Sunday, April 17, 2011

IN REVIEW: Cyber-Tantrums of Gary Stone

Seems Stone has learned a new word. Cyberpath. He calls his victim, her friends, EOPC and everyone else who sees his delusions for what they are a "Cyberpath." He's even trying to learn to use it in complete sentences. A real step forward for the pathological and or psychotic mind.

But it's all projection. Here's some of the narcissistic games Stone continues to try to play.

Accusing you
The best form of defense is attack and the narcissist knows this all too well. It is one of his most widely used weapons, but he is so good at handling it that you could actually not even realise what it is.
We are accustomed to accusations being blatant, ugly assertions about us and these we recognize with ease. It is the more insidious accusations that catch us off guard and make us lose our balance. The narcissist will use either or both, depending on his end objective.
If he is trying to rattle you, hurt you, undermine you or shock you, there is a good chance that he will come out with a blatant accusation. "You lied", "you stole", "you're a pervert", etc.
The reason that these are so effective is that instead of hooking defensive anger, they hook defensive guilt. A far more powerful behavior in someone that you wish to control.
He has effectively achieved a few things here: made you feel guilty so that he can now manipulate you, changed the subject completely, shifted focus fully back onto himself and made you the lesser person.
When it comes to angry projection though, we are dealing with an out and out bully. He is deliberately attacking you with the objective of achieving control through fear and anger. There is also a good chance that what he is really doing is maneuvering you into a conflict situation. This person wants to have a go at you, but wants to be able to blame you for it afterwards. By provoking an argument, he can achieve that quite nicely.
By the time that the fight finally ends... the chances are that you will not even remember that it all began with you trying to defend yourself against a wrongful and probably very ugly accusation. Even if you did remember, you'd be so exhausted by the awful fight that ensued that you'd be loath to go back and address it to set the record straight.
He has now achieved a number of things. He has intimidated you, he has manipulated you, he has emotionally drained you, he has effectively used you as a verbal and perhaps even physical punch bag and, he has controlled you and further empowered himself.


Closely linked to hurling accusations is the fine art of projecting.
Remember that you are their mirror. The things that they accuse you of are the things that apply to themselves.
While they think they are showing you how clever they are, they are in fact revealing themselves in a way that would make them cringe if they realised it. - For goodness sakes never tell them. They will furiously deny it and launch a massive attack against you. (For those of you who have been with EOPC for our 9 years online now, can we take bets as to how long Stone - like ALL our other Cyberpaths - will take to do this?? Or has he already??)While he thinks he is stunning you with his amazingly astute insights into the human psyche, he is in fact giving you a very clear blueprint of himself.

Shifting blame
A common bully tactic. It goes right along with changing the subject and making accusations. As long as he can somehow make you believe that it was all your fault, he's off the hook and you're either left wondering what just hit you or you're falling over yourself (and him) to make it up to him. If you go for the latter option, there is a good chance that he will milk it for all it's worth.
It's not always your fault though. It could anyone or anything at all as long as it's not him.

If nobody in the situation is to blame, then there is no way to resolve the problem. If you are to blame, then you must fix it. As for him, he is just an innocent victim and utterly blameless, therefore unable to do anything at all to find a solution, but totally justified in being a sod.


Being the Martyr

Narcissists almost make a career out of being victims. Ask any narcissist to tell you his story and you are bound to hear about the evil ex-wife, the ungrateful children, the idiotic and exploitative bosses, the crooked partner and every person who has been out to get them throughout their lives - which just about includes everyone they have ever encountered. Get involved with them and you will be the next addition to the list.
Then they get magnanimous and let you know how forgiving they are of all these people. Please realize that the so called forgiveness of a narcissist is a joke.

Somewhere they have read or heard that forgiveness is a nice human quality and that it makes you look like a nice, rational person who actually gives a hoot about others.

All that counts to them is the results they can get if they know how to effectively use these things.

They know that, "I love you" turns on your wishful thinking, forgiving nature or your guilt and gets them back in the door. The know that "I'm sorry" gets them forgiven and gives them license to do it all again. They know that their numerous excuses take the focus off them and get them off the hook.
For as long as he can make you feel guilty & sorry for him, he has you where he wants you.
If you have any respect at all for either of you, you have to stop this game in its tracks.

