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Gary Stone: A Failed Life, Another Hate Filled Blog

Gary Stone is one scary guy. No matter how 'rational' he tries to sound on his hate blog (and fails miserably) these emails, sent in just the last few months, to Victims 1 & 2 show how irrational, mentally troubled and IRRATIONAL he is. (EOPC comments in darker blue)

Apologies: We have tried to catch all instances of coarse language -- if we missed any - we are sorry - EOPC.

fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date13 April 2008 01:58
subject reason
hide details 13 Apr Reply

The purpose of the book.
1. therapy
2, to confront you with the truth, nothing got past me, ever..
3, To make you conscious of the mess you have made out of many people's lives.
and to warn you that if you don' t change you will sink lower.
4. To prempt you, in case you produce your work of "fiction" on the subject as you said you wanted to do.
otherwise it may never see the light of day, except in a guised format, with a theme separate, internet relationships,
5. vengemce yes, partly. it isnt a a bad thing, if the object deserves it and you do.
You are one sick person, multi conference material. I haven't really had any feeling for you
since Jan 14 when I got more info. I don't know how you sleep. I sleep fine, and oddly
i never dream about you which is a blessing.
Way better,
I got another job closer to home, hired
by the same company that was going to hire me in december with 42 pts except if somebody
calls out, I only have to do 21.
. I am the supervisor. Nearly 100 % nigerian staff, but, surprisingly they are all pretty sharp,

Shows Stone's deep need for vengeance & control; also his racism. ==================================

fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date17 April 2008 16:17
subject xx,000 dollars
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Poison lies. The reason you have difficulty with me is that you were not honest with me.

But to be honest with me, is to show that all of what i am saying is true, and to show that, you fel condemns you. But with me, it's different, it's the only way you could be forgiven.

I resent being the fart you laid in church that you want to forget. By not making amends with me, you condem yourself. I am not the only one you have harmed either. Saying:" I suddenly realized I couldn't cope with your family, I am sorry" is the truth. But, the deeper truth is, you knew this all along, and your original mistake was to get involved in the first place.

You won't admit that, and you won't admit you have done it before. And, you won't admit it has caused destruction in other families. You won't admit that it was less love, that it was boredom, with infatuation. You won't admit, you were wanton, selfish, demanding, pressuring. You booked the camden trip before I approved. like the mensa booking. You would not admit the oversite of writing married on the landing card - you were the traveller, not me. You argued that people having affairs is no new thing, yes - but, they don't announce them.

It was an oversite and poorly planned. The card should have said single, and you were my cousin. And you invited me to stay with your mom. Not a married man, leaving his wife, going to see a woman and her small child at your rabbit hutch.

You cost me 86,000 dollars 35,000 in lost pay, 50,000 retirement 1200 for the aborted trip.
none of it would have happened if you hadn't called my house.
But, the money means less to me than the truth. Do you deny it? -------------------------------------

He wants Victim 1 to be "honest" with him so that he can "forgive" her.

He continues to assert that she should have lied to Immigration (June 2007) in order to get him into the UK, by saying he was her "single" cousin, and that her mother was his Aunt.

He blames Victim 1 for the fact that he had no work for a year and that he had to use his retirement fund to make ends meet.


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date21 April 2008 14:00
subject brat
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F**k your child! tell victim 2 I said that. She's a brat. he knows where I live.


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to victim 1
date27 April 2008 19:37
subject xxxx
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yer in fer a surprise. This war has just begun. stay tuned for victory two

Book to immigration, alex salmond, sandra white et. all with an apology for your intervention in my case...this is round three, round 2 is in play,. where we met gets a link to the book, your friend gets a free copy, comply or be damned.


Shows his commitment to "war" against Victim 1, and demands that she "comply or be damned".
Threatens (and soon follows through with threat) to send his "book" to:
- Immigration Dept,
- Alex Salmond (First Minister),
- Sandra White (Member of Parliament),


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to victim 1
date27 April 2008 23:31
subject your friends
hide details 27 Apr Reply

xxx got book, your other friends are next, etc, I send it everywhere, deescale privately before it is too late.You name will be blackened everywhere if you persist, deescalte now.



fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date3 May 2008 20:04
subject more hpv
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it is intracvaginal under the pubic bone.
if I test pos I will supeona your medical records.
If knowingly passed this to me, that is endangerment, incidently, oral sex with an infected individual leads to warts and cancer in the throat.

Does victim 2 have a wart?


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date3 May 2008 20:15
subject warts
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warts can take many years to develop, but there is a serological test to check exposure. I am quite convinced that the clunp of tissue there is a wart mass. They cause penile cancer as well. I have never been promoscous so the presence of + serology is you

Stone includes here a link to horrifying image of a wart-infested penis.

fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date4 May 2008 02:22
subject foad
hide details 4 May Reply

because you are a nut i can no longer post a comment on anybody.
Please make the world a better place and FOAD, (f**k off and die) ===============================

fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date5 May 2008 17:01
subject HR directors
hide details 5 May Reply

a few days ago I sent you info related to HPv, if you were the xxx type, you'd twist it, and say,
"I sent you a pic of a penis lookie here"
see? is that what you are? rem you said they would use my emails egainst me? will you turn out to be like them. If you were on my side, I could win this case.

References his former supervisor at his former employer and his lawsuit against these. It has been revealed he was fired for insubordination and harassing emails to
his former supervisor at his former employer. (surprise surprise!)

fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date15 May 2008 01:38
subject Victim 1s bxxb on cover mailed-bycomcast.net
hide details 15 May Reply

Now listen boob, er, bob. If this is what u are doing, this makes moonstone a best seller. Fer sure, boob. er. Bob. would the land lord say they still deliver your newspapes there boob.

If not, them where are you? You dont need a home base do you. so you could be at XXXXXXX ave, and, Victim 1 could be collecting child support, or csa, shit she might even attach yer check cause sh*t you up and left, and benefits office too, but boob, its all going back to xxx ave in your pocket. Haha. Yer a wealth of material for a writer, and shit victim 1 you can only manage a slopped over crabby crab, IQ 135 I must be off the map.

Actually I am way brighter by light yrs and you know it. Even if untrue, I could make moonstone fiction, or based on reality and say so on book, some parts have been fictionalized, which serves multiple purposes. put in the back, most the love stuff was fiction, too bad the sex was not b**b. er, bob.

