Saturday, October 27, 2007



BEFORE you read these, bear in mind - Dorsky had been chatting off & on with Target #1 since she was about 15 or 16, building up her trust in him and waiting for her to be of legal age for FIVE YEARS. He convinced her he was a virgin, she was the only girl he cared for or wanted, despite having met only once and him leaving a few minutes after meeting her. He told her in the years prior, repeatedly, that he LOVED her. He knew the Target was naive and he manipulated, controlled, brainwashed and lied to her. In short: HE GROOMED HER!! So what might be obvious to us - would not be obvious to a victim who's been brainwashed!

In these chats much of the explicit chat (98% from DORSKY) has been edited. Sections have been edited due to the nature or extraneousness of the chats. These are here to give a PRIME example of how the Cyberpath's real agenda (in DORSKY's case - Control, Sex Addiction & Perversion) comes up and notice how the Target has been twisted up psychologically to think this is OK or not to question too much. Typical Cyberpath - Dorsky pushes her comfort zone. shows ZERO respect & ignores her boundaries and by now he has her so confused - her normal good sense isn't working (see article on this site: "LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR")

Some adult content so please be aware!

Target #1: I am SO sorry if I am bothering you...I don't feel like sleeping, so decided to come back online..and I saw you were on and thought "Maybe I'll IM Brad and see what happens". If you are busy, just let me know, and I'll find smth else to do. I've never done anything like this before, and I don't want to bother you.....but I just want to talk for a little while.
BradDorsky: whats up?
Target #1: hey
Target #1: im bored
Target #1: i just want to be entertained LOL
BradDorsky: really
Target #1: yes
BradDorsky: really how
Target #1: well thats why I messaged you..you always know just what to say to make me smile
BradDorsky: ok so whats going on?
Target #1: not much i can't sleep. what are you doing?
BradDorsky: just chating with my boyfriend why?
Target #1: boyfriend?
Target #1: LOL
BradDorsky: ya **** lol silly
Target #1: LOL
BradDorsky: he's my bottom (right to the sexual references, not even polite about it either)
Target #1: like slave?
BradDorsky: ya about ### you
BradDorsky: we want to **** ****.
Target #1: =-O
Target #1: doesnt sound good
Target #1: i don't even know him (exactly! you're a person not a hooker)
BradDorsky: we will **** you silly
Target #1: but im scared.....=-O
BradDorsky: don't be scared
Target #1: why not?
BradDorsky: just give us what we want (PERVERT!!! do you even CARE about her?)
BradDorsky: come on
Target #1: but what if i'm not ok with it? (he doesn't care)
Target #1: i mean, i don't even know what that guy looks like
BradDorsky: 2 or no deal (Dorsky continually brought up 2somes & 3somes to this poor girl)
Target #1: well what do i get out of it?
BradDorsky: two huge **** *******!
BradDorsky: we are going to **** in all ********
[edited due to explicit language]
BradDorsky: can we **** you
Target #1: what do you mean????
BradDorsky: just go nuts with you
BradDorsky: us having our way with you doing what ever we want
Target #1: i dont get it
Target #1: so theres no point in saying that
BradDorsky: what ****?
Target #1: yea
BradDorsky: ok
Target #1: and that depends on what you want
BradDorsky: everything
BradDorsky: we want to invade *****
Target #1: what does your friend know about me? does he know what i look like? or nothing at all?
BradDorsky: *****
Target #1: does he know what i look like?
BradDorsky: no send him a pic.s
Target #1: just tell him to go to my website
BradDorsky: I need the like I misplaced it (DORSKY probably never even saved it after all those years - probably too many other women - didn't want to get caught going to the wrong site!)
BradDorsky: thanks
BradDorsky: I want to **********
BradDorsky: no I want to ***************
BradDorsky: ************* to your photo's right now.
Target #1: which one of the pics do you like most
Target #1: most
Target #1: my personal fav is the last 1
BradDorsky: it dose not want to load you must have too many guys ******* to it
Target #1: no click again
Target #1: you there?
BradDorsky: ya I was.... nevermind (you disgusting pig)
BradDorsky: **** said when are you coming to **** again he wants to **** you!
Target #1: tell him i dont know (and tell him NO WAY she doesn't even KNOW him)
BradDorsky: lol
BradDorsky: ya me and *** want to do something about it''
Target #1: what?
BradDorsky: ***********
Target #1: how?
BradDorsky: what do you mean how
BradDorsky: all ways possible
Target #1: lol
BradDorsky: I want to **************t
BradDorsky: then shove it in your ***************
BradDorsky: too bad we can't jump on the next red eye and and *************
BradDorsky: what
Target #1: i have to go to bed....
BradDorsky: use your **** and think of me.
Target #1: i dont have ******
Target #1: think of me? (Brad dearie - you have disgusted us all, she needs to get away from the computer!!)
BradDorsky: I need to put plastic on my sheets
BradDorsky: lol
Target #1: ohhhh
BradDorsky: ****** tracks
BradDorsky: lol
Target #1: wish you would come up here soon
BradDorsky: not even a *****
BradDorsky: ya
BradDorsky: man I wish i was gat
BradDorsky: gay
BradDorsky: I have more dude that want me then chicks (hmm.... freudian slip?)
Target #1: those chicks are idiots they dont know what they are missing
Target #1: but i do
BradDorsky: for a what?
Target #1: i really have to go sorry
BradDorsky: can I do what ever I want to you? (you don't give up do you BRAD?)
BradDorsky: ok sweet dreams later:-(
Target #1: ttyl and sweet dreams
Target #1: :-*
BradDorsky: later
BradDorsky: :-*

