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(originally published in April 2007)

Here's a key email exchange with Beckstead & just one of his targets illustrating the depth of his lying and twisting things around to suit himself (like they all do).

It begins with this Target asking again for some straight answers. Beckstead of course, changes the story completely from what he had originally told her.

The word salad, gaslighting and twisting of reality again! (just like Hicks, Dorsky, Dunetz/ YidwithLid, Thomas, Haberman, Capers...) The emails speak volumes by themselves. More lies. Painting himself as the victim. Same **** -- different receptable.

Remember these types are pathological and actually BELIEVE their lies as they are saying them. There is very little continuity of reality for them and they bend the truth to suit themselves.

And the damage to the emotional health of the targets is immense and often impossible to fully repair.

Our comments in Dark Blue. - EOPC

To: dog_driver@XXX.com
Subject: Very Important
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007

I need to ask you an important question. You probably won't like it, but I need to know. You told me the story of how you had to leave Anchorage all of those years ago because of that sexual harassment suit against you in Anchorage.

You said that the woman had sexually harassed you, but she turned it around on you and you were fighting it but ran out of cash etc. (lies, projection - we'd bet he just ran away and left with no closure. Ns rarely fight unless they have money & friends in high places.)

You said that you could not stay in Anchorage that is why you had to move away to Fairbanks to work.

Well how come now, as in late last year, you could move back there to Anchorage and live and work after everything that you told me i thought that you could never return to live and work?? (may not even have been a true story... or partly true... or he is on the lam...?? This is very good catch on this target's part - of his LIES LIES LIES.)

I really would appreciate an honest answer to this ASAP. I think of all the questions you have refused to answer, ignored or just plain diverted around, I need to know. And I need to know the full story about those kids in XXX. I need some truth and honesty. You owe me that much.

Was any of that true or just used as a sympathy ploy? Not accusations, but you started to tell the story and I should have pushed for answers then and there. I need the answers now, in full. (poor target, she thinks he's going to be honest with her? Well, she's probably JUST catching on that he's PATHOLOGICAL. Cyberpaths are incapable of truth or honesty no matter WHAT THEY SAY OR HOW YOU ASK. and he's going to be angry because she KNOWS the truth. They all get angry with those that figure them out.)

Please don't try and talk around it as I know what was said and written at the time. (but he will anyway) I do not want to fight but I deserve to know the truth. (you do, but you will never get it) It has bothered me a great deal of late, especially in light of everything else that has taken place.


To: " Doug Beckstead"
Subject: Re: Very Important
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007

Thanks for answering this straight away. But, I don't understand why she, your (former boss) would want to sleep with you, when, as you said, she was "climbing the ladder horizontally".

What would she have stood to gain from sleeping with you? As you said she was your boss, not the other way around. Surely she would have chosen someone above her station in the company, in order to get what she wanted? And surely she would have known that you were married with kids etc? (because that's a cyberpath's STOCK ANSWER: 'she's scorned,' 'she's obsessed with me,' 'she's after me,' 'she won't let go,' blah blah blah blah. The reality is usually that the woman got sick of HIS harassment or lying or whatever. In Beckstead's mind - he's the most desirable man on the planet. LOL)

And you DID say that you had to leave Anchorage because of her in order to get work to support your family, that things were so bad there at the time! Your story has changed a lot. And I always remember you telling me of two children walking to school in XXX, that you stopped to offer them a lift and things were said by their father?

Was that after the teenager incident then? I have to ask because things have changed somewhat and I have a different set of stories in the memoirs. (BINGO!)

These new versions seem odd, especially as they were held back by you for so long. Does not add up.

Similar to XXX and the letters from your friends being withheld and you not finding out until years down the track.

Something else that is odd, did you realise XXX was listed down as having lived in Fairbanks at your address in XXX Street as well? It is listed on zabasearch.

Just thought you should know.

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On 1/30/07,
Doug Beckstead wrote:

No, no, no, no, no, you've got everything all mixed around. (gosh this sounds like Gridney/ Yidwithlid, Jacoby or Thomas trying to rewrite reality... they ALL try to make you think YOU got it wrong or to bend time & space. The mixed up one is BECKSTEAD.)