"Word Salad" (aka Schizophasia)
We think Boob/Bob is supposed to be him addressing Victim 2, and gloating that he has used Victim 1's cleavage on the front cover of his "book".

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date15 May 2008 02:44
subject XXX said enjoy this
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I am refilig with welfare fraud to invesitgate where abouts of Victim 2,, is he physically living in XXX, is his computer at XXX, and other effects, and are you collecting csa money, and benefits, if so, why?

I am doing this sign or not. I may file with XXX police dept. It is full scale war. My respect and love for you is gone.

One of many threats to report Victim 2 and 1 to police etc. -- Confirms his commitment to "full scale war".


fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date18 May 2008 12:52
subject the porely secular mind is corrupt
hide details 18 May Reply

SEcularism is man leaving God to be God..see? In pursuit of being a God unto yourself Victim 1 you have corrupted yourself, This is why we keep pulling buckets of shit from your soul. .
In this passage, Paul gives a brief but appalling overview of the effect of people turning their backs on the Creator God. Mankind has worshipped the creation more than the Creator, and thus, God gave mankind over to vile affections and to a mind devoid of true judgment—his own natural mind. Since man's experiences shaped his judgment regarding conduct, his ability to judge truth became vague and led to the horrible perversions Paul lists. Today, the world groans with the weight of bearing the fruit of this idolatry.

Our own personal experience confirms the validity of these verses. Paul lists the consequences of a purely secular mind, which resulted from leaving the True Source of right standards out of our lives. He shows that when we follow the path described, we not only lose godliness but also true humanity.
fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date18 May 2008 13:31
subject Victim 1 in court
hide details 18 May Reply

Victim 1 in court..
lawyer: Ms XXX did you tell Victim 2 that u inherited the money?
Victim 1 ; "yes."
Lawyer: "and what did you say happened to the home, it evaporateed, did you say it was foreclosed?"
Victim 1: well yes well no.
Lawyer: which is it victim 1 yes or no.
Victim 1: commons Victim 1 such a thing is easily checked isnt it, the sale of the house is a matter of public record, as is the sale price. Isnt it true Victim 1 that you agreed you would not locate him, or his work, and not require child support provided he make no issue of the house sale, and did you rationalize the sale independent of him based on the fact that it was in your name, and he owed you money, xxx to be precise?"
Victim 1: well er...yes and no. dueces wild.
Lawyer: then you made people responsible to raise his child. Victim 1, you are guilty of welfare fraud aren't you?"
Victim 1: well er...yes and no. dueces wild.
Lawyer: did you report the sale of that property to the benefits office? did you? what about the sale of your apt, did you report that? how many counts of welfare fraud are you guilty of Victim 1?
Victim 1, did Victim 2 ask you to lie to csa isnt that conspiracy to defraud? Victim 1, do you have any concept of how it is, that in the name of aquiring security for your child. Are you currently living with or have you lived with Victim 2, in the past two months,and did you draw support, from welfare and csa?"
Victim 1: well er...yes and no. dueces wild.
Lawyer: Victim 1 do you understand that Mr. stone has been unwittingly involved in your welfare woes, that his presence could have been a risk?
Victim 1: it was Victim 2, he made me do bad things..
Lawyer: your honor the defense rests.

Stone sent Victim 1 his bizarre, fantastical made-up scenario (above) of how a lawsuit against her would go. Truly insane!

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date19 May 2008 20:46
subject carl jung war over give peace a chance
hide details 19 May Reply

The book was not passed by me to the iq world, if so, i would have chosen the edited version, not the one with marked up spots for editing, ( xckljxcfjs that means i left off there haha)

it is very sloppy near the end, and unfinished (nice pic tho) I should think you'd love the cover, etc pic at the end because of the way you so proudly displayed them on sound click, maybe i could pass that html along. But i am cutting the book off before the war, as i hope it will end. And I dont want to publish it. Victim 2 wants me too, cause he wants money from a law suit. The bonnie and clyde team i guess, but criminal is not what you were born to be.

....The book was offered to you to finish, to validate in the way you feel goes wrong but i suppose you cant because it isnt far off.

Why you would hand it to Victim 2 is beyond me, i doubt he's read jung, i have, and his cosmic archetypes. concepts. anyway. I hope you didnt send him our skype pics, well ya did didnt you. encouragement? i presume, did you do it while you were typing platonic promises? i supoose i have driven you close to him, but, only close enough for you to see how corrupt you are under his influence. and how you destroyed something good for fear of being seen in a bad light, you now feel you have to be every bit the notorious one, maybe you could sue me over the book, as if bilking welfare wasn't enough. Those threats from welfare are of your own making. you have proved you can be led with me (good) him, (well jesus look at it.)

Listen a**hole, i have potreyed you as incompetant. to csa and benefits, if anything under duress. You don't deserve it tho. You went too far with me. now you are going to go the other way...but he will be hammered. and it will be me doing it. He belongs in jail. u wont be ready to talk to me for years. i want my little girl to head the other way babe, you were given a talent, intelligence, a gift, he doesnt have it, and you are using it the wrong way, write the hurricane hailey series, dear elf diaries. it'd be a smash, ask her what she would write, and adjust for comic effect. then either illustrate or have illustrated the entries, you have the template dear..its yers. No I wont sue you, haha...i will sign it away, as the last tpi project. Rainbow town was just minutia, but liitle things add up.

To deal with me you have to be subordinate to the right that comes thru me. You could not talk to me now.

My influence was good. Do you see that? this is not a sales pitch honey, if you were still corrupt I dont want u. i write u in the hopes you will wake up. not for any other reason. But god damn look at yourself now, my little swot, turned matahari. you see it now, get better. I will help but you wont know how. you are being shamed in a good way swotty, now rest easy. this love like you've never known. They all say "why bother' you know why i do, yer my little girl, and i am the good dad. i want take you home.

"gary is good, we are bad" from the mouths babe, tell your child i said hi, and i am writing the elfs. you should leave the incorrect spelling and tilt the f askew a bit.

