Monday, May 24, 2010

Doug Beckstead - More Excuses Than A Disgraced Politician

Let's read some of the wit & charm (and WORD SALAD) in our review of former Predator of the Month, Doug Beckstead. (See if you know an online "friend" like this!)
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Beckstead loves bending his targets' ears with his 'tales of woe', his tales of his 'so busy & popular life' (so busy & popular he's online looking for decent women to target), his tales of how he was 'in law enforcement' (rrriiiiigggghhhhttt -- EOPC checked around for information to back this up. NONE WAS THERE. It was a fabrication or embellishment on Beckstead's part).

Doug's just 'so good with his family, friends and life in general' (so good that all EOPC saw was his whining & moaning about how lonely & unfulfilled he was. Including some mean spirited comments about his wife).

Who wouldn't want to be a part of this predator.... er, man's life after the rosy picture he painted of himself ?

He tries to portray a very normal picture of himself, he's "oh so busy" and has "oh so many friends" that want his time & energy. Why he's more popular than the ice cream truck in August isn't he?

Or is he?

One of the targets that contacted us was kind enough to share some of the email Beckstead sent her. (as always our comments are in Dark Blue)

From: "Doug Beckstead"
Subject: Okay, Here's a Long Answer to Your Long E-Mail

Good afternoon!

Well, this has been a real hectic day and I still feel like I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished. I am soooooo frustrated with it. On top of all that, this morning I called home and XXX answered the phone "House of Pain. How can we hurt you?" (Cyberpaths get off on hurting people - but look out if you hurt them!)

It caught me totally off guard until she put XXX on the phone and she explained that she had fallen on the ice last night and injured her ankle and leg. She called the doctor this morning and he ordered up some x-rays at the hospital and asked her to bring them over to his office.

Just after lunch I got a call from the doctor (XXX was in the office and I talked to her too). Apparently she's got a sprained ankle and a broken leg!!! It looks like she broke the same bone you did except she broke it at the top of the bone near the knee not at the bottom by the ankle where it is generally broken. So, I'm heading to Anchorage in the morning instead of on Thursday night.

But, in the mean time I am going to answer what I think are your questions in your long e-mail. I printed it out and used my highlighter to make sure that I get what I think are all of the major points answered. If I miss any, please let me know. (And I am going to run the printed copy through the shredder when I'm done so there is no need to worry about someone in the office coming across it or something.) (oh come on Doug!! You will miss anything that's too pointed and asking you for a little honesty, right?)
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Okay, here goes .......... (look out... here it comes) First, your comment about feeling like you're walking on eggshells pretty much sums up what's happening with me too. (blame shifting - he's using her and her gut is telling her he's playing her - watch him twist her mind. The targets of his that contacted us - he did the SAME thing with mild variations to each & every one!) For the last several month, it seems that if I don't respond to an e-mail right away, or if something happens that keeps me from getting on the computer when I said I would try to get on, generally results in some sort of angry response coming my way with statements about how I've lied to you or I must have something better to do with my time and have pushed you off to the side. All I am asking for is a bit of compassion here and some understanding that sometimes things get in the way of being able to read e-mails, open e-cards, or meeting on MSN. I realize that it seems like that is happening more and more over the last six months and I agree, it does seem like it has been happening more frequently. But, I do not know why it is, nor do I know what I can do to change it. (Target was walking on eggshells - with a Narcissistic Cyberpath. But notice how Doug does what they all do! Like Hicks, Dunetz/ Yidwithlid, Dorsky, Thomas - they are just ssoooooooo busy - how dare a Target ask for the same amount of consideration they expect from them? Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!!

BUT - if a Target decides they have had enough of it? And they ask Beckstead - or any cyberpath - for the same in return? It's like you asked for their kidney with no anesthesia. The Cyberpath does NOT want his victims to fall too far out of his "control zone." How DARE they ask for accountability from the Predator, like Beckstead! Major Red Flag. He needs them where he can play them like puppets... not somewhere they may get a clue that he's a compulsive liar & user.

Besides Beckstead is an ATTENTION HOG. He doesn't just like attention - HE HAS TO HAVE IT ALL!)

I explained that the e-cards, although I do enjoy them, are something that I cannot open at work. Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle with other e-mails coming in. (The I-Am-Mr. Popular excuse! gag...)