BradDorsky: Hi
Target #1: hey Brad! How are you?
BradDorsky: sick and you ?
Target #1: oh that sux...i hope you will get better soon
Target #1: im ok..bored.
BradDorsky: thanks
BradDorsky: why?
BradDorsky: I left my job.
Target #1: are you working somewhere now?
Target #1: another place?
BradDorsky: my last working day is friday and my last day with the company is 6/21
Target #1: i see
Target #1: what are you going to do after you leave?
BradDorsky: no Im taking some time off
Target #1: cool
Target #1: youll be like me..im not working anywhere this summer
BradDorsky: Im going out to ****** for a little bit. and maybe ****.(dangles him coming to see her - as he does consistently in chats - just to keep her on the hook)
Target #1: ****, really?
Target #1: do you know when by any chance?
BradDorsky: I not sure
BradDorsky: I have to find tickets and hotels stuff like that
Target #1: well that is nice to know. i am going to **** in August...
BradDorsky: when I find out more I will email you.
Target #1: sure
BradDorsky: so what else are you up to.
Target #1: i will be in ****
Target #1: oh yea, and Im going to a concert
BradDorsky: what concert?
Target #1: Marilyn Manson..believe it or not!
BradDorsky: when?
Target #1: July ##
BradDorsky: what are you going to wear?
Target #1: lol...i havent thought about that one yet.
BradDorsky: leather ? something S&M like? (Dorsky wastes NO TIME does he? pervert)
Target #1: not really. not leather.
Target #1: ill wear my collar maybe
BradDorsky: is he going to be near ****?
Target #1: he is coming to **** sometime in August with Ozzfest
Target #1: check his website, the tour dates section
BradDorsky: I don't want to go to ozz fest ozz dose nouthing for me.
[edited for clarity - extraneous chat]
BradDorsky: sorry working (on other targets - must have about 4 chat windows going? RIGHT?)
BradDorsky: bad **** bad I should come up there just to spank you!
BradDorsky: lol but you would like it too much.
Target #1: how do you know if I would like it (right - Dorsky's psycho!)
BradDorsky: I put two and two together (the teeny brain & the massive ego you have?).
BradDorsky: regardless you will be in trouble.
Target #1: in trouble with whom?
Target #1: you?
BradDorsky: me and my friend. (2some AGAIN!!! seems he's afraid of anything intimate, HUH?)
Target #1: i guess ill find out more when the time comes...
BradDorsky: lol will you in more ways then one.
BradDorsky: I would hate to be you. I see you being bedridden in your future.
Target #1: is that so?
BradDorsky: yes It might be to much for you to handle.
BradDorsky: you will find out soon enouth.
BradDorsky: thats a good thing. like the saying go's I will do you up right! (no thanks)
BradDorsky: brb
BradDorsky: so what were we talking about? (you mean what were YOU talking about, Brad?)
BradDorsky: I know you will be it trouble when I come up that way.
Target #1: hmmm well we will just have to see
BradDorsky: lol
BradDorsky: I'm going to ************
BradDorsky: :-X
BradDorsky: lol
BradDorsky: any new photo's on the site.
Target #1: so, sorry
Target #1: i mean no
Target #1: now that youre asking..do you have any new photos of yourself?
BradDorsky: no nouthing new
BradDorsky: once I'm better I will take some.
Target #1: cool
Target #1: well i should go to bed....
BradDorsky: lol good night
Target #1: hehehe yea good night to you too
Target #1: ttyl email me when you have new info...sweet dreams