Invoking fear and anxiety
Are you keeping secrets from your friends and family regarding your life with this person, perhaps even lying to them because you know that if he found out you had spoken about it there would be hell?
Do you feel as if you are walking on eggshells?
If you said yes to these, you are being ruled by fear. You are a victim of blatant abuse.
Ultimately this is one of their key strategies for maintaining control because as long as you are too scared to speak up, you have no voice. While you have no voice, you have no say. While you have no say, they can do exactly as they please and they can even legitimately claim that you never objected.
Silence is consent with any type of abuser and this is society's view as well. If you didn't object, it automatically means you gave consent. A prime example of this is with rape. When a woman claims rape, the first thing she will be asked is, "did you very clearly say no?" - the fact that there was a knife at her throat seems to not even feature in the equation. It's pretty sick, but this is a victim's reality.
Putting you on the defensive
Nobody can do this as adeptly as a bully.
Accusations, real or imagined past offenses and personal criticism of you are their three favorite tools to this end. Anything to get you hopping and get the focus off themselves.
They also use questions that are skillfully worded and artfully delivered. They use facts that they distort ever so slightly so that they are hard to correct. They use skewed logic to turn a situation around from them being guilty to us being the cause.
Whichever specific tactic they use, the result is the same: we feel we have to explain, justify, correct and somehow prove our innocence and good intentions. Think for a moment how often you hear yourself saying, "but that's not what I meant", or "but I only meant ..."?
If they try to goad you, which is highly likely - they hate silent responses - revert to the techniques for setting boundaries. Refuse to engage and walk away.


Let's Continue with his Victim's Story
Throughout 2007, Gary Stone adorned [Victim 1] with praise by email and text chat, and wrote her love songs and poetry. Gary Stone started making video clips of himself with his webcam and sending them to [Victim 1] before persuading [Victim 1] to upgrade from dial-up to broadband and buy herself a webcam so that they could do video calls on Skype. (Jacoby did this, Dunetz /Yidwithlid did this to all his victims, Dorsky did this... etc)

[Victim 1] missed the early clues to Gary Stone's litigiousness, although she spent hours every day sympathizing with his complaints about his lawsuit with his former employer. Gary Stone twisted the story into a huge conspiracy against him, and eventually found a lawyer willing to take his case (Stone is on his third lawyer). Gary Stone told [Victim 1] that he had been victimized and that she was his "sole source of comfort."Gary Stone also showed early signs of jealousy and sarcastic flippancy, cutting off communication with her several times over the course of the year, wrongly accusing her of text chatting with other men online, or not showing enough respect to his family, making her defend herself, and then 'taking her back', each time making her feel that she must try harder to please him. (almost ALL our exposed Cyberpaths did this or similar)

After each of these staged 'break ups/reconciliations' Gary Stone would regain [Victim 1]'s sympathy using pathos, saying things like 'my life is like being dragged over broken glass without you', and begging her never to leave him. Gary Stone expected [Victim 1] to be available to him every minute of every day, to the point where she was barely able to find time to go grocery shopping, and he demanded photos of any family social occasions she attended, to ensure she was not 'seeing other men'.
(Remember Dorsky's victim saying he'd 'driven her to the point of exhaustion'?)

The excitement seeking in her that found the psychopath’s extraversion attractive is now hitting the wall and causing extreme emotional exhaustion...
The drama, the highs and lows, the daily power struggles, the weekly uncovering of some new lie and the constant fear of being abandoned are all now producing fatigue. A dichotomy exists between the excitement she still feels with him when the relationship is smooth (which is becoming less frequent) and the utter exhaustion that comes from being in a relationship with a psychopath.
The exhaustion can also come from not only the emotional roller coaster of life with a psychopath but also from the pacing of their lives together. Since many psychopaths need much less sleep than normal people, lack of sleep is likely to catch up with her. The psychopath consistently keeps her awake, demanding her company while he watches TV, picks fights, or wants marathon sex. Her diet, exercise, down-time, spiritual practices, and friendships all go by the wayside while her stress levels increase. The fast-pace contributes to a total deterioration in her health. Her physical exhaustion can greatly increase her emotional fatigability. She is now unable to hold her ground against the psychopath, and despite the exhaustion, she remains hypnotized, fixated on his extraverted, highly exciting persona.
The psychopath invested a lot in portraying himself to her as “wounded.” Many psychopaths played the “pity” trump card, using this card to attract and keep women based on sad stories. Psychopaths have no problem simultaneously playing both dominant and doomed personas. Likely, he acted as if the disclosure of his hidden pain was only to her. She was the only one who “understood him” or he felt “safe enough” to share his pain with. Even Ted Bundy feigned medical disorders to attract women to himself.