Recently my friend in Washington DC sent me about 50 forwarded news articles from the Washington Post (the local newspaper back there). When he does that, everything gets shuffled down a few pages in my Hotmail box and sometimes things get overlooked. I try to answer all of your e-mails and I try to open all of the e-cards when I get them. If they happen to land in my box before one of his mass mailings, then sometimes I don't think to scroll down the list and back through the pages. Please understand this. I realize that you have taken time to make sure you are on the computer when we are trying to meet up, but sometimes things do happen. There have been times when I've come online and you have not been there and I simply chalk it up to you had something else that took you away and leave it at that. I don't get upset and I sure don't hold it against you. (Of course not! One less Target to juggle for Doug!! Why you'd think he was 007 with all these people who need him! How about - 'I forget when I am cybering with one of the other gals I have on a string telling them "I LOVE YOU & ONLY YOU" too'.)

A prime example is when ******** had her surgery. When I didn't hear from you I just figured, "Okay, things are not going as well as expected and she'll get to me when she can." I knew that it would not do any good to get upset because I had no control over what was happening on your end. (Cyberpaths love to take YOUR personal information and deepest thoughts and turn it on you. But if you do it to them - look out! Incoming!)

Moving on to the next part … I made the comment about being "backed into a corner" because that is the way I've been feeling for a while. No matter how I try and explain the situation, I keep being asked about making plans to come to ********* for a visit. While it is something that I would very much like to do, and something that I have every intention of doing at some point in the future, I cannot commit to coming down by a certain date (month, year, etc.). (oh of COURSE not, why meet someone when toying with her online is so much more fun! Just keep leading her on thinking you are coming to visit her and thank GOODNESS they are either in another country or thousands of miles away, phew!)

As we've talked about before, I am working two jobs in an attempt to make ends meet up here. There isn't disposable income ("at the end of the day" to coin that wonderful **** phrase you use so much) to permit me to lay solid plans for coming down there. There isn't much that I can give up that could go into the bank for such a trip. I'm already cut to the bare bones. If things change in the near future (or the far future) that could very well change and I can come down. But, for now it is something that I cannot promise. The last thing I want to do is to get your hopes up by saying I'll be there and then have you let down because I couldn't do it. (the LAST thing? Notice how GALLANT he is! Sounds like Dunetz/ YidwithLid or Thomas! Couldn't be more full of **** if he tried.)

Again, I'm trying to remain realistic so neither of us gets shot down. (NEITHER? and REALISTIC? Beckstead? LOL!) This does not mean that I have not got the same feelings about you as you do me. Nor does it mean that I do not have the intention of coming down to meet you. I do not think that you are trying to railroad me into any "shotgun wedding" or anything like that, nor do I think you are looking for a meal ticket nor a father for your kids. I have never suspected anything like that on your part. I know you would never think that nor expect that. Granted, there are folks like that on the Internet in the chat sites, but I've sensed all along that you are genuine in what you say. A bit on the timid and secretive side, but honest and genuine at the same time. (he had to get that SECRETIVE dig in, did ya' see that?

But here's PROOF that Beckstead was CONFIRMING (lying) to her, and all of them, that he FELT THE SAME, emotionally - as his prey. Of course now he says they 'misread his intentions' and are 'scorned' - bullpocky! He VALIDATED, ENCOURAGED and INITIATED the online romance.

Of course, that's projection - the secretive one is him. Cyberpaths will say things like this to get YOU to give up your secrets but they have zero intention of giving up theirs. They never tell the truth - even to themselves. Its all a big game to them - while they expect you to believe every word they say as gospel -- or else!)

As for taking the next step in our relationship, I would like for nothing more than to do that. I am just as frustrated as you are, probably even more so because I want to come down south really bad. Again, it's just the reality of the situation that is preventing us from being able to pull it off. Yes, I have pulled back sexually. (pulled back or too many women online? like all narcissists: the truth is - he got BORED) I tried to explain it during our conversation Friday night. It is in part because of my confusion of not knowing what was happening with our relationship, whether it was on or off, and for how long it would be on again before it was off again. And it is also because I have been very tired at times when things got a bit "worked up." Believe me, that is not something that I ever wanted to have to admit to, being too tired for sex! That's something that happens to old people, not me!!! There have been some comments made over the last few months that have really stung me. The comments about "stroking my ego" and how I am "so full of [my]self" really hurt. Those more than anything were like a cold slap in the face. And they've come on more than one occasion several months apart. When I am told things like that, I have to really wonder if that is how you really feel. (awwww Doug, wahhh wahhh wahhh - guilt tripping!)

