Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gary Stone Persists with the Craziness - Now a Laughingstock

Stone's given everyone so much more 'material' to share as prime examples of what possibly schizotypal obsessive behavior and computer access can do.
(Darker type on this section = EOPC's comments)

Gary Stone stole [Victim 1]'s copyrighted poetry, stories, audio recordings, and digital photos, which he is re-publishing without permission in books and webpages in order to promote himself and to maliciously taunt [Victim 1].

gary stone 4

Gary Stone now has suggested that the paltry sums he sent towards the "wedding fund" of he and his Victim were in some way 'payment' for [Victim 1]'s works.

Gary Stone is RELENTLESS in his commitment to, as he says, 'blacken [Victim 1]'s name everywhere she goes'. Gary Stone's supposed 'rationale' for doing all of this is that [Victim 1] 'deserves it' because she will not comply with his demand to 'legally document erasure' of all his emails, text chats, gifts of mp3 files etc, from the year they spent together; [Victim 1] realizes that this is the very information she must preserve as evidence to prevent Gary Stone rewriting history and portraying himself as the victim. (Every Single Cyberpath we've exposed and know of has begged their Victim(s) to erase & delete everything to "keep their special secret." As we have said before DON'T DELETE A THING - copy it off to discs if you are afraid of being hacked! Stone wants to rewrite history & deny/ delete, etc.

Sounds like Thomas, Hicks, Dunetz, Jacoby, Gash, Dorsky. And we've seen forensic recovery done on a couple of them and everything, without exception -- supports OUR VICTIMS!!)


Over the course of the whole of 2008 Gary Stone has even gone after [Victim 1]'s young child, wrongly diagnosing that they have diseases, mental problems, threatens physical harm against them, and saying that [Victim 1] is a 'shitty mother' and should give up guardianship of her child to [Victim 1]'s mother.  Since 2010, Stone has also gone after two of EOPC's old members and their families and children.  Calling them liars, criminals and all manner of disgusting names.  Having received no response from [Victim 1], Gary Stone has increasingly moved on to include libeling and harassing her ex-husband - [i.e. Victim 2]. His behaviors give away his intentions.

[Victim 2] first learned of Gary Stone in April 2007 when he found out that [Victim 1] was re-doing Gary Stone's website. [Victim 1] at the time was happy and proud of what she was doing for Gary Stone. When [Victim 1] showed [Victim 2] Gary Stone's website he realized it looked poorly and offered to do a site template, which was refused by Gary Stone. (Don't interrupt Stone's non-stop CONTROL and MANIPULATION! He even calls the FBI & law enforcement & welfare with his bizarre unfounded accusations and tries to convince them of his reality and that they "do something." No one cares.)

At that time, Stone had brainwashed [Victim 1] to believe that Stone's divorce was imminent so that [Victim 2] took it to be a fait accompli. (sounds like Beckstead & Jacoby)

In August 2007 [Victim 2] did not realize that [Victim 1] was on a week's vacation with Gary Stone in the US until [Victim 2] tried to find her and give news that his mother was in the hospital, given just a week to live. On the fourth day [Victim 2]'s mother had died, also the day that [Victim 1] sent a small guarded email saying she had limited email access. It was Gary Stone's dominance of [Victim 1] that kept them from emailing each other. (Abusers always control the victim's TIME & FRIENDS)

Abusers isolate their victims geographically and socially. Geographic isolation includes moving the victim from her friends, family and support system (often hundreds of miles); moving frequently in the same area and/or relocating.

Social isolation usually begins with wanting the woman to spend time with him and not her family, friends or co-workers. He will then slowly isolate her from any person who is a support to her. He dictates whom she can talk to; he tells her she cannot have contact with her friends or family.

In September 2007 [Victim 2] was contacted by [Victim 1] requesting permission to take their child to live in the U.S. with Gary Stone, and [Victim 2] hired a solicitor to get a Minute of Agreement drawn up. Gary Stone had foolishly inserted "drama" by sending an email to [Victim 2] asking how [Victim 2] could suggest submitting his child to 'blood letting' for a DNA test. (Nice talk from a NURSE! Gets Stone 'off the hook' also; from caring for a child, doesn't it?) [Victim 2] was forbidden by his solicitor any contact with Gary Stone until the Minute of Agreement was signed in December 2007.

After Christmas 2007 [Victim 2] sent an email to both [Victim 1] and Gary Stone wishing them the best of luck and to make sure his child was being looked after correctly, and that Gary Stone would not be just a 'revolving door father figure'.

Jealousy is a tool abusers use to control the victim. He constantly accuses her of having affairs.

Abusers routinely call their victims whores or sluts.

Starting 7 January 2008, Gary Stone sent [Victim 2] a series of emails asking why [Victim 1] had left him. He accusing [Victim 2 ] of enticing [Victim 1] back to him. On 28 January 2008 [Victim 2] wrote an email telling Gary Stone to not communicate with him again. [Victim 2] has received over 4000 emails so far. These saved and documented emails contain everything from death threats and threats of physical violence, to threats of sending Gary Stone's family members to the UK to confront [Victim 2].

In a series of emails copied to [Victim 2], Stone has also falsely accused [Victim 2] of being an illegal immigrant to [Victim 2]'s employer (interference with employment), the FBI, Peabody MA Court, and the Internet Watch Foundation. In these emails Stone also makes defamatory, libelous and false claims of:

  • [Victim 2] of passing an STD to [Victim 1] that Gary Stone falsely claims to have caught from [Victim 1]

  • Makes insane false accusations against [Victim 2] of fraud

  • Makes insane false accusations against [Victim 2] of committing a conspiracy against Gary Stone's former employer;

  • Makes false accusations against EOPC that we 'impersonated a nurse' and 'interferred with a lawsuit of his' - the truth is we have NO CLUE WHAT THE HECK HE'S EVEN TALKING ABOUT

  • Makes false accusations that EOPC sends him anonymous mail (again, we never did this and are CLUELESS about what he is talking about!)

  • Makes false accusations that EOPC is tax dodging (this is a free site, we make no money from it and are dodging nothing)

  • Crowed about taking down 'EOPC'S MySpace blog.' We have NEVER had a blog on MySpace and NEVER would. We hope the person whose blog he did take down makes a complaint to MySpace.

  • Of Victim 2 and EOPC hacking Gary Stone's websites, blogs and other self-written self-published sites. The accusations get more bizarre and outrageous as time goes on in Stone's desperate attempt at some attention.

  • Of EOPC impersonating a nurse (what? why would we do that? what is he even talking about)

  • Of EOPC stalking him... (lol)

  • Of Victims we've helped being US... (again, lol)

  • Of EOPC planting viruses in his computer, of EOPC being 'Nigerian scammers', of EOPC having a full time team bent on ruining his life

  • Of EOPC destroying a legal case he had going about some other issue (probably screwed it up himself with his relentless nonsense)

  • Of Victim 2 EOPC threatening and strong-arming Victim 1 to turn against him

  • Of Victim 1 causing his BLINDNESS!

  • Of EOPC and Victim 2 manipulating practically the whole internet against him

Fantasy. Not real. Bizarre and twisted story telling. Every. Last. Bit.

(All these claims are merely Mr. Stone's "word" which isn't backed up by any hard facts, forensic research or law enforcement, we found out. Yidwithlid did this to one of his victims -- and as it turns out sites will remove ON THEIR OWN anything that could be libel because of the possibility of lawsuits. NOT THE VICTIM. EOPC removed nothing!

As we have said numerous times, Cyberpaths are by criteria, PATHOLOGICAL and believe their mere words & thoughts create REALITY!)

They make pronouncements without substantiation. To them, these pronouncements represent what reality is ... pronouncement by pronouncement. The present pronouncement may contradict what they said a moment ago. This means nothing to them. They make no attempt to deal with the contradiction.

We humans find this hard to believe. The use of facts is such a basic part of our lives. We base our conclusions and our actions on them. We go on from there to test things and establish more facts. When we debate, we present facts, and show how we derive our observations and our positions from them.

Without facts, all we have is what we call "fantasy."

We assume they must think like us ... be aware of what we are aware. We think they MUST know what facts are. When they don't address the facts, we say they are playing a game. We think they do know what the facts are, but don't want to admit it.

Not so! They DON'T know what a fact is. When we speak of facts and ask them to address the facts, they look at us with vacant eyes. They don't know what we're talking about.

They hear us use the words — facts, evidence, substantiation. They lack the human capacity to understand what we mean. What they do is ignore our reference to facts, ignore our requests for them to supply facts, and hope we won't notice it's due to their lack of comprehension.