Stone denies distributing his "book". Just plain nuts...


fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date21 May 2008 18:50
subject Poetic genius
hide details 21 May Reply

I am more of a poewtic genie than you, however if I get in, cause you hover near 99.5 I will put in a recommendation. I will let u know honey. I dont know how to interpret your non answer to the rick question except that you want to be an illusionist, but it is really aggression. You know that. So,there it is. if I am to recommend you, you will have to answer.

Refers to Poetic Genius Society which requires an IQ in the 99.5 percentile. Even though he cannot make the grade, he taunts as though he has the authority to decide if his Victim 1 would ever be admitted.

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date29 May 2008 13:01
subject bitch
hide details 29 May Reply

The lab report confirms exposure to HPV 3 serotypes, two are carcinogenic - you are a c**t please drop dead soon

Lies about Victim 1 infecting him with HPV

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date29 May 2008 15:20
subject even by condeming you
hide details 29 May Reply

even by condeming you you are being protected by me, although you are
too stupid to see it , a pap smear with dialation and cuterage will rule out cercical cancer as a cause for your bleeding, if you want to live to see your child grow up get it done, and get the simple blood tests i meantioned for anemia, dumb sh*t, and cite me once where Victim 2 has recommended this...lead level too moron.

threatening to throw me out today, even tho the cops said she should not come back. threatened restrainiing order

i said good then it will be recipricol as i will file for violent behavior and malicious destruction of property, and abuse. child endangerment. Something you are currently guilty of incidently. You expose your child to an unfit father, you are mentallt ill, and so is your mom, and neither will get treatment

Now call xxxx and tell her how you are being persecuted, boo hoo, a**ole. You should be made to spend a month with every family u have f**ked over,



fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date31 May 2008 12:09
subject apology
hide details 31 May Reply

I dont have HPV as far as i know, i have no symptoms, i was trying to force you to get a pap smear because bleeding is a sign of cervical cancer it has to be rulled out, and to be honest that tissue I decribed is indicatiive of HPV or it is an old epistimotomy scare. I also didnt mean to call you a c**t.

I never used that word, but you used me sexually, and you are way too loose for me. Get some help please, XXX is being written, I do think he will understand whty I am pissed. The cause and effect does begin wit you, and you need some sanctions in place.

You are dangerously ill IMO. sorry about sex smaars butr christ aftteryour porno page, you do deserve itr, and you Victim 2 platonic claim. You are too loose for me. I don't like people like that. Sexailly now you disgust me, what can i say,.

Stone admits that he lied about contracting HPV from Victim 1

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date5 June 2008 17:10
subject warty
hide details 5 Jun Reply

have a lovely warty weekend, f**king wh*re ;)


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date11 June 2008 14:02
subject today
hide details 11 Jun Reply

when you log int soundclick to check your stats, it is plainly visible, you have not logged into soundclick yet, but when you check your mail, you will see this, you have until today to contact tewhey by email. You know his email. If you do not, I will publish the book, I will write XXX and I will process the federal injunction.

End this today, and ,move on with your life. We both despie each other, and you know why. I have revealed you to yourself, and others, as you well deserve, That is not my problem that you are sick and corrupt. Do some thing about it, and make your life better, meanwhile erase my stuff. The names in the book have been changed. XXX is working on it, it will be published at lulu in two weeks I will not publish it if you comply, not many except those who identify yourself to will know who you are, but you will, And the world will know how sick some people are, or at least those who read the book will.

I will try to promote it, if you stand up and say "it's me" you hurt yourself.

Admits stalking Victim 1 at Soundclick website. More threats. Tewhey is his (2nd) lawyer. XXX was the "editor" he hired. Please note EXTREME SWINGS in mood and temperament. Red Flag.


fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date12 June 2008 00:51
subject why you were reported
hide details 12 Jun Reply

How you brought a welfare investigation and legalism onto youself.
1. By abadonement
2. Breach of promise.
3. Lying about a future
4. Playing Mind games
5. Involving your child in a breakup
6. Mistreatment in XXX (looking for reasons to find fault.)
7 Lying about immigration
8 collusion with RK while in XXX
9. Irresponsible emotional shift Victim 2
and lying about
10. Using me sexaually in xxx
11. making me look for an apartment to break up with me.
buying things for childs room
12. Promising a platonic relationship
13 ? exposing me to Victim 2's sex history
14. Refusal to document erasure of my materials
15. cutting me off
16 Trashing two websites
17 Celebrating the trashing of the sites
18. Involving me in welfare problems putting me at risk
19. psychological abuse, and enjoying it
20. ? exposure to venereal agent
21. Calling my house in April, glib about consequences.
22. Pressuring me to marry you and divorce my wife when you were in sincere.
23. Booking tickets without my consent xxx
24. Threatened abuse of personal material
25. Exposing my personal info to Victim 2
26 wantonly entering a relationship with me with unresolved emotional issues with him, denying it, and lying about it.
27. Glib a website you said you loved, that it was just role playing
? possible collusion with Victim 2 to destroy www.thetoylanders, and take xxx and book
28. sociopathic behavior e.g. no guilt about wanton abuse.
29. wanton disregard for my wife and kids.
30. Glibness: after XXXXXX. go to your parents..amd sleep on "the good couch" the couch where my brother died.
31. Using me to get to Victim 2
32. Harssing my wife and sending adult material to my childrens email.
33. No empathy feigning. psycho pathic emotional reversal, one as good as another mentality, user mentality, concern only about stuff you left, would lie to me to retrieve it. Shallow. Crminal mentality.
34. Lying about promiscuous history.
35 manipulative sexually all year, lying about ideal relationship, sudden opting for percieved better deal. Glibness, shallowness, secrecy, treating me like shit suddenly after you left, failure to tell the truth
36 abusive pornographic website.
37 manipulativeness.
38 manipulating Victim 2 in my presence.
39 mockery, failure to make amends or recognize damages
40. Pure fucking a**hole.
41 Failure to show empathy about my family situation or my eyesight, cutting me off like I didnt exist.
You objected to me villifying you, i feel Ive been nice, you
are a monster.
42. Misrepresenting sequenc playing XXX employing Victim 2in to misrepresent me at soundclick. Making sure XXX misunderstood sequence, using phony politness to manipulative ends.
43. Ignoring XXXXX's request.
44. lawyers request, failure to accept peace terms, reveling in victory
45. Aggravating my home life, jeopordizing my child wanton attempted exposure of my child to adult material.
46 torturing and enjoying torture, playing scrabble before you dumped on the relationship, planning the dump, resuming benefits thursday Jan 2. 3 days before breakup
47 failure to offer condelences my brothers death.
48. Pretending to be a nice person
49 pretending to be like me\\\51
50. Poison lies, telling me my wife is poisoning me, tring to get me kicked out my house.
51. using distanbce between us in sneaking and cowardly way
52 using your child in a break up
53,. Misrepesenting me to your family.

