even though he spins a yarn about "waiting for his divorce to be finalized."

He lies about his alleged poverty and takes what he can from good hearted women when all the time he's driving around in his fancy Dodge Viper.

He's a dirty, narcissistic bottom-dweller, who, when his victims wake up to the the snake that he is, turns on and denigrates them in a most disgusting manner. He lives on the energy of women and drama under the pretence of love and devotion. He fits the profile of the narcissistic cyberpath perfectly.

Sometimes I wonder if he even took a prescription medication. His taper-off seems to have lasted for years. I suspect he stumbled across these kind of sites after playing this game on different forums where other vulnerable women would be. I see him on other boards now acting like an angel and taking everyone in, and it makes my stomach turn. I know for a fact he's smearing me like he did about other women to me. I should have listened to his other victims when they tried to warn me.

As I said he is allegedly in the throes of withdrawal from medication himself. I don't know to this day if or how much of this is true. I do know there've been plenty of ALLEGED hospital visits. I wouldn't put anything past him.

I was warned by other women back in the day that he was a sexual predator, but refused to listen. I was "in love" after he'd used seduction techniques he's honed over time on me. He always used to tell me that the other women were just jealous and were "crazy, nut-jobs or slutty tramps" (Sound familiar, readers? Probably saying the same about her now too.)

Of course I believed him, because I was in the height of withdrawal, I felt he was a lifeline for me as well as being fooled that he was honest. Additionally he was always "my poor baby who nobody understood but me"; effectively targeting my caretaker instincts.

He was booted from the forum where I met him and transferred his attention to other similar forums looking for prey. (Typical. The Cyberpath doesn't change his behavior or M.O. - just his hunting grounds or his IP or his nickname)

There's one poor woman in particular who hangs on his every word and I swear she'd take a bullet for him. If only she knew the opinion of her he shared with me! (again, sound familiar Readers?)

This filth scans the members list and singles out women that catch his predatory eye then watches until you're posting that you're really having a hard time and voila! He will play on the memory of a loved one who has passed away to get you to think of him the way you thought of them. He'll then try to replace them in your heart and mind and "be there" for you. He'll open you up and lead you along but the truth is you're not the only one. (See LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR)

The pills you're withdrawing from blind you and he doesn't break contact for long enough to give you a chance to think or to come up for air. (Love Bombing) That is until you outwear your usefullness, like I did. That's when he gets nasty and turns it all back onto you.

He's warned me that he'll smear my good character should I expose him for what he is, but let him try. (Narcissistic Rage)

It was shared with me a while back that he persuaded & coaxed a very vulnerable female who was an ex heroin addict to perform lurid sex acts on the webcam. He denied it and blamed someone else. (of course! cyberpath's take ZERO responsibility. Some even get a counselor, clergyman, etc to GO ALONG with the "she's just as guilty" b.s. they throw at their victims) He blamed another man and accused him of other misdeed (in reality, probably done by Jacoby!).

He's a filthy, stinking beast. I can't let him do this to any other women and I feel like I should exonerate those I didn't believe when they tried to warn me. I also "googled" a lot of information on him and found him registered on "sexforums" among others. He freaked that I had the audacityto do that. (An innocent person wouldn't CARE!!)
He asked me over and over to perform lurid sex acts on a webcam and when I refused he'd freak and say that if I loved him I would do it to "make him happy". I put all this down to his illness & withdrawal symptoms, but realize now that he really is the manipulative predator I was told that he was.

He just thinks he's superior to everyone else, and others (especially women) are beneath him. Some of the things he's said about females he acts friendly with now have been despicable. Heck, he even talks trash about some other men he's friendly with, too. He acts very friendly & familiar with them, but he calls them awful names. They'd get the shock of their lives if they knew what he really thinks of them.

Women should beware and stay away from this low-life. He's an emotional leech that'll suck you dry and think nothing of it.

In reflection, I wonder what I ever saw in him. I usually like a guy with more hair. He never would remove that cap from the many pics and webcam stuff I saw.

