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Dunetz/ YidwithLid's TANGLED (spun!) TIMELINE

Let's review the timeline here - because DUNETZ/ Yidwithlid (like many Cyberpaths, he changes his nicknames when he needs to 'hide'!) really messed up big time with all his online playing and sexual predation.....

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1. DUNETZ/ Yidwithlid gets in touch with Target #1 (Target #1 has been severely abused her whole life and is now disabled, trapped in a very abusive living situation and dangerously depressed which makes her a prime target)

DUNETZ/ Yidwithlid toys with her for 2 years telling her:

  • he "can't control" himself around her:

  • makes excuses not to see her for just lunch or a "HI";

  • blames her for his endless sexual come-ons to her;

  • tells her she's the "one that got away";

  • emotionally "bombs" her to think they have a 'special bond' & one-of-kind relationship;

  • SWEARS he's not toying with her or using her;

  • and refuses to answer her direct questions....
Got the picture? (They all do this readers - it's called PSYCHOPATHIC SEDUCTION)

2. Target #1 is manipulated by DUNETZ/ Yidwithlid to take ALL responsibility for the online-affair so when her ex-husband found out - she took physical & verbal abuse for Yidwithlid while he ran away from her!! And Target #1 excused it when Yidwithlid came back (BTW, Yidwithlid was upset that she was legally divorcing because of this and kept pushing her to go back to her abusive ex-husband or find a new real-life boyfriend!)

3. A few times Target #1 has tried to end it with Dunetz/ Yidwithlid but is hoovered back in, thinking somehow she can help Yidwithlid and of course, Yidwithlid encourages her to think this. She refused to have sex with him which just made him push even harder.

Yidwithlid alternates between degrading, criticizing Target #1 and causing her deep psychological pain & becoming trauma-bonded to him; to smothering her with affection and playing on her compassion. Despite the cache records showing Target #1 told him repeatedly her illnesses had caused her to gain weight and that she was no longer attractive, Dunetz/ Yidwithlid insisted he was "not interested in her looks or physical attributes" but in HER. (LOL! These Cyberpaths all say the same B.S. They are into objectification and NOTHING ELSE.)

All in all, Target #1 is riding the cyberpath rollercoaster like most victims - confused, muddled and not knowing which end is up. (F.O.G. = Fear, Obligation, Guilt)

4. Target #1 has been helping Dunetz/ Yidwithlid by editing and cleaning up some of his articles. There is a very unclear relationship here. Friends? more than friend? boundary violations galore and mucho mindf*cking on the part of YidwithLid - like most cyberpath seducers.

When Target #1 attempts boundaries or clarification, gridney/ YidwithLid punishes her by not speaking to her for a while. When Target #1 feels she needs some space because gridney/ Yidwithlid is pushing her away or being inappropriate - she blocks him - and he comes back and REELS HER BACK IN!

Once people are aware of your presence, and perhaps vaguely intrigued, you need to stir their interest before it settles on someone else. What is obvious and striking may attract their attention at first, but that attention is often short-lived; in the long run, ambiguity is much more potent. Most of us are much too obvious-instead, be hard to figure out.

Send mixed signals: both tough and tender, both spiritual and earthy, both innocent and cunning. A mix of qualities suggests depth, which fascinates even as it confuses. An elusive, enigmatic aura will make people want to know more, drawing them into your circle. Create such a power by hinting at something contradictory within you. - R. Greene -- The Art of Seduction

5. Target #1 introduces gridney/ YidwithLid to her friend FoT1. FoT1 is young and gridney/ YidwithLid tries to move in on her sexually too. FoT1 doesn't reveal this to Target #1 until later - because she wasn't sure if gridney/ YidwithLid was just kidding or not at the time.

Later we find - gridney/ YidwithLid is never kidding when it comes to a sexual target. And every women is a potential sexual target for him! Again, gridney/ YidwithLid violates ALL boundaries.

6. Twenty months into Target #1s 'psychological rollercoaster ride' with gridney/ YidwithLid - she introduces him to her new friend Target #2 and asks her to help with getting an article of gridney/ YidwithLid's placed.

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gridney/ YidwithLid emails and then IMs Target #2 to thank her (though he now tries to say SHE wrote him; which is another typically pathological opposite-lie) wastes NO time in initiating an online affair with Target #2, cybersex and love bombing. (remember he'd sworn at the beginning - he'd "never done this before" - hear us laughing? Maybe not with an innocent woman but he'd cybered with a load of paid pros! A review of her cache had shown Target #1 HAD never done that with anyone else. She was not lying.)

gridney/ YidwithLid tells Target #2 he loves her and her only 3 weeks into it, makes plans to rendezvous with her on his employer's dime and that he no longer loves his wife and hasn't loved his wife in a long time. (remember he'd told Target #1 he was 'not demonstrative' and had a 'hard time expressing his feelings'? Seems gridney/ YidwithLid has no problems now! - LOL)

gridney/ YidwithLid
also minimizes"Target #1" as just an 'old friend only' and portrays Target #1 as 'having a thing for', 'obsessed and fixated' on and 'pining away for' him (gridney/ YidwithLid) and has for years. (gridney/ Yidwithlid neglects to mention he looked up Target #1 - says it was the opposite -- AGAIN -- and that she's been obsessed with him for years. A complete lie) gridney/ YidwithLid says that he feels NOTHING for Target #1 and is only humoring her because he 'feels sorry' for Target #1.

gridney/ YidwithLid
makes some very callous comments about Target #1 and basically makes sure that Target #1 and Target #2 DO NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER.