My statement about sitting back and "patiently waiting" was what I planned to do because I knew that you have been under a lot of stress at home from a variety of fronts. First with ********* surgery, then with the problems with *****, and finally with the anniversary of your mother's death all hitting at the same time. I knew it a long time ago that things would start getting rocky. So, the best way for me to deal with it was going to be to try and remain in the background, offering the support I could, and let you work your way through it. There really wasn't much else that I could do. If I tried responding to your e-mails then I would have just inflamed the situation even more and that would have done no good for anyone. (wow this sounds like Dunetz/ Yidwithlid who ran away when Target #1s estranged husband started hacking her computer and found out about him. And then Target #1 was being seriously abused BECAUSE OF HIM and needs his support - he says: "its best if I leave"...

And Hicks with his "its for the best" -- Best for WHO, guys?)

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It was a big relief to me when you called. I had planned on letting it go for a couple of days then either calling you or writing you. (sssuuuurrreeee you did) I just didn't want to push. I am not an aggressive type of guy when it comes to relationships. (why should he be when the internet provides endless supply) I've learned over the years that it doesn't do any good and in fact can really cause some permanent damage if I do start acting that way. (you've already done permanent damage, you predator) So, that's what you get with me. Yes I still want you in my life. I don't understand why you would ask something like that in the first place. I don't know what I can realistically do to make it any more clear to you. I do love you and I do care greatly for you and your kids. (And, as I said before, I don't think you are looking for a meal ticket or anything like that – but if I could, I'd be proud to serve as a surrogate father for your kids too!) Perhaps things have dropped down a rung or two but there is no reason why they cannot climb right back up. But, the way I feel about you has not changed. (Doug doesn't want to lose any one of his "toys" er.... online girlfriends)

After the holidays, after I get back from Anchorage, I'll try to make more time to talk with you between jobs and on my day off. But, I do not want, nor do I expect you to make any changes in your life to accommodate me. I realize you want to and you are willing to do so, but as I said at the outset, there are times when things come up and our lives just take us to other places for the time being. And sometimes our families need time with us too.

One good thing is that I am still looking for a new place to live. That will make it a lot easier for talking on the phone, etc. as well because I will have my own place, my own phone and my own connection to the Internet without having anyone else muddling around with it. (muddling? another excuse?)

A friend of mine in the office is moving to Anchorage in March and I'm already talking with him about possibly renting his cabin after he's gone. I have to get over and see it, and talk with the landlord, etc. about a couple of things I'd like to try and do (like installing a shower for one!). But if that works out, then it will be a really good deal for me. Not only will I have my own place, but it also has a wonderful view from what XXX has said. In the mean time, he's going to Belize for six weeks as a graduation present for himself (he just finished his Master's degree).

I know some of this is not what you want to hear, but I'm trying to be totally honest with you here. (only liars use phrases like "I am being totally honest" or "this is a true story" or "I am not lying to you" -- its an NLP imbedded command to get you to believe them!) I don't want to make any promises that I might not be able to keep. I don't want to set you up for more hurt. (because then you might get wise to me) You mean as much to me as anyone else in the world (even my kids) and that is a whole lot. (rrrriiiiigggghhhtttt. Again, setting this particular Target up for guilt for ever doubting him!) I don't want anything to change between us, but I do hope that you understand where I am coming from with all of this. In the mean time, I think I'd better wrap up here and get ready to head over to my other job. I decided to stay at the office today and put in some more time so I could leave early on Thursday. But now since I have to leave tomorrow it really doesn't matter anymore anyway.

At least it gave me the time to sit down, uninterrupted, and answer your e-mail. I will try and check my e-mail when I get home tonight. But, I also have to get packed and everything to head south in the morning. And, I hope to get a good night's sleep in the meantime. The roads are pretty icy so I need my wits about me. I'll send you a note when I get down there (but it might not be until Thursday (your Friday)). I'll let you know what happens.