Gary Stone wrote emails describing his sexual experiences with [Victim 1], describing how he made [Victim 1] the artist she is, and describing in great detail how a criminal court case against [Victim 2] is going to play out in court in order to provoke and embarrass her into reacting. All of it a "movie inside Stone's head." Fantasy. Not real. Bizarre and twisted story telling. Every. Last. Bit.

Currently Gary Stone is harassing [Victim 1] and [Victim 2] in emails and web blogs and on his new website and has opened up a bunch more sites. Gary Stone is using a twisted & revised version of history on his blog site to send as 'proof' to various UK, US government agencies and the police. (Like all PATHOLOGICAL TYPES -- merely writing or saying it "makes it true!" NOT!) All of which is half-truths, misquotes and blatant lies, twisting [Victim 1]'s story around to portray Her as the Cyberpath/ Predator.

(as we said in a prior post, Stone like all PATHOLOGICAL TYPES - loves using a new word. Cyberpath is the latest for Stone. Absolutely nothingto our knowledge cast his Victims as Cyberpaths. It is all Projection. Many of our victims have been called "cyberpath, predator, whore, slut, liar, abuser, stalker" and EVERY TIME IT'S CHECKED -- it's all a FABRICATION. All PROJECTION! Stone even says EOPC 'posed as a nurse' HUH?? and then swears he's "not paranoid"... uh huh...)

Gary Stone, like all pathologicals, has ZERO boundaries and was lining up [Victim 3] and [Victim 4] - i.e. [Victim 1]'s brother and mother. Recently Gary Stone has re-published [Victim 3]'s music on his website, knowing full well he does not have permission to do so, as a way to force her to respond to him.

A draft letter to be mailed to [Victim 4] has been sent to [Victim 1] under the threat of getting [Victim 1]'s mother to 'knock' some sense into her. (thanks for the warning psycho!)

To use Gary Stone's own description of himself: 'I am the fart she laid in church that won't go away.'


Crazy Pictures, Images and Photos

Some of the psychotic babble emailed from Stone to his Victim:

Sent:07 October 2008 18:19:07


It has to be filed with the US courts attorney gen office local in boston, I guess every state has a US attorney gen, so I have to enquire of them, where juristiction is, meanwhile, you wil most likely recieve a notice about where to file your copyright infringment suit from each dig store. You know where of course. I will reshape the language of doc for FBI so as to suggest that you are on notice for these criminal matters. do that online
(verified as unedited and not rewritten and original -- FROM Stone)

From: Gary Stone (http://by117w.bay117.mail.live.com/mail/ApplicationMain_13.1.0132.0805.aspx?culture=en-GB&hash=1551139867#)

Sent: 07 October 2008 20:25:53


saw counselor today... pre-requiste for going back per wife, etc, although, as you know, she belongs there, but - she wont go, for fear of being declaired an unfit mother, etc...so it appears like its me who has to go.

But. the goal might mean a civilzed sep, based on logic that 500/wk is insane now. a cheaper appt etc.

I discussed the past 1.5 yrs. and rolled around to you, I mentioned hints, "Amsterdam," etc, and calling my house, "go to scotlland" and what I later found out was your history. And your behavior later, the atmosphere in the house. jan feb march I said, "you would think [Victim 1] would avoid all this by erasing the stuff"
[my wife said] "but she's mentally ill"
I said "is she?:"
what do you mean
She said "she may be a T rex"
She acknowleded the possibilty, because she wondered why I didnt cut my losses...
"[Victim 1] broke into lulu, and the conspiracy stuff I dont see what choice I have, to secure myself so I can move on..the case in boston, is going to sq one, with the original causeshe's threatened that too

Obviously the other reason to go, aside from the rest, is to deal with the wiz of a wiz penoenon, to find out the wizard, was no wiz at all, just kid playing with levers.
To find it out in 30" for sure in Hampton, was too much."

"when do want the next appt."

So which is it Victim 1 the T rex? Or the kid with curtain and levers?
The kid we can sympathize with, the T rex not.

(who knows if this conversation Stone relates really even happened? Maybe in his imagination? All done to provoke his Victims)


From: Gary Stone (http://by117w.bay117.mail.live.com/mail/ApplicationMain_13.1.0132.0805.aspx?culture=en-GB&hash=1551139867#)

Sent: 07 October 2008 21:13:47

To: Victim 1

filing here. The reason of normal people has failed for 10 months, that leaves the wiz of a wiz, or the raptor. I advised telling me if you were getting help, in case you showed some problem, advised help, and nothing. So T rex is possible.

(Seems Stone filed false charges against Victim 1 with IC3. )

Here's one of Stone's insane blog postings trying to "call out" EOPC. We should say that ALL of Stone's email to us has gone directly to law enforcement for forensic storage and we haven't seen or read ANY of it in quite a while.

Our comments in this section in RED:

An edited version of email to cyberpath’s fighter sent 10/24, and sent to many. (At least he ADMITS it's edited!)

If Victim 1 has PTSD, a condition that everyone in my family has… it is not in Victim 1 best interest to continue my blog, which in large measure is expanded beyond the soundclick expose, because of Victim 1, and your involvement. I do not believe she has the condition, nor do I believe she saw a counselor at all from 1/7-10/16. But I will act as tho it is true anyway. And remove my blog, as long as you remove yours. (Dunetz demanded we do this. We don't. Our main page states our parameters. The public at large will learn a great deal about dealing with paper tigers like Stone and we have no intention of removing something that has proven 100% true. We are not obligated nor qualified to force or get private medical information. As far as Stone is concerned he can SAY his family all have PTSD -- and we would likewise assume it is from living with him, as an apparent psychopath)

I will also agree, never to publish Moonstone. But, Victim 1 is in possession of my e sig, ss number and much info that could be used for ID theft, she abused this info at lulu, and entered my acct unauthotized… she has made frivolous copyright claims. She needs understand that abuse of these materials will make her a suspect if events such ID theft occur. (Stone's Copyright claims have yet to be substantiated or proven by a judge. Again, he learned a new word!)

Copyright is an issue to be addressed in court, not by harassing OSP’s. (One of his many lawyers should explain harassment to him and its legal ramifications. And he and all our other Cyberpaths really do need to start a support group for their claims, don't they?)

gary stone 3

But my offer to reduce her stress stepwise, has always been on the table - tell me how we can reduce Victim 1’s stress, and pardon my cynicism but because she has not acknowledged such offers in the past, i don’t expect them to happen now. But since we have no reasonable choice but to make it, we do. - sent sincerely - Gary Stone

Cyberpath has a credo that mediation with victim is necessary as part of a way to deal with problems, in the same way prisoners often request to see victims to make amends etc, as part of recovery. (Credo? he misread what we call ASKING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY. Notice how Stone twists selective information here.)

I expect I don’t really want to talk with Victim 1, nor does she want to talk with me. But “Light and reason,” proper closure are necessary if this is to heal, this is fighter’s credo. (Spare us, Stone wants the imagined high drama of a legal confrontation

Credo (Latin for "I Believe"; pronounced [ˈkɾeːd̪oː]) is a statement of religious belief
(EOPC isn't a religious organization)

But, mediation was suggested directly or through a proxy many times. (many many times) (Mediation for invented fantastical claims?)

I don’t know why cyberpath would reject this, except to argue that *I* don’t even rate as a prisoner haha. he [fighter] forgets who I believe the problem child is, if he makes this case.

But mediation is his credo. He should accept this offer. In fact, he should mandate it of Elaine. It is not as tho this offer hasn’t been made before. It has been made 1000 times. (yawn)

On the very first word press blog it was made, archived here.. I believe, if not I’ve saved a copy. (or invented one)

I have sent several “please mediate” messages through google. SEt up google chat invites twice. (Why would someone with medical problems and now PTSD from Stone want to trigger herself by interacting with him? Why would someone want to give a pathological more narcissistic supply? Remember the old school saying "don't react to a bully." Pathologicals WANT your reaction")

I sent Ims to the same effect - since the VICTIM 1 pages May 10. :”plz mediate” was the first IM

at betapet the same.

She sat silent in chat. Mediation simply means document the stuff, and undo the damage. I asked her to apologize to my wife to settle things here, she hammered my wife instead. (Apologize? Cyberpaths ALWAYS want a mea culpa from their Victims!)

The second time I called VICTIM 1 was in May, the first was in January after she got back to Scotland. After the first call, i surely didn’t want to call a second time. But after the Nickname for Victim 1 pages, I did, May 12.

Victim 1 answered and blocked mediation. He pretended he was Bob. But I’d heard his voice before, then he went from an american to a very bad scot accent. “Victim 1 isnt here wrong number.” In light of this and many attempts to mediate I wrote this letter to Victim 1, and Alex Salamond first Minister of Scotland, and Sandra White NP. (And the Postal Office thanks you for your patronage, Stone)

from May even after Victim 1 nickname. (Doesn't he get these people all surmise he's probably in need of psychiatric help nor do any of them CARE about his baloney!?

