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We have a bunch of emails that Beckstead sent one of his Targets that we decided not to take up bandwith with. They just went on & on & on about Beckstead's favorite subject: HIMSELF. They read like the "all Beckstead all the time" channel. Even if we didn't know he was a predator - it was supremely egotistical and tedious.

This is very much like our predators Ed Hicks and Brad Dorsky. Doug really is a classic destructive narcissist - mostly in love with himself and only wanting to spend time with anyone that reflects the obsession he has with the object of all his affection: Doug Beckstead.

As always our comments are in Dark Blue.

One of his Targets tells us:
I was so hurt by Doug's accusations and lies. After I had busted Doug in the Virtual Irish Pub with a not so nice woman by the nickname of "Kitty" (she's a well known female player on that site). He wrote me and accused me of impersonating her! (typical, typical - he got busted so he's going to put YOU on the defensive. Gaslighting and Projection. Also notice despite 'Kitty's' reputation, Doug doesn't mind using whoever or whatever suits him at the time because no one is real to ole' Doug nor does he really care).

Doug never apologized for this attack! He sent an email back sometime later saying that "it must have been someone else then" and changed the subject after insulting my friend for something he had written. (they NEVER apologize - because they are NEVER wrong!)



>From: "Doug Beckstead"
>Subject: Greetings!
>Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 18:10:59 -0800
>Well, I stayed home again today. I'm planning on going back to work on Monday. I was all set to go in this morning, showered, dressed, and even had breakfast. (me, I, my....)

XXX came out to the living room and said "Gee, you sure aren't coughing very much anymore." And, just like clockwork I went into a coughing fit. So I waited until 7:00 when my boss should have been in and called in sick again. This damn influenza really sucks. I slept until noon again today, and probably could have stayed in bed even longer. I'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow. (oh geee Poor Poor Dougie!! boo hoo. His emails were full of how tired he was, how sick he was, how his family didn't care about him, how put out he was by his job, by other people... Martyr Man!)
Psychopaths have only a shallow range of emotions and lack guilt, says Dr. Hare. They often see themselves as victims, and lack remorse or the ability to empathize with others. "Psychopaths play on the fact that most of us are trusting and forgiving people," adds Seto. "The warning signs are always there; it's just difficult to see them because once we trust someone, the friendship becomes a blinder." -- SOURCE

(Now Beckstead launches immediately into more blather about himself:)

This afternoon I had a very enjoyable conversation with XX, the brother of Lt XXX, the pilot of the B-24. The Army contacted him yesterday and gave him the news about the remains being positively identified. He also told me that in the conversation they had, the Army rep told him that Lt XXX is entitled to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC with all the pomp and circumstance afforded fallen officers. This includes a caisson drawn by four horses to carry the coffin, a miltary band, honor guard, bugler and firing squad.

>The senator from Maine (the state they are from) has been a huge help with the whole process. She wants to come to the funeral at Arlington and to the memorial service they want to hold in Maine as well. According to Mr. XXX, she is also making arrangements for a VIP tour of the Whitehouse when the funeral is held. And, he said that they want me to be part of the group. (the White House will be so HONORED - Doug Beckstead is coming!)

While we were on the phone, his wife called to him and told him to make sure that he told me that none of this would have been possible had it not been for me. It was sure nice to hear it from him. (Wow!! Beckstead's such a wonderful guy - Of course he's GOT to make sure the whole world knows what a wonderful, altruistic person he is... gag)
>The funeral will not be until July at the earliest. So, I've got some time to lose some weight so I'll fit into my suit. Or to save up some scheckles to buy a new one for the funeral. (no comment - BTW, Doug took a picture of himself at this funeral and PHOTOSHOPPED it to slice off a pound or forty -- see below)

>I hope you're having a good weekend so far. (this is the FIRST AND ONLY TIME HE ACKNOWLEDGES THE TARGET or ANYONE ELSE - IN THIS WHOLE EMAIL! and LOADS of his emails were EXACTLY THE SAME)

Doug FREAKS out when one of his Targets got a little suspicious and joked that she looked up his address on ZABASEARCH. Which ANYONE can do!! As we say - just tell them you are looking them up or doing a background check and if they freak out? RUN!!! Honest & sincere people have nothing to hide.

From: Doug Beckstead
> Date: Mar 8, 2007 6:34 PM
> Subject: Zabasearch
> I have never lied to you about anything. My comment about "obsession" was brought on when you were searching out information, which was inaccurate to begin with, about my address in Fairbanks. I have never lied to you and I never led you on.
(This should really read: 'I have lied to you about EVERYTHING, absolutely everything. I have blown myself and my reputation up to God-like proportions and will make sure you never meet me to see what a loser I truly am. Beside, you mean nothing to me but an online sex toy who will worship me... and if you don't worship me - you're GONE!
I am freaked out that you are searching on me and now I am going to tell everyone you are a stalker and fixated on me - [all cyberpaths call those who might/ or do find out the truth "jealous stalkers"] -- I hope people believe me and I will say all manner of lies about you to make sure they are on my side!)
> I've missed your e-mails. (read: I need to reel you back in don't I? I can't chance losing control of you now that I've used & abused you!)
> Doug

[Psychopaths] are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed. - Source
> *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> **Squirrels are Nature's little speed bumps. (apparently so are Beckstead's online 'friends' in his eyes)


The subject matter in the email concerning Beckstead's trips in July 2007 to both Arlington, VA and Maine is all being tied into his next book. It concerns the B-24 crash that took place in Alaska back in 1943.