Wall to wall projection by Stone and psychotic ramblings. Oddly, some of these are the same things Stone is accusing those he believes are EOPC of.

Boo Pictures, Images and Photos

fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date14 June 2008 10:29
subject discovery
hide details 14 Jun Reply

I know what you are now: a gigantic man eating, snapping, infected Quim


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date14 June 2008 11:03
subject I got it
hide details 14 Jun Reply

A Winged Flying Quim, with End stage Qausi Pestulent Venria, with Horns, and "Two Big Eyes" and a menacing stare.
fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
date14 June 2008 22:54
subject reasons
hide details 14 Jun Reply

You are a pig and a sl*t. You are amoung the lowest pieces of sh*t, I have ever encountered. I was re-reading the reasons for the report, and I take back my apology for calling you a c**t. You are a c*nt, and worse. I shouln't be apologizing to you for anything, you pathetic sk*nk. Street walker have more ethics than you do...


fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to Victim 1
cc Victim 2
date15 June 2008 02:58
subject Victim 1 exposed
hide details 15 Jun Reply

this will be posted.

This or something similar will go in every fucking news group I can find on the fucking internet if she doesn't write tewhey sunday. I wil construct a fucking Victim 1 webpage with her xxxx page as one link, if you dont start talking sense to that stupid bitch. Her name will be f*cking indexed with some f*cking choice key words. Snap out of it Victim 2, your name will be there too.

Fair Warning:
xxx at betapet owned a company with me, she absconded with my cc numbers, debit numbers, equifax numbers, copyrighted songs, and writings, photos, and has already violated copyright law, by using my materials at soundclick. My lawyer asked her erase these materials, and she ignored his letter. She created a webpage at soundclick along side her children's story page, which was pornographic in nature, mocking, defamatory, where she sold porno poems, and threatened to publish and sell private information. When she did that I responded by posting that that people should not visit that site, as she is selling cds, of personal information. She has a history, according to her own brother of going after married men.

Many families have been destroyed because of her, this is a real fact about this woman. She is sick. And so, fair warning is posted here, not to give her any personal information. She is polite, highly intelligent, but very manipulative and her real nature is totally self serving. 50,000 loss tells the story. She and her former husband are living together, and for some time, and perhaps still, she drew child support from welfare the support was supposed to come from him - she is bilking the system, she is currently being investigated by British welfare fraud agency, DPW. This woman has been warned a hundred times that if she didn't deal with her legal issue, she would be exposed. And so, here it is...the expose, get too friendly at your own risk. She is good scrabble player, play scrabble but do not converse with her. She had a criminal bent, and she is a user.

Stone actually posted this on the Betapet forum, before he was banned.
(He was banned 3 times in total for the same thing.)


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gary Stone
Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: sally free and easy
Cc: SoundClick Support , Contact-Us , EOPC

I am doing it tommorow, my wife is leaving for xxx, and I am going to record in the cellar. Victim 1 had my soundclick page zapped again because i said this is a song about a cyberpath. No name was mentioned. But I want to tell you why she is sick, and i want sc to hear this. You do remember we called for peace, and was enjoying the whole porno page bit, and sc supported her. I want to explain to you just what animals they are.

Victim 1 has a condition called xxxxxxxxxxxxx and this is relevant. Her child got sick a year ago, and was very febrile, raging temps at night up to 104 degrees. was limp and listless. Victim 1 had no idea what was going on. These temps went on for a week, it was dismiessed as probably viral. But, I wasnt buying viral, as wasnt getting better. I was fairly convinced it was bacterial. I asked her to look at throat and tell me if tonsils were large and beat red, they were.

I was worried Victim 1 migh get cross infected. She did.

She started getting fevers. This is important because, she has a cortisol deficiency, and she has to take exogenous cortisol x 3 daily. Cortisol plays a role in inflamation. Inflamation helps isolate a bug in one location. In her case the tonsils. If strep leaves the tonsils, we are talking about septicemia and possible death from septic shock.

I talked Victim 1 into going to the er, and there they denied it was strep. They denied it x 3. The reason they did is because they want to reduce cost of lab work, and tonsilectomy. I told to argue she was compromised and therefore in danger. It didnt phase them. She went private, and the private person did not test for strep but gave them both pennicillin. They were both better in 48 hrs. One week later the same thing happened. A woman walked in the hospital there, and left with the same crap. She died later from strep septicemia.

I may very well have saved her life. I may also have helped the function of her hand, as it would have healed wrong, I asked her to get an xray.
She had surgery as a result.

Victim 2 and her, are animals, and they have treated me like an animal. And ally of soundclick have supporte these creeps since april. They have allowed her to mock me, they cleared three defamatory webpages, includingt the debauched porno page, you saw that and heard it. These people are as bad as Victim 2 and her.

You dont treat somebody who might have saved your life this way. And that is what she did, and I dont intend to let her or soundclick get away with enabling animals. Victim 1 knows the truth on this, and I am not going to tolerate being treated this way, by unappreciative ignorant animals. Ill record sally tommorow and the next day. Somebody has to speak up about this low life and Victim 2. Further more this person, with superficial glibness has failed to even acknowlede the role she played in my blindness, when i was in Hampton I was reading an ordinary book. This nitemare Victim 1 knows I was, and would not even send "the blessed by angels" "perfect love" love a sorry to hear note. Not one word. This is scum. And people should know what type of scum they are. She had two pages destroyed yesterday, and I am pissed beyond words.

