Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GARY STONE: Relentless, Delusional, Boring

for almost FIVE YEARS Stone has not let up on his victims - nothing works to stop him - he seems to have nothing better to do than to blame, rant, fingerpoint and keep on & on & on...

to those of you who have written us about how validating this is, hang in there... most of these people eventually give up - unless they're Gary Stone

EOPC has their mail from him directed elsewhere. The "authorities" he keeps "reporting" everyone to seem to have his rants & reports directed straight to the cyber-bin. We and others have, however, kept and forwarded along his very serious past insinuations.

EOPC stipulates here publicly: 

  • we never spoofed a nurse;
  • we don't have the time or desire to ruin Stone's legal cases, life or anything else; 
  • his victims are not being manipulated or threatened by us
  • the people he's named as those behind this blog? wrong on every count (he found the names of some of our old victims, and then attempts tried to single them out as us.  He's gone so far as to say defamatory things about these people's families.  No boundaries.); 
  • we don't just start up reposting things - our members request that we repost stories and we do.  That is all.; 
  • we do not interfere with legal cases or investigations
  • we did not shut down any investigation anywhere, we do not know how and 
  • we never have hacked anyone's computer - especially his.

Stone simply isn't that important to us.

In short, Stone is just one of many people we expose or help others get away from every year. He's a very tiny pebble in a very big pile though his delusions of persecution by us would have one thinking he was our sole target. In fact, he continues to believe that pebble is a massive mountain range of our 'cyber crimes'. (He's not the only cyberpath who spouts this nonsense either.)

Stone seems to expect everyone he contacts to feel outrage for him and take up his "cause" en masse...  He has contacted some of our cyberpaths for information and believes what he wants to hear.  Of course those cyberpaths he contacted are not truthful either.

No, we are rerunning this at the request of his victims. Simply to expose the craziness. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

So that everyone can see what comes from these relentless cyberharassers who get upset when things don't go their way - we're going to share just some of the latest we've gotten since rerunning the two-year-old expose.:

(NOTE: Since Stone sent copies of these to us, we are allowed to post them.  EOPC does not violate anyone's expectation of privacy) 