One of his 'reasons'? gridney/ Yidwithlid tells Target #2 that Target #1 will 'ruin their happiness' with her 'jealousy'. (LOL!!
gridney/ YidwithLid really takes the cake for self-involved B.S. here)

7. Target #2 comes from a background of sexual, emotional & physical abuse (again, prime target - we bet most of gridney/ YidwithLid's girlfriends and past conquests as well as his wife, ALL come from abusive relationships, families - etc.

Cyberpaths LOVE to rush in and make themselves seem very galant with their Targets - when actually it is just a case of PREDATORS HUNT THE WOUNDED), as well as being a cover for their perversions.

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Target #2 falls for everything gridney/ YidwithLid says, emails Target #1 once to ask about him and Target #1 assures her gridney/ YidwithLids 'a wonderful person' ( Target #2 told us gridney/ YidwithLid used Target #1 as his calling card! This is triangulation - cyberpaths LOVE this one).

Few are drawn to the person whom others avoid or neglect; people gather around those who have already attracted interest. We want what other people want. To draw your victims closer and make them hungry to possess you, you must create an aura of desirability - of being wanted and courted by many. It will become a point of vanity for them to be the preferred object of your attention, to win you away from a crowd of admirers.

Manufacture the illusion of popularity by surrounding yourself with members of the opposite sex-friends, former lovers, present suitors. Create triangles that stimulate rivalry and raise your value. Build a reputation that precedes you: if many have succumbed to your charms, there must be a reason. - R. Greene -- "The Art of Seduction"

With Target #1s innocent assurance about gridney/ YidwithLid, Target #2 starts making plans with him to meet gridney/ YidwithLid (on his employer's dime!) and start an affair.

8. gridney/ YidwithLid has been very cryptic all along. gridney/ YidwithLid habitually does things like:

  • talk for hours, in lurid detail about the sexual activities he had with his ex-fiance to Target #1,

  • tells Target #1and later Target #2, about his dismal marital relations, when, how and what, in great detail - painting himself as the long-suffering husband. (wait, didn't he say his wife was "cold" and "disappointing"?) Again, terrible boundaries.

  • gridney/ YidwithLid also says cryptic things to Target #2. He explains to everyone that it's because of his ADHD. (ADHD has been connected to Adult Sociopathy)

It is hard to make people listen; they are consumed with their own thoughts and desires, and have little time for yours. The trick to making them listen is to say what they want to hear, to fill their ears with whatever is pleasant to them. This is the essence of seductive language. Inflame people's emotions with loaded phrases, flatter them, comfort their insecurities, envelop them in fantasies, sweet words, and promises, and not only will they listen to you, they will lose their will to resist you. Keep your language vague, letting them read into it what they want. Use writing to stir up fantasies and to create an idealized portrait of yourself.
- R. Greene -- "The Art of Seduction"

9. Target #1 innocently sends a copy of an article she found interesting to both gridney/ YidwithLid and Target #2... not realizing they even know each other, are involved and are planning an affair!

10. Target #2 becomes suspicious and asks gridney/ YidwithLid if he's playing Target #1 and her! He vehemently denies it and continues to paint Target #1 as a pathetic loser (all the while STILL playing with Target #1s heart & mind)... and never gives Target #1 a hint he even KNOWS Target #2.

Target #2 finally gets fed up with the vague answers and cryptic comments she gets from gridney/ YidwithLid -- one of which is that Target #1 "doesn't want Target #2 and he to be friends." (Target #1 didn't even know they KNEW EACH OTHER!)

11. Target #2 finally contacts Target #1 - they spend over 36 hours either online or on the phone dissecting what is going on. For a few days, Target #2 doesn't know what to believe.

12. Target #1 can't bring herself to speak to gridney/ YidwithLid (who is calling and messaging her frantically to please speak with him - a switch from someone who left her dangling for days or weeks at a time).

Target #1 tells Target #2 to please go be with gridney/ YidwithLid - since she now has confirmation finally that he isn't into her. Target #1 was so brainwashed she simply "wants gridney/ Yidwithlid to be happy."

By now, Target #1 is either too faint, vomiting or attempting to hold it together for her children - she can barely talk on the phone let alone stand up - and she also told us she didn't sleep for days.