I love you and you are a big part of my life. I don't want that to change. (because if I give you too much space, breathing room and time to THINK - you might have enough time to see what a sociopathic tale-teller I am)

Love, Doug

If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
perhaps it is because he has stopped to fix
something with duct tape.

— Henry David Thorough

OOO Aren't we oh so profound? and humorous?


Here's an earlier one from the most honest man in Alaska!

From: "Doug Beckstead"
Subject: RE: Status


I got your e-mails from today. It is not me that is cold, heartless and turning my back on you. (blame shifting, guilting -- in one short sentence! .... sound familiar readers?)

That is something that you have created in your mind. (and now GASLIGHTING)

I have been subjected to insults, called a liar, and every other name in the book over and over by you. All for no reason whatsoever. As for why things can't go back to where they were before, well, read the fourth sentence again. (all for no reason? according to who? Notice how he doesn't even try to apologize!! just talks about his anger and his hurt feelings)

I got your e-mail last night but did not respond because my body is trying to adapt to the change in my blood pressure medication. It's causing some really weird side-effects. On the up side, it's dropped my bp by 30 to 40 points. On the down side it looks like I'm probably not drinking enough fluid right now so I have to increase that to get back on an even keel. (sympathy ploy - another big one with Cyberpaths and other men who have online or offline affairs. THEY are sick, the wife/ kids are sick... not ONE word about the Target's state of mind! There's that cyberpath's zero empathy effect!!)

Things are very hectic here with the full house. XXX and XXX are heading home on Saturday morning. I'm not looking forward to their leaving. I'm having a really good time with them.
(whoa, Beckstead went from indignant -- to wanting sympathy for his health -- to how busy he is. Notice how he's training this Target to feel guilty for questioning him & to just DROP it whenever he seems like he might just pull away. It's: All Doug All The Time!)
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Dolor temporarius.
Gloria aeterna.
Cicatrices virginibus placent.

Yet another missive from Beckstead

From: "Doug Beckstead"
Subject: HI!!!

Hi there!

I'm sorry I dropped off the face of the earth! The Internet in our dorms/hotel has been down for the last six days! It has been soooooo frustrating not to be able to check our e-mail. But, it looks like it's back up now. (anyone else seeing a pattern of excuses? Doug seems to be just loaded with them. Martyr Man)

In the event that you're checking your mail now, I just wanted to send off a quick note while I run downstairs and put my laundry in the machine. I'm hoping to get it done early tonight. (don't forget about me because I need to not give you time to breathe and realize I am messing with your mind! I need to reel you back in! Get you back in my CONTROL ZONE)

Love and hugs!

PS: I see that there are a few e-mails (and cards) from you. I just want to get this on its way before I look at those.
(How about "I already looked at them - They were good! I may cut, paste and use them to send along to my other targets.... er friends..."?)

For those of you who've read this site for a while - Doug's a real classic - This probably all sounds sickeningly familiar.

Beckstead remained demanding and belligerent of his targets time, yet when the shoe was on the other foot? Nothing. He gave back nothing in return other than grief! Even when his targets figure him out and make it clear to him to "STAY AWAY"? Beckstead's reaction: he claimed to be "amused." (misogynistic reaction) Then he just carries on with the projection and blame shifting. Beckstead accepts NO, ZERO responsibility what-so-ever. (none of them ever do.) A clear sign of mental pathology!


Anonymous said...

I shook while reading his e-mails. I saw on the writing the same "love you's" from Thomas, the same salad of the biggest egos in the world "Keith Clive" and "J".

Anonymous said...

Why are you so upset by all of this? I don't understand why you thougt you would get any more out of an on line "relationship"? I don't think this Doug is the bad person you make him out to be...I think you need to get off the computer and go out and get a real life and a real "man/relationship"! You deserve what you got for thinking cybering was anything more than a game!!!! Get Real...Grow up...and Get a life, I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug or one of Doug's Frieds:

You guys always defend these creeps (or yourself) and blame-shift on to the person you hurt used & abused.

Stick around and read some articles about the cyberpath and maybe get some help for Dougie. He's a sick puppy who drew vulnerable women into this situations online. read "Lures of the Online Predator" here on our site and then call a really good therapist.