I have prayed long and hard before I decided to do this. It's not a "knee-jerk" reaction and I am not a &"woman scorned"; as he told me he will portray me as if I ever came forward with all this. (Don't worry - they ALL do that - it gets tired after a while. Readers if someone online is telling you "so & so is a scorned/ jealous woman"? Make it your BUSINESS to talk to that scorned/ jealous woman. Its a MAJOR RED FLAG that you're dealing with a cyberpath!)

This is the difference between right and wrong; and doing the "right thing" has always, ALWAYS been extrememly important to me. I honestly believe that evil only prospers for so long and good will always win out. I may have done some wrong in believing him, but I am here to dust myself off and stand up for myself and others Jacoby may have harmed.

This man raped my soul and deserves to be shown for exactly what he is. A sick, twisted monster. I just thank God I've been blessed with a conscience & empathy. If this piece of filth was even half a real man he'd get down on his knees and ask God and me for forgiveness.

At the very least he'd pay me back my money. I won't hold my breath, though. He has the morals of a flea on a rat. If I can save even ONE WOMAN from going through the HELL that I'M GOING THOUGH, it'll be worth it all.
(one big warning sign here... notice how Jacoby talks about his WIFE - Lisa. If they dis their spouses -- do a background check!! And remember: YOU ARE NEXT ON THE "DIS LIST")

From: "Dan"
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 16:13:24 -0400
Subject: RE: *

It's nasty. As my stomach gets full and the heat gets more intense, the nerves in my mouth and throat go in to overdrive. Used to be sometimes things got better as the day went on. Now they just get more intense. I can start swallowing therapy any time I want, but it seems pointless if my neck and throat muscles are going to be in rebound spasms as I taper no matter what. I would rather do therapy once I know I have no medications in the way. We'll see how things go in the coming weeks. I want to eat and speak again so badly. I know you're too fragile for any more grief right now. Yeah. A repeat of last summer and then some. :-/

Lisa doesn't care. That's what I'm talking about when I say she's mean. She knows I would have loved to have seen 1 or 2 pictures. They had a cake with a picture of N as a baby and on her 18th birthday. Never saw it. Not even a photo. Its just not right.

I'm so exhausted from this heat. Praying it lets up and doesn't get worse through August.

Did you see J wrote a book about benzos? He mentions my game site (ToadGames.com)
in it a few times. I chuckled when I saw it was dedicated to people like G, G, and ME, LOL. I bet they just fumed when they saw that! (his favorite word? ME!!)

He really can write. It's a shame he has such a twisted motive behind everything. Lots of odd people in this benzo world. Can't wait to leave it all behind.

I love you. Danny xxxxxx




As always, our comments were in dark blue. More as the month wears on about Dan Jacoby and his Cyberpathic Emotional, Sexual & Financial Vampirism.

WARNING (2009) - Jacoby (a web designer & computer expert!) has found his way BACK on to the recovery forumsusing a new IP number and false identities (ex: "Nurse Tanya" and "Elwood"). Despite the forum managers saying they have banned him forever - they have not been able to stop this remorseless predator! One forum manager refuses to listen and remove his multiple identities. Beware!


kat_2123247 said...

I'm so happy this online pig is at last getting exposed for what he really is!I swear to God they must use a handbook on the lies they so easily feed their victims.It's been a long hard road but it gives me great joy to see D/B as the predator of the month!!Great job!But I must admit reading those emails left my guts retching as I heard the same exact bs!Oh well.it's a hard lesson to learn but well worth it!...Kat

FIGHTER2 said...

If you haven't read our article LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR which is linked in this article - please do.

They DO use a handbook - and that article explains it.

kat_2123247 said...

I read it and that too made me ill!...I ended up feeling the fool..and naive.But.I'm no longer that woman anymore,so..I just now take it as a lesson learned...the hard way.If only other women would listen up and take heed.That now is my goal..to open their eyes to these sort of men...Kat

FIGHTER2 said...

Naive? Maybe - that's why we have this site - that's why forwarding our article, sending people to our site, exposing your predator and taking back your dignity & power is VITAL. No one knows or believes this stuff until it happens to them. Everyone likes to think they are "too smart." Well, guess what? The smarter you are? The easier it is to HYPNOTIZE you and that's what these cyberpaths do - WORK ON YOUR SUBCONCIOUS.