On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 11:26 AM, Gary Stone wrote:

Dear Victim,

[My Lawyer] invited you to contact him to discuss the erasure of my materials in his letter to you which you recieved. You ignored him. His best interpretation of your reaction is that you are trying to do harm.

You have ignored all outreach from myself, and even Kevin Carey to come to amicable or at least, a mutually agreeable solution to our difficulties. Victim 2 has manipulated you to avoid reason. He wants you to cause trouble, as if you haven’t caused enough already.

In presence of Alex Salmond who worked on my case, and Sandra White, I call upon you to document erasure of the following:

1. My debit card numbers, two of them, my SS number, routing transit and bank numbers, and, equifax codes.

2. plz all files associated with the website, www.thetoylanders.com

3. Please erase all emails and chats on servers, or external media, and refrain from

4. Document your agreement to remit all of my works, music, and parts of my website, which are in whole or in part mine, or kevin Carey’s to TPI, and disclaim all rights to these works.

You are entitled to works that are exclusively your own.

5. You are not entitled to use the book Dodgy Doggerel and suspect stories, it is TPI, remit all publishing writes to that book.

Thank you for your cooperation, and take the advice suggested by me about counseling, as I have never met a sicker individual. (more PROJECTION)

Gary Stone.

I dont expect that Victim 1 would be pleased by this email but in my frustration, it was necessary. Because this email was preceded by scores of emails less formal but saying the same thing. Alex Salmond, and Sandra were copied, my opinion at the end aside, the message needed to be addressed - and the attempt by lawyer needed to be documented.

Victim 1 her self would not respond. Alex Salmond knew Victim 1 from his campaign, and Victim 1 wrote him at my behalf last year for immigration reasons, ignoring a lawyers plea to resolve this problem, is serious. (When Victim 1 was still being mentally & emotionally controlled by Stone) But Victim 1 has been escalting for 10 months. (Only one we've seen escalate anything is Stone! He regards his Victims' silence as "ESCALATION"... more PROJECTION)

Victim is X00 miles away, and this XXX fighter is far away over the ocean. I am not sure on his jurisdiction, however. If he [Fighter/ EOPC] was next door, and Victim 1 was, and Victim 2 was, I’d call the police. And I would file charges in a heart beat. If the name The Toylanders, Gary Stone is run on google the Cyberpath pages turn up. If the name XXX, Victim 1, is run, my articles pop up. This is not good for her either of us. But there was a point when [sexual nickname for Victim 1] turned up. See? (All our exposed Cyberpaths' nicknames, emails, sexual escapades, and so on turn up when we are googled. That's the point.)

And that was the first internet punch. Victim 1 celebrated my removal from Soundclick at Yahoo Im with a ”go to the hole icon”, even tho she knew I was going blind and my music was a possible full time investment. This is not a nice person. The xxx pages show quite a bit of sadism and exhibitionism, this is not a shy person. (laughable when she says I photographed her breasts and she didnt know, she got every pic, I sent them last year, and she laughed, now she features 2/4 of that type on the XXX pages, this is lost on “Fighter.” (The plight of someone who is mind controlled, seduced and manipulated is never lost on us... all our Cyberpaths - every single one -- has said their victims PLAYED THEIR GAME, BUT SHE WANTED IT! and ENJOYED IT. EOPC has yet to find someone who enjoys being brainwashed and emotionally raped when they realized what was truly their Cyberpath's agenda.)

She is not demure or innocent. (All EOPC's exposed Cyberpaths say that about their Victims too) So it seems to me sensible, that because a juror in legal case could see this stuff, my case is already prejudiced, and my business already sullied. What does Victim 1 really want? I dont think it is mediation, due to her resistance to it consistently since March. Even through a proxy. I dont feel I am being the unreasonable one. Victim 1 has since hacked my lulu.com acct, my ss number is exposed, and now we have this cyberpath alliance. (another plot to "get" Stone)

So if cyberpath is sincere they should do this, if they are not, they wont. (Like a true pathological, he decides what others think and their level of honest & sincerity according to HIS RULES. Control. Control. Control. Even if any one of our victims did want to we would advise a counseling session with a 3rd party QUALIFIED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. )

So I feel Victim 1 should mediate, and Cyberpath should fascilitate. (Of course he does and his opinion of us rests on us doing so.... LOL) So I am asking them to do that. I sent this letter this am:

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 9:20 AM, Gary Stone wrote:

Based on what you know, instead of hyping this, you’d be mediating this. But, if you are into this up to “xxx simons eyeballs” working with sssnis. You wont. And that is how I spell “opportunist”

mediation tho requires the following

1. recant

2. encourage documentation and erasure

3. restore soundclick.

and piece by piece all reference to Victim 1, is gone. Moonstone will not be propagated beyond the point that it is now.

4. tell her to set up a split account at lulu with joint access and we both agree to cease and decist from all contact.

We have made a reasonable offer. Also the FBI case will be dropped and not persued as we have reached an understanding. I want to move on, and she and Victim 2 will not let me Mediation should be mandated IMO. The offer is made public here, to de-escalate this step wise. I would sign any nototized statement that contained a reasonable stepwise deescalation, and peace plan.

This below is another falsehood propagated by Victim 1. We all wanted Victim 1to slow down. Even near the time of coming here, she didnt voice specific anxiety about coming here. (of course not, she was in the throes of being manipulated within a relationship with an apparent pathological) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Victim 1 voiced it to Victim 2, as he apparently found out I was unemployed. Victim 2 was stoking her anxieties *he’ll be a sponge on your principle* . When she arrived the second nite, she spoke of going home in 6 months, voicing concerns about her benefits. If Victim 1 was that frightened she should have said something, but did not. I would have asked her to go home when ever she wanted, but - she was not. honest. (How many times have our exposed Cyberpaths used the words: "honest, truth, etc"... red flag)

Instead: she chose to “trash the relationship and destroy it. Victim 1 was HYPED about coming here until 12/17 or so: I said: dont sell now, I need a job.

“Victim said the christmas season will slow down sales, I will have to wait til spring.”

(and this was before Victim 1 realized what Stone was and who he really was. All our support group victims know this move!)

it was only after meeting Victim 1, and realizing she just sold her security 12/18 that she started to wane, and then, not in open way to me. This was 12/22. I didnt want her to come by 12/23. Her heart didnt seem in it by 12/23, but not so much from what she said, but from what she didnt say. When she got here, she had a one month return ticket. Victim 1 ’d already made a deal with Victim 2 before she left. She should not have come. Victim 2 offered her a house before she came, monies from his xxx estate, I guess.

“Gary Stone spent many hours online with [Victim 1] window-shopping for properties she could buy in the US with the proceeds from her property. Even before it was sold, Gary Stone got [Victim 1] to transfer money to his bank to cover the deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment they jointly leased, plus some Christmas gifts for [Victim 1]’s child. [Victim 1] confided to Gary Stone that she felt very apprehensive about going through such an enormous upheaval in her life, but Gary Stone assured her that his priority would be to make her feel secure once she was with him.” (snipped from EOPC)

Sorry Victim 1 nuther one…deescalate Victim 1, and move on with your life, stop creating crises in your life…crisis seems to be what motivates you, pressure, everything needs an “urgent” solution, no Victim 1, you need to sit still, and see what is motivating you, what is pressuring you, because as you respond to it, you always make wrong decisions.

You are supposed to be guided, not willful. You, are being operated through by something that has got inside of you, compulsions, etc. Where are they coming from? If you dont sit still, you’ll never see it. Knock it off girl. It’s time to end this thing. (More PROJECTION)

Mr fighter? I am waiting for your response. If the response is negative, then I will have to assume you have an agenda and we know you do, don’t we?

“i can hardly wait for the next installment,” is that you Bob?” You do remember robert don’t cybercyst? He seems quite interested. I wonder if we can track the source. Post again would you?


More from Stone. Wants more stuff he can twist & rip apart, apparently:
Fighter supply a letter to me, or to you, shown to me, that a psychiatrist agrees with you, one that is actually treating Elaine now for alledged PTSD in her own country, in the real world - and I will verify by calling that doctor myself, to simply confirm that it would assist his patient if this expose were removed. Have him, write me a presecription, or doctors order, and dammit this whole blog goes if you agree to comply with a similar letter sent from my doctor who documents the same thing?.

How is that? I will remove mine first, will you remove yours next?
UPDATE: Stone learned another new word!


Apparently EOPC are sociopaths and everyone who thinks he's nuts is a sociopath too!

He's decompensating quickly in his psychosis it seems. (EOPC has no clue what he's going on about either, readers!)