BradDorsky: Hey *****
Target #1: Hi Brad!
Target #1: How are you?
BradDorsky: Whats up?
BradDorsky: good and you?
Target #1: i'm fine...just taking a break from schoolwork tonight
BradDorsky: cool
BradDorsky: I've been thinking alot about you as of late.
Target #1: about me?
BradDorsky: ya:-)
Target #1: what did i do?
BradDorsky: Don't you meen what do you do to me:-D (sheesh Brad, do you EVER take a breath? or is sex and objectifying women ALL you think about??)
BradDorsky: lol
Target #1: i don't know... ;-)
BradDorsky: I don't know you have been on my mind as of late
Target #1: in what way?
BradDorsky: If I get laid off this year, would you have time to see me if I came there?
Target #1: wow, you are planning to come here?
BradDorsky: Thats if you can make time for me and if I get laid off .
Target #1: i probably would
BradDorsky: I would have to get my truck fixed too.
BradDorsky: You probably would ? So your too busy?
BradDorsky: I see
Target #1: well, i can always find the time if you were to come here
BradDorsky: Well I will if I get laid off.
Target #1: for how long would you come here if you got laid off?
BradDorsky: If I got laid off my last day would be **** and if I came up it would be for a week.
Target #1: oh in the fall? ok...
Target #1: i just thought it would be summer
Target #1: but it makes no difference to me
BradDorsky: Is that a problem? (once again - dangling MAYBE I WILL SEE - if the person you are chatting with doesn't try make firm to get together with you in 6 months, No MATTER what the distance - BAIL!! and do a background check)
Target #1: nah i just assumed it would be summer because people usually get time off in the summer
Target #1: but its not a problem at all
BradDorsky: lol not ***** thats our busyest time
Target #1: true
Target #1: what would you be doing here for a whole week?
BradDorsky: I want my fill of *****!
BradDorsky: lol
BradDorsky: If you know what I mean! (yeah, sigh - we all do you addict. GET HELP BRAD!!)
BradDorsky: brb
BradDorsky: Hey
BradDorsky: lol are you still there?
Target #1: yea
BradDorsky: So do you live in ***********?
Target #1: i live in a suburb
Target #1: i take the bus and the subway to school, which is downtown
BradDorsky: So if I want to get a hotel what would you say would be easy for you to see me?
Target #1: i think it would be quite easy
Target #1: depending on where you are
BradDorsky: Well I'm driving up.
Target #1: that is, if you are close to a major subway station and not in *****
Target #1: because the **** are extremely dangerous.
BradDorsky: really wow
Target #1: oh yes
Target #1: ******* of the city is safe
BradDorsky: ok
BradDorsky: I need sugar brb
BradDorsky: ok
BradDorsky: Now you will be in school at that time right?
Target #1: on weekdays yes
Target #1: not on weekends
BradDorsky: would it be easier if I stayed in **** or a suburb where you live? (As if you REALLY would spend any quality time with this girl you've been toying with for 5 years!)
Target #1: i doesnt make a big difference
Target #1: ^it
BradDorsky: ya I know
Target #1: thats your choice i guess
Target #1: you have lots of time to plan this out...i mean, if you find something, like a hotel, just tell me where it is and i'll see if I can get to it easily
BradDorsky: Well where is all the hot spots? Besides the one in our hotel room? (gag me!)
Target #1: hot spots are in the city I guess...I've been here for 1.5 years and I have barely been anywhere though
BradDorsky: Well we can change that.
Target #1: its because i hate commuting to the city
Target #1: *********** is my favorite in the city
Target #1: Its the street of weird gothic stores
BradDorsky: really lol wow
Target #1: oh yea
Target #1: I bought a lot of stuff there
BradDorsky: really and who do you use it on? (my GOSH he's twisted & sick)
Target #1: wrist cuffs
Target #1: like bracelets
Target #1: tourists mostly go to *********** & stuff
Target #1: Ive never been to it, but I can see it from campus because it's very close
Target #1: It's the biggest ************** in the world
BradDorsky: wow
BradDorsky: lol you havent seen what in my pants!:-P (spare us ALL!!! what a narcissist!)
BradDorsky: lol
BradDorsky: I think you will make you very happy!
BradDorsky: But ya I really w ant to see you. (I got a bridge in Brooklyn too, Brad)
Target #1: yes, me too :-P
BradDorsky: I think it will be fun
Target #1: fun is not even remotely close! ;-)
BradDorsky: who knows you may not let me leave!
BradDorsky: you have nouthing to worry about I havent had *********! (Dorsky repeatedly told her he was a 25 year old virgin..... HAHAHAHAHA)
Target #1: i'm not worried. i trust you fully. (you poor girl.... he really worked on you didn't he?)
Target #1: likewise, you have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding me
BradDorsky: I know
BradDorsky: I really want to start off what we had going this summer before the problem started!
Target #1: absolutely. it will be better than what we had last summer!
Target #1: LOL
BradDorsky: Can you drink? (you'll NEED a drink after BRAD!)
Target #1: yes
BradDorsky: up there?
Target #1: im ***
BradDorsky: you can drink at ***?
Target #1: if you see me in the fall, ill be ***
Target #1: in *****, its **
BradDorsky: wow
Target #1: ** is so old...to me
BradDorsky: cool we can go to bars then
Target #1: LOL
Target #1: mmm i don't know
BradDorsky: hey I'm 25
BradDorsky: why ? not one drink?
Target #1: i don't like bars....couldn't you just get something from a liquor store if you really wanted to drink?
BradDorsky: sure
BradDorsky: as long as I have you! (one track keyboard)
Target #1: but i don't want to get drunk..
Target #1: one drink is fine
BradDorsky: lol ok
Target #1: LOL
BradDorsky: lol trust me you will!
BradDorsky: Over and over agian!
BradDorsky: Better yet I will show you when I'm up there.
BradDorsky: brb
BradDorsky: So what will you do when you see me?
Target #1: do you mean like right away when I see you or in general?
BradDorsky: yes
Target #1: first thing i will do when i see you is give you a hug. i feel very sayd that i wasn't able to do this last summer when i saw you
Target #1: sad
BradDorsky: ya I knew some was wrong when you backed away. (you acted like a superior jerk and were quite RUDE!!!!! that's what happened, Brad!)
Target #1: but i know that i will do it now
BradDorsky: for real (no matter what a jerk I am still? ick)
Target #1: yes for real
BradDorsky: lol if you only knew what I'm going to do to you.
Target #1: when? when I hug you?
Target #1: or later?
BradDorsky: I'm going for a hand full of your ****** (no manners, not even mildly suave - IDIOT!)
Target #1: hahaha in public! (typical - Target tries to make a joke because she's uncomfortable)
BradDorsky: why not
Target #1: hey i've seen epople actually do that in public so i don't think we're any worse than them
BradDorsky: ya you only live once
Target #1: so true
Target #1: so what happens after that?
BradDorsky: I'm going to ***** you in public!
Target #1: *blushing* LOL but this is hardcore! (Target trying to point out his rough language, as you will see he IGNORES it)
BradDorsky: hey the harder the better.
BradDorsky: Hey I have to run I have a long day tomarrow.
Target #1: ok cool
BradDorsky: I will chat with you later no real soon.
Target #1: well have a good night. i know i will
Target #1: yea ill be back online in about ****
BradDorsky: Come fall you will have the greatest night ever! (aren't we humble?)
BradDorsky: If I don't see you I will e-mail you.
Target #1: ok ttyl
Target #1: sweet dreams
BradDorsky: bye sexy
BradDorsky: good night
BradDorsky signed off at 9:48:33 PM.