In emails, text chats and Skype calls, Gary Stone showed a penchant for escapism, role-playing the famous rock star and wannabe 'owner' of a fake music publishing company (Toylanders Press International - TPI), and kept saying he would set up a proper business with [Victim 1] one day.

[Victim 1] humored him and indulged him in what she thought was a little light-hearted, harmless fun, but it was actually cybersex. It was certainly a new experience for [Victim 1] and Gary Stone also claimed he'd never done it before, and there is no doubt that they were both willing participants. Although [Victim 1] is now highly embarrassed about it, it was only ever natural/ romantic/ loving scenarios, and nothing perverse was entered into. The kinkiest thing mentioned was Gary Stone's fetish for 'knees'. (almost ALL our exposed Cyberpaths did this or similar)
As a Registered Nurse, Gary Stone also showed great interest in [Victim 1]'s rare post-natal condition, which requires her to take medication several times daily to replace the a hormone which manages stress. (some victims DEVELOP this condition after a relationship with a pathological!) Gary Stone got her to keep a daily chart of her blood pressure and medication, and asked her to email it to him so that he could monitor her condition, believing he could give her better advice than her own endocrinologist. Gary Stone also constantly reminded [Victim 1] that she owed her own life, and her child's life, to him because he recommended that she insist on obtaining antibiotics for strep throat.

Demanding reward

I love this one. He beats you every day, whether verbally or physically, hurts you, ignores you, undermines you and treats you like dirt, then on the odd day in between when he is nice to you, he expects you to grovel in gratitude.

Why should we reward someone for doing what they should have been doing in the first place? Why must every kind or decent act demand a reciprocal favour? Does this sound like a healthy relationship? I think not.

Decency should be the rule, not the exception. To reward the odd good behaviours of an abuser is to tell them that their abuse is an accepted norm and that decency is considered to be "going the extra mile".

This is utter garbage and totally twisted thinking.

This is right up there with the victim apologising to the abuser. "Oh honey, I am so sorry that I made you hit me. I'll really try to do better next time, be more understanding, less demanding and not provoke you".

I recall as a child how many times my dad would tell me that his hitting me hurt him more than it hurt me. What a load of crock. Now suddenly, on top of having to nurse my bruised behind and broken heart, I also had the guilty responsibility for his supposed pain.

Like I said. Twisted. It is a game that they love though and if you fall for it you have given away the last of your possible defences. Do not reward behaviours that should be normal and to which you are entitled on a daily basis.

Another of Gary Stone's pathological machinations is trying to increase his humane, solid-citizen, altruist fake-persona is by taking countless IQ tests, and he never misses an opportunity to boast that he has gained access to one high-IQ society. He now regularly reminds [Victim 1]'s ex-husband that he 'should not have f**ked with someone with an IQ'. (Most psychopaths test very very high in I.Q. -- but then they neglect to be tested for their stunning pathology, LOL! And we can't think of one who isn't VERY involved with a local charity, school, religious institution or community project simply to keep that "I'M A WONDERFUL PERSON" personna going!)

Gary Stone tried to visit [Victim 1] in June 2007, and he sent her money to cover the cost of the flight, which he got her to purchase for him. But Gary Stone was denied entry to the UK on arrival, and immediately deported to the US. [Victim 1] was devastated, but Gary Stone's typical pathological response was to blame her for 'tipping off' Immigration about HIS criminal record and his being fired for harassment/ insubordination.
Gary Stone told [Victim 1] that she should have invented a story and told Immigration that he was her cousin in order to get him into the country. Gary Stone also accused [Victim 1] of plotting to steal the monies he had insisted on sending her for his vacation spending money, even though she returned this to him immediately by personal check.