AGENDA? ROFLMAO against a harassing-nothing like Gary Stone? He can't read that whole long list of predators & nutjobs we exposed. Grandiose delusions - a sure sign of pathology.

wtf Pictures, Images and Photos

From Stone's own blog - what he accuses EOPC of.... WTF is he talking about! We didn't know about Stone until a couple months ago... He thinks EOPC is part of the "plot against him" We never did any of this and Stone would be hard-pressed to prove it. We NEVER made calls to his employer (we don't know WHO his employer is!) or 'impersonated a nurse' or any such thing!!! He needs help!! LOL!


he has attempted to prejudice a legal case in Boston that has nothing to do with Victim 1 by soliciting cyberpath’s Fighter to contact my former employer. Again a plot Victim 2 and Victim 1 hatched on a weekend. And fighter was only too happy to oblige.
He (Fighter) entered my blog and pretended to be a nurse, but not any nurse, a specific nurse, a former director of nurses who gives me a post termination evalution...

The abuses of “fighter” and the evidence of the danger of Fighter are the following, with many more:

Fighters Tricks

1. he enters this blog, pretending to be somebody who agrees with Victim 1’s sexually harassing webpage: *he calls that evidence of being intolerant of opinion* but his post stunk ” I vote for number 3″

2. He doesn’t validate the anger of resentment about the page itself, instead he dictates what I should be offended by “it’s mere, cleavage, a poem (not a sexual one, he acknowledge that) and words. He ignores the gestault of the page.

3. And when ill intent is exposed he tries to convince me he is a nurse, a former director, he role plays as that former director, and puts foul accusations in her mouth.

4. He says “what did you do to deserve what she did” (e.g. sex harassment) as if anything could justify it.

5. He was told, “she was reported for welfare fraud in March” but, nothing could justify it anyway.

6. He is exposed and says he represents his “clients” and justifies heinous abuse, and impostership, role playing, lying, he represented a licensed person, speaks for an organization. mmm why, why the focus on my former employer?

criticizes the number of edits, fails to acknowlede the role of blindness in those edits, and tries to make feel defensive about them as if I were trying to hide something.

7 He blames me for my brothers death (wtf?????)

8. He assumes frivolousness in my law suit even tho the suit was cleared for merit by two government agencies

9. He insinuates sexual child abuse of my daughter based on the song sleepyhead, and it’s associated photo at song planet.

10. He tries to destroy my effort to obtain justice, and in the of plain evidence laid before, he judges a copyright issue that is not valid

11. He ignores the truth and propagates lies, even the presence of evidence, he assumes TPI is not valid, he assumes my webpages were not TPI. He even denies the existence of
Victim 1s pages, even they were seen by 900 people or so in a short time.

12. He fails to investigate
Victim 1’s welfare record, or provide documention of her PSTD, from 1/7- 10/18, or treatment for same. He exempts Victim 1 from responsibilty for her abuses or being called to task legally, before a judge does.

13. He has people write me, to harass me, and wrong foot me.

This man, I believe is, is socipathic. And, it is not unusual for this type to gravitate to a world of intrique, deception, lies, and to employ many others higher on the internet to attack me, based on the testimony of a woman with a documented history and problems.

14 he falsely accuses me of sending pornography, and making death threats.

15. He read my acct of Victim 1 and he assumes my goal was to publish no matter what, and makes this assumption falsely.

16. He ignores
Victim 1s harassing letter to my wife, publishes family problems, and abuses my kids. He ignores her sending of that account to my daughter.

17. He employs networks who have half of the story, who are probably disinterested in in the other half, to attempt to destroy me.

18. He may have contacted my former employer…there are actually so many transgression by this individual from justifying the indefensible to outright law breaking, that he should be looked at legally, and so, I will have to hope the FBI, will investigate this further, I will address his civil breaches myself, if a lawyer will look at this pro-bono. If not, this page serves as something of a warning to those you would employ this unscrupulous person to help them. Get a counselor, get the police involved, but stay away from him.

19. He posed as John Pleasher advocating
Victim 1’s anal rape to deal with skanks and ***buckets, to see if I would endorse that kind of support here. In other words a rapist is what he role plays, What else does he role play?

In short, it is evident to me, that, there is something wrong with this person. He has definitely threatened a lawsuit that he knows little about, and he has done at the behest of
Victim 1, who is under the socipathic influence of Victim 2. And there it is.

The concept of EVIL is deemed an antiquated concept in the modern world because of humanism supplanting itself in human institutions, but at least three of the world’s major religions maintain the use of the world to describe a phenonmenon. In other words, it is not a concept, but a spiritual force of a kind.

Even the notion of “possesion” still a part of catholic theology, and also other theologies. But the phenomenon is not explained in terms of a bad spirit jumping into a persons body so much, as it is described as a willing submission to temptions that defile the spirit over time. Sometimes so much so, that rather than acting evil, people become evil, because they are reinforced by it - and in a sense, they are being acted through.

What ever that is, robs the persons intelligence and body because it supplants itself the real identity with another malicious indentity.

This thing, what ever it is…has no lffe of it’s own - it actually until it gets inside of the person, and then it takes on the charactoristics of life…and communicates itself to other people, just like a virus. It’s influence and effect is to corrupt, it’s goal is to destroy mankind. And it is operating here. But I wouldnt be so presumptuous as to say that any one of these people is entirely evil, but, it is operating here.

Just about everyone walking the streets has it, if it has a head, arms and legs, and can talk…but, in these individuals it is more manifest than in any ive met personally.

Kids are usually free of it, but they can be infected by being traumatized by it. Dealing with evil starts with being willing to acknowledge it exists, if we eliminate the idea entirely, we can kiss our asses goodbye. YOu don’t have to murder people to be evil.

The act that occured at soundclick shows how banal the response to it is, but it was an evil act. And fighters behavior is Evil, and satanic.

He will always say “what did you do deserve it,” because, he is being reinforced by evil. And his nature is being displaced by it.

I have have not seen a more obvious example of evil made manifest, since this blog has been put up. I am conscious of the fact that the people involved in this are “acted through.”

And their synergy is satanic. Are they totally evil? It is possible, but I dont know. The synergy is totally evil and the energy of it is.

I dont know how much more of it will show up, but the only you can deal with it, is observe it, and not react…monks have a tough doing that, but it is really all you can do, and desribe it.

YOu fight it with anger and you loose.

We are all subject to reacting that way to it, or by judgement, it loses power, when you observe it. Fighting it, is like quick sand, the more the struggle with it, the tighter its grip, so.. whether it is inside, or outside, dont let it feed on you, because it feeds on your anger.

I have been fighting it, judging it, I have been outraged when i have seen it made manifest in my work, in particular coming from the HR person, and ultimately the way it manifested in
Victim 1 and Victim 2, especially lately.

You do need to mirror it, and you cant let it gain ascendency by handing a victory to it.

And I cannot allow Victim 1's attempt through cyberpath, to predjudice the case. I have to show, it is actually a sinister plan authorized by Victim 1, finessed by Victim 2 through cyberpath. I also should not tolerate rage over a welfare report, to ruin what I have built up 20 years or more.

At the time in Jan 2007 - I cant deny that some of this is my fault..because I let the immature person gain too much control over my life, and I should have looked for work when I realized the vileness of the HR director.

Pictures, Images and Photos

The narcissisticly injured on the other hand, cannot rest until he has blotted out a vaguely experienced offender who dared to oppose him, to disagree with him, or to outshine him. It can never find rest because it can never wipe out the evidence that has contradicted its conviction it is unique and perfect. This archaic rage goes on and on and on.

Narcissistic rage is a horse of a different color. Sometimes conditions occur which make a person feel totally helpless and powerless. This is an unbearable experience and results in that individual’s unlimited rage to destroy - destroy any opponent, anyone who is not for me is against me, destroy the world, etc.

Unfortunately, this narcissistic rage does not disappear when the helplessness or powerlessness have disappeared. Rather, this type of rage goes on, and on, and on...
Group Helplessness and Rage
Ernest S. Wolf, MD
And look how much more twisted, sick and unintelligible Stone's conspiracy theories and accusations are getting. You can NOT make this stuff up:

*** intimations of child abuse based on the song “sleepy head” speaking as a nurse saying these things. Etc. Heinous allegations. They were hoping I’d write on The nurse, as I wrote on [Victim 1] for doing something worse than [Victim 1] / Then they would contact the nurse, and the organization, and show what I wrote. I would get sued by the nurse and lose the law case.

They are exposed after failing to answer basic medical and building layout questions

* No way Sweetie. Play your mind games with someone … (Anonymous) 8/14/08

Hematocrit dummy…My, my, I was tickled pink toda… (Anonymous) 8/13/08

Then they rationalize:

* Thank you for putting up our post in it’s entirety… Thank you for putting up our post in it’s entirety, it took you a while but you got there.