Target #1: ok
Target #1: hello again
bdo5373689: hey
bdo5373689: whats up
Target #1: nothing really. you?
bdo5373689: did you check out the site lateley?
Target #1: your band? (Brad's "band" that he is constantly changing & too good for. Can you say LOSER?)
Target #1: i did but it stopped updating a while ago
bdo5373689: what?
Target #1: i downloaded the song clips but that was a couple months ago
bdo5373689: ok
Target #1: if there are updates, i can't see them
bdo5373689: ya it's all up now
bdo5373689: I want to get naked for one of the photo's but my friend will not let me. (thank GOODNESS!)
Target #1: lol
Target #1: start your own site then!
bdo5373689: ya Brad's nudie site (oh please.....NO NO NO!!)
Target #1: ha ha
bdo5373689: so when you adding your new pic's
bdo5373689: ?
Target #1: i am working on this...i hope to have them up by the end of the week
Target #1: i got some new outfits today and hope to have these up as well
Target #1: like i said some of the old pics will be back but not all of them
bdo5373689: ok
bdo5373689: :(
bdo5373689: no naked ?? (sheesh Brad....)
Target #1: nah
bdo5373689: :((
Target #1: if you are into that sort of thing (she wants her friend back, Brad is now in full SEX ADDICT mode unfortunately - and now the REAL Brad is showing)
bdo5373689: well at least I have something to ***** to.
bdo5373689: is your web cam up and running?
Target #1: i dont have one
Target #1: do you have one now?
bdo5373689: ya
Target #1: is it working?
bdo5373689: maybe ? why? (maybe? you lazy creep! WARNING: Cyberpaths love to do this.... only use the cam on THEIR terms, possibly for cybersex .... not for just general chat like a normal person would... and unless they can get the OTHER person naked - they aren't interested either)
Target #1: i remember you took a picture of yourself on it once last year
Target #1: i thought that was the best photo of you i'd ever seen
bdo5373689: yep
Target #1: and still think so
bdo5373689: thanks'
Target #1: i liked you in that style ;-)
bdo5373689: lol your at nut
bdo5373689: a nut
Target #1: why???
bdo5373689: in a crazy way
Target #1: im just trying to flatter you
Target #1: you know compliments ;-)
bdo5373689: ya in more ways then one,
Target #1: what are the other ways???
bdo5373689: I know a *****
Target #1: you want a small preview of the pics? i jst have one up though
bdo5373689: yes
bdo5373689: show me
Target #1: and its not too new but you have never seen this before
bdo5373689: I hope I don't **** in my pants. (eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww)
Target #1: by the way, my hair is not that long anymore. i got it cut shorter
bdo5373689: wow nice shoe's
bdo5373689: I wish I could see ****
Target #1: sadly, no
bdo5373689: did I tell you about my new ride?
Target #1: i don't think you did
bdo5373689: I drive a new 2005 Dodge Durango.
Target #1: isnt that expensive????
bdo5373689: I sold my jeep for 3500.
bdo5373689: I got a good deal on it
Target #1: i see
Target #1: does that car use up a lot of gas
bdo5373689: ya but I love it the room and space to move around in
Target #1: what color is it?
bdo5373689: dark blue
Target #1: cool.....was the jeep black?
bdo5373689: it's the SLT model
Target #1: i always thought it was for some reason..
bdo5373689: no green
bdo5373689: with a spice soft top.
Target #1: ok
Target #1: so have you heard the NIN single?
bdo5373689: yes
bdo5373689: it's ok
Target #1: pretty good song. i am looking forward to the album
bdo5373689: they are playing two shows in ****
Target #1: the **** shows sold out in 3 minutes
bdo5373689: both sold out
Target #1: 3 minutes! i couldnt buy tickets at all
bdo5373689: that sucks
Target #1: theyll come back in the fall
bdo5373689: they are playing clubs here this time around.
Target #1: in the fall, they are playing bigger venues, so i hope to see them then
bdo5373689: nice
Target #1: I am a NIN concert virgin and am looking forward to seeing the show
Target #1: ;-)
bdo5373689: I may go maybe not
Target #1: why not?
bdo5373689: no one to go with this time.
Target #1: ;-(((((
bdo5373689: you know what
Target #1: what is it?
bdo5373689: it would be cool if you two *****
Target #1: who?
bdo5373689: you and ******
Target #1: that's nasty
bdo5373689: no hot
bdo5373689: now I would pay to see that!
Target #1: i dont do that (Brad was now pushing lesbianism - like the 2somes/ 3somes - WAY out of Target's comfort zone)
bdo5373689: not even for me? (here he pushes to see how brainwashed he has her and what he can talk her into now that Target's been PROGRAMMED by BRAD)
Target #1: no
bdo5373689: >:P
Target #1: not into that
bdo5373689: party pooper
Target #1: just me and you..you know no other people around (Brad, she wants a person not a cyberjerk)
bdo5373689: and?
Target #1: do anything we feel we need to
Target #1: whatever comes to our minds..and is legal
bdo5373689: really ?
bdo5373689: any thing>.
Target #1: well anything we feel we need to..not just any thing
bdo5373689: whooooooooooooow
bdo5373689: I'm going to play a game I like to call *******
Target #1: how does that go?
bdo5373689: Me and four other guys ****************! (here he goes again!!)
Target #1: where did the 4 guys come from?????
bdo5373689: my possy
Target #1: i thought i said..."no other people around.......
bdo5373689: rule are like bones they are ment to be broken.
Target #1: nah i dont want that
Target #1: seriously though....
Target #1: do you actually mean it?
bdo5373689: I think it would be fun?
bdo5373689: how about two on one?
Target #1: even that ....i mean how can i do that w/someone i dont even know?????
Target #1: not you, the other person
bdo5373689: I know him so it counts right? (NO IT DOESN'T!!! That's called RAPE!)
bdo5373689: I mean three years is a long time.
Target #1: 3 years?
bdo5373689: ya
Target #1: youve known him for 3 yrs?
Target #1: and the other guy- i only talked to him once and i dont know what he looks like
Target #1: i dont know....i mean i want to believe you but its kinda freaky...
bdo5373689: think about it this way
bdo5373689: we would killing four birds with one stone!>:)
bdo5373689: well in your case *****
Target #1: yea but why cant they find their own chicks? i mean, why me? (poor Target you've been used!)
bdo5373689: because they think your hot too (Brad, you are showing Target's normal pictures to other guys and sex talking about her? Told them you got her all hot & bothered? Like guys who review escorts/ hookers? That's reprehensible and really disgusting).
bdo5373689: yes
bdo5373689: brb
Target #1: oh god..i did not know so many people knew who i was...
bdo5373689: ya your a wanted woman
Target #1: no seriously
Target #1: how many people there know me??? (I would be worried too, Target)
bdo5373689: for rea;
bdo5373689: real
bdo5373689: my peeps
bdo5373689: and Ihave shit loads of peeps (online????)
Target #1: what, you show them my pictures or something???
Target #1: i mean, i was always curious about how many people there know me...
Target #1: what do you mean>>>
bdo5373689: you dam well
bdo5373689: her and her girlfriend will go nuts ************
Target #1: keepthe chicks away, or you will not like me
Target #1: at all
bdo5373689: lol thats not what they told me.
Target #1: i will bepissed off if anything like that comes up
Target #1: do you understand what im saying?
bdo5373689: lol (notice how Dorsky the Abusive Predator just laughs & invalidates her feelings?)
Target #1: how about we meet alone first and see how well we go together
bdo5373689: ya you will thanking me later
bdo5373689: lol
Target #1: and then...the future is open to us..
Target #1: i have known you for 5 years, and i feel i deserve it, you know..(yes, how about one on one TALKING in person before you push this girl into sex BRAD??)
bdo5373689: can we give you ****** (she set boundaries, narcissist ignores them RED FLAG)
Target #1: i dont think so
Target #1: i think thats impossible
bdo5373689: how about one in your...*****?
Target #1: ive never heard of anyone doing that successfully
bdo5373689: It's possalbe and you will go home in one peace
Target #1: i dont want that
Target #1: still tho..how about we meet alone first and see how well we go together
Target #1: just be yourself...
bdo5373689: lol are you sure about that? (Brad will be anyone you want him to be until he has you where he wants you psychologically & emotionally - then its SEX ADDICT HELL)
Target #1: i think it would be better
bdo5373689: ok
Target #1: the future is open....we can think about it in the future
Target #1: ok
bdo5373689: well I have to go I will chat with you later. (I have another girl on the line who let me use & abuse her - Target's set boundaries so she's no fun for the Cyberpath now!)
Target #1: bye
bdo5373689: have a good nite
Target #1: i will ttyl
Target #1: you too
bdo5373689: bye
bdo5373689: hey *****
Target #1: hi
bdo5373689: ***** is on line
Target #1: *****??
Target #1: i am taking a short break from studying so unfortunately i wont have time to talk to him right now
Target #1: but tell him i said HI
Target #1: ill talk to him after exams end
bdo5373689: so you don't want to talk to me eather?
Target #1: just for a little bit
bdo5373689: cool
Target #1: ill just ask you one thing
Target #1: did you see the site?
bdo5373689: I tried a couple of days ago but nouthing had changed
bdo5373689: I will try again.
Target #1: there will be a picture; click on it
bdo5373689: ok
bdo5373689: I see now sweet
bdo5373689: wowo
Target #1: oh yes
Target #1: sweet is the word
Target #1: LOL
bdo5373689: I want to *****! (Brad do you talk to your mother, whom you live with, that way? or do you just want to use & abuse ALL women??)
bdo5373689: I want to see the real thing
Target #1: real thing?
bdo5373689: you know in person
Target #1: ok
bdo5373689: see I sent **** the link and he's *********** ready. (sharing her picture again??)
Target #1: how do you know what he is doing?!
bdo5373689: he told me so (you boys online are gross)
Target #1: what photo? did he tell you that?
bdo5373689: and to answer your question everything?
Target #1: how do you know? is he there with you???
bdo5373689: he one of the guys that wants to *****
bdo5373689: but he has a nice ****
Target #1: how would you know that? you saw him naked????
bdo5373689: I've see it
bdo5373689: yes (Brad, how old are you emotionally? 15?)
Target #1: where?
bdo5373689: he striped at a party last supper bowl
Target #1: oh
bdo5373689: I was putting dollers in his g string.
Target #1: um...ok
Target #1: *doesnt know what to say* (log off Target!!! That's just sick!!)
bdo5373689: we are crazy (yes you truly are)
Target #1: was he ok with you seeing him naked?
Target #1: he didnt care?
bdo5373689: he don't care
Target #1: oh boy
bdo5373689: the problem is all the ladys in my crew want ******* me.
bdo5373689: I have to work my way out of it. (what a lying egomanic!! probably all the girls that know him have been with him and now want NOTHING to do with him so he's online looking for someone trusting & far away to believe his B.S.)
Target #1: am i one of those girls?
bdo5373689: your a freak you will fit in
Target #1: what i am saying is are you also working your way out of this? or do you mean other girls, not me?
bdo5373689: no girls in my crew up here want me for **** but I will not do so because I not a ***** (but you treat every woman you meet or chat with like a ***** don't you Brad? and you are online because you are beating them off with a stick? you live with mom? what a catch!)
bdo5373689: besides I would rather invade ****
Target #1: well i hope its not just ****
bdo5373689: everthing
bdo5373689: I wish you were here right now I would put you to work!
bdo5373689: I need a ***** so bad right now.
bdo5373689: how many ***** have you given?
Target #1: 0
bdo5373689: hmm you might be a liar (WARNING: Cyberpath now going to put Target on the defensive because she dared to question his morals! Classic move)
Target #1: who do you think I am?Image hosting by Photobucket
Target #1: I have never touched a guy like that
bdo5373689: really
Target #1: well of course
Target #1: you don't trust me???
bdo5373689: I don't know :-/ (Brad you need to be caged)
Target #1: why would i lie? if i were with you, youd see
Target #1: i would be all nervous and shaking and stuff
Target #1: my hands would be shaking
bdo5373689: I heard you where a freak
Target #1: who would say that?
Target #1: they're the liars
bdo5373689: your funny (Brad is also, like all cyberpaths a BULLY)
Target #1: why? i'm 100% serious
bdo5373689: ya you probley would be shaking.
bdo5373689: I know man
bdo5373689: lol
bdo5373689: dam I wish you would show me
Target #1: show you what?
Target #1: sorry didnt get the last thing you said
bdo5373689: well I have to run ttyl. (jerk... run run run!!)
bdo5373689: bye hun
Target #1: ok i have to go as well
Target #1: bye bye
Target #1: hello
[explicit/ edited]
bdo5373689: Did I tell ya I got a new job with Coke.
Target #1: no you didn't tell me
bdo5373689: It's seasonal right now. (every job Brad has is temporary or seasonal - Mr. Stable)
Target #1: how is it?
bdo5373689: But I pays really good
bdo5373689: I going for my cdl too so I can make more money with them.
bdo5373689: I start may 16
bdo5373689: 6:30 am to 4:30 pm
Target #1: i see
Target #1: that is a long day
Target #1: and that is a very good photo on your profile, by the way.
bdo5373689: plus untill I get my cdl I have to travel to **** it's a hour away from my work. For training
bdo5373689: thanks
Target #1: i like your face in it..you look so thoughtful and calm (poor Target, you wish he was)
bdo5373689: I'm hoping I will be able to save up enough money so I can go see ya.
Target #1: how interesting.
Target #1: would that happen soon?
bdo5373689: Well it all depends
bdo5373689: If they keep me on no not this year I will have to wait for a vacation week.
bdo5373689: But if they lay me off maybe.
Target #1: just wondering, that's all
bdo5373689: Come again?
Target #1: just wondering if it'll be this year or not
bdo5373689: I don't know for sure.
Target #1: anyway....are you in the mood to do something fun?
bdo5373689: like what?
Target #1: well, let me ask you for something...
bdo5373689: shoot
Target #1: do you have a working webcam?
bdo5373689: yes but my mother is behind me watching tv.
Target #1: well what i was going to ask you for is this thing that a lot of people do on webcams...they take a piece of paper, write a message to the other person, and then take a pic of it
Target #1: so i thought" maybe Brad has a message for me he can make into a sign or something"???
Target #1: only if you feel like it of course....no pressure
bdo5373689: ok hold on.
bdo5373689: I will show you later sometime when she's not around. (Brad, you are really predictable)
bdo5373689: Have you been a good girl or a bad girl?
Target #1: i don't know