Love-bombed & hypnotized by Stone, [Victim 1] spent the rest of 2007 defending Gary Stone and trying unsuccessfully to clear his name. Then, during [Victim 1]'s week vacation together in August 2007 in the US, Gary Stone said he had given up on his plan to move to the UK because he needed to stay closer to his family, and persuaded [Victim 1] to give up her home to move to the US.

Although Gary Stone had paid some money towards [Victim 1]'s vacation air fares, she was now in debt because Gary Stone had not covered the cost of the whole vacation. [Victim 1]'s ex-husband was also about to give his consent to take their child to live in the US, but Gary Stone wrote her ex-husband his first offensive email, which gave him cause for concern about how Gary Stone might treat the child.

[Victim 1] therefore had to pay legal fees to draw up an agreement in order to obtain her ex-husband's formal consent to take their child to live in the US. [Victim 1] also paid for air fares for herself and her child to move to the US and had no option but to sell her only asset - her small home - in order to cover the costs of the move.

Gary Stone spent many hours online with [Victim 1] window-shopping for properties she could buy in the US with the proceeds from her property. Even before it was sold, Gary Stone got [Victim 1] to transfer money to his bank to cover the deposit and first month's rent on an apartment they jointly leased, plus some Christmas gifts for [Victim 1]'s child. [Victim 1] confided to Gary Stone that she felt very apprehensive about going through such an enormous upheaval in her life, but Gary Stone assured her that his priority would be to make her feel secure once she was with him.

[Victim 1] arrived in the US in December 2007, but Gary Stone kept making excuses for not getting divorced, spending his days with his wife and his nights with [Victim 1]. First he said he must wait until his wife signed a Separation Agreement, then he said he needed to find a job first, then he said he had to wait for 'tax reasons', then he said he wanted to wait until his wife came to terms with their relationship 'maybe after they had lived together for a year'. (almost ALL our exposed Cyberpaths did this or lied outright about their marriages or being divorced)

In the meantime, Gary Stone told [Victim 1] that his wife wanted to kill her, and made [Victim 1] terrified of being attacked by her. Gary Stone had sent [Victim 1] pictures of his wife and she is a formidable woman who never smiled in photos. (Who would -- married to this guy? Stone may have carefully selected photos to show her in that light. She's probably a very nice person, like all the wives of these guys. Who knows what HE was telling his wife; that [Victim 1] wanted to kill her?)

It should be noted that, although Gary Stone and [Victim 1] were intimate during their short time together, they always slept in separate bedrooms. [Victim 1] understood this was because Gary Stone was embarrassed about the cysts all over his body and other physical abnormalities. However, when she came to do their laundry, she discovered the real reason was that Gary Stone's bowel problem resulted in explosive diarrhea stains being sprayed all over his underwear and the bed linen.

Gary Stone kept calling [Victim 1] by the nickname 'Kinky', and showed her a huge gallery on his laptop, containing hundreds of screenshots of her cleavage which he had captured on Skype without her consent and carefully labelled with titles such as 'Ample', 'Very Ample', 'Voluptuous' etc. (Like Jacoby - Stone may have taken these screenshots WITHOUT her knowledge or consent)

Gary Stone gave [Victim 1] a camcorder and said he wanted to use it to record her as 'Kinky in the Kitchen'. Gary Stone also expected [Victim 1] to work for nothing for his non-existent company, while using her money to support him. When [Victim 1] said that the situation was unfair, especially to her child, he turned very hostile, accused [Victim 1] of cheating on him, and ordered her to go back to the UK in January 2008. (What they say GOES, or ELSE!)

[Victim 1] managed to make flight reservations, and departed with her child the very next day. Gary Stone made [Victim 1] pay all return air fares and settle the lease cancellation bill. (The only refund that Gary Stone paid to [Victim 1] was an unsolicited Paypal transfer of maybe 1/10th of what she spent in January 2007 for the bed she had bought him as a birthday gift in October 2007.)

[Victim 1] arrived back in the UK in January 2008 in shock, financially devastated, and homeless - all because of Gary Stone - but she was still trauma bonded to him, so she continued to exchange emails with Gary Stone for a few weeks.