Her and Victim 2 are filth, and so is ally of soundclick for supporting them, you know kev how much we tried to negotiate, and you know what she did instead. Somebody has to get this because the harm has just gone too far. These two are lying animals, and kev you know your impression was she was enjoying this...she was, she was taunting somebody who was going blind. And she knew it, she was totally lacking in empathy. This is a characteristic of NPD, I am a certified RN. in the state of mass, board registered 207341, and I have seen these types before. They are superficial, manipulative, and extremely dangerous for that reason. I will not have her damaging my name or my music. The gaunlet is down on this witch. G

Note Stone's Savior complex and assumption of a diagnosis he can not possibly give.
fromGary Stone
reply-toGary Stone
to xxx
date18 August 2008 18:14
subject cart and the horse are.
hide details 18 Aug Reply

Victim 1
You have been fooling people as to where the cart and the horse are.

To welfare center:

Somebody needs to get Victim 1 & 2 to chat with some hard boiled legal people who do not fall for the "poor harrassed woman" ploy. These people have displayed a criminal mentality. I want legal people to plow a little deeper into this, and you people to investigate this without sympathy and crying towels - get those prone to tears off of this case. Their evidence is at hotmail/google/yahoo erased and unerased emails and chats

2003 thru may 14 2008.

Please investigate Victim 2 status, his and in Deember or November whether Victim 1 sent codes to admin site of www.thetoylanders.com

for Victim 2 to enter that site, investigate transfer of images of pictures I took, sent to Victim 2 Nov - dec 2007. Whether plotting occured to sell her apt for his sake - whether she reported that sale or the sale of the first home, and see Victim 2 himself advocating welfare deceptions, lying about my credit, etc, see Victim 2 and her communcating since 2003 - resumng welfare in 2008 Jan see how i opened an equifax account to prove Victim 2 wrong. He was my credit is in the 700 range. V. good. But I lost the equifax url and there are many, and I asked elaine feb, march, april for right url and passwords. She denied me, and now Victim 2 knows my history better than I.

Seed communications Victim 1 made from library to Victim 2 (her real plans) in jan 2008 - lies to me -chucklings with Victim 2 then see they lived with xxxxx, and played games with the only way i could earn a living at soundclick my music, since going blind.... probably sending the link to the xxxx pages others for a laugh - now they deny those pages exist. She maintains the privatized page to abuse, and nothing else.

See now, how she denies she made those pages, poses as a nurse, speaking for a company in Boston, attempting to get me to write on that nurse, and that company, thereby defaming that nurse, and that company, etc and contaminate a legal case. This was their hope.

and see how phony legal people come in and assume responsibilty for her.

See how she colludes with soundclick to destroy my music, by having them rearrange message posts for archiving in May Not to mediate - but to stoke a legal case to get more unearned income.

And possibly they wrote my former editor causing her perhaps to move off line, destroying her business. She was working on a book that was never to be a book as emails show, it was therapy. Now, it will be a book

The cause of Victim 1s problems with me is Victim 1 - I simply respond. Victim 2 does not want clarity, proper closure, as he is jealous of Victim 1 and I. He, has been fueling this...

Have Victim 2 prove his legality in that country. And having proved all of this - ask your self, are there additional sanctions to be applied, when if they are proved, warrant a criminal record.

As that would be the only inhibiting action. It is they now, who have stepped into the criminal realm, by impersonating professionals licensed in this State. Check my license, Ma, 201341 at the mass board of nurses, one has to pass a moral exam to even be tested - nop citations...yet these creeps would dare to pose as nurses they couldnt hold a candle to, and rejoice at the destruction of my career by anothe liar who said " he sleeps on the job" "he threatend to pull my eyeballs out if I sleep"
another who is going to court.

This moral exam would disqualify both of these a**holes. I want something done about these people - a bridge too far, when they rationalize I caused my brothers death, and i molested my daughter they violate everything that is deemed good, and just and legal in the physical and spiritual realms.

. I am very very disturbed by libeal approaches to hard crime and by now - and now, if there was any doubt before stow it - they are criminal.

Gary Stone RN licensed in Mass. US
who had his career destroyed by other liars who failed to take responsibilty.
This a** has this nurse from XXX arguing my responsibilty in my brothers death, naming him XXX big give away, as that is not posted, saying they know geri mullen, not online. This, is Victim 1 with too much time on her hands, and Victim 2, drug abuser, illegal who has stood in the way of mediating this problem -
stokes it, and encourages Victim 1 to earn money by sueing me. Victim 1s privacy is everything to you people but she thinks nothing of mine.
selling my info, plastering threats on her webpages, etc. You know the story there.
She also thinks nothing of a coworkers privacy
To put it plain: she's a criminal.
and thinks like one, and a dangerous one as her educated accent fools people into thinking that it must be the other one. It is not, it is her. A woman can be a criminal. Get it thru your heads please. Remove her crying towels and get her to confront the truth about her history.
She was not born to reinvent the law to suit herself or time honored morals - she is pathology run amuck. If something isnt done I will write this story for the london times.

Victim 1 has always been warned before I take any action, many times. Those emails there
here is the relationshio
Victims 1 & 2 are malicious - they are busting my balls and having fun - they get report - they retaliate.
End this cycle now! Impound her precious IBM think pad, and introduce her to the signifigcance of her actions.
and delete my Goddamed information.

Gary Stone

More unreadable ramblings of Stone exhorting the govt to step in and expose Victim 1. Note that he accuses Victim 1 of 'masquerading as a nurse' with his ex-employer; something he now says EOPC is doing! Stone needs to make up his mind -- he's such a martyr.


fromGary Stone
toJames TXXXX (his lawyer)
date6 September 2008 03:13
subject Just like you.
hide details 6 Sep Reply

hey Victim 1, I have another secret. [My lawyer] is sociopath. Just like you. you know y? it's because he's a complete fake. Just like you. haha Damned right I am 3 sheets to the wind on 6 beers. I wish had more.

Do you want to kill me Victim 1. You have a perfect opportunity. I am at a hotel. Do you know why? My wife. Two words. "my wife/"

Just do it. End it Victim 1, Why dont you and [my lawyer] get married.You could raose a new breed- a generation of psycho paths, Hey Victim 1, ssssshhhh dont tell anybody, but, I know what you are,,,,and I know what he is.....do you know what a psycho path is?
its somebody who lives by 0ne principle, "maximizing advantage" no morals..., morals are vestigial. Did I tell you I was shit faced? ha? I dont even drink. .but I did tonight.