The 38 edits of your blog have been archived for our clients.

We have demonstrated to our clients that you can and will harass individuals that have a different opinion than your own.

For your information, anything that has been said by us was public knowledge to begin with. Google, backbeatone, gjstone and gs (groups.google.com) for a start.

Baiting as when police setup a bait car to catch car thieves is not illegal. Consult your lawyer.

PS: This is a personal opinion. In the future, if you want to use web pages as evidence it must come from a Federally recognized web archive. Web pages saved on personal media can not be used as evidence. Consult your lawyer and visit http://www.archive.org/ Again this a personal opinion you do not have to take our word for it.

This is all the same person “fighter of cyberpath” doing the work of his clients.

(all posts are on Blogger I have full headers)
But what work is he doing “threating a law case” speaking for a professorial, abusing? Making bogus legal clains, Insinuating child abuse. Abuse heaped on top of [Victim 1] ’s sexual harassment at sound click. This individual is operating in illegal territory.

When he is posing as a person who advocates [Victim 1] ’s anal rape without lubrication, he is look ing to see if I will endorse that endorsement. Posting as “john pleasureher”

How does he rationalize this behavior? Based on his mis perceptions of the issues with Victim 1 and I. He failed to investigate properly, never the less, he is talking not only abuse, but criminal obstruction of justice, this guy needs more than a spell checker, he needs a jail term.

Cyberpath.com exposes internet predators. I am not an internet predator, if anything, [Victim 1] is.

This type picks on the naïve. And, when they are caught at it – they rush to their own sort to defend themselves. There have been several more games they have played that I will expose here should they decide to escalate this situation. As of this writing. Because of the attempt to predjudice a law case, and because of theft of company property, and theft at lulu.

I am hoping the FBI will get involved. There is a poster at cyberpath.com that sounds like my former employer. That anon poster could be identified by FBI as they have the technology.

Fighter of cyber path could be identified as the person who made this posts. His unnatural focus on the legal case unrelated to him or [Victim 1] is suspicious. And the illegal downloads, and bogus dmca claims made by [Victim 1] could be evaluated. The motive for all is the republishing of the [Victim 1] abortion, and welfare fraud reports. If this is not deescaleted I wil republish moonstone, so you, the reader can see who [Victim 1] really is…


He decides what EOPC should do, has done and lies about his victims, neither of whom are illegals, as he implies. A quick government check took care of that mistatement. If you don't go along with his SUGGESTIONS (um, demands written to look like suggestions?) ... he just ups (uh... escalates? LOL) the threats and harassment.

His latest:

Cynerpath was offered a de-escalation plan, but they decided to escalate, and that is what the links cyberpaths light and reason, cyberpath credo was about, I will eventually have all the links about this story on each page. The story was escalated over past weekend actually.
(he loves that word ESCALATE doesn't he...LOL We just continue to do what we have done for 6 years. Tell & validate the stories of victims and educate the public about pathology with real-life stories. Who cares what those posts were "about" or the demands were -- no one can make heads or tails of his psychotic ramblings!)

I have lost interest in reading that account after the 30th falsehood by Victim 1, and decided not to go there excpept for functional reasons to see the lastest scam from the Victim'w team, hearing of Vic 3 and 4 or whatever I forget,

(he forgot??? LOL must be hard to read the truth when he's marinated his sick mind in his own lies! And he hasn't lost interest - he spends HOURS every day rereading these things. Trust us -- he's here, reading away... He still thinks this blog is all about him & has neglected to read the many, many, many stories of our already exposed predators. REMEMBER: Pathology has the INABILITY to change or gain insight.)

I realized deescalation would not happen at soundclick, after they sent their “go to the hole’ comment at yahoo IM, but at every stage I offered it…Victim 1 knows how to wake up, it doesnt appear she wants to…I will put all the links on each page soon.

(can't wait... must be spending hours & hours & hours plotting world domination on his poor computer)

from his site

World Domination Pictures, Images and Photos
Update (11/2008)

Looks like Stone has removed most of his blog pages naming names and blaming everyone around him as he did with several other blogs previously. He always has a
different "reason" for taking them down... before rehashing and relaunching them!

Here's some of Stone's "REASONS":

  • His first lawyer supposedly told him to Cease and Desist (the same lawyer he now labels as a sociopath! Notice how Stone loves to use every new word he learns on anyone who sees him for the paranoid he is.);

  • Then he took it down for the sake of a family member's health;

  • Then he took it down because his kids shouldn't be reading such material;

  • Then one of his many therapists told him to take it down;

  • This time it was his sister, according to one of the few remaining pages
It started off as two paragraphs and, true to form, he has been adding to it over the past couple days. (usually a weekend - probably when he's not being "watched!")

As ever, it's impossible to follow and full of word salad and pathological raging, but the last few paragraphs about EOPC are priceless! (we have not edited the spelling or syntax of this mess... for someone who's legally blind perhaps Stone should discontinue posting these threats.

As for fighter himself of cyberpath, he has definitely messup, and he has attracted the attention for his methods, and his audacity, tricks, mob mentality (there are 12 or so, gang bangers) because of his crookery, illegality, he will do it again, and it will get attention again, and when it does, the hrml Ive saved, will augment the complaint of the victim. And I would geuss it would have serious implications for them. I want him to understand, that not “if” but “whenL” this occurs, to supply evidence to support the victim. Do not report anything to this person, or group, they are ostentiably illegal thugs.


Moron Pictures, Images and Photos

By the way - a check of our logs show Stone comes to our site for about 8 hours one day, 5 hours another and about 1-2 hours on consecutive days clicking around and reading other exposes for extended periods of time. Probably he will try to get in touch with other Cyberpaths and get them whipped up against us rather than learning his lesson and getting appropriate help for his paranoia, rage & obsessive online behaviors! Good luck with that!

Additionally, he clicks obsessively & predictably on our blogger profile as if he will somehow extract some personal information about us to add to his list of lawsuits. He needs to re-read the disclaimer where EOPC is 'held harmless' in addition to other protections. So good luck with that too!
(Don't worry about us folks, we have good relationships with law enforcement -- as shown by our 8 (eight) years on the web helping victims & simply educating the public about online psychopathy)

The blog quoted above was removed by Wordpress for contractual breaches.

useless school crap Pictures, Images and Photos

UPDATE: Stone's now fixated on proving that his victims are 'ALL THE THINGS' that EOPC has pointed out as being quite obvious about him. He calls his victims SOCIOPATHS, infers they are drug addicted and ABUSIVE... That's called PROJECTION folks!

He also has a note to "Fighter" on his blog full of schizophasia (we give him 24 hours before he starts blathering on about the next NEW WORD we just taught him) in which he answers an anonymous email sent to him. He ASSUMES it was from us. We all spoke. NONE of us send anonymous emails; particularly not to him. WRONG AGAIN... LOL... just like Dorsky, Dunetz/ YidwithLid, Dan Jacoby and Beckstead all make assumptions about EOPC that are dead wrong
(and it's all the SAME ASSUMPTION; which is truly bizarre - either THEIR VICTIMS are us or... Victims and Supporters Stone can find the names of are us - either way this site is all about TORTURING THEM...)

But Stone's PARANOIA and FIXATIONS can't let him rest. We are on to a new cyberpath to expose and old one's to help law enforcement catch...

However, Stone can't stand that not only is he exposed for being the Emperor with No Clothes, but no one is paying any attention to him -- so like a 3 year old he's just "Turning Up The Volume" on the ONLINE Tantrum.

from April 2011 - Stone STILL AT IT:

  • So that the people of Stonehaven can see my rebuttal to the cyberpath blog some articles are here. Here is the real issue. The idea of XXXX as victim is a myth. And by reinforcing that myth these people will make her sick. Read my letter to her endocrinoiogist, and the reasoning should be clear...

  • cybercrimeXXXXX.blogspot.com

    Two years of cybercrime, chronciled here. The latest today, I discovered XXX had logged on to gmail and started tracking web history, circa October. He took full advantage of Norton id safe to log on - but there a bigger implications for this creep. People believe their emails to ne are confidenti


Stone's got a whole new blog (after promising many times over the years he was "not going to feed it" to his sister and de-escalating) which he opened on Blogger. Wordpress shut him down for his defamation.
along with:



Stone continues adopting the verbiage we use to describe our exposed predators - calling EOPC and anyone who knows what a crazy fool he is a "cyberpath" or "sociopathic" or well... you can go look at his blog and easily pick up that we've added to this boy's vocabulary.

The NPD illusion of superiority is a facet of a generalized disdain for reality. These individuals feel unconstrained by rules, customs, limits, and discipline. Their world is filled with self-fiction in which conflicts are dismissed, failures redeemed, and self-pride is effortlessly maintained. They easily devise plausible reasons to justify self-centered and inconsiderate behavior. Their memories of past relationships are often illusory and changing. If rationalizations and self-deception fail, individuals with NPD are vulnerable to dejection, shame, and a sense of emptiness. Then they have little recourse other than fantasy.