bdo5373689: Have you *********** any guys as of late?
Target #1: oh no not again
Target #1: i never have!
bdo5373689: So you have (putting Target on the defensive - NOTICE how Brad did this RIGHT AFTER a possible moment of personal intimacy or REAL TALKING (not sex) to the Target, Classic Online Predator move to put personal distance between themselves & their victims)
Target #1: no
bdo5373689: lol ok
bdo5373689: I would try to get ***** with you.
Target #1: what does that mean?
bdo5373689: Make you my sex slave! (because that's all women are good for Brad?)
Target #1: what does that mean?
Target #1: like what's different about that as opposed to not being one?
bdo5373689: what?
Target #1: like what special things would i have to do?
Target #1: in a *****
bdo5373689: Well this gos for any girl.
bdo5373689: if I have ****** with someone she has to *********. The same gos for me! And shes has to be adventurous!
bdo5373689: She would have to let me ***************!
Target #1: you know..if you feel this way about someone, you have to try to make them happy...that's it (yes Target - you have it right. Problem is, ole' Brad has NO FEELINGS!! NONE!! ZIP!! He's a misogynist & an online predator)
bdo5373689: nice
bdo5373689: Maybe try ****
bdo5373689: Maybe some **************. i could teach you some things!
bdo5373689: How do you feel about ******?
bdo5373689: For me great It's all good it's not like I'm asking you to **********.
Target #1: i will NOT ********* ever!
Target #1: I draw the line (uh oh Target, boundaries - Cyberpaths don't LIKE that)
bdo5373689: can i ************
bdo5373689: can I ***********
Target #1: i don't know...is there like a special meaning behind it?
bdo5373689: no just for fun
bdo5373689: I'm going to weawr my *****
bdo5373689: with my ***** god no
Target #1: i don't want you to wear any shirts? and is there really a ******* shirt?
bdo5373689: ya my bad [Brad tries to start voice chat]
Target #1: i don't have voice chat
bdo5373689: :(
Target #1: so did you actually write something for the webcam?
bdo5373689: me ************
Target #1: that was the message?
Target #1: a picture?
Target #1: or what
bdo5373689: what would you like me to say?
Target #1: hmmm...something that you would not be ashamed to say to me in person LOL
bdo5373689: I'm not ashamed? (Cyberpaths know no shame!)
bdo5373689: I want to **************
Target #1: well i don't know....I have never had anyone say anything like this to me in real life
bdo5373689: dose that get you
bdo5373689: Ow I can be real dirty and nasty (we know, we know)
bdo5373689: ;)
bdo5373689: Would you let ********?
Target #1: what do you mean?
bdo5373689: Or would you like it if I *********.
bdo5373689: I would *****
bdo5373689: and *********
[explicit/ edited]..
Target #1: you there???
Target #1: well unfortunately i have to go to bed.ttyl