Now openly living and siding with his wife, Gary Stone became increasingly abusive to [Victim 1] for withdrawing permission to publish her works, and for not complying with his demand to sign a 'mea culpa' to say that SHE was the cause of his dysfunctional family, his financial problems and his inability to find work for over a year. Gary Stone phoned [Victim 1] on her cell phone, and her sister-in-law heard his torrent of abuse before he shouted, 'You should go to f**king church!' and slammed down the phone.

[Victim 1] finally drew the line when Gary Stone's wife sent her an abusive email, and Gary Stone began copying his abusive emails to his friends and cousin. In February 2008 [Victim 1] sent her final email, making it clear to Gary Stone that she wanted him to stop harassing her and stay out of her life.

Instead of leaving her alone, knowing that stress could be life-threatening to [Victim 1], Gary Stone has recommended that she 'double her dose' of medicine before reading his emails.

Gary Stone has sent [Victim 1] over 2500 abusive emails, which have often arrived at a rate of up to 30 per day. In these emails, Gary Stone smears [Victim 1] as a 'c**t', 'bitch', 'cow', 'whore', 'witch', 'HPV infected Q**m', 'Serial Home-wrecker', etc. (Sounds like this Cyberpath's not-so-anonymous stuff)

Gary Stone has also sent [Victim 1] pornographic material which she NEVER asked for (in violation of U.S. Federal law), threatened her family, and cyberstalked her around the Internet, bad-mouthing her in (and getting himself banned from) countless blogs and forums (e.g. Betapet, Soundclick, Lulu, Tripod).

Gary Stone's phone calls to [Victim 1]'s cell phone were rejected and subsequently the cellphone had to be cancelled. Gary Stone has accused [Victim 1] of causing his brother's death (from kidney failure), and of causing Gary Stone's glaucoma.

Gary Stone may have allegedly committed Felony slander by sending emails alleging having contracted venereal diseases from [Victim 1] in his fanasty that he will be able to subpoena her medical records and use the court system to stalk & harrass her.

Gary Stone has written countless reports to third parties and government agencies wrongly accusing her of fraud, obstruction of justice and innumerable wild conspiracy theories as he dreams them up; challenging [Victim 1] to get a lawyer and defend herself. His assertion is that [Victim 1] 'does not need to have actually done anything wrong' for him to force others to investigate her. (Stone has that fantasy about a lot of people)
Gary Stone wants, craves and obsesses over his fantasized 'day in court' where he can be the center of attention. Gary Stone has actually sent scripts to [Victim 1] and her ex-husband detailing how he envisions himself cross-examining them in court.

It should be noted that [Victim 1] and her ex-husband have never been in any trouble with the law or engaged in frivolous ligitation and both are dedicated to the well-being of their child.
(Just like ALL our victims... decent, innocent and upstanding citizens taken advantage of by a pathological. )
Gary Stone has tried to alienate [Victim 1] from her family by claiming that her brother had phoned Gary Stone's wife and informed her that [Victim 1] had a history of targeting married men and breaking up families. This is an patent lie. The truth is that [Victim 1] had told Gary Stone early in their relationship that her first husband had been married with children, and that she had spent over 7 years with him before they divorced on the grounds of his unreasonable behavior (he was convicted of causing Actual Bodily Harm to [Victim 1]), and she has had no further contact with him. (almost ALL our married Cyberpaths make these SAME EXACT CLAIMS or TWIST what someone tells them)

[Victim 1] has never 'targeted married men' or 'broken up families'. [Victim 1]'s second marriage, 12 years later, was her only other serious relationship; they had a child together but were divorced because they had lived apart for over 2 years. [Victim 1] had not been involved with any other men until Gary Stone came into her life.
(ALL our victims targeted by married Cyberpaths are upstanding, decent people with zero criminal records whatsoever.)

Pathologicals believe their mere words can 'create reality' and it only sets off the victim to try to correct the record - which is what the predator wants. To UPSET & HURT them. Don't worry -- most professionals see through this pretty quickly.)

Gary Stone drafted a book of some 100 pages, telling his twisted version of events, and circulated it to [Victim 1]'s friends in the discussion group where they met, before changing the names and trying to sell it as thinly-disguised 'fiction' at various websites (e.g. Lulu, PayLoadz), in the full knowledge that the level of personal information is sufficient to identify [Victim 1], her ex-husband and their child and place them in harm's way by so doing.