Hey Victim 1? do you know what truth is? I do. its simple. Its what is. Goodnight. Hey Victim 1, do you know who showed up to clean up puke? It was my wife. Not you. Lookitup. My old man used to say that. SOCIOPATH. Did tell you I was shit faced? Good night Victim 1. Who was the french lady in the video, it wasnt you.

Stone actually sent this to his own lawyer!

fromGary Stone
t0 Victim 1
date12 September 2008 14:49
subject sack the bastard
hide details 12 Sep Reply

I am pointing Victim 2s posts and his anon posts the xxx pages to xxxx his welfare history,and his legal status, his conspiracy to defraud welfare, his use of hashish etc, to xxx. You will have to pay consequences for these activities. Hopefully they will sack the bastard. You can just change your age, as I will be reporting him based on your testimony, they will get th headers for the posts, the xxx pages you made while you and he were bilking welfare, and choice qoutes from the so called legal case exchange such as "cant you just say you got the money" Id encourage them to check his legal status. You went too far with the last attempt, and now you and he will suffer the consequences.

This is about the time Stone starts "exposing" Victim 2 to Victim 2's employer. It's all assumed nonsense. Stone is merely exposing himself as a nutjob.

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date13 September 2008 01:27
subject hpv infected quim.
hide details 13 Sep Reply

by the way, every time you change your age, we think you still love us, we don't love you you silly little wench. We see you as an hpv infected quim.



fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date13 September 2008 01:41
subject We dont want to be conscious anymore.
hide details 13 Sep Reply

why dont you use your witchy powers to do us in, you stupid c**t. We dont want to be conscious anymore -.after all what do we have have to look at. haha.



fromGary Stone
Victim 1
date30 September 2008 15:17
subject serious shit
hide details 30 Sep (13 days ago) Reply

From the start, you were involved with Victim 2, and possibly his coworkers, to get me to think you would were x. Only she would do, and you do know what your objective was... you would have pushed that button to send the url to x as you knew her email, and to the organization to prejudice a legal case, and thereby obstruct justice...and to get me sued by x. That is two crimes...obstruction, and another involving mixed civil and criminal charges, maybe as many as three in there.

You thought it would pan out to have only the effect you wanted. But as I suggested, it could have had a disastrous effect on x or the program. Using the info, is participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice is a fact.

But there are so many implications here that it boggles to think of them. Now, nobody understands what it is u have done,except maybe interested people looking at this at word press or oranjo, and occasional interested visitor.

And, I do really need to expose it, as afterward, you started a new plot equally criminal (shut downs with a goal in mind, using perjury, threatening ISPS company resources

This is really very serious shit. It is a another precipice - but for documentation purposes I have to have this escalated to protect myself, and others on the Internet from your mindset.
Last nite Victim 1 I was having a fairly peaceful sleep...until a disturbed fragment of a dream appear in which I saw a snippet of an email of letter you were typing to somebody named X explaining "rocky horror" an illusion to something we talked about before..and you typing something about a contract...with the toylanders..that you had written one...I flashed to the e sig I sent you in Decemberin the dream, and woke in sweats...

Now Victim 1, this type of stuff is stuff I wanted you to document erasure of in December made that e sig in Microsoft Paint, as you did..and you know as well as me, you sig and mine were badly formed using a mouse, you pasted mine and yours into a lease agreement which you breached in January.

There was no contract with TPI, you and I and xxx made a humorous contract in emails in Februaryof last year. I doubt my dream is prescient in anyway of something you are actually doing, at the time I was dreaming it. But, the dream reveals to me, my unconscious understanding of your level of corruption at present..your plotting at present is you are digging the hole wider and deeper, motivated by a desperate need to cover the last plot and by discrediting me....

I have written archive.org, as certain urls from the 2007 from the old website are missing - in particular those related to you. If Viotim 2 has used any of my emails. or my authority to remove those urls...the motivation is obvious alter reality to support your current behavior...the presence of my data on your computer has already been used for theft, copyright violations sexual harassment and criminal plots. That data you said you zapped. Saying you would erase it was not enough, it needed to be documented.

But you threatened me with it (that data) after you said you erased it, there were two witnesses to that threat...the e sig was created for one purpose only to lease an apartment. after that, it's use is illegal.

You have stolen an abused TPI company property, and In your desperation to cover yourself, you are still at it.
The publication of xxxxx , if anything,was premature Victim 1, as that book is still being written here. because your behavior has lapsed into the criminal now.
that book describes continued abuse by a person who, by virtue of taking her pathology on line - is now a new species called cyberpath. It's publication briefly on lulu was done because of this activity you indulge now.

If do not like that label, cease and desist, I am waiting for archive.orgs
reply. If url's have been removed, criminal charges will be levied against you and Victim 2. If do not stop this activity, that book XXXX will be offered, with XXXXXXXXX for free at the Toylanders Music site.


fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date1 October 2008 18:13
subject bingo!
hide details 1 Oct (12 days ago) Reply

the only way survive is to show the female listening the to Victim 1s cries of persecution the f**king c**t emails" haha. But, someday some gonna say, " no wait just one darned minute...nerv mind the c words look at this!" and bingo! NO fn wonder hes calling her a c word. haha


fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date2 October 2008 01:43
subject "bushit"
hide details 2 Oct (12 days ago) Reply

yup my wife would love to see you in court

weight jury black

"oh he said fn c word"
jury "bushit"
"oh he made my child upset
"oh he was disturbing my lovely family
"bushit bushit bushit"

More of Stone's fantasizing about court proceedings that will never happen

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date4 October 2008 21:22
subject stopit
hide details 4 Oct (9 days ago) Reply

I am at a motel, because my sister will not let me live at my mothers. Claiming she'd just paid to cleaned it *using my mothers money* she threw out my stuff. I am paying 500 a week to stay here, I cant go home because three weeks ago,. in retaliation for me calling the police last summer.

Meanwhile she is acusing me of attemptimg suicide. And demanding I eat. I said " I am not going to eat" she tht you eat when you overdose, you dont you puke. I said It in front of the cops when they got there " no, I wont" the acusation was proved false, but only after spending three days in the looney bin.

I had taken I prescribed amount of med, 1mg Klonopin, usually I take .5 mg 1/2 mg, but I can take a mg a day. I did it to screen her out from constant harrassment over what? You Victim 1h. For one month she demanded to see xxxx, I caved, and this was pay back. The shrink said "you arent suicidal"

I said no shit. And told him about the previous year. and when it rolls around to her, how the fn worlld knows about us, and how when I walk out side all the neighbors look at me with contempt and his fuckin jaw dropped.