13. Target #2, Target #1 and FOT1 all start sharing communications they are getting from or got from gridney/ YidwithLid. Target #1 also is reminded gridney/ Yidwithlid tried to come on to her friend Kristen online early in their relationship. Kristen confirms he did this and she blocked him!

gridney/ YidwithLid is frantically adjusting his lies as he goes along, twisting, spinning, minimizing and bending time -- searching for a "story" that will work!

gridney/ YidwithLid, in one chat we received, told Target #2 he 'fell out of love' (how do you do THAT?? and initially he told her he NEVER LOVED Target #1... so which was it?) with Target #1 in January 2004 and this was BEFORE he met Target #2. (This is an outright lie and pathologically typical attempt to rewrite history -- NO - It was DURING.... there was NO SEPARATION BY TIME - no matter how much gridney/ YidwithLid says it - he can't change REALITY)

gridney/ YidwithLid revises his 'tale' to Target #2 and says that he 'fell out of love' with Target #1 because she & FOT1 were 'taunting him sexually.' (the chat he referenced as 'taunting' didn't happen until LATE February 2004 according to archival records - just a couple weeks before he was CAUGHT, not mid-January as he tried to claim. Again even though he SAYS they were "separated by time" there was NO SEPARATION and LOADS of OVERLAP. Sammy Benoit is just a sexual predator.)

gridney/ YidwithLid COMPLETELY leaves out he initiated & had cybersex with Target #1 just 2 weeks earlier - in mid-February, WHILE involved with Target #2. And that he was still tossing sexual innuedo at Target #1 every time he felt like it. Again, there was NO separation by time between his Targets. Only large overlap.

(Predators LOVE to try to get people to believe their "truth" even when they bend time and change dates from person to person. We know of narcissists & sociopaths that say in COURTS OF LAW and UNDER OATH - certain things NEVER HAPPENED or are is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. This is why they are so FRANTIC that Targets don't talk to each other and to keep their victims separate from each other! And they become enraged when people don't believe them!) gridney/ YidwithLid's very compartmentalized online victimizing & brainwashing is catching up with him - and he is freaking out and getting very enraged that his Targets are all talking and he's lost control.

gridney/ YidwithLid
is scrambling to get a hold of Target #1 - who is so deeply traumatized she can't even speak to him; while at the same time making Target #1 out to be a 'scorned woman and a liar' to Target #2. (Classic predatory move!!)

14. FOT1 chats with gridney/ YidwithLid who continues to lie and puts his 'keyboard' in his mouth with inconsistencies, time fudging and lies.

FOT1 shares this with her friend, Target #1 as well as Target #2 - both of whom are having surreal moments about gridney/ YidwithLid's excuses and explanations.

They are charismatic, ostensibly attractive personalities, likely to be widely admired, but with a naturally manipulative nature.

They can completely conceal their true selves.
- Dr. Mike Fox on "The Emotional Rapist"

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To sum up:
gridney/ YidwithLid finds Target #1 - a girl from his past - and lures her in.

From Day One he was using her with no intention of anything other than playing with this trusting, deeply abused woman.

gridney/ YidwithLid uses the Cyberpathic techniques to seduce and entrap her in his online web of lies for 2 years/

gridney/ YidwithLid tries the SAME to Target #1s friends - FOT1, Kristen and Target #2

gridney/ YidwithLid uses Target #1's friends and her good words about him to try to springboard him into relationships with them: (i.e. "ask Target #1, she will tell you - I am a good guy")

Target #2 (Target #1's friend) innocently falls for gridney/ YidwithLid's seductive brainwashing too.

gridney/ YidwithLid smears Target #1 to Target #2 -- and eventually anyone who will listen to him and ONLY him.

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gridney/ YidwithLid paints himself as a victim of his cold wife and the object of Target #1s supposed obsessions (which gridney/ YidwithLid actually initiated, fed and encouraged)

Target #2 and Target #1 find out about each other and give each other the unvarnished truth.

gridney/ YidwithLid continues to try to spin, lie, rewrite history, blame shift and fudge things - without success this time and goes into a rage threatening Target #1 (later he posts hateful things about her all over the net, including a hate site; because he assumes she is the only one telling the truth about him... wrong!)

Target #1 sends 3 packages to gridney/ YidwithLid's wife with everything she knows and gives her hard copies along with a heartfelt apology and her contact information. gridney/ YidwithLid convinces wife Target #1 is a liar and it was all made-up or planted. Target #1 even sends her contact information to the wife and offers any help she can including helping find a counselor for his sex & porn addiction!

Target #2 tells gridney/ YidwithLid's employer, publishers and clients what he's up to.

gridney/ YidwithLid now tells Target #2 to 'leave him alone' and 'let [his wife] heal' (hold on, he told Target #2 he didn't love or care about his wife anymore, didn't he??) to pull his closed system of logic around his wife & family so he can continue to smear his Targets and control information.

gridney/ YidwithLid threatens Target #1 - says he will tell her ex-husband, get her kids taken away from her... and that he will go the police (TYPICAL threat!) in an attempt to scare her and shut her up. Eventually he & his wife do go to police with SELECTIVE information to try a pre-emptive strike to paint Target #1 as a harasser and stalker.

(similar to ART OF SEDUCTION, found by law enforcement in his cache/ archival traces)

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Classic Online Predator at work here. And there's more ----- stick around!!! gridney/ YidwithLid's cyberpathy gets him in BIGGER TROUBLE......

Reassure victims that they didn't do anything morally wrong, that they are not to blame for what happened to them, and that recovery is possible. - Dr. Mike Fox, Emotional Rape Syndrome

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