Gary Stone includes images of [Victim 1]'s cleavage which he captured with software from [Victim 1]'s WEBCAM without her knowledge during their Skype calls. *It should be noted that personal webcam footage belongs to the owner of the webcam, NOT to the recipient who captures it, and that for the recipient to publish such footage is a breach of both Copyright and Privacy laws.
This is a Federal charge of computer invasion or trespass.

Stone wants BADLY to believe he is special and unique. ALL Cyberpaths & Pathologicals do. Truth is they are so alike it's scary. Below is from Stone's website -- where HE calls the shots and HE creates the 'reality', about EOPC:

Elaine May Smithand her vigilantes EOPC: in order to validate themselves have to attack me. In 2011 they chose to bring back a story that was proved entirely false in 2009. Bringing that story back has revealed even more of their flawed character. in fact the nature of it is criminal. The main menu is here: http://thetoylanders.blogspot.com/2013/01/exposing-cyberpaths-predators-barbara.html .These pages are a response to their attacks on me.

We never saw any evidence of this story being false.  Including Stone's behavior validating everything his victims said about him If you want to see more of Stone's WORD SALAD &; bizarre accusations about EOPC and his victim in general - go here. He's CLOSED COMMENTS.  Every time they say they are "defending themselves" they just dig themselves in deeper and prove their own pathology further. Stone even wrote back one of his victim's supporters:
From: Gary Stone/ backbeatone@gmail.com
Subject: thks for you input
Date: Sunday, October 12, 2008, 11:00 AM

This webpage exists, to counter defamation, and sexual harassment, thanks

The way he replies to himself on his website makes him sound as if he is hallucinating! He will only believe people who TELL HIM WHAT HE WANTS TO HEAR! Don't confuse Stone with reality or the truth.

Stone even says one old poster, G Nicholson, wrote him telling Stone he "thinks we're crazy too."  Interesting since we have emails from this same person thanking us for all our support and hard work.  Seems Stones sees, hears and believes only what he wants to.

All these Cyberpaths ought to start an online support group -- because they're the only ones who would listen or believe each other's baloney anymore.

  • Remember how Hicks swore he was going to "sue all the websites, Dr. Phil, The Washington Post, the Virginia DA and write a book to tell the truth"? (He needs to talk to O.J. about that. And it's been a few years that Hicks is still singing this tired song; and changing his name many many times -- and NO lawsuit or book. hhmmm...)

  • Remember Jacoby trying to make up websites "showing" how one of his hapless victims was "lying" until it was 'pointed out to him' that he was skating into a Federal felony?

  • And Dorsky thinking we were a bunch of kids on some social networking site and he was going to 'call the Mashpee Police on' us? (We told him to go ahead while we contacted law enforcement contacts with evidence of his grooming a minor.)

  • An example in the news - CLICK HERE

  • Stone's latest conspiracy theory on his blog shows he clearly ego-surfs himself constantly, as he has found a link to a post made by "Gary Stone, Peabody, MA" in March 2007 (19 months before EOPC exposure):
    "I believe. I too experienced seeing UFO last march in upstate Minnesota. It was both frightful and awe inspiring. It changed me forever"
    Posted By Gary Stone, Peabody, MA : 4:24 PM ET"
    Stone says he has sent emails complaints to Government ministers telling them that one of his victims must have posted this to make him look bad... even before they knew Stone or his name! And that he knows who runs EOPC (he has not gotten it right yet)  Pure projection. He's not just wrong; he's so off base it's laughable.
The list goes on & on & on & on... If cyberpaths would BOTHER looking at the other posts and then over to the right of this site -- that whole LONG list of Cyberpaths & Predators whose victims come to us for support & validation to offer their tales as education & warning to others; they'd realize they're not only not special... they're common, unimaginative and repetitive.

Some of Stone's recent rantings since this was reposted:

Gary Stone


The fbi and dwp will be following along to.,,Lets do it again.



From: Gary Stone backbeatone@gmail.com


A note to British authorities who have received my information on XXXXX's welfare fraud. I would like you to follow along with my argument with this group at their blog: Http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com

I would like you also to follow my rebuttal as they have seen fit to fight XXX's battles for her. Actually, they are behind the current XXX harassment page.