Precisely the enviroment I described in feb when you sent xxxxxx.

Now his my point - it isnt over is it? you are still doing it, when I asked you for an apology sent to her, you still sent Boo Hoo.

and refused to document erasure. You need to stop this Victim 1 ..
think of the back pressure on me you
Victim 2
my kids
the neighbors
dmca shutdowns

do something Victim 1 you are going to kill me.

Stone still blame-shifting and projecting like crazy. Denial that he's done this to himself continues.

fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date5 October 2008 13:39
subject dead sure, or dead.
hide details 5 Oct (8 days ago) Reply

fiesty aren't we. You'd better be dead sure, or dead.



fromGary Stone
to Victim 1
date6 October 2008 14:33
subject pay for it..
hide details 6 Oct (7 days ago) Reply

eventually everbody important will know what you are...
Victim 2's employer
soc sec
consumer protection...

you wont be able to hit on anybody on the internet, and Victim 2 will keep you from going anywhere and you will be boxed in and controlled, which is right where you belong...then everyone wil be safe. You escalated it, now you are going to pay for it..l

Stone boasts about some of the places he has reported (or plans to report) Victim 1 to, with the aim of "boxing in and controlling" us. Many cyberpaths think by building up "reports" with the authorities they can turn they persecution fantasies into reality. This is pure pre-emptive strike and sick.

fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date5 October 2008 15:07
subject you get pellet.

hide details 5 Oct (8 days ago) Reply

Y do do you reinforce it?
because like a lab rat you get pellet. (sex)

BOO Pictures, Images and Photos



fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date27 September 2008 05:21
subject pauncho

hide details 27 Sep Reply

FBI, if they took this, they'd prove it was u in 24 hrs. Even if they gave it to trainees as a homework assignment. in the internet division. Hypothetical scenario
"you guys, anon post, here's the headers, who posted it, you have 24 hrs, then you get an A"

they'd get it in three hrs. First theyd justify, and within 1 hr thed have all of your info, and Victim 2s, to establish whether it's feasible that you did it. Then google out. And if it stops...they'd find where.

And that person would be intimidated, and give you up."

Boss: 2hrs later Find out who it is yet?
trainees: yes sir its pancho
Boss: well home or business?
Trainees: business sir
Boss: what business?
Trainees: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Boss:ok, now the question is, be careful
did pancho hacth this plot?
Trainees: yes sir, its pancho
Boss: would you arrest him?
Trainees: yes sir
Boss: no you wouldnt u simps
now go home and go home and do your homework...

Theyd call interpol, as pancho aint their guy.

Now whether or not Victim 2 this is the scenario...it'd be that simple for them. I dont know how you did it, but it had better be good, if they take it up. fail safe, or else.



fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date14 September 2008 22:22
subject Sleaze with cheese.

hide details 14 Sep Reply

If I ever meet up with you Victim 2, I'm going to name the bones I'm going to break in latin before I break them.

What is wrong with her? Is she soft? What the f**k does she see in you you miserable little coward. If you met up with me you'd run. Sleaze with cheese.



fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date14 September 2008 22:09
subject leave her alone.

hide details 14 Sep Reply

Do you see your computer as your d**k? Ha? is it your toy. You hacked the toylanders site too, you and your friends. Victim 2 gave you the codes. But in truth you're a d**kless wonder.

You'd need a BS in computer science, and one yer post grad. Maybe you should learn how to use your d**k legally for a change. And stop dragging Victim 1 down with you, leave her alone.

First Stone accuses Victim 1 & 2 of being in cahoots. Now it's: Victim 2 is using Victim 1... the crazed mental leaps never stop.

fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date11 September 2008 20:44
subject IQ

hide details 11 Sep Reply

We have you now dude, you shouldn't screw with somebody with an IQ, but crying in your beer is still an option.



fromGary Stone
to Victim 2
date8 September 2008 22:25
subject Re: well well

hide details 8 Sep Reply

You can tell Victim 1 that xxxx is published on LULU.com
the photo is used for three reasons
1. it own it, it is TPI
2. She used it in violation of personal rights and copyright law
3. I took the photo
4. She shared it with you
5. She used it freely on soundclick to sexually harass me.
6. You agreed with that harassement and did to me what you would not want done to yourself.
I am sorry the price for soundclick was so high - but you stood in the way of mediation B**b, er...Bob. Simply security request denied for sadistic reasons. So there you have it. The anon emails clinched it. I dont understand why she follows the lead of somebody like you. But...so it goes, she's bent on being as vile as you i guess.
- Hide quoted text -

On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 8:34 PM, Gary Stone wrote:
I suppose welfare found the business plan interesting, will you say the info is unreal unless it is archived? I noticed you quickly made it private. we have to wonder why. However, the info can still be obtained.

Was the an*l rape post yours? A fantasy of yours I guess.

This one was sent as an example of Stone's continued harassment of his victims (sent recently) and his fantasies that EOPC is in "cahoots" with them, that EOPC is being PAID to be a 'cyberhitman'. His continued ranting only shows how disordered he is.

fromGary Stone

CC: cyberpaths@gmail.com,

dateSun, Nov 2, 2008 at 7:39 AM

subject Goin home.


The bloggers understand this situation very well,

I have recieved some indications of that, and none post anonymously. (the voices in his head?)

I will save them in case someday you wake up and you care

to see them. I told them I will post nothing that reinforces my point, or

cyberpunks and all of his sympathies, are from himself. (references to EOPC)

wake up. I am taking two days to move, today and tommorow. Goin home. Get some help and eventually I will take this down, but I may generalize to cyberpath, citing a nameless example as proof of his dubious enterprise. It be worthwhile. A little culture, a little cleavage, a stress illness cop, and an awnry old man, is his evidence. He's dangerous, and so are you. (again refers to EOPC and deems our information dangerous and baseless. LOL) G
We truly hope Stone checks himself into a mental health clinic for intensive help. He needs its.