Target #1 finally gets wise to Brad, her online friend and emotional vampire for 5 years. She was clicking around the web, like many of us, for things that interest us - and LO & BEHOLD - Ole' Brad is on the ONLINE DATING SITES.... has been for a while.... after CONVINCING & SWEARING to Target #1 she was the ONLY girl, the ONLY one for him and the ONLY one he was chatting with. Here's the CONFRONTATION

bdo5373689: Are you really not at your desk or do you not want to talk to me?
Target #1: hi
Target #1: i think i do need to talk to you
bdo5373689: Whats going on cutie? (she has a name Brad)
bdo5373689: ok shoot
Target #1: well you did not talk to me for a while..do you know why?
Target #1: i will tell you why you haven't seen me
bdo5373689: What happend?
Target #1: well I stopped talking to you back in May because one day I was clicking on some links, looking for something unrelated, and I see this webpage with ads for people looking for friends or whatever and I see your picture on it...and I was like "what the....?" . I was shocked
Target #1: I would love to know what that was all about
bdo5373689: What site was it.
Target #1: I don't remember I only went there once. I saved the photos in case you do not believe me
Target #1: I was very stressed. I started having panic attacks, so I deleted my Messenger because I could and I felt very hurt and angry. And I still am because I don't understand what that's all about
bdo5373689: Well ya I was hitting a couple of personal sites? So whats the big deal? (OMG Brad - invalidation, lying, minimalizing and ignoring her concern! You are a PIECE OF WORK!)