We've heard it before "Anonymous" from Anchorage, Alaska. Tell Doug to find a new passtime other than hurting people.

kat2123247 said...

just another online horror story
Omg just reading those emails got me so gdamn fired up!Doug there sounds exacty like the BS I heard! I heard the same exact bs from Mr.F***wit in Scotland!.He was ALWAYS so busy! BS....busying wankin on cam for only god knows who!He also used the "You are so insecure,I will always be with you"..lmao...right just what i needed like a freakin hole in my head! He was none to happy when he opted to call me stupid and i showed him just how WRONG he was!I joined Faceparty.had fake id's.of course he messaged the id's! I learned he was married,had children and granchildren! He gave the fake id his mobile number...his place of employment ...all in hope of meeting the id in Falkirk!..lol..When asked about his other online women of course he denied any!...and only said there was one(me)..that was a nutter and stalker!..bs.....I learned my tricks from HIM! He hacked my yahoo,my computer,embedded keyloggers remotely in my computer! But when the tables were turned.I was the evil bitch! ...lol..I also learned he had an id made up as a 15 yr old boy looking for girls and boys the same age as "mates"!I reported that id of course he changed the info so yahoo did nothing!Over a 3 year period he has messaged me in vast and varied id's..always id's his sick head comes up with thinking I might be interested!He's scared of me as I know far to much about him!...Hes a long time predator as he knows the tricks of ip hiding......fake real names....no pics just cam..but I used cam capture and got his pictures!..Posted them on dont dating sites! That got him all time fired up! ..lo.I just hope he thinks twice before he ever calls someone stupid again!

Anonymous said...

This is for DOUG BECKSTEAD "anonymous" sexual predator from Anchorage, Alaska.

You cannot cloak who you really are in here, your game is up. Looks like your latest "hottie' found you out when she was told to "google" you and see just what a "trusting person" you truly are ... NOT *L*.

You need to "get real" if you think that "cybering" includes exploiting women and their children on line to get your sexual kicks. You need to "get a life" and "stop spending so much time on the computer" trawling the internet playing out your sexual fantasies for the whole world to witness with your sadistic head games.

Now everyone knows the truth about who and what you really are. You just confirmed what we already knew, and the rest of the www. has known for some months now, fool.

No man sleeps with such great unrest as he who has a guilty conscience. Take a sleeping pill and a few vicoden for that martyr man.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the only person Beckstead is "feeling sorry" for is himself.
Sorry that he got caught.

EOPC TEAM said...

Hey Doug...er... we mean ANONYMOUS WHOSE IP IS FROM THE ANCHORAGE ALASKA PARKS SERVICE (and don't try to use a Proxy, we get around those too).

Cyber is "just a game"? Did your victims know that at the time? Or are you giving us insight into your sick head? Did you victims agree it was a "game"? We heard from 2 Dougie and neither one mentioned it being a GAME to them.

And Doug, (we mean ANONYMOUS... lol) rather than just surfing in to read YOUR story? Take a look at all the articles we have hear on your type. Or is looking in a mirror to hard for an emotional vampire like you?

"Doug's not that bad?" According to who? Do they have the same hard proof we got? We checked these posts out. They are for real. Like all our other cyberpaths, you guys will do anything to cover up your misdeeds, won't you?

Your type is a dime a dozen and we are trying to pull the plug on as many of you as we can so you guys 1. get help and 2. don't harm anyone else.

Anonymous said...


DO NOT move to Anchorage, Alaska and live with Doug Beckstead and family. It will be a decision you will live to regret. This man is a sexual predator and very dangerous.

Your daughter is scared of him for a reason, listen to her instincts.

He is NOT to be trusted.

He has an agenda, hence the money for your airfares, gifts and all that he pretends to do because "he cares". It is a trap. You and your little girl will be hurt as the end result. Keep yourselves safe and NEVER EVER leave your little girl alone in his care.

Women and children are not people to this cretin, they are mere objects for his own gratification.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warning but it was too late. Need serious prayers now.

Anonymous said...

You didn't even mention his motto:

Dolor temporarius.
Gloria aeterna.
Cicatrices virginibus placent.

Pain is fleeting. Glory is forever. Virgins love scars.

Sure ... it COULD mean "chicks dig my hockey scars" ... or it could be an insight into his misogynistic mind.