They have an uninhibited imagination and engage in self-glorifying fantasies. What is unmanageable through fantasy is repressed and kept from awareness. As they consistently devalue others, they do not question the correctness of their own beliefs; they assume that others are wrong. The characteristic difficulties of individuals with NPD almost all stem from their lack of solid contact with reality. If the false image of self becomes substantive enough, their thinking will become peculiar and deviant. Then their defensive maneuvers become increasingly transparent to others (Millon & Davis, 1996, pp. 405-423).

Sharon C. Ekleberry, Dual Diagnosis and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Whatever drugs he's on now have obviously caused some sort of brain damage or a decompensation in his reality tables (worse than what they were!) He even thinks we get PAID by his victims to do this. Get a clue: we don't get PAID by anyone.

He also accuses us:

  • of being someone named "Rodriquez";

  • of being female; of being male and possibly gay;

  • and of being drug addicts
but spends the bulk of his word salad blasting, twisting and ranting about his victims and his fantasies of bringing them and now EOPC to court. Like all pathologically bent bullies Stone is desperately looking for a REACTION. Too bad, so sad.

He also had on his spanking his new blog with a voting area asking if EOPC has broken the law... As if Stone decides what the law is. Of course it was slanted towards "YES" -- mostly because all the votes are from - GUESS WHO?! But he took it down and guess who he blamed:

Regardimng the poll question: is eopc breaking the law?.

Ok. There have been an inexplicable rash of votes, with sharply escalating pro eopc. within one hr. All of the votes are from proxie servers except one, the one made at XXXX library, and so, the vote is being suspended. That one was the 3rd pro - eopc vote to 12 against (e.g. they are law breakers)

as I said before, they are criminals. In the am, there were 2 votes saying No, eopc is not breaking laws, then, a sudden rash, of yes they are to make it look good, and then the plan was to swamp the vote in favor of eopc.

There were too many votes in too short a time 30" and all were anon proxie servers, so, fighter XXXX and XXX , were trying to make it look legit,

In truth, votes pro epoc were coming in so fast, that nobody could read the blog in that time, a dead giveaway. Oh, the poll closed 16-16, haha, so you could see where it was going. I am leaving the vote where it was before it was corrupted 11-3.

The poll is over, they lose. 11-3

moron Pictures, Images and Photos

We don't know a thing about what this lunatic is going on about. None of us here have time to visit a blog for voting on what the law 'should be' according to Stone. We have links to THE laws on our main site. No one's lost anything except Stone... whose mind seems to be gone.

We actually spend our holidays with real people; not creating new blogs of conspiracy theories or defaming people who don't agree with us - as evidenced by the hours & hours of cyberstalking Stone does and saves here:

Like all mortal creators, [they] can't make something out of nothing, so the material he uses is reality – morphed and falsified on the fly in any way he pleases.

This is why the lying of pathologicals is so bizarre that it makes you pinch yourself. Occasionally you catch them in lies that there was no conceivable motive for them to tell. We are dead meat for such lies, because normal people don't tell them.

But guess what? If you check out everything a pathological says, you will discover that virtually nothing they have ever told is true! Nothing. At the least, virtually everything they tell you is distorted or falsified in some of the details.

Yes, we can detect a reason in most of the lies we catch pathologicals in, but not all. That is, usually we can see a motive to aggrandize themselves in a narcissist's lie. But some of their lying is absolutely baffling. As Joanna Ashmun writes, their lying "can be trivial (e.g., about what they want for lunch) or it can be serious (e.g., about whether or not they love you)". The trivial nature of many of their lies, and the recklessness with which they contradict themselves, has convinced me that pathologicals lie on whim, often revising reality just to make it more colorful than the plain old truth.

Just like a novelist would. Such are their flights of fancy. Just like a little child's. (Stone does fancy himself a 'writer' correct?)

But that's a fiction writer's job. He thinks it's his job when he's talking to his friend on the phone. Like a child playing Pretend.


We also received just a few of the over 75 emails he tries to harass and harangue his victims with (after they clearly told him to go away and leave them alone)... trying to portray himself (like Steven Langley Guy) as his family and friends. Perhaps early signs of Dissociative Disorder?

Stone tries to make it look like his whole family & friends gathering, at a Christmas party, was having a GO emailing one of his victims. If that's how the Stone tribe wants to spend their holidays... says a lot about them.

Many cyberbullies work to convince their online peers to exclude or reject a victim.
The internet tends to provide people with a false sense of security. Thus it makes it easier for people to do things they think they can "get away with." People will say things online that they would never say to another person face-to-face. They have a sense of being removed from their actions and the people they are tormenting.

Yet - as was pointed out to us: every single email is from HIS IP (, same exact spelling mistakes, same exact syntax mistakes... hmmmm...

(our comments in DARK BLUE - Fighter)

Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 04:31:52

we are having a bit of a party here, I havent been ansering many of the emails to you. You know darned well you can bounce them.
we were surprised you took control of victim 1s emails and forwarded them to male believe legal people. hahah.
Why:? because of dodgy? We'd love to hear from your legal eaglles. you litigious sob? hahah

Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 04:42:20

hold on ted wants a poke at you

Listen you imbecile, We have had enough of you games. Its christmas here you know, we know what an FN idiot you are. Have another toke, as we are having quite a fun tiime? Have a legal issue? haha. We have experts on our side who see plainly what you have done, we have technical experts who who have tracked your tricks in Washingtom, and Virginia,
You'd be surprised, except you're a little thick aren't you?

Hint: we are in three places at once.

We've been a family since before your could spell, dipshit.
you can spell that can't you? And we know Gary quite well, and we know how deficient you are. You are the joke of the century. XXXXXXXXXXX is somebody we all know is a loop. Take Gary's advice, if you cant measure up, pretend. (this last line says it all about Stone... 'just make it up!')



Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 04:56:30

Gary is the nicest guy Ive ever met. I have never met a more principled person, leave it to swine like you to pick on him. He'd give his shirt if he could, and all you can think to do is shit on him. You and and that pathetiic little tart,.
Listen to me you crepitous little creep, we know the whole story, you are a moral creton who deserves nothing less than jail time...what was wrong with Gary's email, we all watched him write it...he has has friends who understand this problem, I am not in a position to diagnose, but XXXXXXX, is insane, and you are hold the keys to the asylum, hahah.


The simplest everyday way that narcissists show their exaggerated sense of self-importance is by talking about family, work, life in general as if there is nobody else in the picture. Whatever they may be doing, in their own view, they are the star, and they give the impression that they are bearing heroic responsibility for their family or department or company, that they have to take care of everything because their spouses or co-workers are undependable, uncooperative, or otherwise unfit. They ignore or denigrate the abilities and contributions of others and complain that they receive no help at all; they may inspire your sympathy or admiration for their stoicism in the face of hardship or unstinting self-sacrifice for the good of (undeserving) others.



Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 04:59:23

My turn,

Good God,
you suck



Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 05:18:09

Now its my turn you stupid bastard. The idea that my brother is a sociopath, is rediculous. I am proud he is my brother. Theres nobody like him. Gary was the type of kids who really took in his relgious education, he lapsed in his cathlocism, but he'd always be the one who suffered for the sake of others. My brother is different. He is more spiritually aware than most folks. He is stubborn in many ways, in that he doesnt believe in grey, it is either right or wrong with him. God help you, for what your have tried to do to him. May God have mercy on your soul.
Narcissists I've known also have odd religious ideas, in particular believing that they are God's special favorites somehow; God loves them, so they are exempted from ordinary rules and obligations: God loves them and wants them to be the way they are, so they can do anything they feel like -- though, note, the narcissist's God has much harsher rules for everyone else, including you.


A cyberbully may also be committing a Human Rights violation if their bullying spreads hate or discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or disability.


Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 05:22:21

Hey you stupid Kraut. My uncle is my hero, why don't you go jerk offf.


Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 05:52:42

Forward this to you your legal authorities, we all knew what what XXXXXXXX would do before she came, but...it was Gary who wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. He knew, but he wanted to be positive.

XXXX was the concern, at that point XXX was the issue, thats all he cared about. Victim 1 was bent staging her little act, and although Gary knew she was a fraud, he let her come. I think he hoped she was real..that. her dream was true, he found out the hard way, as we all knew he would.
She needs major therapy.



Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 06:39:00

He's a nim rod ain't he? Hey, sh*t for brains! up your nose with a rubber hose. How does it feel to "actually* support XXXXXX? As opposed to having the postman do it, that's what I call "pay for view" oh, and the added tax burden too, tell us XXXXXXX are you an arrogant prick or not?
The gang.


Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 06:45:12

One more


Hey XXXXXXXX, we have your your balls tied in a knot. You haven t a clue you
ridiculous wanker.


Re: Vacation reply‏
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@comcast.net)
Sent: 26 December 2008 07:18:14

Well everyone is gone XXXX old boy. We do have to wonder why you would send a reasonable comment on dodgy to legal authorities, especially to ficticious ones. Haha.
good nite old chap,
We know youve been agitating to find something to pin on us since we ran you sqealing out of XXXXXs house, Are you claiming truamatic bonding?


We will leave you to ponder that, and the major problem of why it is XXXXXXXXX, havent bounced emails since march,
whats in an email enyway? hahah.
Nite dude you sick sh*t. And say nite to the bimbo for us would you?

And since Stone likes to take the hard work of the scientific and forensic community we use here and twist it on his blog, we are including a list of characteristics of someone about his emotional & impulse-control level:

Selected Characteristics of Normal Six-Year-Olds

[Based on Your Six-Year-Old, by Louise Bates Ames and Frances L. Ilg.]

The items below are not intended to be a comprehensive description of six-year-olds, but only the selected bits that seem to be related to adult narcissists' traits discussed elsewhere.

But bear in mind that, while everyone who grows up passes through this stage of development, most of us spend only a few months this way before moving on to more integrated behavior. Narcissists, on the other hand, apparently spend the rest of their lives in this state of highly volatile ambivalence and uncertainty.

  • "Six can, oh so often, be expansive and out-of-bounds, contrary, violent, hard...to live with."(p. 4)

  • "Your typical Six-year-old is a paradoxical little person, and bipolarity is the name of the game. Whatever he does, he does the opposite just as readily. In fact, sometimes the choice of some certain object or course of action immediately triggers an overpowering need for its opposite." (p. 1, the first paragraph of the book) [Emphasis in original]

  • "Six's reversals are truly something to be reckoned with." (p. 2)

  • "I love you" rapidly changes to "I hate you." (p. 2, 6)

  • stubborn and can't make up mind (p. 2)

  • "The child is now the center of his own universe." (p. 2, 15) [Emphasis in original]

  • delighted by any silly thing that calls attention to himself; may do silly, show-offy things to call attention to himself when he feels neglected or shut out (pp. 71-72)

  • arrogant (p. 7)

  • self-important ("extremely aware of the importance of being Six") (p. 22)

  • demands rather than asks (twice on p. 6, 16)

  • thinks own way is always right (p. 7)

  • once started, will stick to a course of bad behavior or bad judgment regardless of the inevitability of being punished for it (p. 7)

  • asks to be flattered and praised as "good," even ("rather sadly and touchingly") following his worst behavior (p. 6)

  • can't accept criticism (p. 7)

  • feelings are hurt over very small criticisms, comments, failures (p. 6)

  • "He is so extremely anxious to do well, to be the best, to be loved and praised, that any failure is very hard for him." (p. 6)

  • wants to win every time (p. 4, 21, 45)

  • poor sport, can't stand to lose (p. 7, 16)

  • argumentative and quarrelsome (p. 21)

  • defiant, pert, fresh, snippy (p. 6, 17)

  • competitive, combative (p. 20)

  • belligerent, verbally and physically aggressive (p. 21)

  • threatens, calls names, gets physically violent (p. 21)

  • violent temper tantrums may require physical restraint because of striking out (p. 29)

  • jealous, envious (p. 7, 21)

  • to make sure of winning, will cheat or make up own rules (pp. 21-22, 45)

  • complains that others are cheating and not following the rules (p. 45)

  • some are very cruel (p. 22)

  • does not always tell the truth (p. 16)

  • will not admit to wrong doing (p. 41)

  • goodness means the things explicitly required or allowed by authority figures; badness means the things explicitly disapproved of or forbidden (p. 66)

  • little forgiveness (p. 22)

  • very critical of others' conduct (p. 22)

  • expects friendships to be resumed immediately following tremendous complaint and conflict (p. 22)

  • wants to boss (p. 21)

  • "highly undifferentiated -- everything is everywhere" (p. 7)

  • can't always tell the difference between "yours" and "mine," and so often steals (pp. 39-41)

  • "random and unconstructive expenditure of energy" (p. 31)

  • more interested in merely handling or using tools than in what is accomplished with them (pp. 53-54)

  • less interested in actual final products than in whatever he may be doing at the moment(p. 56)

  • "love to dress up and pretend they are somebody else...." (p. 49)




from Stone's: Victim 1:

One might reasonably expect that the 3,500 mile ocean between Gary Stone and his victim would prevent him from attacking her. But he hunts her down - one minute like a love-sick puppy and the next like a rabid wolf - and his aesthetically-challenged face pops up on every website she visits.

Stone has relentlessly stalked his victim on the Internet for over 3 years now. During that time he has wrongly and repeatedly reported her for "welfare fraud" to innumerable authorities, including the FBI, the DWP, US Immigration, Scotland Yard, the First Minister for Scotland, MI-6, and even MI-7... which exists only in James Bond movies!

When Stone found online links to his victim's involvement in a volunteer group in her local community, he emailed the leader of that group making false, outrageous accusations that she posed a danger to children, in a misguided attempt to blacken her name.

In recent weeks Stone found online photos of his victim making a success of her volunteer work; he then stalked each and every person photographed with her and spammed their various Facebook pages with his incessant drivel. Naturally none of these victims read beyond the first paragraph of Stone's word salad before clicking "Delete and Block this User." It provided mild amusement among the victims for about as long as it takes to wipe bird crap off your windshield.

As a former nurse, fired for harassment and insubordination, Stone chooses to describe himself as a "retired nurse" on Facebook. He uses his alleged nursing qualifications to prop up his ego, and has the audacity to email his victim's endocrinologist (a world-renowned Professor in his field) with advice on how to treat her as a patient! Stone relishes taunting his victim about her illness, and regularly provides his own wild diagnoses and recommendations about her medication.

In all of these attacks on his victim, Stone really seems to expect to be taken seriously, when in fact he is making a global laughing stock of himself. Stone's ramblings provide enough material for an entire conference on pathology, projection and pathos.

Instead of Stone announcing to the world (on Facebook) about his colonoscopy, he should try trephination and stick the camera where his brain should be. [The first image here refers to The Stone of Madness: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trepanning

But Stone the Energizer Bunny knows no bounds! Wait until you hear what he does to his second victim...

remarks from Victim 2:


One would expect after 4 years of no contact with Stone he would get the hint: Leave us alone.

Stone is nothing but an amusement now. Seeing Stone rant and rave to himself on facebook/blog sites, where he replies to his own replies of replies... it brings a slight wry smile to your face knowing that he can't get to anyone now, knowing that Stone is tearing himself apart from the inside out trying ever so desperately to get an audience... Someone to validate he is the victim... Someone to acknowledge he exists.

Even his one and probably only friend Kevin Carey takes the mickey out of Stone; what makes it funny is Stone is oblivious to it. However, as a leading UK psychologist has pointed out, there is no cure for Stone's illness, no pills, no surgery and, no amount of psychological analysis or psychiatric treatment can cure him. The only treatment for Stone, is not considered humane in these modern times and is akin to the treatment of a rabid dog. The only hope is for Stone to get a new victim, someone that offends his inverted morals or (his lack of) moral subconsciousness.

Stone's ranting would have you to believe that [victim 1] has "bilked" the government for £millions of welfare money while [victim 1] has sexual relationships with every married man in the UK & France, "up to 4 married men a day" - and sends Stone' subtle signals that only Stone can interpret', which Stone has labelled "gas lighting". Somehow Stone sees the "gas lighting" as proof that [victim 1] still has a desire to have a relationship with Stone. "Subtle signals" is all that Stone has, as Stone openly admits that he has not received any emails from [victim 1] since Feb 2008 when [victim 1], in a very polite manner, told Stone to piss off and leave her alone.

These "subtle signals" - or voices in Stone's head - have led to a combination of 4,259 emails (to date) having been sent by Stone to [victim 1] and [victim 2] in the last 3 years: that's 3.8 emails a day, every day, day after day after day..., continuously for 3 years. That's not counting all the thousands if not tens of thousands of emails Stone sent to third parties trying to get [victim 1] and [victim 2] put in jail.

Not bad going for a blind man.

The voices in Stone's head have led him to believe that [victim 2] is the world's most prolific hacker. According to Stone [victim 2] is in control of Russian mobsters, has infiltrated government servers to remove evidence and has hacked the FBI (to plant evidence). Stone says that [victim 2] has complete control of the TOR proxy network and other proxy networks. Stone would have anyone that reads his crap believe that [victim 2] has complete control of his computer and internet connection, thus controlling all his email/blog/user accounts.