Target #1: well I don't know what you're doing on them. I want to trust you ..but I don't know if I can. THat's why I was shocked.
Target #1: I mean I really do want to trust you, but that ad thing scared me. I thought "What if Brad has like 7 other chicks on the Internet and tells them the same thing?" It's only natural to think that
bdo5373689: Wait you and me are friends? Right I mean thats all I have been looking for.
Target #1: on the sites?
Target #1: Friends usually trust each other...it's kinda hard to be friends with someone you can't trust (BINGO!!!)
bdo5373689: wait what kind of site was it? (Oh come on Brad, you know EXACTLY what it was!)
Target #1: it had personal ads on it
Target #1: i cannot remember the name.
Target #1: i was shocked by seeing you there. i could not believe it.
bdo5373689: I did have a couple of ad's up but nouthing that bad?
Target #1: well why did you put them up?
Target #1: don't mean to be rude, but i am curious
bdo5373689: let me see that pic's.
bdo5373689: the pic's
Target #1: ok give me a minute i need to find them
Target #1: did you get one of them?
Target #1: im resending it
bdo5373689: no I'm seeing nouthing?
Target #1: it's "waiting for you to accept transfer request"
Target #1: that's what the window says on mine
Target #1: it's like a larger version of your profile pic
Target #1: you should have gotten both now
bdo5373689: ok whats your deal with them? I mean it's two photo's?
Target #1: it's not the photos. it's the ad thing. why do you need to meet those girls???
Target #1: you never told me about anything like that
bdo5373689: Why would I have to tell you any thing I don't want to tell you? I mean we are just friends? (OMG - again, talking in an intimate and sexual manner to her and now you don't need to tell her anything? Mothership... come get Dorsky!)
Target #1: but the last time you talked to me, you said some pretty interesting things
bdo5373689: So whats the big deal?
Target #1: because first you say we're friends, then you say you're horny and want something more than friends, then you say we're just friends again.. (typical Cyberpath - unclear boundaries, unclear relationship and he's hooked you in and now tries to make it look like the Target is just jealous!! COMPLETELY minimizes what he's done and DEFENDS the INDEFENSIBLE)
Target #1: some things we talk about are pretty dirty for "just friends" (Good Girl Target!!)
bdo5373689: I talk dirty to other girls and I just friends with them? (you do? then you need to get psychological help! btw - WHAT OTHER GIRLS????? HMMMMMMMMM...........)
Target #1: oh so you have like 7 chicks online and you tell them the same stuff you tell me?
Target #1: or how does that work? I really do want to know (poor Target, she just realized she wasted 5 years of her time on a predator!)
bdo5373689: not all of them? Like you are not doing the same thing. (nice try at blame-shifting your predator! Dorsky is probably mistreating ALL women because of what one girl & or his mother has done to him. To him they are all whores & liars. Sick boy!)

Target #1: oh no?
bdo5373689: good night
Target #1: believe me, i don't have any ads online!!!!!


Dorsky WAS still online trolling, and tried to threaten this site - but all his profiles & his MySpace disappeared after the initial expose! .....hmm, wonder why??

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


ONE OF BRAD DORSKY (our Predator of the Month)'s

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Brad and I met in late 1999 or early 2000 in a social/cultural issues discussion club on Yahoo (he was, at the time, real-life friends with the founder). We didn't talk until spring of 2000, but I had liked his posts because they were written in a very unusual style and because he seemed to fit the "dream man" criteria I had in my head. (Cyberpaths tailor their "stats" to fit YOUR needs... liars)

I was only 15 and had been through difficult experiences in the school I attended prior to high school, and I wanted to vent to someone about society and why people treated me the way they did at that school. I was happy because I had lots of friends in high school but at the same time, still angry and depressed and didn't feel like I could love someone. I added him to my Friend List for that purpose- venting and talking about social and cultural change from the heart. I actually didn't want to get into more than friendship because I had this feeling that it was going to get out of control. I added everyone in the club,
but he was the only club member to write me back with a friendly note saying that he read my profile and he couldn't wait to talk to me. (he figured out you were depressed, in need of some attention and moved in for the kill!)

We became on and off friends from 2000 to 2002. We did flirt a lot, but we also had fights over pretty juvenile things (musical taste or just difference of opinion) and would stop speaking sometimes for months.

In 2002, our club disintegrated, and my family moved to another city where I started university, which took me a while to adjust. During that time, I felt like Brad was the only stable thing in my life. He told me and made me believe that he was my soulmate and that we had a spiritual connection that was deep & intense. It was then that I started getting real feelings for him. We started talking about meeting and becoming intimate. He told me he never had sex with a girl because he wanted something serious and soulful, and girls in his area were slutty... he said I was that girl he was looking for, and when we would finally be together, it would change our lives. After a long year filled with planning and, sadly, my lying to my family on some occasions, we met in person. I was 18 at that time. (how CONVENIENT of him to WAIT until you were LEGAL! Almost pedophile-like grooming of you then he pounced when you were of age, huh?)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He was extremely arrogant and didn't even look into my eyes half the time. I felt like my head automatically bowed in front of him. He made me feel very small because he is tall and used his arrogant posture, making him seem even taller. I thought he had a very warm, hypnotic voice and his eye color was very fascinating, but the meeting was a disaster. He was with a friend of his, which I did not expect, and after 20 minutes, he disappeared on me.

