Friday, November 28, 2008

Steven Langley Guy: Game Playing Cyberpath

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Steven Langley Guy

AGE: 50-51
FROM: Croydon, Adelaide, South Australia
on Soulseek (filesharing network);
smguy2 on Beliefnet.com

Suchiiben-Chan on MySpace

This man started an Internet relationship with me, telling me he was single, despite being married and the father of two young children.

When confronted with his own negative words about his wife and kids (written to a public message board) he attempted to deny it, then vanished.

He comes across as very genteel, articulate, refined, a classical music lover and a "gentleman." But all he's really interested in is playing games with vulnerable & trusting women over the internet.

I got the whole "you're the One, my soul mate" and "I want to be with you in the future" crap and he laid mind-control, romantic lures on me heavily.

When confronted, he called me crazy, denied it, then put me on IGNORE on all chat programs, probably blocked me and vanished. Like cockroaches do when you switch the light on.

I truly pity his wife - someone ought to warn her.
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UPDATE - Mr. Guy tried to have this removed by posing as his ex-wife and his son by saying that Mr Guy "tried to commit suicide" because of this posting. He then sent threats to EOPC - all these things came from the same IP!! LOL!!

Mr. Guy has tried to sneak on to our support group and continues to come to this board in hopes to find some way to get himself removed without apologizing to his victim and/or to find ways to blame her and make himself look like the victim.

Sound familiar??

(unfortunately, sometimes the wives have been told - the predator/ husband lies to them and the wives believe it - and turn on the victim too. Or they stick up for the cheater and say it was a mistake.... please forgive him. Gridney/ YidwithLid's wife, for example, has participated in harassing one of his victims. Goodness knows what these guys tell the wives!)

What about the victim? Do these cheaters ever go back and apologize and speak openly to them? Help the victim heal? No!! they seem to just disappear/ run away/ change nicknames or trolling sites AND blame the victim for everything. Spare us, we hear that one pretty often and we know better.

Still we believe spouses/ partners should be told. - Fighter
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Another victim wrote us about this sick Cyberpath:

Steven Langley Guy goes by the alias Suchiiben-Chan on myspace & preyed on my compassion and good nature by pretending to be a 15 year old child who lost both his parents & had various friends die tragically in the past few years.

As a psychic healer, I took great pity on this "child", worried that he was suicidal & spent late nights chatting to him on myspace to give him hope for the future and support over the Internet.

It was only when I said that I felt he was an "old soul" that he admitted that he was "playing" (did it for fun) about being 15 and was, in fact, a man in his late 40's...!!!

That angered me & I deleted him as a myspace "friend" (he put in the request) as I abhor dishonesty! I feel his soul is tainted in some way & that he takes great joy / satisfaction in leading women down the garden path...!

In my case, I didn't buy his "little kid" crush comments about me as I am used to getting them but I can certainly imagine someone on a dating or social website being pulled into believing that crap.

These people should not be allowed to prey on the goodness / kindness of others and maliciously mislead/hurt people. It is unacceptable behavior and should not be tolerated.

Steven Langley Guy - you are an evil Internet Predator... may karma reap it's just reward. That's all I have to say.

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