Friday, April 08, 2011

Hire-A-Hitman Online? Go to Jail

A young lady who was jealous and enraged about the fact that her ex-boyfriend had moved on, has been charged for trying to hire a hitman to kill his new lover with stolen credit cards from Paypal: Marissa Mark, 28, from Allentown, Pennsylvania is alleged to have hired Essam Ahmed Eid through his amateurish website www.hitmanforhire.net. She wanted him to kill Anne Royston for $37,000 in 2006. She is accused of paying a $19,000 deposit with three stolen credit cards through website PayPal. Marissa Mark, left, is accused of hiring Las Vegas poker dealer Essam Eid, left, through his website www.hitmanforhire.net to kill her ex-boyfriend’s new lover. The shoddy website said: ‘Whether you are trying to put an end to a domestic dispute or eliminate your business competitors, we have the solution for you’. The hire-a-hitman website, which has since been taken down, said: ‘Assassinations are the most practical solutions to common problems. Thanks to the Internet, ordering a hit has never been easier. We manage a network of freelance assassins, available to kill at a moment’s notice.’ Court documents show that PayPal refused to transfer the money Mark allegedly paid from three stolen credit cards, meaning Eid never received any money. According to FBI accounts and court documents, Royston – who worked as a loan broker – was first contacted by Eid in September 2006 under the pretence of wanting to refinance his house. He visited her officers in Woodland Hills, California with one of his two wives, Theresa Engle, posing as his assistant, and told her ‘Somebody wants your head. Somebody wants you killed and they hate you a lot.’ He said he decided against killing her because she reminded him of his own daughter and she could save her life and see Mark dead by settling the balance of the contract.
In this current case Mark was arrested in Jersey City, New Jersey and transferred to Allentown, Pennsylvania where she appeared in court charged with conspiracy, identity theft and other counts. She was granted bail on a $150,000 bond.

There are rumours that the events could be turning into a movie.

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