My parents were there; they were shocked and my mom said she could feel these very bad vibes from him just when he talked. I didn't listen because he'd brainwashed me thoroughly. Later, he told me it was my fault because I didn't listen to his directions properly, but whatever it was, he "punished" me by not talking to me for several months. (typical)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We "made up" in late 2003 and kept talking until 2005. Beginning in 2003 and into 2005, he changed gradually. He made up different excuses about why he couldn't come and see me. He also dropped covert hints that I wasn't good enough for him and that if I wanted him to see me, I would have to improve myself. He began to step-up the brainwashing; subtly telling me howI should dress and act and what kind of beliefs I should have and what I had to think about the world in general if I wanted him to be with me.

I didn't realize he was abusing me only because I thought abuse involved overt name-calling or physical abuse and he never called me a hurtful name in my life. Around this time the sexual conversations began to turn scarier for me. He started asking me more often if I was going out with other guys behind his back and being "disloyal." He began to use some very frightening terms and continually manipulated me into discussing sexual stuff I was very uncomfortable with. If I didn't agree to do it, we couldn't have a real relationship, according to him. (GAG!!! what a user & predator!!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Our relationship turned into a hopeless cycle of me trying to change myself and please him and then him complaining about something that made me 'never quite good enough.' By the end, Brad told me I was going to be his sex slave (and told me what that would entail!!) and he would control the way I dressed when I was with him to make it more revealing in ways I hated (everything low cut and those plaid schoolgirl skirts). He also made jokes about threesomes with his male friends. Despite all of my objections, Brad effectively used this thought reform to add one more layer of fear to our relationship. By now we only talked approximately once a month and rarely e-mailed.

Every conversation now was filled with tension. I would think "What else is he going to tell me to do? How will I have to please him?" I was very fearful and hypervigilent by 2005 because I truly did not know what to expect. Sometimes, he would let things go, but other times, he would not and I never knew when he do one thing or another. I used to say "Brad is watching over me" meaning I thought he was supporting and loving towards me. But by this time, it felt like he really was watching my every move. He had twisted my mind, and everything I did was filled with this doubt, "would Brad approve?"

I found out the truth in the summer of 2005. At this time, the relationship had turned into blatant emotional abuse and I decided to stopped speaking to him temporarily because the anxiety was making me physically sick. The stress made me lose about 5-7 pounds and felt very weak. I always suspected he was talking to other girls online, but he had convinced me it wasn't serious and I was the only serious girl he had any relationship with. Accidentally (I was looking for something related to his state's music scene), I found the first of his online personal ads! It had his picture on it, the same one he sent me, which confirmed - it was him.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
When I read the ad, for the first time in our relationship, I began to cry. I realized he was a total fraud. He said he "was looking for the right girl" in his ad. I thought, "how could he say that when he told me I was right for him?" (all cyberpaths say this and guess what NO ONE WILL EVER BE RIGHT!! its a LURE!!) Here I had changed myself at his direction and was at the point of exhaustion, all so he would come see me; just so he would touch me! I was horrified by the fact he used the same exact language in the ad as he did with me. He made me into a disposable shell of myself and he threw me away, all the while BLAMING ME for not being "good enough." How could this man call himself moral and representing some sort of "indie culture" when he was a liar. (Because he's narcissistic)

I then went on a search of more personals sites and found him at at least three different sites, portraying himself in three different ways. That's just the ones I could view without registering. He probably has more ads and picks up some of his girls through Yahoo clubs, as he did with me. (Yes, probably using the same B.S. or tailoring it to each girl so he can twist her mind too. Psychological sadist)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The last time we spoke was in July of 2005. I confronted him about the ads. I told him that I saw one of the ads. He admitted it to me ("I didn't write anything that bad in those ads!") and told me I was overreacting and that I should basically pretend I never saw them because he said, "I am going to tell you what I think you should know". (LOL!!! JERK!!!) He even asked me to prove I saw them; by that time, I knew how he operated, so I saved the two photos on his ad and sent them to him. After that, he said "So what, we are just friends, aren't we?". I told him that we were planning to have something more, and he said "I talk dirty to lots of girls online and we're all just friends." (and that's OK???? Wow what a pervert! And a liar. And a USER! Can't have a female friend without it being sexual?)

Brad then
accused me of being disloyal and talking dirty to other guys online behind his back and before I could answer him he left. (how mature!! NOT! he was BUSTED!! This is a common reaction for cyberpaths. Projection -- accusing you-- and running; like a roach when the lights come on.)

Afterwards, I began getting better. Iit took me a couple months to calm the anxiety attacks and the constant feeling of being inadequate. I am much better now, although when I get depressed the feeling comes back. I have not had any contact with him. I found some other screennames from one of his emails, researched them found that they probably some of his other current online targets.

I don't want 'revenge' or to 'teach him a lesson.' I have nothing more to say to him. I want to expose him because I know there are other girls feeling the same pain and anxiety I was subjected to by this cyberpath and I want to know they're not alone and its not their fault. I also want to warn other women that may want to meet him via his online ads. Hopefully, more people can now understand the way predators like him think and operate and make decisions to avoid someone like him. (good for you!)

I am now enjoying studying and living my life the way I want. It's an amazing feeling not to be brainwashed or controlled by someone who claims he does it because he loves you and because he's helping you become a good person. There is no longer that feeling of pressure on me, and I can't believe how good being free of him feels!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This story is classic and shows how these guys manipulate their victims then PROJECT their bad behavior on their victims, leaving the victims feeling guilty -- while running away to find new prey! This cyberpath picks on girls who are too young to realize what he's doing until its to late; grooming them and once they are 'of age' getting sexual kicks online with them. This was emotional rape, a serious boundary violation and legally "intentional infliction of emotional distress" - Fighter )