Gary Stone
to Contact-Us@jobcentreplus.gsi.gov.uk,
date Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 3:47 PM
subject more potential legal interference
The blog link described hacking that have occurred in tandem
with me discussing XXX's presence on facebook. The hackers had access into my computer and could go back out on to the Internet, which would make any Internet activity generated appear to be done by me. As my IP address would show up for example, on the hub, an article on secondary hypo adrenalsim was deleted twice. It was easy to do, as my Norton ID safe was filling in passwords.
Secondary hypoadrenalism is..XXX' disease.
Bold text was removed from one article multiple times.. easy to do
as Norton ID safe would auto fill screen name and password.
My website was shut down.(x 30) easy to do with Norton ID safe access, and the last
visitor (the hackers) would appear to me because entry into my computer back out again
to hack, would appear as my IP address.
. There is no question that there is antipathy
between XXXX and my self, the cyberpath blog and my self, about my website.
The deleted disease article did not relate XXX's name, and was not done to hurt XXX, it was
done to educate others.
My Point.relates to the emails I sent about interference in legal matters
My email appears to be accessed from the evidence ive recorded and posted
any hacker doing this would be able to read about other issues that I have of a legal nature regarding my dads estate
, these matters do not pertain
to XXX, or the cyberpath blog, and these issues could be "influenced" as the others were, behind the scenes..
These hacking were done by the vested interests. There is no question in my mind about it.
And here is the evidence for those hacking .XXXX
I am certain the republishing of this old debunked testimony could only have an adverse effect
on these other unrelated issues. But specifics about these issues could be fed to the other side
It is possible and probable that part of the reason for this republication may be to do just that.
The other part is about these people seeing me as standing in my way, when they did this, was only a matter of time, since they resent two articles on the internet,, the Malignant defamations article on the hub, and the Googlephone article on my webiste. Those articles keep attention on them that they do not like. But - obviously, they need to be there.
Only computer experts can evaluate this evidence. The reasoning that it is XXXX related,
and connected to the cyberpath blog using sounclick, is very very strong. There are two facts that are irrefutable.
The connection between XXXXX is noxious. The agenda with the cyberpath blog, and XXXX
is also noxious. It is poisonous to XXX because it incourages further aggression, instigation
In fact this collusion has never really stopped since 09 - XXXXs involvement might be the result
of an implied threat that they pose to her.
Tbank You for your Attention
Gary Stone
from Gary Stone
date Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 11:06 AM
subject ? of Obstruction
mailed-by gmail.com
A challenge to the British Welfare department.
The cyberpath blog argues that legal authorities are confused. But we can deconfuse them by asking them to investigate certain events. For example: it is true that I sent a welfare fraud report to Britain circa June 2008. I am going to challenge the British authorities by asking them a straight forward question. Did any anonymous individuals, perhaps ones calling themselves fighter, write the British welfare system, and try to confuse and confound
a welfare investigation in Britain, from the instant they assumed XXXX's story circa July August
This group is alleging that they did not pretend to be a nurse and send these anonymous emails in Aug/September of 2008, and this is why the question of interference in a British welfare investigation is important, especially if a pattern of interference in another investigation was established before these emails were sent
Certain facts are true: the person the cyberpath blog calls victim1 is XXX.
I did submit a welfare report and I also submitted my story to to them about XXX's story.
But XXX's welfare statements, made to them in emails could only be hearsay, They are not relevant
to they relevant welfare period circa 2003 - 2007, and Jan 2008 to Mid may , the time that I sent the first report. They could not possibly know the truth
in this matter.
But - they could interfere, and try to confuse and confound that investigation, only british welfare would know the answer to his. And, the answer, one way or another is undeniable. It is in answering this question, that part of what they say is legal authorities confusion is cleared up.
Also, investigating the source of the emails that they deny writing, is very important. This are two events that could easily be cleared up. We proceed from there.
I believe my allegations to be true. That they spoofed a license professional nurse. And threatened a legal case.
they interfered with that case by judging it on line. The possibly contacted XXXX the nurse they impersonated. The contacted boson by directing them to their blogs in October 2008 They sent anon emails to my lawyer and eventually called the Boston attorney in April of 2010
(to be continued here, eventually. )
I also believe they contacted XXXX the British private investigator that I hired, to protect myself from XXX's false charges at the FBI/doj. And that they lied to him, and he produced a false report as a result. While the authorities may be confused, there are certain events that could be investigated to eliminate all confusion.
Interference in XXXX's welfare investigation is one thing the brits could investigate. In interference in the XXXX investigation is another FBI could track these anon posts. or supoena google for their origin.
This is ths subject of my next discussion)
Another fact of relevance. This group shut down all of my arguments to them at Wordpress, Zimbio and Mindsay, thru behind the scenes operations at blogs support. So, if they contacted welfare, and it is established they wrote these emails and it is obvious that they did, as soon after Their articles appeared and they slandered this case., and they shut down my investigation in Britain, what does this say about this group?
I believe it to be a fact, that this is the most corrupt group online. They are probably the biggest threat their is, on the Internet to due process, and for that reason they are a threat to civilization. But British welfare can substantiate some of my claims and help substantiate others. The motives of XXXX should be clear, and so should the motives of XXX. What they cyberpath blog is alleging now, is false, that I am trying to detroy XXX, as they are involved ger soundclick harassment, and they are involved in her move to facebook, her hyperlinking to mearns radio, and XXX is, in part doing this, to please them, as to vent. But I also believe she is terrified of them, and she is doing it for that reason as well. And so , I would advise, XXXX seek some asylum where she can discuss what may very well be the threat that this group hold for her. .

This situation is ALL HE CAN SEEM TO TALK ENDLESSLY ABOUT... even though it all came to nothing years ago...

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