I have not had any sexual harrassment suit against me. I had a former boss in Anchorage (a female) get all pissed off at me because I would not sleep with her. I found out about it a few years later from another woman I used to work with in the NPS in Anchorage. She and I were good friends and it bothered her when she learned some of the things that supervior had done to try and sabotage my career. She is the one I've told you about who is climbing the ladder at the NPS horizontally. She sleeps with anyone who she thinks she can get ahead with. That's also one reason why I couldn't figure out what her interest was in me. (because Doug is oh so desirable! remember LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR: 'make yourself an object of desire')

As for the one teenager in XXX, her parents started rumors about me after I was attacked by their dog and had my hand and side seriously injured. I think it was an attempt to try and get something going against me to try and fight off a potential lawsuit I might bring against them over their dog. I had no intention of suing them to begin with. (say what??)

Again it was a number of years later that I found out about the rumors. I learned about it, again from two co-workers who lived in XXX. In both cases I asked them why they did not say anything when they were happening and both of them said that they (and everyone else in XXX) knew that they were just lies.

That's all there is to it. (because that's all the lying you feel like doing right now?)


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From: Doug Beckstead
Date: Jan 30, 2007 2:25 PM
Subject: Re: Very Important

I don't have any idea why my former boss wanted to sleep with me. It happens to be that sexual harrassment on the job goes both ways. It is becoming more and more frequent today as more and more women are moving into positions of authority. I am only going on what I was told by a close friend. (notice how he moves the talk away from himself and his actions immediately... that last line about being told by a 'close friend'? Is a doozy!! Beckstead's so righteous! LOL)

Why is it that you seem to be so obsessed, and yes, it is clearly an obsession on your part, about trying to dig up anything you can on me and my background. (why do you think Doug? You played with her mind & her emotions? Spoke to her CHILDREN!? No straight answers? Playing with her mind? YOU CAUSED THIS DOUG! No one but YOU! How dare you put these women on the defensive!

It gets BORING how all these cyberpaths call their targets 'obsessed' persons & 'stalkers' as soon as the Target figures them out or asks for answers. It must be in their playbook)

As for XXX being listed at my XXX Fairbanks I have no idea why nor anything about it. As for your zabasearch that is getting pretty damn close to stalking me if you are trying to search out every little bit of information on me. (here we go - she's 'a stalker'. And Beckstead - you're a lying narcissistic cyberpath. She did NOTHING illegal. Zabasearch is a PUBLIC website with PUBLIC information. You encouraged her interest, you lied to her, you toyed with her & her children. You pursued her. You caused her distress and -- now because she asked for an HONEST ANSWER, she's 'a stalker.' Can't these predators think of something new? Beckstead you truly are pathetic.)

As for the situation in Anchorage, you are confusing a number of different issues and topics. (here comes the word salad) I had to go back to Fairbanks because after my park was combined with another park when the superintendent of my park retired for medical reasons, I was forced to work under a woman who was a radical lesbian who quite literally hated men. (ok here it goes - this boss probably didn't like Doug, saw what he was - so now she's 'a lesbian.' And what's wrong with lesbians. Is this the same boss who tried to supposedly "seduce him"?) It was a well known fact. (gosh they all say "it was a fact" or "this is the truth" or "a true story" or "everyone knows"... yeah right, maybe on your planet, Beckstead)

I was forced
to return to Fairbanks to keep my job. I had been working for the park out of Fairbanks since 1994 when I moved to Fairbanks to take a job to further my career. (is that even a complete sentence?) My superintendent's retirement was a surprise to all involved. The park had personnel problems dating back many years prior to my accepting the position there. (yes, couldn't be Beckstead could it? anyone BUT Beckstead -- NEVER his fault!)

After XXXXX retired pressure was put on the remaining staff to either leave the organization or to quit. I chose to fight for what was rightfully mine. When I requested the opportunity to work from Anchorage doing the same job, for the same administration (park) it was denied by the same supervisor (this is not the one who wanted me to sleep with her). (The verbal diarrhea here is all over the place - he must be angry that he'd had to think up YET ANOTHER cover story that incorporated all his old lies, like Dunetz/ YidwithLid - sheesh, he should have contacted Lissa Daly for help with this one. This is where they all trip up over time; keeping THEIR OWN LIES STRAIGHT.)

