Thursday, April 28, 2011

GARY STONE: Still Crazy After All These Years

Obviously, Gary Stone can't read. He didn't read the release form he rushed to sign when he wanted us to "expose" his victim -- we were in the process of checking all information when we learned the truth.

We have exposed Stone's latest helper here - and he continues to think he knows who we are, who is doing what - all of it crazy nonsense (as well as INCORRECT!!) Click here for his new blog which makes ZERO sense!!


Gary Stone

dateSat, Apr 30, 2011 at 8:57 PM

Pixies signed that contract on both sides of the atlantic, I don't know any vic 1 or 2,
why are my pics on your website
Take down your silly blog, and I will take down mine(we did - for 2 1/2 years. Stone never took his down - just created new ones and kept harassing us for not being able to control google)




Additionally, before we ever said yes to his expose... he started FLOODING our email with long, rambling, incongruent emails about his victim... wanting this or that tweeked... as if he could simply use EOPC as a platform for his blathering. Huge Red Flag.

Stone's said he would "stop" or he would "take down his sites" MANY MANY MANY times before. We didn't post about him (we don't without the victim's o.k. or request) for years but he KEPT ON. Blogs kept being recreated and reposted... screams about EOPC being criminals, delusions that we were stalking him & somehow involved in his life going downhill... he didn't stop. He won't because he probably can't due to his disordered mind.

Our releases hold EOPC legally harmless. We haven't threatened Stone (though we have hard copies of threats HE has sent and posted) ; everything we post about anyone is either 100% verifiable fact or opinion - as it relates to the ongoing psychopathy education this site does; we haven't posted anything that could be used in identity theft and we haven't posted any obscenity.
funny Pictures, Images and Photos

Mr. Stone dreams on:
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Stone was deeply distressed to find EOPC has never been sued. Never.

He has since lost that Internet Provider and now uses Comcast & proxies. Such as:

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A vicious personal verbal attack, especially one intended to destroy or damage a public figure's reputation.

From our research, only STONE has engaged in doing this -- we have presented checkable facts and educated opinion. Stone's reputation proceeds him. The only ones who are after him are the voices in his head and the only one who ruined his career - is HIM.

All our exposed Cyberpaths would be better served starting a support group to work on THEIR OWN ISSUES, including feeling all-powerful behind a keyboard and their delusions of grandeur and/or persecution.


Stone has been kind enough to promote EOPC on his own site: HERE (By the time you read this, Stone will probably have deleted, rewritten and re-worded as his mood swings move him. They all do the same things.)

Stone tries to SAY that we were shown THIS, that we "only saw" THAT, that we insinuate, that we are 'trying a legal case online', that we don't check facts and his favorite -- that we are lawbreaking criminals. Don't think we haven't heard this before. And we know its projection. Stone doesn't know what we have seen, what we were sent, what our 'motives' are ... and so. We'll tell you what our motives are and always have been --

to expose those who prey on, use, abuse, bully and attack other adults only for the shallow pathological people they really are; to validate & support victims and to provide education and support to those wishing to learn more about psychopathy, the after-effects and what can be done about it. Period.
Stone has a habit of reading a whole lot more into things than are really there. Stone, like all our exposed predators, likes to think he and his little world are a lot more important to us than they really are. We don't make anonymous phone calls, write anonymous emails or persecute anyone in their life. International calls can be expensive and we simply don't care or get THAT involved.

He even tried to say that 'Fox TV was on to us' because of THIS. HaHaHa -- if anything Fox TV and Dr. Ablow got in trouble for attacking us; not the other way around.

Stone says he's done his own research, which he fully believes - of who the Fighters are. He hasn't been right yet. So much for Stone's 'crack(ed) research' or listening to people who were purposely yanking his chain with PHONY INFORMATION just to make him look even nuttier than he already is!

Even the contact we had with his local police department revealed they all know who he is and would like nothing better than for him to be in jail or just gone somewhere else.

Stone erases and rewrites this stuff as fast as it goes up (like Jacoby & Dunetz/ Yidwithlid) -- and then rewrites history once again. Bizarre.

