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(original posting: April 2007. As always, EOPC's comments in Dark Blue)

Full Name: Douglas Stephen Beckstead
Goes by: Doug Beckstead or Douglas Beckstead
Age: 51, now in his 52nd year.
Location: Anchorage, Alaska .... though he travels both nationally and internationally.
Employed by : Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska as a civilian Historian.

Doug Beckstead or Douglas Beckstead for his business liaisons, is also commonly known by his preferred internet handle of: Dog_Driver.

Dog_Driver is Doug's preferred handle used in chatrooms, forums and message boards, where he brags profoundly, inflates the facts and "blurs the lines" between fiction and reality. (pathological lying)

Other Known Internet Nicknames:
'Grizzly Adams'
'Road Runner'
'Louis XIV'

Sometimes uses a lowercase version of dog_driver and sometimes omits
the underscore. There are likely more.

From Classmates.com (he would not be the first cyberpath to use a reunion site to find prey - Dunetz/ YidwithLid did this with his Target #1):

Beckstead's Junior High

Beckstead's High School

Beckstead is currently living in Anchorage, Alaska, has been full time since the end of September 2006. He has lived in Alaska for some years now, alternating between Anchorage and Fairbanks. He told his targets that he lived there alone, whilst in Fairbanks, Alaska - never mentioning he was married and had two children until he decided it was time.

Once he mentioned his wife he claimed to be very unhappy, stating clearly that the marriage was loveless and sexless. (sound familiar readers? probably suffering from Madonna-Whore Complex) This story would also alter considerably once he had taken all he could from you both sexually and financially, and when your questions and suspicions about his bizarre, pathological mood-swings started to "bug him."

Doug Beckstead appears to be a cruel, cunning and manipulative psychopath who is very adapt at using projection, guilt, cognitive dissonance, brainwashing mixed with word salad to get his way. He, like all cheaters & Cyberpaths will lie and try to discredit his victims. He will say whatever it takes to make sure everyone buys into his version.

Beckstead originally moved to Alaska from Utah many years ago. Receiving his masters degree in Utah. Has also lived in Souderton, Philadelphia as a child. He has moved around over the years. He used to work for the National Parks Service (U.S.) and now is employed by the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska as a civilian historian.

Doug Beckstead admits he is the product of an alcoholic mother and a serial cheating and marrying father. From what a few of his victims reported to us, he seems to have serious mother issues. A perfect breeding ground for Destructive Narcissism.

Beckstead relies on his tales of adventure and glory hunting to capture your interest. He will profile you and mirror your likes and dislikes, even appear to be helpful in the beginning. Once he has you hooked he will then ensnare you with stories of his lifetime of woe. (Sympathy ploy)

He likes his victims younger than him, preferably married with young children (like many cyberpaths) encountering emotional and marital difficulties, perhaps separated or divorced. He does this to make sure nothing could possibly ever be "real" between he & his targets - while we have seen he tells them quite the opposite. Promises visits, trips, meetings, etc. He will pretend to care, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Beckstead will tell you about "other women having been after him" (to paint himself as an object of desire). He will, when questioned later, falsely label these women and in some cases their children by telling dreadful untruths where they are concerned. He will invent an illness or a mental condition they supposedly 'have' and in some cases make up a traumatic event that happened to those he targets to "explain that they are sick in the head" (crazy, scorned, obsessed stalker... sound familiar again, readers??) and label himself as their victim. Beware as this is all a cleverly concocted lie to ensure he gains your sympathy. His recent victims all know because he turned the tables on them in exactly the same manner.

Doug Beckstead has changed personal details, deleted original information readily available on the internet that he had placed there himself, all to try and discredit his victims. (Capers, Dunetz, Jacoby, Hicks... all of them do this same stuff!)

He has lied to Air Force personnel and has lied to his wife and family. He has lied to his "old school friends." Beckstead's sole mission is to make himself look like the victim, the good guy, when he on the internet he is anything but.

Beckstead used to travel back and forth from Fairbanks, Alaska to Anchorage on a regular basis. Now living back in Anchorage, supposedly to spend time with his adult children. But obviously to see his wife as all his victims as we soon discovered.

The one online nickname we knew him by was 'Dog_Driver'. He was caught in the act "cybering" -- acting very lude in the 'Virtual Irish Pub' chat-room, under another guise ... 'Grizzly Adams' in 2006. He admitted that it was him, excusing it by saying "he had been drinking". Although his story as to what he was really doing was somewhat different. (Usually very twisted and minimized)

Still he believed that sexually seducing women he had never met online and arranging to meet & take them out to dinner and drinks etc was ok. But we know what was on the screen and none of it was acceptable. (tried to gaslight this victims? typical: "you didn't see what you DID see")

He originally met one of his intended targets in 2001, both were paid members of the 'Virtual Irish Pub' (a chatroom - his preferred hunting grounds at the time). He charmed his way into his target's lives with stories of adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. He asked to swap email addresses and insisted that his victims sign his guest book of the his deleted website named "Dog_Driver's Musing's." After a while he encouraged his victims to stop frequenting the "VIP" -- or so he has you believe. He probably wanted his targets off the VIP so he could prey on more while manipulating them in isolation. Beckstead then encouraged them to "meet up" every day and talk on MSN, ICQ and he expected email several times every day. He insists that he calls you on the telephone, in the beginning.