There are many others working for the NPS in Alaska who have been working from duty-stations remote from their parks (specifically working from the Anchorage office). This request was denied to me on the grounds, and I quote, "Because we can." I filed a law suit against the NPS for discrimination. In the end I invested approximately $5,000 in attorney's fees and the suit was never settled because they managed to run me out of money. Had I the resources to continue the fight I would have won. (of COURSE you would have Beckstead... the Equal Opportunity Employment people would have helped you IF you'd had a real case... $5K or not. This is another assertion that you're a martyr)

As for the bits and pieces of things from XXX that you are obviously confusing, the part about running into them in town comes from the fact that when I originally told you what happened, I stated that I had been at their house thinking that XXX was home as I had seen XXXX and the girls in town a short time earlier. (word salad... tossed... a few times)

When I walked up to the house their dog ran out barking and acting aggressive and yet at the same time friendly toward me. When I reached down to pet him, he attacked me severely injuring my hand and in a second assault biting my left side. (Animals always know, don't they?) I managed to get back into my truck and drive back toward town and on the way I met XXX and XXXX (he was not in the truck when I saw them earlier). XXX and I went to the village clinic where I was bandaged up and received a large antibiotic shot. (notice how he's embellished even more on this story... next thing you know he's going to be rushed by Medivac out of Alaska by Sarah Palin!)

I decided to spend another night in XXX and not drive the 400 miles back to XXX that day. When I was checking into the motel I learned that I was the third person the dog had attacked. The townspeople were quite upset about the whole thing. (the whole town is up in arms over Beckstead's dog bite?)

After the attack, XXX and XXXX paid for my follow-up doctor visits -- which I felt was only fair given the fact that it was their dog that attacked me. (of COURSE, he felt it was fair - not that uh... its the law and their homeowners insurance would have demanded it - Beckstead the Almighty -- like King Solomon -- felt it was only fair)

Four years later I first learned about the rumors that they had started in town. (rumors... hmmm...) They were afraid that I would sue them over the incident. They knew full well that they were at fault and that they had a vicious dog. Had I known what they were doing after it happened I certainly would have brought a suit against them. (how dare they talk about the great Doug Beckstead?)

I asked the individual who told me about it why he hadn't said anything earlier and he said, "Because we (meaning the townspeople) all knew it was a lie." Several years later I asked another friend about it and he said the same thing. (years & years later? so the whole town stood by you huh? Defend Sir Beckstead!)

If you don't believe me, and it is quite apparent to me that you don't, then I am just going to walk away and not look back. (read: thank you for giving me an excuse to dump you and make it seem as if you are at fault.) You who seem to think you have all the facts down pat are obviously fixated on something (here he goes again - gaslighting and saying his target is "fixated" when she's obviously confused by Beckstead's non-stop B.S.), and you are wrong almost across the board. I received half a dozen text messages (several of them were broken into pieces for whatever reason the phone does that) from you all of which contained more angry accusations. (Truth hurts don't it Doug? Especially when one of your OBJECTS that you like to play with only when you feel like it, asks be treated like a HUMAN BEING! Sounds again like Dorsky, Dunetz/ Yidwithlid, Hicks, Campbell... when the Target finds out and demands humane treatment - they see what they were to these predators: PREY)
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I do not owe you an apology for anything. (because cyberpaths & narcissists never apologize because they are 'never wrong')
If I am sorry about anything then it is that I am sorry for confiding personal information in the first place. (and for not being able to keep it all straight -- sounds like Beckstead's scared that he's been found out!)

As for the future, that's not going to happen again. Ever. (you're right its not... now everyone knows. You're busted!)


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Anonymous said...

"I have no idea why nor anything about it". ~ was a line all of Becksteads targets would become very familiar with. He replied with the same line when he was caught with other women.

As for the "half dozen text messages" ~ there was only the one, asking why the dog would bite him/ "attack him".
His anger and avoidance of the most basic questions speaks volumes.

He did try to come back into our lives, with some lame excuse as to why things had gotten so "screwed up". No apology, just more of the same ... excuses. He was blocked and deleted from any further contact with a very firm email stating to never contact us ever again.