- they have a well documented history advocating for this kind of thing.
My answers to them will be here. http://garystonepeabody.blogspot.com

I have asked Elaine and your authorities to do something about her soundclick harassment, now it has moved to face book, and this is just the cyberpaths blog (HUH???)
old nonsense rehashed. It will only be me fighting them initially, but I would like you to observe how they operate. And I invite you to check my facts as you surely have access to XXX's primary motives: welfare fraud reports.

I don't think they will fare well. even tho it is just me they are fighting. It was XXXX who chose this fight, and invite every legal authority to witness it.
realize please that XXX has a huge gang, and this fight only involves me...
they will play down and dirty because that is what they are - filth.
Gary Stone
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From Stone:

I believe fighter has contacted my employer, as well. (NO WE DIDN'T. WE DON'T KNOW WHO HIS EMPLOYER WAS NOR DO WE CARE NOR DO WE CONTACT PEOPLE OVERSEAS. WE DO NOT GET PERSONALLY INVOLVED) There is a comment on his blog that has been removed (but still exists on XXXX’s server she may remove it too, but I have a photo of it, and will put it here. She got html from cyberpath’s blog, and put it XXX
That statement (below) was made by somebody familiar with my job responsibilities, the IP of the poster would prove it. Now that the post has been removed from Cyberpaths blog,

(We never removed anything.)

More of Stone's "Everyone's Out to Get Me" Lunatic Ravings (If Toylanders is allegedly a music publishing company, a lot its of time is spent ranting about conspiracy theories against him. He has been harassing EOPC for almost 5 years and people he thinks are EOPC - no matter how many times he's told he is incorrect. He hangs on like a pitbull.) Stone desperately wants attention but he's incomprehensible.

And a comment we got on the very first post on Stone from a Massachusetts Comcast Internet address (
I have spent some time around sociopaths. In their work you usually find them in positions of power and have control over subordinates.

Take for instance Gary Stone, he was a registered nurse and for many years the night manager. He had control over the nurses under him and god like control over his patients.

This was enough to satiate his sociopathy and allow him to lead a near normal life away from his job. That is until he lost his job, he scrambled for a few months before meeting the above victim and as the story above reads, you do not need to guess the outcome.

Sociopaths can be found in all lines of work, military, law enforcement, civil service, corporate management and small business owners but more or less in a structured environment to which the sociopath will play to their advantage.

Until, they loose their jobs or retire, then all hell breaks out and woo unto the first victim they latch onto. In my opinion the above expose and continued releases will in a sense become his new victim. It will allow him to analyze in great detail every word of each sentence and give him something to do with his time. His time, wasted as it is will be spent refuting the expose and using it as a stick to beat his victim with.

Great work EOPC! keep it up.
I can’t wait to see the next installment.
(This above poster seems to be on to something! And the statement about him latching onto EOPC as the next target of his rage - spot on.)

Stone claims EOPC uses proxies and hacks. We do not do either. He claims a few old members of our support group run this site. We have told him repeatedly they do not. So he is slandering and smearing these people in his "I can smear too" stance. We post stories given to us by victims of cyberpaths with full legal permission from these victims. These victims take full, legal responsibility for their story. Other than giving these victims a voice, we can not and do not have the capabilities to get involved. Stone is paranoid and self-involved to point of thinking we are 'out to get him.' He keeps using proxies to read our site. We had blocked him in hopes that he would move on with his life instead of inventing more plots against him.

Some of Stone's Proxies (reported to us)

Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
Kirov, Russian Federation;
Kirovo-chepetsk, Kirov, Russian Federation
Kirov, Russian Federation
Kirov, Russian Federation 

Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

These days unemployed Stone is spending thousands of hours a year reading, re-reading, and RE-reading the same posts. Searching desperately for any reason to fabricate more plots against him or 'secret messages' we are sending him from some article one of the EOPC Team posted; or rewriting and rehashing his expose and his 'facts'.

The only one keeping everything going - is GARY STONE.

Poor poor Gary Stone...

We save our compassion for the victims.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you do know Stone is still at it? he still thinks your blog is all about him. still thinks his victims run this blog.

wanker never gives up. keeps repeating the same paranoid lies over and over. tweaks them a bit each time. posts his 'proof' all of which is unintelligible.

next year it will be the same useless stuff from him. its all so blatant that its made up. this is what he spends his entire days doing.