11/26/08 Update -- to our readers who asked:

Stone's conspiracy theories don't stop and neither do his crazy postings. He truly thinks he's more important than he really is. Here's some of the latest from his ever-changing blog (erase, rewrite, blather on...) Our comments are in dark blue & italics:

Fighter, [Victims]: The cyberpathic criminals (whenever Stone learns a new word, via EOPC, he uses it ad naseaum against us, his victims and anyone else who stands in his raging path. Cyberpath, psychopath, paranoid... Here's another new word for him since he finds us so interesting: Mirroring.)

We will develop this story later, but it describes Fighters conspiracy with [victims 1 & 2] to obstruct justice in a civil employment case. He is a liar in saying he obtained the MCAD document from the MCAD, he got the info from [victims 1 + 2], [they] sent him the MCAD filing from Bhchp.org, and also sent the EEOC summary that I wrote.

(Just to clarify to our readers - we received or were sent NO SUCH DOCUMENTATION. Proferring an opinion online is protected speech, as our disclaimer on the right says.

We also make it clear we aren't lawyers, police or doctors. So obviously Stone is scared that someone will find out what a wack-job he is.

In another post on his blog he swears he's 'not paranoid' or a ''psychopath' but 'a nice guy'. rrrrriiiiiiggggghhhhhttt....

We aren't trying to influence any legal cases; we don't have that kind of time nor is Stone important enough for us to do so.)

I found the article with the help of another nurse at the nursing group, it was buried in the google archives, there isn't even a mention of a law case. This is an illegal and sinister attempt to judge a case online.

(Again, proferring OPINION isn't illegal or sinister to anyone but Stone. And, something EOPC never did )

But it is even more sinister when we analyze it. He [Fighter] conspired with [victims]. If you his posing as a nurse was off, look forward to how off his behavior really is, this story will be developed on Friday, and thru the weekend.
from Stone's blog - which was closed down by Wordpress for defamatory statements and breach of contract.

(We never "posed as a nurse" anywhere. In fact we have seen him accuse us of this elsewhere and frankly, we have no idea what the heck he's raging about. EOPC has other victims, other cases, and is involved with a number of victim support organizations and we don't play petty online games. We don't have time. Only Stone the conspiracy theorist thinks we do.

The things Stone accuses us of doing, having done or being is just unreal. God himself couldn't keep up. His one post, entitled:
Fighter, XXXXX: the cyberpathic criminals is nothing short of insanity. We don't send anonymous emails or make anonymous postings. We do the exposure and move on. Obviously we have rattled Stone's cage with truth.  So whoever is taunting or calling Stone out; it ain't us. And frankly, his confabulations must be the source of amusement for a variety of people considering the far-flung accusations. Every couple weeks his blog is rewritten with even more out-there talk and assumptions and theories and threats.

More from Stone's blog:

this page describes Fighters conspiracy with XXX and XXX to obstruct justice in a civil employment case...

And it indicts fighter, I will edit this later and show you more of what fighter rationalizes… In order to edit, I have to pull all of this off, and put it in word process, wordpress has a window for typing that is only as large as this paragraph. In addition, I am legally blind, so I will pull it together during the next few days. This fighter is a monster, and so is XXXX These are horrible people.

The emails Stone is so sure came from us? Not one of us have ever even seen them! We have no clue who wrote them or where they came from. We are as clueless to their origin as Stone is, in actuality. That's not our style nor do any of us do or write things like that. He accuses us of removing things from this site we haven't and of having legal documents we have never seen.

And -- knock knock - reality calling: 'conspiracy to obstruct justice'? Unbelievable... LOL

But Stone's so enraged by being exposed for the lunatic he is -- he (like MANY of our other exposed Cyberpaths) is going to blame us and the targets of his rage for everything & anything he can think of.
This is all very indicative of what we believe is Stone's distrubance -- which includes his tenuous grasp on reality.

boo hoo kitty Pictures, Images and Photos

Poor Stone. Heading for the age of 60 with a failed life. Out of job with a long record of insubordinate behavior he goes online and meets someone. Another aspiring writer, and decides to help her. When that doesn't work out and a relationship with her doesn't work out -- he tantrums like the emotional child he is. Wah wah wah!

On the 'stage of Stone's life story' things MUST be how he WRITES them to be. A fantasy trial against the woman who 'wronged him,' a fantasy trial against EOPC for being so heinous as to give him a reality check, a fantasy trial because the woman he wanted wouldn't let him overstep the copyright on HER materials. He's a wronged man -- nobody loves him -- he's the victim of conspiracy upon conspiracy -- he's calamity -- he's Don Quixote -- he's a martyr -- no one understands his pain -- he's an undiscovered genius -- poor poor Gary Stone must continue to rail against the evil forces of REALITY and GROWING UP.

As you can see he was up & online bright and early and logs in every day about the same time during November 2008! The authorities can barely keep up with the hits, and hours he spends on his victim's webpage so we should feel honored he checks up on us, huh?

Domain Name comcast.net ? (Network)
IP Address 24.128.87.# (Comcast Cable)
ISP Comcast Cable
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State : Massachusetts
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and he thinks he's being quite "technical" and "cagey" when he uses a non-U.S. search engine:

Domain Name comcast.net ? (Network)
IP Address 24.128.87.# (Comcast Cable)
ISP Comcast Cable
Location Continent : North America
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State : Massachusetts
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Lat/Long : 42.4247, -71.1112 (Map)
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Stone's proxy:
IP -

Stone explodes, however, if he even smells a proxy or foreign IP on his sites.

Like all pathologicals - Stone can't fathom he made a mistake. His pathology includes obsessiveness and lack of impulse control so he can't move on and has made keeping this up his full time job now -- cyberstalking, taking frequent screenshots &  downloading them, writing & rewriting history, misinterpreting or putting some odd 'hidden meaning' to everyone and everything on his latest blog and playing martyr. If only he could find more productive things to do with his time - like being with his family or intensive therapy.

Stone may have the potential to be dangerous if he doesn't stop soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wth? what an ***hole this guy is. EOPC isn't personal. It never is personal. It's just a website that reports.

Whose that Macgranahern person he talks to - how the hell do these people assume to know what goes on in someone else's life or mind? Shows you how grandiose and crazy they are.

Always a good laugh when psychos blow smoke up each other's arse.

Stone needs help. Involving a padded room and lithium. Klonopin isn't doing it for him.