Here's more of his recent baseless craziness & attempt to provoke us as a 'fishing expedition'! (EOPC comments in dark blue)

Cyberpath's Fighter, threatened to "bury" me in August of 2008. (we didn't KNOW Stone in August 2008!) After I had written an article, a single page, on Elaine Smith's sex harassment at sound click. He emails anon and comments on a poll that I had about whether Soundlciick's treatment of me was fair. He says this below: But it gets much worse, as he intends to make his threat real.Here he is eventually pretending to be a nurse licensed in the state of Mass. (something we never did. ever.) For Google's benefit, we have the headers for these anon emails. (good for you... maybe Stone can find out who it really was because it wasn't us. he's not that important to us - we do an expose and we move forward) This group writes anon, emails anon, and operates a covert, and illegal smear blog. (if it was illegal why haven't we been shut down in 6 years? Actually, we receive support from law enforcement!) They are for hire Cyber Hitmen, and Mindgamers. And' extra legal cyber assassins'. (oh Stone made up new words! Goody!) Because I didn't yeild to their threats, they have propagated defamtion on twelve blogs. (12?? this is the main one along with our links blog - that's 2) This, is the most dangerous group online. We need an attorney to deal with them. (Stone's on attorney number 3 or 4, we hear - and he needs ANOTHER one?) Please write backbeatone@gmail.com, if you are willing to help. It is suggested you read posts in this order. Summary, soundclick sex harassment, XXXXXX's lies, and the posts related to obstruction of justice and child abuse on line. To criticize this group means they will diagnose you online, and do it anonymously. That poses a risk to us all. This story is all real. And its pretty scary. Defend me. (boo hoo... still doesn't realize he's been shown for the harasser & paper tiger he is) and you suffer their dark jourmalism, and smears, and diagnostic labels. When we tried to talk back to these jerks as they were defaming us at Zimbio, they had us shut down, Zimbio kept their defamation. (Really? how's that?) If you disagree with Fighter of cyberpath, he will contact people in your life, and try to smear you to them. He will stalk you everywhere you go. This is an organized left wing cult. (Is he KIDDING? Talk about psychotic & delusional!)


They say they have FBI connections, I reported them to the FBI, and followed up three weeks later with a phone call to the Boston Office, the FBI doesnt not know who they are, and would not be connected to them. (Like the FBI would admit this to Stone! IC3 has a 7-8 year backlog of cases. The FBI deals with protected information, but they would just give it to Stone on the phone? ) There isn't anything they do, that isn't predicated on a lie, from their trumped up stories on predators, which they steal from other source, and regurgitate to make it appear they are on top of everything, to their personal rifts in relationships, where they assassinate their partners online. (what the heck is he talking about)They say they are from the Dominican Republic but they aren't they say that to avoid US tax, and juristiction, they are from LA, and NY. (not even close! avoiding tax? what tax?? is he for real? WOW he is truly out there!! Does his wife know he spends this much time online?)

This is for you Mr. Stone, and all our exposed cyberpaths - who have tried what you are trying... with zero success:

(Stone's Facebook page, sent to EOPC by his victims)

Letter to Board of Nurses

by Gary Stone
on Monday, April 25, 2011 at 10:58pm

Maybe I will see if I can email the board of nurses tommrow...it'd be simpler and faster
I could then attach a summary of the case.

To the Massachusetts Board of Registry
The anonymous authors of the Cyberpath blog have invented a story for a british woman that was debunked in 2008.   (debunked by who? HIM?)
during this time, they tried to destroy my civil case with BHCHP.org, and finally succeeded in doing so.
And so, they say, I am wrong to write "retired" on my facebook page. That I should say fired. If you agree after you follow along with this argument cyberpaths.blogspot.com

vs this one, HERE
I will change my charactorization at facebook to fired and resign all rights to renew my license and practice nursing again. Your reponse on this issue, would be appreciated. Please accept no anon phone calls emails from anon individuals who will not put their names with their mouths are, and evaluate only this argument. And let me know if I am wrong to do this.
Thank You
Gary Stone
I will also remove health related articles at the hub
located here:

Ps: I will also foreward a summary of the case in question
and if you follow along, you will see how they destroyed it.

I am wondering if we should do everything these anon smear artists say, when the issue in the case was about, those who feel they can say anything and ruin a career doing it. If you agree we should asceed to these anonymous fuckwits, I will be happy to retire all rights to every practice in this state or anyone else again

    • The above letter will be sent to Board of nurses certified mail by the end of the week, the ticket will be scanned and posted


While the cyberpath blog has made Hay, of the letter to Dr. Bevan. I intend to hide it, within a few weeks, as the case has been made that it serves a purpose.