There is NO DOUBT he will use this book as part of his latest lure to reel in more targets. ("see what a great & important man I am - I write books!!") This is the manner (lure) in which he used his first book 'A World Turned Upside Down'.

He uses all of this information about his expeditions, findings, meetings with important people and events (which are part of his JOB!) to gain your trust. He uses these people to as "cover" behind because they all buy what a genuine and passionate guy he is about his job. He is a historian but to hear him tell it - it's not because of the job - it's because HE is THE Doug Beckstead. (A legend in his own mind)
"Their performance is generally erratic, with chronic absences, misuse of company resources and failed commitments. ...Seto talks of a [psychopath] who would get marketing jobs based on his image; he was a presentable and charming man who layered his conversations with educational and occupational references." -- SOURCE

It is this facade provided by his job that he uses to hide his true nature: which is [like all sociopathic types] cold, calculating, selfish and very manipulating. He is the classic predator: very convincing until you ask questions about his personal life or question the facts he gives out. He becomes nasty, hateful and accusatory. That is when the real Beckstead is revealed.

Cyberpaths NEVER learn any lesson. They sit quietly and bide their time - hoping things calm down and their Targets forget -- until they are ready to strike again - and strike again they ALL do. (look at Ed Hicks - he's back online, using new pseudonyms & telling the same lines and using the same methodology) Look closely at both of these recent posts below - read
Beckstead's own words carefully.

Douglas Beckstead, like ALL CYBERPATHS, is a true chameleon who embellishes on any small truth for a cause - that cause? DOUG BECKSTEAD! This is how predators do it - they sprinkle their b.s. with bits of truth to make it all seem much more plausible.

Below he puts his own spin of words on his true occupation - embellishing himself as a practically a war hero! The reality? Beckstead has
NEVER served in the military. He IS a civilian currently employed as a historian by the Air Force. Nothing more. (Like Thomas, who tells people he is CIA and Special Ops and the CIA, etc have NEVER heard of him! Or Phil Haberman who fakes his credentials both online & off.)

Make no mistake, Beckstead is being watched closely since the original exposure. He believes he is doing a lot of damage control with the: "look at me, I'm a good and decent guy" routine (Dunetz/ Yidwithlid is still doing this with his own website; Jacoby plays the concerned friend and helper to lure his Targets) will manage to con more people into his web of deceit. He even thinks he can get his buddies to write sites like EOPC to stick up for him if he can con them into believing this act too.

Beware ALL CYBERPATHS DO THIS - and it is all a grandiose put-on to maximize their own over-blown egos. Don't be the next to fall for someone like Beckstead's or any other cyberpath's embellishment, misleading and twisting of the truth and his pathological games.

"Psychopaths don't discriminate who it is they lie to or cheat," says Seto. "There's no distinction between friend, family and sucker." ...a psychopath rarely stays in a relationship for the long term, and often is involved with three or four partners at once, says Willson.

To a psychopath, everything about a relationship is a game. -- SOURCE

Beckstead's Comments:
"Really there's no difference (between military and civilians here). We're eating together, working together and living together. We're all in it together," Mr. Beckstead said. "I really try to break down that barrier of 'I'm a civilian and you're enlisted.' I like the fact we're wearing the same uniform. I just try to blend in as much as I can. We're all in the same fight together and we all have the same goal."


Beckstead uses any opportunity, even the review of a music CD, for shameless-self-promotion (Dunetz/ Yidwithlid is a big on with this 'all-me-all-the-time' also) Note the red portion:

Fantastic !!!
author: Doug Beckstead
I ordered the CD while sitting over here in Iraq, believe it or not, I am actually at Mortaritaville (which is not Baghdad but Balad Air Base). I have listened to the CD so many times that I am afraid I have already worn the plastic coating off it. Or maybe its this damn Iraqi dust. Either way, the songs are great and as others have said, they really sum up what it's all about being here.

I hope they don't mind, but I used the song "We Hate Terrorists" as the background music for a slide show I did about the work we do on the helipad transporting wounded patients from the helos to the ER. It really summed up our feelings as we've dealt with men, women and even children (America, Iraqi and other nationalities) who have been blown up, shot, and in just plain bad situations. Thanks guys, I really enjoy the CD and have been pushing it on others recommending that they buy it too!


Others have referred to "The dark side of normal - a psychopathy-linked pattern called aberrant self-promotion." (European Journal of Personality)

The personality attributes include:

  • grandiosity
  • pathological lying and deception
  • superficial charm
  • lack of empathy, guilt or remorse
  • failure to accept personal responsibility
  • shallow affect
  • exploititiveness
  • manipulativeness
  • defensiveness in response to criticism
  • need for dominance - with the primary reason to further their own self-interest.

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