He professed to be "in love" with at least one target, stating that he was "not romantically or sexually interested in anyone else" -- only her. Until the excuses (from him) stepped up, then it's open season from his point of view; on any of his used up targets once he gets bored or feels you're asking too many questions. (DEVALUE & DISCARD)

He would constantly be looking for some disagreement with his targets once he was ready to dump them and found new targets. She could not win. He just gave her excuse after excuse. Yes, there was the odd nice time, but they became less and less as did the phone calls. (he got bored and was in discard mode - he probably had a new target in sight)

It was soon discovered that Beckstead made an ongoing habit of this type of predatory behavior.

Googling his name will display some of his more recent hunting grounds. Again he uses these forums & message boards to beef up his good guy image. They are nothing more than a lure for future targets and an attempt to repair the damage he did TO HIS REPUTATION - HIMSELF.

His wife Carol is finally keeping a MUCH closer eye on him via 'Facebook'. Although Beckstead may still manage to deceive her in the same way she has become accustomed. (Remember Dunetz/Yidwithlid said he bought his wife a computer so she could check up on him? These guys can just create a new identity with new email!! How about getting some Monitoring software and putting it on their computers WITHOUT THEM KNOWING -- wives??)
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Beckstead was quite friendly with a lady in Fairbanks by the name of Roberta (a grandmother). He told one victim a story once, about how she had offered him no strings sex, he turned her down because "she was much older than him and quite a large lady". (He was probably already sleeping with her - typical psychological torture of a target. Talk about other women (or hookers). (Dunetz, Jacoby, Gash and Dorsky all did this. It's also part of the LURES - to make them seem 'very desirable' to other women while putting a knife in your - the target's heart. It's a HUGE red flag - that they see online women as SEX OBJECTS only - everything else is just head games for them! They actually enjoy hurting you.)

Later, Doug forgot about that "story" and sent a picture of the both of he & this Roberta and some members of her family whilst out on a river cruise in Fairbanks. She was not 20 years older than him, as he had once told his target -- and far from "large", as he implied. He told many lies, constantly forgot what he said and tripped himself up. When refreshing his memory, he failed to reply to any email questioning him. (oh of COURSE!! Never happened!! oooops! Compulsive liar = sociopath)

If he has another extramarital romantic interest they would be secured to MSN and his email, cell phone and more recently his 'Facebook' account. He apparently did meet someone local in Fairbanks, because after a certain amount of time as he was always "busy," too busy. He always had time before and when his personal circumstances had changed, work wise etc, back to the one job, he became even busier. (Like Dunetz, remember? As soon as his Target #1s abusive husband found out and he went back to work... he was TOO BUSY. Yes - too busy now that he could afford high price hookers. Beckstead either had an in-person liaison or other online targets going.)

Further investigations via an Air Force Special Agent later revealed that his wife Carol had also reappeared on the scene in Fairbanks for a short while, prior to his final move back to Anchorage. This was unknown to his targets at the time of Beckstead's newfound & endless busy-ness.

Beckstead purposely failed to let one target know about dropping his second part-time job for quite some time (because it was a good excuse for him to spend time with his other prey). It slipped out one night in conversation. He was always fixing things for this lady in town or that lady, or some new neighbor. (Why tell her unless it was to make himself look 'gallant' and to torture her mentally? As we said - part of the LURE to make himself look "wanted" & "desireable" - again part of the LURES!) Then they would offer him 'dinner'.

There was also the "I am house sitting" excuse too. At someone's house where he "could not reply to his emails" or "would not be taking his computer". Or he "was having computer problems". Again, all plausable excuses had they not been used so many times. And all this time he was still professing his being very much IN LOVE with his target. Beckstead cruelly and deliberately lead them all on, stringing them along with his sick and twisted game plan. (sounds like Jacoby and Capers!)

His targets were expected to continue on writing, not question him and to send him things. (Double standard. Typical Cyberpath. Demanding worship while giving none)

More updates as we continue!

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Anonymous said...

Please take note: Douglas Beckstead uses his career to gain your trust, this is a lure to draw in his chosen victims. He has a proven track record with each target he preys on. Douglas Beckstead will use former victims stories against him to gain your sympathy once he has your full trust with all of his glory-hunting tales. These are available when you google his name. He encourages you to google his name to read all the good he has achieved. Be warned it is all part of his game.

He will openly tell you that the person concerned, that has spoken out against him "was after him", "was jealous of him" etc; beware it is all part of his game. DO speak to the people he warns you against, we wish we had.

He openly admits on one of these (EOPC thread) threads, once he was caught out and exposed that "it was all just a game to him", that "we deserved what we got". He is a very sick predator and shows no remorse towards the women and children he has hurt, or the families that he tries to destroy with his sociopathic behavior.

If he has done this to you and your children, please contact your local law enforcement with full details. He is already known to the police.

He has already blackmailed one family and tried to threaten another. Remember the truth is 100% defense against these predators. DO REPORT him.