It will be held in reserve (a hidden file) available on request.

I wrote the letter because I believe Dr. Bevan already diagnosed XXXX with cushings signs....

by July 09. I wanted him to see the cause. And, I wanted to address and old allegation that - I manipulated her medicines, or gave her bad advice, and invite her doctor to consider my "actual" influence in 2007. They say I love to broadcast her disease, they actually used it hundreds of times as a perverse excuse for why I should let them smear me, Or why XXXX is immune from prosecution, or why should never be responsible. Not a factual concept at all, it is quite an enabling idea - a person who is subject to stress, unable to cope as others can - is instigating, baiting, me now, with them, filing false charges at doj/fbi, engaging in risky behavior with welfare, etc. This is something to take responsibility for....

The Addison's patient (another cortisol deficiency disease) can go to jail. Their arguments are sexual politics.

When I am sure, a reasonable amount of time has past, that her doctor should be aware, he will keep her safe, monitor as I argue with them ( so that - a repeat of 09, the direct result self medication when her testimony of 08 -09 was debunked from Jan 09 to April, does not occur again)

The file will be hidden within 3 weeks

and held in reserve. New information about welfare was sent when XXXX , with them, put up auntie XXXX. The purpose of Auntie XXXX with them, was to taunt, while pretending it was not her, when it was proved it was, it was stressful. The idea was to get me to falsely accuse her, to bolster their false case at the doj/fbi. Also, they say it is ridiculous to believe XXXX is under duress. It is actually ridiculous not to believe it. XXXX collaborated with them'

she knows every thing they did in 08 - 09. She is also aware Sandra Brown, a LSW is one of them. She is aware she impersonated a licensed nurse. And that they contacted my employer. So , XXX is in a difficult anxiety provoking situation - stress - which does not help her illness, incidentally. XXXX appeared at facebook and said she did not want to do this...she can't stop XXXX. Could XXXX have a reason to be angry with me? Yes...welfare and immigration. Could he have a vendetta? Yes. Could he be pressuring XXXX with his perceived threat, that they could call people and reveal XXXX's complicity and his....yes.

Let me be clear, I am very aware of this, from my end XXXX is absolved. This group is my focus. And, in particularSandra Brown. When my blog is finished. I am sending it to her the state of new jersey licensing for social workers her LSW status.

Calling for investigation of Sandra brown for her endorsement of this group. And for her membership. Scott Powers (a former PI who lost his license!) said "Sandra Brown is a fighter"

If she is, her license is gone. What the group doesn't say, is ....I wrote doctor bevan to stop this last year.. I also wrote her brother. I also wrote you. XXXX told this group, she was hospitalized in 08. If that is the case, it was related to the welfare issue. If is not true Bevan would know it, and he would see that this group believes everything, and checks nothing. This argument is about those who feel they can "say" anything. And get away with it. Eventually, this group will come down, if Brown is censured by her board, as she will set the example for other smear sites. My interest is not XXXX, I want her safe, it is this group.

I would like people to look at them and see all that they dare do. When they see all that they do, they will realize they are a threat to everyone.


Gary Stone

Stone refuses to realize that Powers guy was toying with him and bull*****ing him... and that a respected doctor (Bevan) in the U.K. disbelieves all of his nonsense...
(Stone says Powers 'ordered this blog down' - Scott Powers had no jurisdiction or say over this blog ever. Powers had no business ordering anyone to do anything and lying about doing so. He didn't work for us and we wanted nothing to do with him. Powers eventually lost his P.I. license in part for his illegal bullying. He's on Facebook now, trolling for women)


Anonymous said...

Every time I read more of Stone's stuff it changes and gets more outrageous. Like a child escalating a tantrum to get attention.

He just keeps rewriting history and it gets more bizarre every time.

This man needs serious professional help.

Anonymous said...

he doesn't stop does he? do people like this know they aren't making any sense, even if we did know the people involved. No medical or mental health professional or board is going to take someone like this seriously. how can anyone live with someone like this without putting them in a treatment hospital... makes you think about how many wackos like him that own a computer are out there.

Anonymous said...

a total douche bag and shit bag!