Stone phoned [victim 2]'s work with "evidence of hackery", Stone not knowing that [victim 2] had pre warned his employment of his cyberstalker. As Stone read off his list of evidence, he was on speaker phone, the whole office were muffling their laughter... Stone is now responsible for bringing humour to [victim 2]'s friends and a lot catch of phrases: "Don't do a Stone on me now", "Let's Stone-alize him/her" and "I'm going to get all Stone on your arse."

The "prolific evidence of hackery" that Stone has gathered trying to convince himself and the world, just so happens to coincide with a 14-month period that [victim 2] was being treated for a brain tumour - surgery, recovery and subsequent physiotherapy. Yessssssssss, of course, [victim 2] was in ICU with his laptop hacking Stone's computer on a daily basis.

Dealing with Stone is like walking barefoot in the park... in one horrific moment you realise you have stepped on dog faeces, you close your eyes preparing yourself to look down and, when you do, it just confirms that the essence of Stone has just squeezed up between your toes. As you clean Stone out from in between your toes you can't help but to laugh...

Yes, Stone is a lunatic; the wires in his brain are not crossed, they were just not connected to begin with. It brings a smile to one's face knowing that in the twilight of Stone's years the only purpose in his life is his obsessions. One could imagine Stone on his death-bed... "OHHHH the lights have dimmed, [victim 1] is sending a signal," and "WAIT WAIT, [victim 2] is hacking my pillow case."


Get Help? Pictures, Images and Photos

EOPC is glad to see his victims have taken a humorous look at Stone's nonsense. We hope our members and supporters who this lunatic has tried to blame, harass and intimidate sees what a useless joke he is... and that he is only digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself.

Stone DID find an audience but it was only people who are as SCREWED UP or MORE SCREWED UP than he is!! Betsy Ashby and Laura Knight Jadcyzk!! Good going Stone!!! maybe they'll give you a padded cell together! 

Stone has accused EOPC of working with his victims to ruin his life in some way, that we involved ourselves with his personal life, that two of us are old victims we helped -- one who we recently learned spent most of last year in the hospital after having serious surgery (just like his Victim 2). So according to the all-important lunatic Stone, these and others are spending all their waking time with Victim 2 hacking Stone's computers and life... ROFL! Serious help is what Stone really needs.

If you know Stone please, please - get him into an institution where he can be helped as soon as possible so he can spend quality time with his family and enjoying his life instead of his making the pit of his own insanity bigger all the time.

(Click Here for Stone's ridiculous, rambling, bizarre, laughable answer to this post. The voices in his head are having quite the conference!)


Gypsy said...

It's hard to make sense of anything this guy writes. His thinking is like confused babble. The sad part is that someone this pathetic can make so much trouble for everyone. He's like a runaway train destroying everything in his path. Someone like this needs to be confined.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a real case...

I hope the victims are prepared for a long siege - it can go on for YEARS. The good thing is that, if you state your case, back it up with documentation, hold your ground, and learn to not respond to the pathological, eventually everyone will see them for what they are: pathetic.

But that takes time.

Anonymous said...

My GOD what a nut!! He thinks Fighter is anyone who calls him on his crap? Does he really think EOPC is all about HIM? Sounds like all the other exposed predators over the last 4 years.

He makes no sense and gets more bizarre by the minute.

This guy needs to be in a mental hospital. IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous said...

As I stated in my previous post;

"It (Gary Stones expose) will allow him to analyze in great detail every word of each sentence and give him something to do with his time. His time, wasted as it is will be spent refuting the expose and using it as a stick to beat his victim with."

My prediction has come true. As with a great many sociopaths, psychopaths and cyberpaths that have been exposed they live in a world of self denial and fantasy. Gary Stone has completely missed the point of his exposure on the EOPC web site. He just does not get the point that is being made there.

He, Gary Stone, is deliberately harming another individual in the world because, as a married man that had an affair with a single mother can not bring himself to admit he was wrong. Gary Stone can not face up to the truth of himself and tries to use everything (blogs, websites, emails, lawyers and the courts) in his power to punish his victim for HIS MISTAKE.

Gary Stone refuses to be a man and stand up and take responsibility for himself, trying his damnedest to make his mistakes the fault of his victim.

Copied from Gary Stone's blog site:

"But I now do have PTSD, and it is the result of the emotional spiritual and financial disaster [The Real Victim] has caused here.
[The Real Victim] will quote and even forge emails from me, she will cut and paste for effect, but she will never lay all emails end to end from January 07- January 08, because they would show her to be a master manipulator"

It's time to teach Gary Stone a new word to use.

Hypocrisy (hĭ-pŏk'rĭ-sē)

1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
2. An act or instance of such falseness.
3. An expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction
4. Insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have

I find it just a tad bit hypocritical of Gary Stone to profess, project upon his victim that Gary Stone has PTSD.
If Gary Stone has PTSD and was true to the diagnosis of PTSD he would not spend all the waking hours of his day revising and writing new blogs to smear his victim with.

Now that Gary Stone has learned a new word or two (Hypocrisy, Hypocritical and Hypocrite) lets count the number of times he uses the new words from now on.
I guess all cyberpaths can be accused of being a Hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

Gary Stone refuses to be a man and stand up and take responsibility for himself, trying his damnedest to make his mistakes the fault of his victim.

All the listed cyberpaths do that. ALL of them. No remorse, no empathy. You can't expect someone who - from reading his nonsense - is THAT SCREWED UP to be able to take responsibility for anything!! He's a nutjob!!

Pathology is the INABILITY to change & grow. Why should Stone or any of the other Cyberpaths listed on the right change? or even see reason? It's not on their agenda.

Just the things he accuses Fighter of doing/ being are beyond the pale. As a long time member of this site - even I know he's not just reaching; he's making things up out of whole cloth!

How does law enforcement not institutionalize this man?

PND said...

I couldn't understand a word of what Gary Stone was saying.

In trying to twist facts Gary just ends up looking like the pathological fool he is.

I think someone should order a straight jacket, a padded cell and some serious medication for Gary Stone because he needs it.

Anonymous said...

24 hours is all it took.

Copied from Gary Stone's blog

"[Victim 1], because your love for me was role playing, and non existent for one year, does not deny the existence of TPI, all of what you did there you did under that rubric, and there is little remaining now except your hypocrisy. And your self indulgence. Even your humor is forever absent."

"Follow your credo, and mediate, or prove yourself a hypocrite with a vested interest and redicule the typos of a man declared legally blind."


In Gary Stone's constant drive to re-write history he has gone back over his posts and inserted the word hypocrite and hypocrisy. Fact is that a sociopath, psychopath or cyberpath's behavior can be predicted, if not suggest to them. Too bad Gary Stone will never take up the suggestion for him to turn himself into Mass. State Mental Hospital for the treatment he needs.

Lets see if Gary Stone can actually remember his history correctly.

Can he remember who Patricia Sh****** is? EOPC can expect to see this name appear is his blog soon.

Seems the above victims are not [Victim 1] and [Victim 2]


Anonymous said...

My sister said ” don’t feed it anymore”, so maybe this is the best approach. The people involved have done things that I wished I never saw, frightening things, and they don’t see that they are being operated through.

I only have only comment on the blog that is referring people here, it is tabloidism. And false. 08 percent outright lies, 1 percent twists, and 1 percent truth.

Is he for REAL?? Can one person really be THAT screwed up that he can't see its all in his head and he's full of crap?

Can't his sister put him in a mental hospital for a while? This guy needs it bad.

Anonymous said...

Gary Stone sounds so much like my harasser ANGELA BUER its scary. Angela Buer spends a lot of time on my victims blog searching frantically for any personal information she can use against me and the other victims. If you go to my blog you can see, just like fighter talks about the number of hours Gary Stone spends on here, how she spends LOTS of time on our blog and she uses the Los Angeles County Library! Typical narcissistic behavior. They think they are above the law. I doubt gary Stone even has a lawyer and any lawyer with any common sense would probably run!

Anonymous said...

If Gary Stone has PTSD and was true to the diagnosis of PTSD he would not spend all the waking hours of his day revising and writing new blogs to smear his victim with.


This guy's psychotic!!

Does his wife know he spends this much time online writing to and about other people??

Anonymous said...

We helped fighter expose him on another blog where he rants and he of course threatened that he had turned us into the fbi..What a nutcase! He en attacks us and states that we need to stop posing as victims. And fo course where he ranted is a palce that our cyberharasser posted a defamatory and malicious postings.

EOPC said...

victimsofangela - Stone now claims you turned on us, called us stalkers, said you told him we hacked your site and set you up.

This man needs serious psychiatric intervention...

just look at his unreadable nonsense:

He is doing this to himself and is fundamentally unbalanced.